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  1. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Guess I'll have to put the big coat on.
  2. Flight of the Intruder

    Earlier this year I visited the Intrepid aircraft carrier in New York. The A6 exhibit had a photo of the same scheme which I recall looking interesting at the time. You could try contacting them too see if they have any more information on it.
  3. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I will be there with the Bolton crew, as well as supporting the Hawk SIG, wandering around the halls and generally enjoying myself.
  4. I does look a bit light up front on that engine!
  5. Ignore

    Oh just ignore him. He's just showing off that he can count
  6. Ignore

    I am sorry but I must protest. Britmodeller is for amateurs and enthusiasts. It is becoming clear that there are serious, possibly professional ignorers taking part in this thread. I call on the moderators to stamp out this obvious state sponsored ignoring
  7. Airfix Bluetits

    This takes me back. I remember buying these in Menzies Edinburgh on a day trip. I must have taken care with them as it took me three days to finish. Nowhere near as good as these though. Hats off sir.
  8. Ignore

    Right, that's it. I'm ignoring the lot of you. This started as a perfectly good post about ignoring, but now it is just getting silly. On with the next post
  9. forget leaves on the line .... Migs on the line.

    The mpg sucks, but I never fail to find a parking space.
  10. Southport Day airshow Pic Heavy

    So I got back to Southport today for another fantastic display. The light is very different to the evening show (see previous post) with some interesting photos. The only down side was that by the time Sally B was in the air the sun was in a difficult position, meaning I either got good pics of her in a left hand turn, or basically silhouettes. Therefore I decided to hold back a bit on those. Anyway, enjoy. Otto was much more sedate when everyone could see him. Barnstorming right down to the deck! Is this the new Ryan Air economy class? This is a nippy bugger, and hard to pin down. Mock dogfight. But all friends in the end. Thanks for looking.
  11. Pet hates.

    people who set fireworks off during the daytime. I mean, what's the point? I only bring it up because it sounds like someone is doing a reenactment of the battle of the bulge.
  12. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    Badders, Can I point out that the earth MUST be flat! Have you never read those wonderful documentary books by a certain Mr Pratchett? The turtle moves.
  13. A few from Southport evening show pic heavy

    Hi guys, I do not begin to think I can take pics as well as some on this site, but I thought I might show you a few from this evening's show at Southport. It was good to see the Lancaster back in the air, and the lighting was beautiful, so I apologise if there are more than a couple of the old Avro. All photos taken with a Sony bridge camera, so no fancy lenses for me! The most difficult aspect of the evening is that the sun goes down in the background, so one minute you are dealing with lens flare, the next, the plane moves and you are against a darker sky. The auto function struggled so I had to go to manual settings. Therefore, some may look a bit over exposed. Anyway, hope you like at least one or two. The last one is "Otto". A bit of a barking pilot who has strapped all sorts of pyrotechnics, mortars and other blatantly explosive devices to his helicopter in the name of entertainment. A bloody good show, but possibly one sandwich short of a picnic. Anyway, I will be back there on Sunday to see Sally B, the BBMF, Bronco and others. If the Gods are happy, I might get some more photos to show anyone who might be interested. Bye for now, the Lemur.
  14. Ignore

    used to be a pleasure until they spaced out all the triangle bits. Now it hurts more
  15. Ignore