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  1. YS-11 military operators

    Hi guys. I recently bought a 1/72 bandai kit of the NAMC YS-11. Apart from greece, which I am seriously thinking of doing a white red and blue special colour schemed aircraft that they operated, and also japan as military operators. Were there any other military operators of type.?
  2. DH Sea Devon based in scotland

    Hi guys. I cant see these pics anymore and would really like some pics of some sea devons that were based in scotland now that I have an Amodel kit. Anybody have any?
  3. does anyone know which sea devon the markings are for?
  4. if still interested a C-Scale RV-1D will go up on Ebay this coming Sunday the 17th.

  5. douglas skywarrior jamming pods

    this is the one I have guys
  6. douglas skywarrior jamming pods

    thanks guys. I now have what im looking for. 😁
  7. douglas skywarrior jamming pods

    I was thinking could 1/144 rocket pods be converted into RAT turbines on the sides of the forward fuesalage?
  8. douglas skywarrior jamming pods

    thanks guys. Its not the minicraft box either. all that it has on the box is the made kit and an english address in it.
  9. douglas skywarrior jamming pods

    thanks guys. scimitar they are cracking pics. especialy the one in the link. thanks jari. im just wondering what type would come in the kit that I have. its not a hasegawa boxed kit. it does have early markings and a built model on the front of it. (not airfix)
  10. douglas skywarrior jamming pods

    I was wondering does anyone know if the jamming pods on the ERA-3 skywarriors were the same as the pods on a EA-6B prowler. I want to do one of these conversions on my hasegawa skywarrior kit. also did any of these carry the russian stars on the tail for an agressor aircraft.
  11. Hi, Topgun88. 


    I have a Hasegawa A-10 I'm wanting to sell. It's very possible that the post you're referring to was mine - a very helpful MOD deleted it last week.....


    You still interested?



    1. TOPGUN88


      hi chris. 



      yes still interested buddy. you gave the number K0-17? 





    2. TOPGUN88


      what would you like for the kit? 



  12. A-4M vs A-4F external difference

    hi patrick. thanks for the information. did not know that about the E/F
  13. A-4M vs A-4F external difference

    looking at the 1/72 tamiya kit of the A-4E/F and esci israeli hot rod kit I have n the stash is there any noticeable difference between the F and the M version externally. im looking at building a brazillian navy bird with the 15 year anniversary markings.
  14. vampire NF10 cockpit layout

    hi junchan. thats spot on thankyou very much for your help. well apreciated.
  15. vampire NF10 cockpit layout

    hi guys. im starting to build my CMR vampire NF10 and was wondering does anyone know where I can get any good photos of the cocpit layout. I have detailed drawings on the instructions but no photos. also was the NF54 the same layout? any help would be muchly appreciated. 😁