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  1. Read about this one many years ago.... It is technically illegal to play football in public in the UK. In medieval times, the English King got annoyed that his subjects were spending their free-time (what little there was of it!) playing football and not engaging in archery, to prepare for war. Legend has it that the Law has never been repealed and so..... Chris.
  2. Looks great, Peter. I love any truck kit with a good splash of colour to it. This one certainly falls into that category. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  3. The fella that wrote this need some SERIOUS professional! When I started reading it, I thought it must be a parody, but the tone is way too consistent not to be genuine. Cheers. Chris.
  4. Hi, Norseman. Are there no "guide" holes moulded into the back of the part? This is essentially a hole which only penetrates the plastic to around half its total depth. The makers normally put these guide holes in when the item you are attaching is an optional extra and is not essential to the build (so you can produce different versions of the subject). If there are no guide holes, take a look at the pins on the part to be attached and use them as your guide to the required hole-size. Hope this helps. Chris.
  5. That looks very cool indeed, my friend. You've made a great job of the Israel "Sledgehammer" (which IIRC, is the translation of "Kurnass" as the IAF call her). Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  6. Oh Dear.... Ordered the V2 rocket with armoured-carrier about two weeks ago. Wonder what I'll get for my troubles (if anything!) Very glad I was able to pay via Paypal. At least I should be able to get my money back. Cheers. Chris.
  7. Hi, Mark. Have you tried the ABER range? I seem to recall they do some 1/16th scale PE stuff. Also give Welsh Dragon Models a try. Hope this helps. Chris.
  8. Very nice! Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  9. That's very good news! I'm hoping to see it at the first Tiger Day, or - failing that - sometime in May. Cheers for the info. Chris.
  10. For everyone's information..... A selection of Cobra Company update sets are now marketed by Lone Star Models. Unfortunately, if my memory serves me correctly, it doesn't include any of the MI-24 sets. Cheers. Chris.
  11. Hi, Biggles81. Thanks for the info. Let's hope it's a very good set, after all this build-up! Chris.
  12. IQ OF 45! I'm aspiring to get into double-figures! The nice man who lives in the woods told me it will happen one day..... Chris.
  13. Best stuff I've found is "Paint Strip". Comes in a bottle about four-inches high. I know that Hannants used to sell it, not too sure if they still do. It's about a fiver a bottle. Follow the instructions to the letter and it will remove just about any paints or finishes used in model-making. Hope this helps. Chris.
  14. As a suggestion.... DAS clay? I think I've got the name right - it's either DAS or DAZ. If memory serves me right, a half-kilo block can be had on E-Bay for around £6.00 (ex-delivery). I would have thought it would be a much more practical solution than expanding-foam. Good Luck, my friend. Chris.
  15. The Randy Cooper version looks really MASSIVE and quite a challenge to build, I would hazard a guess..... Looking forward to seeing how these bad-boys will progress. Cheers. Cheers.