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  1. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    I'm still undecided as yet. Quite like the box top one but the diagonal stripes on the fuselage is something I'm not keen on. one thing to be wary of, Make sure you firmly glue your A13 bits. You don't want them to pop off and have to remove the nacelle. Ask me how I know.
  2. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    I can second the nacelle to wing fit. Much filling/blending etc. and mine still need a bit of work. I didn't get the flat wing profile though and got good dihedral. I can't do phots to support this as I'm not at home right now and haven't got my camera with me. I still need to blend the under nose bit in as well. Thanks for reminding me. Which scheme are you going for?
  3. Stanislav Petrov RIP

    I'd never heard of him or this incident until now. He must go down in history as one of the 'unsung' ones.
  4. What have you purchased 9

    Gloopy antacid stuff. Shipping to Australia is available at reduced rates.
  5. No folding wings but this looks good.
  6. FAA bird without a doubt. You've got 108 yrs of the RNAS to play with.
  7. Incredible work for '72. My favourite Curtiss fighter. Nice one.
  8. I'm on with one at the moment. Everything seems fine so far. Perfect plastic putty for wing to fuselage and undernose for'ard section used on mine just for a bit of fine gap/blending. The gun ports will be enhanced by a bit of hollowing. Oh, and the nacelles; a bit of old fashioned fettling, blending and sanding in order here. May have been just me but nothing insurmountable.
  9. Dunkirk, The New Evidence. Channel 4

    Imagine if they had lost; there'd be umbrage in Ambridge..
  10. Tis a goodly build. Even more so as it has those big black words on the side.
  11. Dunkirk, The New Evidence. Channel 4

    Was tempted to watch it but decided to watch 'Carry on Behind' DVD instead.
  12. Seeing as I'm at a certain Air Station gives me the opportunity, albeit infrequent of espying some 109 years of Naval Aviation 'stuff' and lo and behold Seafire words hove into view. From what was gleaned I managed to note the following. Seafire 46(LA546/900/LM) was Casper John's personal steed and was in EDSG/SKY, as opposed to EDSG/DSG/SKY and was cleaned to within 'Skipper's Rounds' standards with an excusable bit exhaust muck with negat weapons dangling off of it. It had the standard 'fighter' windscreen/canopy and not the '47 variety. Only 24 in number of the '46 built so choices of other airframes are very limited. By all accounts LA546 is under the ownership of a Mr PR Arnold. This I have been reliably informed of and have a very good contact regarding Seafire stuff 'behind the wire' so to speak. If you need a 'heads up' on owt give me a shout. Good looking build by the way. Now where are those Sea Hurricane writings..?
  13. What have you purchased 9

    For that David Bedford image. As for capital largesse, I may allow the Tamar Bridge toll booth to keep my change tomorrow when escaping back into England, all two bob of it. Money well spent methinks.
  14. Best of luck with the op. Don't forget as others have mentioned, the scrounging list from the scablifters; blades, sample pots (unused for storing bits/mixing paints) and syringe bodies for sucking up thinners to drip into paints for mixing.
  15. What have you purchased 9

    Two bits of rubber commonly known as tyres for £94 which has just doubled the value of my car.