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  1. Airfix Hurricane

  2. Best scheme I've seen on the rarely seen Oxford. Must have something to do with those letters painted aft beginning with R and ending in Y. Nice one.
  3. What have you purchased 9

    Altoids; you know, that small tin of little mints. And I always thought Altoids was a condition mountaineers suffered from in cold climates.
  4. What have you purchased 9

    It'll be a short lived affair with an inevitable outcome. She seems to think the oven is a sunbed.
  5. What have you purchased 9

    Almost bought a large black Audi in 1/1 scale but a sudden reality check brought me to my senses. I mean, not only the stigma attached to being branded an Audi driver but to relinquish my membership of the Dark Blue Car Club would be unbearable. Never again would my footman bring to me on a silver breakfast platter along with a brace of kippers and Eggs Benedict a carefully hand written invitation to a Home Counties peasant pheasant shoot should I have followed through on this momentary lapse. Instead I bought a tin of Humbrol 1 and a large potato.
  6. Royal Navy Colours - glossy, satin or flat

    Gloss; BS5381C-638, Dark Sea Grey Gloss. That's from the I/C of the spray bay at EGDR when I enquired. They carried out the last spraying of the gate guardian there. It's what I painted my recent CA Seahawk in. My current Trumpy one is primed ready for an application of said colour. EDIT; I did knock the gloss back a bit with a slightly satin varnish finish for a scale effect.
  7. Clubs

    My working hours and/or location preclude me from joining one much as I would like to see what they're like. I worked out I could attend between 3 and 7 nights per year.
  8. You'll get used to it. I often have to park under trees when I'm in Cornwall-land which the local 'Cackdaws' as I like to call them gather for their overnight sleeping arrangements. When I go to the car in the morning it often resembles an old school Milky Wrapper. It may be a prejudice against my car having a Devon flag sticker on it though. I do think there is some artistry in their depositions however as I'm sure I recognised the constellation of Orion in their 'fartwork.' One day I may even join the dots just to see what I can make out.
  9. Yayyy! Dark blue! My Favorit was dark blue and my current Astra is Dark blue. No other blue will do.
  10. What have you purchased 9

    A cauliflower; from Cornwall-land. The customs charges cost more than the ruddy thing.
  11. Car problems - Lights

    I had the same problem on my '98 Astra recently. For the eye watering price of £6.00 for two new bulbs the problem was sorted and doubled the value of the car to boot. However, I know of a couple of people with 'Pugs' (206 and 307) and they have both had light problems (front, rear, dash) and the local garage and the main dealer can't even sort it. I had a 17 plate 207 as a hire car last month and the useless slug had all sorts of weird light things going on. Bring back the 406 model I say, what a lovely drive that was.
  12. What a bonkers looking thing but very well done. Reminds me of something from Wacky Races.
  13. 1/72 Canadair CP-107 Argus