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  1. It may be unrelated but I was getting a recurring "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" error message on Thursday and Friday through my BT Openworld internet service which appeared to suddenly correct itself late on Friday evening.
  2. No - it sounds more like the latest offering from my local real ale Micro Brewery.
  3. Surprisingly different views of familiar subjects - the Operation Black Buck picture is particularly impressive.
  4. Airmanship of the very highest order echoing Lt Cdr Chris Gotke's recovery of the Sea Fury at Culdrose a couple of years ago. Always one of the highlights of the all too short air display season, hopefully there's no hidden damage in the airframe that will prevent it from being restored to flight.
  5. I think it's the total of the "Like this" responses that your posts have attracted.
  6. Very impressive - a display of "proper modelling" where we mere mortals would probably be reaching for the aftermarket photoetch and resin.
  7. Problem now resolved, the download apparently picked up a corrupt file which was looping on the laptop and using too much processor capacity; one of AVG's engineers managed to remotely uninstall the whole application and my laptop is now happily running Windows Defender. All is well.
  8. I have been happily running AVG on my laptop for many years without experiencing any problems, however I have now automatically downloaded a new version of the software which is consistently using at least fifty percent of the laptop's CPU capacity and, as a result, is noticeably slowing the whole machine down. I have had the laptop for some years and it is currently fitted with an AMD Athlon Dual Core L310 processor - is there anything I can do to reduce the resources AVG is using to run or is this the technology gods way of telling me that my laptop is becoming too long in the tooth and I need to think about replacing it with a newer, more capable, model ?
  9. Does this website help: MERDC Camo ?
  10. A truly amazing build of an exquisite kit and its even more impressive when you see how small it actually is once it has been finished. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  11. I don't think BL-755 was deployed during Op Telic, a CVR-7 Rocket Pod might be more appropriate; although the Harriers carried BOL launch rails which were fitted with chaff/flare dispensers they didn't actually carry AIM-9 Sidewinders
  12. There is something about it that looks "right" isn't there: perhaps it could be used as the basis for a Combat Engineer or Logistics role.
  13. And who would not have wanted a job in ILM's special effects shop back in the day: presumably today the same models are a combination of CGI renders and 3D printing?
  14. Amazing attention to detail and another example of the amount of research you have undertaken
  15. It may already be in your "to do" list: XZ133 was one of the aircraft fitted with a "Blue Eric" ECM pod in place of its starboard gunpod and all the GR Mk.3s deployed during Operation Corporate were fitted with an I Band transponder aerial and "bulge" under the LRMTS note and ALE-40 chaff and flare dispensers behind the air brake.