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  1. Email on the way. Thanks.
  2. I'm looking for a copy of the second part of the Hamilcar article please.
  3. I would suggest that RAAF air and ground crew did not feel overly bound by RAF marking practices. That was certainly the case with my late father's crew in 466(RAAF) Sqn on Halifax's and indeed with many other RAF instructions/practices - after all they were all volunteers who had travelled halfway around the world to save the pommies from the Germans, for a second time. And cock-ups by decal manufacturers are hardly rare.
  4. There was an article in Air Enthusiast Quarterly. I'll try to find the issue over the weekend.
  5. Thanks for the link. It seems I'm after drawings of VT137 No's 94 to 110.
  6. I'm looking for scale drawings of this German 1930's vintage railcar.
  7. Give the kit the flick and choose another subject.
  8. I'm looking for drawings/details/photo's of this ship.
  9. Thanks for the details.
  10. Can anyone please point me to a cutaway for this aircraft or details of the cockpits?
  11. Thanks for that. Ley
  12. I think there is a resin model of this class from a "cottage" firm in Hong Kong, perhaps 1/144 scale.
  13. I'm looking for drawings/photo's of these boats. Also details of the British MTB's captured by the Japs at Hong Kong.
  14. The last issue of the APMA magazine had a selection of detail photo's. Also there is (was?) a Histoire & Collections WingMasters Hors Serie on French camo' and markings.
  15. I've now received both books mentioned above and at first glance I'm no wiser about the development of the Wal series and their differences. I hope that a close read of both and reference to the two kits will make matters clearer. What the world, or at least Admiral Puff and myself, needs is a comprehensive book in English on this fascinating aircraft!