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  1. I finished the kit figures, which does add to the finished model.
  2. Thanks. It's a nice simple kit and spent about two days total including painting and weathering. Thanks again. Thank you!
  3. This is the Zvezda 1/72 snap kit of the German 88mm gun. It is highly detailed and makes a good modeling snack for a quick fix. Love the detail. Painted with Tamiya paint.
  4. This is the Italeri 1/35 scale Pak-40 anti-tank gun. It is built out of the box with no additions. It is a fiddly kit with many some detail, some of which have broken off..sigh.. It certainly looks the part although some filler had to be used to fix many sink marks. The barrel is in two pieces, but it fits well and cleans nicely. It is painted with Tamiya and Testors acyrilic paints and weathered with Vallejo washes and pigments. The figures and accessories will be finished and displayed in small diorama.
  5. Color of Sherman cupola glass

    Thank you! I'm a 1/72 modeler and this new brave world of 1/35 has me all confused. Thanks for the advice. My instinct was to go for a dark glossy finish on the windows on my Italeri 1/35 Sherman M4A1 with 76mm gun. You just confirmed my choice. Thanks!
  6. M4 Sherman - painting & weathering

    Two years for me, but I'm up for a challenge
  7. Color of Sherman cupola glass

    Trying to finish a shelf of doom Sherman and I need to paint the armored glass around the commander's hatch. Any suggestions for a paint choice? Thanks.
  8. Thanks! Oh I agree. I thought I had the figures, but they are gone. I'll have to find some others. Thanks!
  9. This kit has 1975 stamped on the plastic but it is still a nice kit. It is shorter than the DML version of the same gun, but it certainly looks the part.
  10. Built while sick with the flu I managed to finish this Airfix 1/72 A/B-26C after years in the shelf of doom. I used Tamiya silver after many coats of primer and sanding applications. Testors flat black for the engines and lower wings. I tried using Humbrol's spray can silver but it was flat and had to go with Tamiya's spray can silver. Marked with SuperScale decals.
  11. Aviation Usk 1/72 Ki-10 Perry. Tamiya Paints and kit decals. This is my second built of this kit in the last month
  12. This is the new version of the Me262. It is beautifully detailed. The decals are excellent and the fit is precise, but some filler was needed on mine in the usual places, namely the wing-engine mounting joins, and the bottom seam when the fuselage and wing join. The detail is very nice, especially on the bottom. Next to it is the much taller 1960 version.
  13. Space Shuttle Landing Simulators

    El Paso, Texas. November 1976.
  14. Space Shuttle Landing Simulators

    Here's a shot of the test aircraft.