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  1. Caudron Goeland

    Thanks Jerry and Steve, I guess the Airmodel vacform was the one I was thinking of.
  2. Caudron Goeland

    I'm currently working on an article for our club magazine about this aircraft. To date I have found three 1/72 kits - Eurokit, Classic Plane and RS. However I have a vague memory of a vacform or possibly a resin kit in the late 1970's - any details please? Also what about in 1/48?
  3. Morane Saulnier MS 35

    Thanks for that. Ley
  4. Morane Saulnier MS 35

    I'm looking for drawings and references for this aircraft. Can anyone recommend some please?
  5. Shanghai in the 1930's - can anyone please tell me

    Thanks for the info'
  6. what armour the British (or for that matter the French) had in the International Settlement at that time?
  7. RN 20mm Oerlikon - in action I assume loaded ammo' drums

    Thanks for the details. Ley
  8. were stored adjacent to the mount - was there a purpose designed rack for these or merely a box?
  9. Nakajima Ki-4

    Thanks Jim. Ley
  10. Wellington T.10 probably RP468

    This aircraft was apparently used for survey/possibly elint about 1949 and may have been registered G-ALUH at one time. Any more info' and/or photo's would be much appreciated thanks.
  11. Nakajima Ki-4

    Thanks for that.
  12. Nakajima Ki-4

    I've recently picked up the Alliance Models resin kit of this aircraft and have found some artwork depicting it in an overall grey-green colour. Is this the same colour as used on Zeros please?
  13. Northrop Gamma 2E and 5B

    Thanks to you all for the extra info'. I'll have to chase up the Putnam book. Ley
  14. Northrop Gamma 2E and 5B

    Thanks for the info'. Ley
  15. Northrop Gamma 2E and 5B

    G'day Jure, That's it. I plan to convert the Azur kit to the Republican aircraft. I can see that the fin/rudder are of a different shape but I haven't been able to find details of any other differences. Ley