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  1. Sad news - my grandfather introduced me to the Richard Bolitho series of novels set during the Napoleonic era under which were written under the pen name Alexander Kent
  2. Definitely looking alive now it's got some colour on it Andy and thanks for the steer on the Therapy Putty. I think you'll need to get the blue one for that level of stress. OT: I have a large smooth pebble on my desk at work which I use as a paperweight, once upon a time on of my colleagues picked it up and said; "oh, it's real I always thought it was one of those squeezable stress toys." "It is," I replied, "we just save it for when things get very stressful !"
  3. Agreed, a very readable book covering an often overlooked participant in the Falklands campaign; an equally good companion book is Chris Parry's "Down South" which covers the operations of HMS Antrim and a Wessex HAS Mk.3 christened Humphry.
  4. Very smart - it looks a bit like the German Leopard 2's long lost Japanese cousin and was clearly designed by a man who only had a ruler and set square to hand
  5. If you've got some slight "wriggle room" on the sizes would these be a solution for the lenses: Cabochons and could you get some suitable nuts and bolts from your local hardware shop/ironmongers ?
  6. Another masterpiece Bob.
  7. It looks "right" to me: as the engine exhausts are natural metal and would be subject to slightly different heating and cooling cycles you would probably find that no two units are exactly the same colour and finish. Bar side: useful picture - a scratch builder's dream or nightmare though?
  8. Will - as they are social animals you may find that you need to get two enormously cute chinchillas
  9. According to my trusty Orbis Warplane Data File the plugs were 4.06 metres (13.33 feet) inserted directly ahead of the wing and 3.048 meters (10 feet) inserted immediately aft of the wing. There is also a reference to fitting "improved wing root fairings". Hope this helps.
  10. Laurie If it's any consolation my father visited my sister's family a couple of years ago, my nephew ran out to meet him then hurried back into the house with a cry of "come on granddad" to which my father replied: "slow down, I'm old." My nephew stopped and thought deeply for a couple of seconds, then sagely announced: "you're not old, you're granddad!"
  11. Sorry - Janet Ellis: Presented Blue Peter between 1983 and 1986
  12. When you see Sophie Ellis-Bextor on the television and remember that she had her first chart entry sixteen years ago; then you remember that when, back in the day, you watched Blue Peter - her mother was one of the presenters.
  13. Ian Perhaps unsurprisingly you can buy photo etched barbed wire, however unless you want to replicate modern razor wire you may be able to use a threads cut from a square plastic mesh where you cut adjacent to every other horizontal thread leaving a short vertical threads to represent the barbs - hope that makes sense !
  14. How about the ubiquitous Really Useful Storage Box - they produce a 71 x 44 x 23 50 litre under bed storage box.
  15. That looks like a lump of metal that's been worked hard during its lifetime and a very simple yet effective base.. Good job sir.