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  1. IPMS Letchworth Show Sat. 28th October

    Lord Bumpington of Lower Frimley.....
  2. IPMS Letchworth Show Sat. 28th October

    Sunny, Sunday BOOMPY......
  3. IPMS Letchworth Show Sat. 28th October

    Very windy, Saturday BUMPER...
  4. IPMS Letchworth Show Sat. 28th October

    Lil Friday BUMPY.....
  5. IPMS Letchworth Show Sat. 28th October

    Evening, All. A quick heads-up that the IPMS Letchworth show is occuring on SATURDAY (not the Sunday, as in previous years) 28th October..... Also, please note that the show is being held at a brand new venue this year (not the Hotel near Letchworth Garden City station, as previously). I've just had a look at the map and the new venue looks like it's two ot three minutes drive from the old one. This one's always been a friendly, informal show and there should be a load of traders there, too. See everyone there! Chris.
  6. Puma HC-1 1:32nd scale.

    If anyone fancies one of these, a little birdy tells me there will be one in the kit swap at Telford in three weeks time. A mate is flogging his and he gave me the option of buying (but I have too many kits awaiting me as it is, so I passed). Chris.
  7. Great White Shark attack - Pegasus Hobbies 1/18

    Very much looking forward to seeing this progress. There's something about the Great White shark that I find fascinating and more than a bity terrifying.... Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  8. Air regulator

    Hi, Dave. Get in contact with Paul at modellingtools.co.uk (that's as close to accurate on the website as I can remember - you might find it's actually slightly different). If he can't sell you one, he should know someone who can. Hope this helps. Chris.
  9. Blade Runner

    Well, what can you say about the new Brade Lunner movie? Definitely NOT a crowd-pleaser.... I can foresee a fair few people walking out half way through. Don't get me wrong, it was visually stunning and obviously made with a great deal of skill, but "Transformers No.37: Dear God, How Many More?" it most certainly wasn't. The film moved at its own, leisurely pace (thought it could have done with 45 minutes pruning pretty easily with no real detriment to the story). Harrison Ford was more nuanced than he normally is, even Ryan Duckling was bearable (which makes a pleasant change). The actress who played Joi (K's holographic girlfriend) was a definite highlight of the film (why would a hologram have a Spanish accent? I guess for the same reason the Terminator has an Austrian accent. For......... Hollywood reasons). Go and see it at the cinema. If you download it, you won't be getting even 10% of the true impact. Cheers. Chris.
  10. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    The kits look pretty good, if a wee bit toy-like in places. I guess they are aimed at a particular market and it ain't us modellers of "a certain age". I would hazard a guess that the prices will be on the high side.... those Disney/Lucasfilm merchandising rights would not have been cheap at all. Agree with the comments on the new Walker design - look like something they would have rejected when they were trying to get the original one right. Thing is, when you think about it, the AT-AT concept is a fairly ridiculous one.... huge, slow-moving, cumbersome beasties that are very easy to topple over (not to mention that they would be useless in some types of terrain). In a universe where anti-gravity propulsion systems are so commonplace, the Walker design seems to make as much sense as a bow-and-arrow. However, they do look extremely cool in the movies, so I can forgive the "artistic licence". Cheers. Chris.
  11. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    A really excellent diorama, displaying great building and painting skills (I would love to be HALF as good as this!). The vegetation and the edge of the paddy-field work very well indeed. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  12. Ripley.................Again

    Really, really excellent work on display here.... The bio-mechanoid look of the base really sets the figure off. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  13. BoB show Duxford.

    Hello. I attended on Saturday and I have to say that I was a little underwhelmed. The weather between 09:00 and 11:00 didn't help, of course (although you can't blame anyone for the state of the weather, obviously). I've been attending airshows at Duxford for about 20 years now and I felt that - with the exception of the multiple-Spitfire section - the event lacked any real "wow" factor for me. An RAF Typhoon, French Rafale or Belgium F-16 would have enhanced the proceedings hugely, but there we are. I fully appreciate that there are numerous factors that influence any airframe turning up at an airshow (global economic situation, foreign wars, political situations, the cost of the display to the organisers, etc, etc) and also appreciated is the very great effort that must go into managing all the various aspects of an airshow. Also, I understand that what Joe Bloggs might really appreciate seeing in the air may be rather boring for other people. Them's da breaks, I guess... I am coming to the conclusion that Duxford airshows are becoming rather "samey" now. I would say that you can easily predict about 80% of the airframes that will feature in the May and September shows in recent years (essentially, it's the stuff that calls Duxford its home-base, for very obvious reasons). What does anyone else think? Chris.
  14. 1/350 USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

    Superb building and painting skills here, my friend. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  15. A model kit, censored.

    Hold on a minute..... If the offending markings are obscured before they leave the Chinese factory, why are people blaming Creative Models for the issue? The responsibility lies with the manufactuer, not the distributor. At the most, Creative Models could be brought to task for not mentioning the censorship on their website (but - let's face it - everyone knows that they will sell fewer kits if they did. It's a real Catch 22 situation). As has been pointed out, Swastika markings are readily available on aftermarket decal sheets (but the more obscure markings may be a tad harder to source). Cheers. Chris.