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  1. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Wow, amazing photo! I've never seen that angle before. Thanks for the encouragement everyone, I will be continuing in the WIP section with the builds.
  2. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Well I knew I was being ambitious with my two and in the end didn't get them finished but I used the holiday traveling to pack a small workbench to keep them moving. I did all the landing gear plumbing for my current two builds and two more in the line. Below are the front struts from the Su-30MKI, a J-15, the Su-35 and a Su-27M (Su-35). This group build certainly got me moving on my MKI which I needed, it's been a project in a box for a long time now. It has also gotten my (possibly) last SOL canard conversion out of the box too, the first prototype Su-27M/Su-35 which I will be posting. I suspect a lot of great Flanker kits and accessories are on their way and want to finish as many of my Academy 1/48 Flanker projects before then. This group build will take my 1/48 Flanker count to 10, and I will be posting the Su-30MKI and Su-35 in the gallery when they are done. Happy New Year.
  3. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Decals on the MKI were much simpler than anticipated as the usual small stencil decals weren't seen on the prototype. Next are decals for the Su-35 and plumbing the landing gear.
  4. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    References were mainly Yefim Gordon's Flankers-The Next Generation and Famous Russian Aircraft Su-27 along with quite a bit of internet. Got the Su-30 painted and glossed finally, determined to get some decals on later today.
  5. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    The dark blue and the overall pale blue were excellent matches according to my references but I ended up greying down the middle blue for a better match. The 1/144 model has all the attempts to get there. Just to be safe I did all three colors on one of the elevators before spraying the whole thing. Next will be some clean up of overspray and then hopefully it's all down hill from there.
  6. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Here's a minor update with a photo from the other day where I was just about ready to start the final painting. As of this weekend all the rescribing and smoothing out is done and have started with the camo. AKAN pale blue base coat is now down and two darker colors are coming next (the dark blue here was just to simplify masking around the IRST and Fairy Hobby windscreen).
  7. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Thanks! Yes I've heard Academy included the pitot in the aircraft's nose to tail measurements so it was always a little under scale as a kit. I've got Academy/Sol/HB?KHs up on the shelf together and they still look fine together so I'm not too distracted.
  8. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Getting the engines in was pretty much just brute force. The larger cans leave a 1/4" gap that I filled with card and putty and just forced down the area that holds the tail and elevator with a lot of glue and big clamps. The stinger's gap was easier given that it's pretty hidden by the engines and also needed to be made a little bigger and longer for this one.
  9. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Been trying to catch the Su-30MKI up with the Su-35. The Su-35 coming together without issue, wings on and AKAN eggplant and light blue coats on, next will be the various grey radiotransparent panels. The Su-30 needed a lot of catch up at this point so I put the Su-35 aside and resumed finishing the added canards, just a few spots not quite smooth enough so more putty and sanding! Then on to the intakes, I do really appreciate all the latest Flankers having one piece intakes, the Academy 2 part intakes are so fragile. In these photos working on squeezing in the excellent A.M.U.R. Reaver engines which do require some brute tactics being much bigger than the Academy or even Cutting Edge nozzles. I also added a new tail cone, new resin nose, the HUD, Fairy Hobby canopy and rudder extensions (which need sanding down). Nearly ready for some paint but first I will finish the cockpit and canopies. The AKAN Su-30MKI colors look pretty good so far, I always test the colors on a 1/144 kit to get a better idea of accuracy. F
  10. That's interesting, I hadn't seen that before. It does look good but having built 5-6 Sol conversions I think I would actually wait this one out (there's still the same carving and sanding) because I can't see it being too long before the canard Su-30s hit the shelves. I think it's probably the only Flanker out there no one has done in any scale. Also I'm not unconvinced the Sol couldn't be used on the HB. The biggest difference I've seen on the kits is the burner can size.
  11. I've built 5 of the Sol/Academy conversions so far. I think they are pretty amazing sets, tons of minute details and the only one for canard flankers. A bit of work but well engineered and great results. Biggest flaw for me is the shallow cockpit, most of them I dremeled out and used other cockpits.
  12. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Su-35 fuselage went together without a hitch, so far the fit is very good.
  13. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Thanks exdraken, 06 had the single nose wheel and 01 has the twin. 01 also has the larger stars which was the decider for me.
  14. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    Thanks Valkyrie, it's the 73069 Grey Dark Blue interior color, lightened with white probably by 50% for the Su-30 and about 25% for the Su-35.
  15. I am doing the two together, the Su-30MKI is a ton of work so I've started the Kitty Hawk Su-35 as an easy side project (hopefully). The Su-30MKI will be Blue 01 prototype which crashed at the Paris air show. So a lot of carving and fitting the Sol Su-35 (Su-27M) canards to the Academy fuselage but the major part of beginning has been the cockpit. I have the Neomega Su-30 cockpit but the MKI is a different layout so the front and back consoles had to be remade. I tried making some resin copies of what I made with plastic card but I'm new to casting and gave up. .