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  1. That's interesting, I hadn't seen that before. It does look good but having built 5-6 Sol conversions I think I would actually wait this one out (there's still the same carving and sanding) because I can't see it being too long before the canard Su-30s hit the shelves. I think it's probably the only Flanker out there no one has done in any scale. Also I'm not unconvinced the Sol couldn't be used on the HB. The biggest difference I've seen on the kits is the burner can size.
  2. I've built 5 of the Sol/Academy conversions so far. I think they are pretty amazing sets, tons of minute details and the only one for canard flankers. A bit of work but well engineered and great results. Biggest flaw for me is the shallow cockpit, most of them I dremeled out and used other cockpits.
  3. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Su-35 fuselage went together without a hitch, so far the fit is very good.
  4. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Thanks exdraken, 06 had the single nose wheel and 01 has the twin. 01 also has the larger stars which was the decider for me.
  5. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Thanks Valkyrie, it's the 73069 Grey Dark Blue interior color, lightened with white probably by 50% for the Su-30 and about 25% for the Su-35.
  6. I am doing the two together, the Su-30MKI is a ton of work so I've started the Kitty Hawk Su-35 as an easy side project (hopefully). The Su-30MKI will be Blue 01 prototype which crashed at the Paris air show. So a lot of carving and fitting the Sol Su-35 (Su-27M) canards to the Academy fuselage but the major part of beginning has been the cockpit. I have the Neomega Su-30 cockpit but the MKI is a different layout so the front and back consoles had to be remade. I tried making some resin copies of what I made with plastic card but I'm new to casting and gave up. .
  7. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    I'm glad to see this project, I know the pain! I've been doing the Su-30MKI Blue 01 that crashed at Paris. I've referred to it as my frankenstein project as like IPMS19 it is 1/48 Academy full of SOL, Aires, Neomega, redesigned cockpit (as it not the same as other Su-30s) etc. I'm using the Amur River nozzles too, it's possible even though they are much bigger.
  8. Su-32 1/48 Hobbyboss

    Thanks to you all! Regarding the color I was disappointed to find out that the photos in the snow were inaccurate because of the color photography as I really liked that scheme a lot. But the dark grey was much more 'Flanker like' blue grey as better walkaround photos from that same snow shoot in the Polygon Su-34 book revealed. As exdraken correctly pointed out there was some respray later with the modifications (new cone on the stinger, new pitot, mudguard and ladder) but the colors seemed to stay the same. Yefim Gordon's Famous Russian Aircraft series Su-27 has the snow shoot and much better, more recent color photos of the prototype.
  9. Here's my HB Su-34 modified to be the Su-32, second prototype 43 Blue T10V-2. I always liked the color scheme. It's about 99% finished, still some panel lines and small weathering things to do. This more or less involved a reshaped nose, reshaped tail sting with some bumps, Su-30 front wheels and mudguard, scratchbuilt ladder, a slightly modified Su-15 pitot tube and the proper antennas and sensors. Lots of plumbing for the landing gear and Armory rear wheels. I have the Polygon Su-34 book which has a lot of walkaround closeup photos of 43 Blue's details and it's different camouflage which was invaluable. I had few fit issues, not sure if I ever used filler. Paint was Akan and mixed myself. I'm looking forward to doing some production Su-34 versions with the Kittyhawk whenever it comes out but I wouldn't rule out doing another Hobbyboss, perhaps the brighter "Greenbottle Fly" 45 White T10V-5 that I saw at Farnborough years ago. Cheers, pb
  10. Good idea Mike. After building the kit from the outside in the first time I really wanted to do one with the bays open and everything drooped. Not easy with the one piece fuselage. Luckily I asked HpH and managed to get one that hadn't been fitted together yet which will make everything much easier.
  11. Thanks Mike. Here's some engine shots, top and bottom. I had to add plastic card and sanded it down a lot as you can see so I rescribed and used foil duct tape to recreate some lost detail and added some inscribed to it to help. I'm still cleaning them up and will give the coppery part some thin veil to lessen it's contrast a bit. I had several magazine and internet photos to work from to try to decipher all that metal. Have you tried Armoryhobbyshop.com?
  12. Dragon 1/35 MBT-70

  13. Clearly not finished, but nearly. The 1/144 F-15 color sketch in the first photo is the AKAN Su-35 paints set mentioned earlier, the second F-15 flipped over is the mix I mentioned and the third photo is the lightened AKAN cockpit color. Hope this helps! pb
  14. Cockpit color I used was AKAN's 73069 blue grey, it's a great color but needs to be lightened significantly. Didn't have any problem with paint peeling but considering how much wet sanding went on the surface kept the paint on fine. I did wrap the edges and fuselage with paper towels taped around for safe handling. I will attempt to post some pics later today.