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  1. Helicopter cable cutters 1/72

    Airwaves released a set (AC72-66) back in the day which, inevitably, is currently out of production; if I remember correctly it's simply a scaled down version of the same manufacturer's 1/48th scale set.
  2. Fantastic build - your daughter has got a real talent there.
  3. I built that version many years ago, complete with floats, I proudly showed my latest masterpiece to my parents and put it to one side on a chair; less than ten minutes later I sat down on the same chair. Crunch....
  4. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    Thank you - I stand corrected !!
  5. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    Removed as original post was incorrect
  6. Farewell, Cassini - and we thank you

    Farewell Cassini and thank you for the insights you have given us
  7. B-29 -why not in the European theatre?

    Discounting the conversation about the effect of the weight of the paint finish, a multi-coloured B-29 Formation Assembly Ship could create an interesting WHIF scheme.
  8. Airbus A400M, Revell 1:72

    From the front I always think it looks like a refugee from the Antonov Design Bureau.
  9. That's a rare kit built well, the only other one that I've ever seen finished it Ted Taylor's review sample: mine's still sitting in the cupboard waiting to be started.
  10. Charity shop find

    Be careful, there are modellers out there - you run the risk of starting a very long thread about what, exactly, is the right colour for the bridge.
  11. This isn't modelmaking, it's craftsmanship of the highest order: I'd be happy if I could fettle 1/72nd scale photoetch to the same standard.
  12. RAF Typhoon had a small mishap yesterday

    If the first Typhoon had overrun the runway it probably would have rendered it unusable so the number two would have had no option but to divert so, as long as he had enough fuel to do so safely, returning to base was probably the most sensible option in the circumstances. It also looks like the RAF have sent a recovery crew out to Pardubice this evening.
  13. To eventually be displayed under the title "A Learning Opportunity"
  14. I've got to admire your commitment in not directing it into the nearest bin with considerable force before now.