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  1. Thinning out the tail and trailing edges on the Eduard Tempest?

    So sorry about that Troy, had a momentary bout of brain flatulence, so please forgive me. Must be getting old because I can't keep track of all my postings over the years, so your patience is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for the information (which I have now archived to avoid a repeat) very much appreciated. as an aside, my son Rusty just got back from Duxford and Bovington, and he bought me a nice 19 squadron polo shirt, I wear it proudly. Thanks again Troy
  2. Thinning out the tail and trailing edges on the Eduard Tempest?

    Thanks Tony, that will help. What I am worried about is what grit of sandpaper to use, and whether I should use a sanding block for a more uniform surface. I know the plastic is pretty soft so I want to be careful as to type of sand paper to use so I don't erode too much plastic too quickly. If you think that tool you recommend will do the job better then I will give it a go. Now just to find one at a reasonable price. Rumor is that Eduard is retooling the kit in order to address the thickness and fuselage length problems. I have mixed feelings about that since I have two kits that I paid a premium price for. I do have the Jaguar fix kit for the Tempest but there is a lot of extra work involved. I guess I can't have everything, besides where would I put it all? Cheers
  3. Hello fellow modelers, i am finally building the Eduard 1/48 Tempest and was wondering about any tips on thinning out the overly thick tail and trailing edges of the wings and tail planes/elevators. From the various threads I have read it is clear that this has been done, I just need some tips on the techniques used, how far to sand along the fuselage just above the tail, and any other tips from those who have done this. Any other tips about the build would be great. Cheers SA
  4. F4U-4 use in WWII

    Thanks for the info. As we all know there are no perfect kits out there, they all have issues. The only path will be to pick the most accurate kit available and go from there. Glad to know HB makes an early version. I can scrape enough decals out of my stash to get the right markings, then with a little white paint I can get close. Thanks again my friend. Cheers
  5. F4U-4 use in WWII

    Thanks once again Troy, always there to help. I am glad I didn't buy the kit. I know Hobby Boss has a -4b but that would be too late of a version for me. Would a Tamiya F4U-1D with a Hamilton Standard four bladed prop do the trick, or are there too many additional components that would be difficult to add?
  6. F4U-4 use in WWII

    Hello, I just received an old Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-4 and I have a question regarding the use of the A and B model of this Corsair variant during WWII. I want to build a WWII aircraft but it seems that WWII decals are not as available as the Korean! If at all (although the old Monogram kit did offer WWII decals along with the Korean War markings back in the day, if I remember correctly.) As I understand it from the small amount of info on the net, they didn't start arriving at front line carriers until 1945. Did both the -4a model and cannon equipped 4b both make it onto carriers and into battle? How much mor effective were they in the ACM environment. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. I forgot that the pics might repost when a quote is used instead of a reply. Thanks for a heads up on that, I didn't mean to offend your sensibilities. Thank heavens we have those who are willing to monitor and point out the various faux pas that the rest of us may not recognize. In future I shall avoid quoting when numerous pictures are present in the post. Have a wonderful day! Cheers
  8. "Japanese Messerschmitts" at Coral Sea

    Thank heavens we have you Nick to chase those pesky "hares" down, we learn a lot we didn't know that way. Talley Ho!
  9. "Japanese Messerschmitts" at Coral Sea

    Thanks again Nick, that pretty much takes care of that. Looking forward to the new book!
  10. "Japanese Messerschmitts" at Coral Sea

    Less than 1% of 1% probability I would say, I am fully convinced it was misidentification and have no obsession whatsoever with making something that is pretty much impossible a reality, it is just one of the quirks that history has provided. The only reason I posted the topic was to investigate the probability/possibility of it being a Tony. All the accumulated evidence suggests it was a case of misidentification. With that being said I think we have sufficiently beaten this horse into glue. Thank you for your input. Cheers
  11. "Japanese Messerschmitts" at Coral Sea

    Duly noted my friend, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility that a Tony was present despite the information presented, that is why I gave Ramsey the benefit of a doubt. We have possibility vs probability here and the weight of the evidence is on the probability side, in the negative of course. I do appreciate your input, always valuable, so continue to press on lieutenant!
  12. Micro scale released a bunch back when the ERTL kit came out, I got my favorite VMF 232 Death Rattlers "Come to fight, come to Win" and the navy squadron with the Rams horns on the nose section. The Planes of Fame air museum has a -3 in the markings of a navy squadron but it is in serious need of restoration. They flew the F-86-F-30 Sabre the other day, a beautiful aircraft. Now if KH could only due an accurate (and I use that term loosely) F7U-3....and if elephants could fly, etc.
  13. "Japanese Messerschmitts" at Coral Sea

    Well at least it wasn't a March hare right? I always find the more obscure parts of history more fascinating. One of my recent "hares" was in regard to Japanese seat belts, especially IJAAF, more specifically, why did the IJAAF only use lap belts in their fighters? Still trying to figure that one out. Anyway, thanks for your input as always, and your new book is on my Father's Day gift list. Cheers
  14. "Japanese Messerschmitts" at Coral Sea

    I don't know, you think a guy who has only been flying against radial engined aircraft would know the difference between a radial and in line engined aircraft (unless some early prototype Fw 190D prototype got sent to the Japanese for Hirohito's birthday) but once again, who knows? Maybe it was one of those "fog of war" things that always happen in battle? Cheers cheers
  15. "Japanese Messerschmitts" at Coral Sea

    It's amazing how additional information can really help us to see a clearer picture, and thanks to Nick we can assume that the aircraft perused was not a Tony, nor a Judy, but it is hard to fully accept that a Zero especially was misidentified as one of those aircraft. The B5N in its regalia could possibly been mistaken as a "Messerschmitt" but it is a much larger aircraft. Who knows? I just thought the topic was fascinating because I read reports from pilots in the Cactus Airforce who also mentioned these "Japanese Messerschmitts" early in the war. Just like most historical events, we will never really know. Cheers