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  1. Stunning job, great pics
  2. Welcome aboard chaps Right as I have never done this before and the numbers are creeping up is there anyone who would be interested in being a co-host?
  3. Glad people like it thanks. Will take those tips on board Schwarz-Brot for the next time. Billydick - Its a little blue imp and its actually sitting on the branches of the figure in the front row, will get a better pic. Thanks Simon
  4. Cool your name is added to the list
  5. Hi All Been off here for awhile, lost my interest in Aircraft and got introduced back into Warhammer. Few mates asked me to go and watch a game or two and I got hooked again. So I trawled through Games Workshop to see what figures I liked and came across these nice big trees, loved the figures. So I started a Sylvaneth army. They have come along way since I played in my teens, (not that I remember that far back!!!!!). I have to say the plastic is fantastic and the go together extremely well. Anyway enough talk here is where my army is at present, also have a unit of Tree revenants done but no pic Dryads Kurnoth Hunters Treelord Ancient Durthu Its great fun going back to brush work only, although for the next big beastie the airbrush will come out! Thanks for looking Simon
  6. welcome aboard Tony You have a year (I need to get back to the bench too)
  7. Hi DAG058 It was the Xtracrylix Barley Grey. Nice colour Simon
  8. Like it, wow I love it. Is the article going to be published? Simon
  9. Hi Chaps Thanks for the comments, not been on for awhile so missed your kind words. Simon
  10. Hmmm its my daughters 9th Birthday, so unless she gives me the thumbs up I may not be able to make it
  11. This will be a kit on my 2017 shopping list
  12. superb finish, well worth struggling on
  13. Thanks Enzo Well only 15 months to go, don't chuckle it will soon come a round!! And hopefully Airfix might have the new kit out so may get some more people interested. If we get any more recruits I may need help in hosting this (never done it before), if anyone is interested? Thanks Simon
  14. I was holding you responsible, but you were right . What a lovely little kit and very grateful for the recommendation. Overall happy with my first attempt at an Airliner. Thanks Simon