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  1. RAF Fortress III help needed

    I think the book Aircraft of 100 Group has these details.
  2. 1/72 scale ship fittings

    Thanks to you both. I'm currently working on a 1/72 armed fishing boat as used by Tito's Partisans. Next up is an armed junk from the Yangtse in the 1920's and after that the Polish Warsawa and a Danube monitor then possibly a couple of WW2 torpedo boats. I have scratchbuilt fittings to date but I find it a pain and there don't seem to be any retailers here in Oz. Ley
  3. 1/72 scale ship fittings

    Can anyone point me to a retailer for such item please?
  4. Kawasaki Ki 45 Colours

    G'day Troy, Thanks for that. Ley
  5. Kawasaki Ki 45 Colours

    I'm looking at building the venerable Revell kit of this type and am wondering about colour schemes. Many references show the type as overall natural metal with dark green blotches but some show an overall pale greenish-grey with same. Comments on the accuracy of these schemes would be most welcome, thanks.
  6. Can someone suggest a general history of the Spanish Air Force?

    Most of the best references are, naturally , in Spanish. However check Libreria Gaudi's website.
  7. Wellington XIV

    Thank you gentlemen for all your input. I spent some time last night looking at photo's of Wellington XIV's attributed to 458 Sqn and am not much wiser. Generally the shots are not too great and the uppers could easily be one colour or two badly faded. I'll see what I can discover on the production date and then make a decision - or perhaps just take a guess! Ley
  8. Wellington XIV

    Thanks for that. An excellent reference. I must see if I can find more shots of 458 Sqn aircraft to see if a trend emerges. Ley
  9. Wellington XIV

    Thanks for that. I'll go with two colours but probably quite faded. Ley
  10. Wellington XIV

    I'm about to start work on a Wellington XIV of 458(RAAF) Sqn. based at Gibraltar in early 1945. I have a photo' of the aircraft in question but it is banking away from the camera and the uppersurfaces are not clearly visible and appear to be a single colour (perhaps two colours both rather faded)- were uppersurfaces of this Mark originally in the EDSG/DSG two colour scheme or the single top colour which I understand was introduced late in the war?
  11. 1/72 Keilkraft Hurricane IIC

    Yes on both counts. I remember the kit from about 1960/61 in a shop here in Sydney. At the time it was out of my price range being more expensive than Airfix.
  12. Wellington Marks

    I'm trying to establish the Marks of the following Wellingtons - NG490/NB891/WB855/WF or perhaps HF414. These were on strength of 458(RAAF) Sqn in early 1945 at Gibraltar. Any help will be much appreciated.
  13. 1/72 Keilkraft Hurricane IIC

    I've now had a chance to examine the Keilkraft kit more closely - the internals are non-existent and external detailing is a bit sparse. However with the exception of the radiator, the kit components match the Mushroom drawings quite well - not bad for a 1950's product.
  14. Armed junks on the Yangtse

    As I understand it various warlords, the KMT and occasionally the Western Treaty Powers employed armed junks on the Yangtse and other Chinese rivers. Can anyone please point me to reference books/articles about these?
  15. 1/72 Keilkraft Hurricane IIC

    Thanks to you all. In my quest to build every 1/72nd scale Hurricane kit available, I've just moved the Keilkraft offering to the top of the pile. The only one missing now is from Aoshima - a IID?