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  1. Looks good and it's been a pleasure to follow your WIP thread - a couple of the close up pictures would probably look very lifelike if they were finished in a period sepia finish.
  2. If it gives you a starting point, Francis K Mason's book The British Bomber Since 1914 refers to the aircraft having sufficient fuel for a range of 2, 000 miles
  3. Firstly, I'm not writing this as a "woe is me" or an I've fallen out of love with the hobby post. Throughout the year I've looked at a number of new releases and existing kits and pencilled them on to my mental shopping list for SMW at Telford, however, with the event about four weeks away I'm looking through said list and, for want of a better word, I'm not motivated to actually buy a single item on it even though the is room in the stash and I've been saving for the event. It almost feels like I'd be buying something for the sake if it simply because it's there. Does anyone ever feel the same - discuss ?
  4. On a similar vein, I had a cold call this weekend from a company offerring to clean the moss and lichens from my roof. Why......?
  5. Looking forward to a 1/35th scale C-17A Globemaster then
  6. Paul Something else to take into account if you are using the Xtradecal sheet: the "Europe One" camouflage scheme worn by the F-4 used FS34079 (Forest Green) instead of FS34092 (Dark Green) which is shown on the sheet's instructions.
  7. Traffic queues and parking disputes probably wouldn't be an issue any more.
  8. Intriguing - I did wonder whether the finished model would work as a freshly abandoned vehicle being discovered by a British or US infantry patrol ...?
  9. A pair of very hard working boats - would be interested to know how you achieved the weathering effects.
  10. I was thinking about the older style box arts: they have slightly more atmosphere that the current renditions.
  11. Dennis Hopefully you'll take this as a compliment: quite a few of your paintings would look at home on Airfix's model box lids.
  12. Probably still the Revell GR1 with enhancements.
  13. I think you've got a captive audience Dan although we're probably wondering where you can add more detail to the beast.
  14. A self-righteousness ?
  15. Definitely a product of Herr Heath and Herr Robinsons' Metal Fabreken Werken. If the hatch at the back of the turret is designed to be used as a escape hatch it's always struck me that the AAMG mount might be in the way of a swift bail out.