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  1. A very warm welcome to BM, Ed. Have a great time here. It's a friendly and informative place to be. Cheers. Chris.
  2. Thank for sharing these great reference photos with us, my friend... That BF-109 looks like it has just rolled off the production-line. A very excellent restoration of an important aircraft type. It looks like a great museum and very well worth visiting. Cheers. Chris.
  3. A very nice paint-job we see here (oh dear, talking like Yoda, again!) Cheers for sharing with us. Chris.
  4. I'm simply going to echo what the other posters have already said here.... Lovely, eye-catching work and a real credit to your build and painting skills. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  5. I have a feeling that this will be a really EPIC build.... Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  6. Welcome to BM, Red Dog. Hope you have a great time here. It's always been a very friendly and educational place to hang out. Cheers, mate. Chris.
  7. A very warm welcome to BM, Chris. Have a good time here - it's a very friendly and educational place to hang out. Cheers. Chris.
  8. Hi, Harvey. Welcome to BM. I reckon you'll find this site a great place to spend time (I certainly have). Cheers. Chris.
  9. No problem at all, Ian. I hope the second attempt is much more successful for you. Cheers. Chris.
  10. Hi, Dave. As I understand it (and I'm no expert), the red edges were introduced to help deck-handlers not walk into the sharp edges of undercarriage doors and the like. I have no idea when this measure was introduced, but all F-14 Tomcats seem to use this "warning" paint and I THINK I've seen it on early 1970's images of F-8 Crusaders and the like. Hope this is of some help. Chris.
  11. Is it possible that the material that the clay has been applied to has moved, possibly after having absorbed water from the clay itself? Any movement seems the most likely source of the clay cracking.... Hope this is of some help. Chris.
  12. Hi, Matt. A very warm welcome to Britmodeller. I hope that you find it a great place to be (I know I have). Cheers. Chris.
  13. Hi, Stix. You are very welcome. I'm glad you took my comment as it was intended - after I posted it, it occurred to me that it could be mis-read as a fairly sarcastic remark. It certainly wasn't intended to be that way. Cheers. Chris.
  14. Hi, Tom. Welcome to Britmodeller, mate. I hope you find it a very friendly and useful place to be. I am really liking your stash, my friend. Those Halcyon kits a worth a fair few Aussie Dollars / Pounds these days, as I'm sure you're aware. They are all very worth the effort to build. Cheers. Chris.
  15. You could give 3M Acrylic Spot Putty a go (in a green tube). Must admit I've not used it yet myself but I've heard some glowing reviews. About £15-20 quid on E-Bay, but comes in a BIG tube (about 7 or 8 times the amount that you get with most modelling fillers). They also do a tougher version, called glazing putty (red in colour). Hope this helps. Chris.