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  1. Socially awkward

    As I'm not or never will be a socialist I have no problems whatsoever. The local proletariat know where they stand.
  2. What Norman said. No going back now.
  3. Fujimi 1/72 Mig 21 quick build

    Nice and well worn MiG. You weren't in Sainsbury's in Helston yesterday were you? That hand looks familiar.
  4. Airfix

    You think the 'pink' ones are nasty looking? Recently saw footage of 809 caning it below deck edge level. Now that's nails!
  5. Most memorable film scenes..

    For some bizarre reason the following sprang to mind; Private Parts, where a young Howard Stern does a puppet show for some old people.
  6. Most memorable film scenes..

    Bullitt, the chase. Known across the border as Plymouth; the Saturday car parking space. Some memorable lines from Arab Larry as well; 'He likes your lemonade,' 'We've taken Aqaba.' Whose taken Aqaba?' 'The b****y **** have taken Aqaba!'
  7. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Apples, bread and milk and no import duty to pay. I'm glad Cornwall-land is lurching towards the 20th century,
  8. Most memorable film scenes..

    That was my local beach. I grew up 10mins walk from it. I do like to use the one below when rivet trolls start droning on about miniscule less than important points about my builds.
  9. I feel rather naughty looking at a beaver before the watershed. And what a tidy one it is too!
  10. WEM PE for 1/700 Illustrious.. Which one?

    Cheers Paul Wouldn't mind having a peek at your superstructure if you'll pardon the expression. I have a plethora of 1/700 guard rails from stalled/failed builds and hopefully have enough to go around it. I managed to get the hull together earlier today and dry fitted the flight deck which wasn't a bad fit. May have to blend in the for'ard garden wall a bit though. Darbs
  11. WEM PE for 1/700 Illustrious.. Which one?

    So am I. How far into it are you? I'm still knocking back those raised flight deck 'speed bumps.' What's the Colourcoats like to brush with? I'm doing my build away from home so haven't got my compressor with me. Not a fan of brushing that Humbrol 127 so looking for a better alternative without scabbing some top coat grey from a convenient 'paint shop.'
  12. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    In no particular order Thomas Arne's 'Rule Britannia,' 'Heart of Oak' by William Boyce and not forgetting the intro to 'Bagpuss.'
  13. Nice job on an often under represented air force during that era.
  14. New 1/72 Airfix Phantom FG1

    There are plenty of geese in the RN; believe me.
  15. Nice one. Seafires are always better looking than the land based variety of 'fires.