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  1. Honey, I shrunk the T28 Super Heavy Tank

    You could save yourself a lot of track work by doing a post crash diorama
  2. Pet hates.

    I hate being called by ppi/accident/health claim cretins. Answered one today with "and how do you know the deceased?" never been hung up on so quick
  3. Pet hates.

    Can I whinge about bus lanes? I hate how motorists get fined if they stray into them, but buses don't if they ignore them and slow everyone else down. I also hate idiots who dawdle down the acceleration lane and try to join the motorway at 40mph.
  4. Tiger Meet 2017, atmospheric video

    Fantastic video, thanks for sharing. Now, where can I get a Rafale
  5. Focke Wulf Fw201 - or first foray into the dark side

    Well, last night was a revelation! I found that I am capable of actually finishing a model and the world does not actually come to an end .I I would like to say that this build was an absolute joy all the way through and it inspires me to try another ZM kit. Without further delay, here is where i ended up. The encouragement I have gained from the many views has inspired me to carry on to the end. Thank you to all who watched and didn't laugh.
  6. Focke Wulf Fw201 - or first foray into the dark side

    This little project is moving ever nearer completion. having got the main scheme on, I turned my thoughts to markings. a quick trawl through my spares box found a couple of swastikas for the tail, and a fuselage cross , but nothing for the wings. As this is my first attempt at straying away from what the kit maker intended, and having tried stretching sprue, I thought I would go for another first. this. At least it could give that painted on look. And this is what it looked like and a full shot. This is still a long way from completion, so last night I started closing up some of the panels. This is a long process, and again the engineering helps. Eventually things start falling in place, so if you are making one of these kits, don't panic about seemingly loose fitting items. It all seemed to come good in the end. This is where I am up to at the minute. With one side showing the internals off a bit. Next up, wheels, flaps, propeller and lights. Hopefully finishing up tonight. Thanks for looking.
  7. Focke Wulf Fw201 - or first foray into the dark side

    During the last couple of days I have had a minor upset with Mr Shinden in that I couldn't get the engine back plate to fit to the lower fairing. To make sure the glue set, I used a clamp to hold things in place. After about 10 minutes there was an almighty bang, with the clamp flying past my ear and disappearing into the depths of the room. Turns out I was trying to fix the wrong bits together (must learn to read instructions better) and the stresses were too much. End result was ripping the engine from its mounting, from the supercharger and knocking off the prop shaft. On the plus side, all the bits stayed fairly local so I was able to rebuild, but it did demonstrate how difficult things are if you can't follow the correct sequence. Moving swiftly on (well, swiftly for me) time has come to stick a bit of paint on the top half. As I am still having compressor issues I ditched the idea of a mirror wave style finish, and have gone for a two tone grey over light grey. I think that it looks like a plausible night / dusk fighter finish and (to me at least) is starting to look ok. I also thought I would have a go at a spiral on the spinner with a bit of masking. Looks ok. More to follow.
  8. Focke Wulf Fw201 - or first foray into the dark side

    A little bit more slow progress has been made over the weekend. As I expected, attaching the wing skins was a slow process in order to maintain contact with the wing spars and mating surfaces. the best approach seemed to be glue a small section to a spar point and leave to set. this was slow, methodical but worked well. it seems quite odd as a method of attaching wings and fuselage panels, compared to the usual full piece with cut outs for detail. There is some fine opportunity for someone to do a cutaway type approach, but not for me. I will, however, try to leave of a couple of panels to show off the interior detail. Last night, as I finally got the wings to set I broke out the airbrush to start painting (otherwise it would probably just sit there for weeks. As this is a whiff, I decided that it would probably be used to intercept dusk or night intruders, so I am adapting a couple of night schemes I have seen to see how it goes. On the plus side, I can't get the scheme wrong, now, can I?? This is how she is looking at the moment. I have a slight problem, in that my compressor has developed a habit of stalling at inappropriate moments. This has resulted in a bit of a patchy finish, but I am going to take advantage of it as it gives a kind of weathered appearance. The down side is, I may have to re-think my idea of a mirror wave style finish.. Thanks for looking.
  9. How do I post Pictures?

    Still having problems. Copy the link as per instructions, Control V (paste) into the edit box results in :- https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/342906959118965851/ insert link results in:- https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/342906959118965851/ insert other media - Insert image from URL Turns pink and does nothing if from Photobucket Does nothing from Flickr or Pinterest. I am running from a tablet using Windows RT, don't know if this is the problem. Quick update. This may sound really strange, but this is what I found this morning. 1) I managed to get some photos uploaded to Flickr 2) I could not upload unless I use the "old" system, the "new" system just times out 3) If I copy the link and try pasting into insert media, nothing happens 4) If I copy the link and post into the text, nothing happens 5) If I copy the text from my address bar instead How weird is that?
  10. How do I post Pictures?

    Thanks Mike, I should have seen the gripes about Photobucket from other members. I will try Flickr to see if that works. Hopefully I can then edit my post to sear the eyes of any one looking at my work.
  11. How do I post Pictures?

    Am I being unintentionally thick here? I use Photo bucket, and have not had problems posting images. However, this time, I copy the link, but on the Britmodeller page the only option I get when I click on the link icon in the editor is to paste the link. This just puts a link on the page, meaning you guys have to be bothered to click on it to see what I am on about. Previously there was an insert image option with square brackets. I cannot find this, and if I cannot post pics, fail to see what they can bring to the party.
  12. Focke Wulf Fw201 - or first foray into the dark side

    Well, thanks to work, I have been spending a lot of time up and down the country, with occasional breaks for modelling, and even less for updating. As I am back for a few days i thought I would show what I have managed to do to this project. Thanks to Pete I decided to have a go at stretching some sprue to make n anchor point for some seat belts. This new fangled idea took quite a few goes as every time I managed to achieve something fine enough to act as aerials etc, while I was trying to get the same thickness as the framework. I have so much fine sprue I could probably rig a whole squadron of WW1 aircraft. Anyway, before the candle finally died I managed to hit the right thickness. As you can see, I have added some straps to this. SWIMBO took one for the team to help out and bravely opened up a bottle of bubbly . What can I say? My wife supports my modelling . Having achieved this, attention next concerns the nose section. Once again they sprue layout means that you only open one poly bag. Part of me thought that I should try to put some mg151s into the nose, but having seen the supplied weaponry I decided to use them. My rationale being that German engineers would see the advantage of the longer barrels and adapt the breeches to allow suitable ammunition. One again Zoukei Mura have engineered this brilliantly, and it almost falls together. Immediately under the nose is the wheel bay and this is made up of a few parts which make up a very convincing bay, including up locks. The next stage is to add the engine, which snicks into place on the mounting frame with minimum fuss, and lines up perfectly. The bluing on the exhaust looks much subtler in real life than in these pics. All this work results in binning an empty sprue. Have I mentioned that I am impressed with the design of this kit? Next comes the skin. This means opening three bags at the same time so you can spray the interior. For the first time shake and bake takes a back seat. The skin is very (and I mean very) finely moulded, with about as close as you can get to scale thickness. Working from the back forward, this took three or four days to ensure correct fit. However, once in place, everything fits perfectly. So, this is where I am now. Next up, wings. Thanks for looking
  13. A survey about what kits do you prefer

  14. Sir William Connoly

    Here here
  15. Airfix 1/24th scale De Havilland Mosquito weekend edition

    Stunning, love the night time shots, very atmospheric . I would put this down as a definite winner.