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  1. SBD Aces?

    Greetings Gentlemen . Hope all is well with my Britmodeller mates. I have been on a bit of a Pacific War kick lately. I just ffinished up reading about Fighting Fifteen and Mc Campbell's Heroes, and additionally an interview with "Swede" Vejtasa who flew SBD's before being posted to the Grim Reapers as a Wildcat pilot. Another source was Queen of the Flat Tops by Stanley Johnston, and all three sources mentioned the use of SBD's for interception and carrier defense roles as fighters, with one pilot scoring as many as 7 kills. This really intreagues me since I am preparing to build the Hasegawa 1/48 SBD-3. I know many of you like to research your modeling subjects as a means of enhancing your enthusiasm for a good build. Does anyone have any sources they can recommend on the subject of the SBD used as a fighter? We are talking about the Dauntless attacking from behind and not shooting down aircraft which are in persuit. Any information would be helpful. Cheers
  2. Any recipes for Aotake blue?

    Thanks Garry, the Japanese color thing is quite the conundrum, even tougher than the Luftwaffe color conundrum. Maybe I will just spray all my Japanese IJN green with IJN grey undersides! Cheers
  3. 1/48 P-47 cowling lower lip question

    Thanks gentlemen i had read a review on the Monogram/Revell P-47 and the aforementioned problems were mentioned as well as a need to dared the lower lip, too straight, but a little sanding takes care of that. I have two Tamiya kits (forgot to mention all kits that are compared are indeed 1/48.) At the Plans of Fame museum there is a model kit display of about 25 built and nicely painted 1/48 T-Bolts behind glass both bubble and razorback. Just by looking at them I could tell the manufacturer, and it was interesting finding the differences in detail. I looked especially at the cowling on each model, and other less significant details, and had found that the Tamiya kits were clearly the winner all the way around, followed by the Hasegawa (I found the detail to be a little soft in comparison), then the Academy kit (not bad, but I would get a Falcon replacement, the bubble canopy is a little fat in comparison to the Tamiya and Hasegawa version) then the Monogram razorback (the wings on the bubble top are too far back, (I wondered why it seemed a little funny), followed by the Arii and old Testors kit (with the exception of the cowling doesn't look too bad shape-wise.) Anyway, that is my take on it but I just wondered if anybody else had the same or different take on this whole thing. As for the Tamiya P-47? I would have to say that of all the kit reviews out there the Tamiya P-47's have received the highest praise of any kits I have read about. Now, if only Tamiya will quit making kits that are already made by numerous manufacturers i.e. the Sturmovik, Hurricane just to mention a few and get around to making....oh let's say......a nice Spit Mk14? Cheers
  4. Any recipes for Aotake blue?

    I have seen a few Japanese warbirds, basically a Jack, Judy, and Zero, the Aotake used on all much more green than blue. Is this a misinterpretation or could it be that the Aotake blue the correct color. Any ideas or info on this? I got quite a few Japanese aircraft kits and would like to get this sorted before painting. Cheers
  5. 1/48 P-47 cowling lower lip question

    Hello and Happy New Year to all! i have been threatening to build a T-Bolt as my first aircraft of 2018 and upon inspection of various kit offerings it has become appearent that the shape of the lower lip or portion leading up too the intake on various cowling are different. In comparison between the Academy, Araii, old Testors/Hawk (the least accurate IMHO), Hasegawa, old Monogram, and Tamiya offerings I find the lower portion/lip is either too pronounced as in the old Testors kit, or not offering enough upper thrust as in the old Monogram kit. I am not adept enough to post pics and do comparisons like has been done for the Spit Mk 9 for instance. I guess my question is......has anybody noticed the differences as I have? Which of the manufacturers is most accurate? It's not a big deal but when kits are displayed next to each other then the differences become more pronounced. Anyway, I am curious to see your thoughts. Cheers SA
  6. Academey 1/48 B25B Doliitle Raid

    Hello, Yes you can but there some differences in the fuselage Windows and the square window on top of the fuselage right behind the canopy. The C model has an astrodome instead of the flat piece of plexiglass. I bought some replacements for the C model off eBay some time ago so got that squared away. The other difference is the additional fuselage port hole on the starboard side, but most except the hard core B-25 fans would know. From what I understand the very earliest C models did not have the fuselage window placed placed just behind the trailing edge of the wing. The other good news is that the engine cowling was not much different from that on the B model, so you don't have to worry about the various "bumps" found on the D and later model Mitchells. There may be some minor differences between the two models but a real B-25 affecianado would probably know. You will have to do a bit of minor surgery and puttying where the astrodome comes in but it is no big deal. Good luck. By the way, decals for RAF B-25 C's are available on eBay if you are interested. And, before I forget, you are going to need to take some sand paper an grind out about an eight of an inch where the cowling opening is, it just takes a couple of minutes and really helps the appearance, otherwise the cowling just looks off. Cheers
  7. Which type of Spitfire flew during the Darwin attacks in 1942?

    Excellent, just the info I was looking for! I thought it might have been a bit early for the Vc. They would have tangled with the Japanese Naval air group out of New Guinea? Or would it have been IJA Hayabusa's? I am pretty sure it was IJN Zero's but I am sure someone will be able to fill in that info. Cheers
  8. Hello Gents, Hope all you fellow Britmodellers are preparing for the holiday onslaught. I asked Santa for a 1/48 B6N Tenzan, hopefully he delivers because I never got that Porsche Turbo Carrera I asked for back in 1978, but I digress....again. Anyway, I was curious as to the type of Spit Mk V was flying in defense of Darwin against the Japanese in 1942. From what I understand the Mk Vc was in the air, but how about the Vb? Also, were some of the Spitfire squadrons RAF or were they all RAAF? I am on about early war Pacific theatre aircraft right now so thusly the query. Cheers and best of the season to all. Spitfire Addict
  9. Star and bar markings on late war USN aircraft

    I like the way he got the weathered look on that finish, i am hoping to be able to do that in the future. But I just love the glossy dark blue Hellcats. The CAF in Camarillo has a -3 in Mc Campbells markings, gorgeous!
  10. Star and bar markings on late war USN aircraft

    Nice picture, and in regards to the Daco set, just shows the need for a new tool kit. I wonder what a Seafire would have looked like in glossy dark sea blue? Cheers
  11. Star and bar markings on late war USN aircraft

    Hi Troy, as to the Academy Mk XIV, I do have the DACO correction set and Falcon canopies (the academy canopies are totally unrealistic) but have not taken the plunge. I have seen Brett Green's article on the conversion but for some reason the FR Mk XIV seems to be the version of choice. I have yet to see an E model done with the DACO set. I am still hopeful that Eduard, or Airfix (the logical choice) will produce a Mk XIV out of their Mk XIX. Bottom line is every kit has its warts, it's just the ones with the long black hairs sticking out of them that make some kits hard to love. Meanwhile I got kits stuffed everywhere, some fall on my head when I open the closets (my wife just loves that but I tell he to store her stuff somewhere else) meaning I got plenty to build, but of course not much room to store them once they are built. I am still looking for a tarmac at home for my Lancaster, and right now my wife's thermos collection is going to go bye-bye. Thanks again Troy, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Cheers
  12. Star and bar markings on late war USN aircraft

    I would be more than happy to take those decals of your hands. I have always been a big fan of USMC aviation so the Hog would be a great addition. I have built a whole slew of F-18's all in squadron markings for the 3rd MAW squadrons. MCAS El Toro was a phenomenal place to watch the Marine aircraft take off because the original Marine Air Museum was next to the active runway so ear plugs were mandatory. But, I digress. If you would not mind PMing me I can give you the particulars. Thanks again, and If I can reciprocate somehow let me know, I have some rare Spitfire decals if they are of interest. Cheers
  13. Star and bar markings on late war USN aircraft

  14. Star and bar markings on late war USN aircraft

    Beautiful pic, thanks for posting. The Museum in San Diego gas a beautiful AU 1 that is pristine. In regards to the various 1/48 Corsair kits I probably have mentioned this before (probably mentioned many things before on this site, just getting old I guess) but the severe lack of dihedral on the Academy Corsair's wings are what drives me crazy, as well as almost impossible to correct, and it just seems that the HB kits seem a little porcine, like their Hellcat and F-100 kits. I think if any of the model kit manufacturers ever made a perfect kit there would be a collective heart attack and all the modelling forums would be bereft of anybody over 50! And, if anybody ever releases a decent Spit Mk XIV I wont live long enough to build it! Anyway, after looking at both kits, and my wallet (I'm so broke that I can't even afford to pay attention) that the Hasegawa kit was my best bet. Thanks again my friend. Cheers
  15. Star and bar markings on late war USN aircraft

    Hey, thanks Dennis, much appreciated. Let me know what you actually have and we can go from there. Cheers