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  1. was able to find an old magazine on the auction place that shall not be mentioned that has a section on the NF10 that just happens to have a 1/72 scale plan too as it deals with the airmodel convertion and frog kit. modelworld vol 1 no.4 december 1972
  2. ah thanks guys. it was just to find out the proper sharpe of the tail. would anyone that has the book please be able to send me a scan of the NF10 and FB5 (if it has any 1/72 profiles of the FB5) as I would like to compare the differences.
  3. does anyone know if the warpaint vampire book has any 1/72 plans of the vampire NF series?
  4. thanks guys. muchly appreciated.
  5. thanks' didnt realise the camo ones were still around then. how difficult would it be to turn it into a PR bird!?
  6. I.have the old airfix kit if the meteor 3 and was wondering other than s high speed silver bird I could find from 1948 is there any other meteor 3s that survived round about this time or after that had any different colour schemes?
  7. hi Rafdec. I have spoken to alec about this. it uses the airfix t11 parts. I am looking forward to obtaining one
  8. I have the airmodel vampire nf10 conversion just with the fuesalage and canopy. wondering if you were to.purchase the pavla vampire T11 cockpit set and vampire mk 1 seat x2 would I be able to make this fit the new fuesalage pod. also how much taller is the horizontal tail fin and which kit heller or frog would be better to convert with? 😁
  9. hi sleeper service. thankyou so much for the advice. this has come very handy as for years I have been trying to track down images of this particular aircraft after seeing it on the website but cannot relocate the pics of it being taken down off of the plynth. i remember thie pic had the plane in thw car park with the wheels I have a pic of the aircraft I wonder if there are any more of it.
  10. thankyou scimitar. I thought maybe they painted them to NF10s and not T11s.
  11. hi guys I have an airfix vampire t11 kit I want to make into the old gate guard that used to sit on the gate at RAF Edzell scotland. a unique scheme as I cant find any history on it. there is a similar colour scheme of a vampire t11 in 1982. can anyone tell me the reason behind the scheme of WZ589 in what looks like a cream and green camouflage which the one at edzell looks like the same scheme also similar to the one at dumfries and galloway. tried contacting montrose to see if there are any photos of the plane bur they only have pics of It in pieces.
  12. hi guys. thankyou for the information. I will get an xtradecal sheet and make the right serial numbers. but were these black rather than white as I have seen a taker with black serial numbers.
  13. Ive been looking for photos of RAF c-130 xv215 but cant find out if the aircraft could have ever had the refueling system i stalled into the rear end. I have a C SCALE conversion kit and dont want it just sitting around. Any help is much apreciated. :)=
  14. I see pledge is what kleer used to be. Is it good and do you just dip ur decals in it?
  15. No problem jure. I will try it out.