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  1. Benjamin Button Benjamin who? Benjamin Who's there? Knock knock
  2. I met my wife at one of those speed-dating nights. She was supposed to be at home looking after the kids...
  3. Ah, Spike... He once went into an undertaker's office, lay down on the counter and shouted, "Shop!"
  4. I missed this yesterday, but the Soyuz MS-03 capsule landed safely to end the Expedition 51 mission aboard the ISS. It carried two cosmonauts - Russia's Oleg Novitsky and France's Thomas Pesquet. Their flight time was 196 days 17 hours 49 minutes. Soyuz MS-03 was launched on 17 November last year, with a crew of three. The third astronaut, Peggy Whitson, will remain aboard the ISS until September, when she will return with the two men launched in April, Fyodor Yurchikhin and Jack Fischer, by which time she will hold all the US space records except one: the longest single mission will still be Scott Kelly's 340 days. However during the next day or so Whitson will break the record for the longest flight by a woman, currently held by Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy.
  5. Three men arrive at the Pearly Gates at the same time so St. Peter takes their details. The first man says, "I was having a quiet drink in the pub when I overheard two men talking. They hadn't seen me but they were laughing about how it was all round the estate that my wife was seeing another man behind my back. I went straight home to confront her, burst into the bedroom and found her in bed, alone, fast asleep. I was so angry at myself for having doubted her that I started smashing up the bedroom. I swept all of my wife's perfume and stuff off the dressing table, I broke the mirror, then I picked up the wardrobe and pushed it out of the window. But the strain was too much for me and I had a massive heart attack and, well, here I am!" The second man says, "I was walking along the street, minding my own business, when a wardrobe fell on my head!" And he glares at the first man. The third man says, "I was hiding in a wardrobe when some daft sod pushed it out of a window!"
  6. With Benedict Cumberbatch's mum in a fairly large role
  7. Well, thank you. It's nice to know they're appreciated.
  8. I'd have said it was a wrong number...
  9. True. But no woman has ever been safer from being groped by him while they were talking.
  10. As stated here a couple of weeks ago (well, after I got it wrong first time!) Peggy Whitson has broken the record for total time in space by a US astronaut. On three separate missions she has been in space for more than 534 days, and is due to remain in orbit until the beginning of September. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39690895/astronaut-peggy-whitson-breaks-new-space-record
  11. I don't do it on a regular basis, only when there's a significant anniversary. But if people enjoy reading it I'd be happy to post something more often.
  12. Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Vladimir Komarov, the first spaceman to die in an in-flight accident. He was killed when his Soyuz 1 spacecraft crashed on landing after both main and reserve parachutes failed to open properly. And yet the incident could have been much worse. The original flight plan was for three cosmonauts to be launched in Soyuz 2 and for the two craft to dock; two cosmonauts would then make an EVA transfer (that version of Soyuz had docking facilities but no internal tunnel) to join Komarov and the three would return together. (This plan was eventually carried out on Soyuz 4/5.) However one of Komarov's solar panels failed to deploy and various other minor problems cropped up so the decision was taken to cancel the Soyuz 2 flight and bring Komarov down. Unfortunately his main parachute failed to open and when he attempted to deploy the backup 'chute it became entangled with the first one. The capsule crashed and exploded. When the Soyuz 2 craft was examined it was found to have the same parachute fault as Komarov's capsule, so had the original flight plan been carried out four men would have been lost instead of just one. Nobody can know what thoughts went through Komarov's mind in the last terrifying moments of his plunge to Earth (stories that he cursed his superiors all the way down are just myth) but his courage is beyond question. As the first man to orbit the Earth twice, his place in space history is assured. Покойся с миром, товарищ
  13. Those unmanned probes do so well, don't they? (When they're not going to Mars, that is!) Larry Niven wrote an excellent short story called Like Banquo's Ghost, narrated by a reporter in the control centre when data from the first interstellar probe starts to come in. The probe reached the Alpha Centauri system four years earlier (having been launched thirty years before that) but due to the time-lag the signals are only now being received. Throughout the story the narrator is talking to someone called Butch, who is extremely interested in what the probe is doing. Then the probe drops behind the planet it's mapping and the signal is cut off. And Butch says
  14. How about this scheme? Posting as a link as it looks as if there are copyright issues so don't want to incur Mike's wrath by posting the photo.
  15. The Cassini probe, which for the last twelve years has been sending back data about Saturn and its moons, is now almost out of propellant so will be put on a trajectory that will take it between the planet's upper atmosphere and its ring system, which means it will enter the atmosphere and burn up in September. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-39672263