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  1. I see pledge is what kleer used to be. Is it good and do you just dip ur decals in it?
  2. No problem jure. I will try it out.
  3. Luis you are correct its very fiddly and frustrating. Bought some micro sol so it should work.
  4. Hi jure. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes they are quite thick i tried a bit of mirco set but hasnt helped. Would clear nail varnish do or would that be too strong?
  5. Hi guys. I have just finished making the above hasegawa kit. I have tried applying the decals to the nose first BUT i have a bit of a problem. The decals come in three stages and they have to match up. Tried sticking them on but they are as fiddly as hell and dont stick well. Are there any tips, solvents, house hold products i can use to help wrap these round?
  6. Hi miggers. Thanks for the info. Very useful.
  7. Thanks giorgio n. I have the 1989 airfix and latest decal sheets that have these type of roundels. But are they the right size?
  8. Hi guys. I have 3 fujimi RAF phantoms and wanted to make a camouflaged version from the 1970s era but with the two red and blue roundels. I have markings for a 111sqn aircraft but not the appropriate roundels. Was wondering what size are these and if i can nick roundels from another 1/72 kit to make these eg buccaneer?
  9. Thanks dogsbody.
  10. Hi guys. Was wondering what the name of the nose aerials seen on the nose of lancasters, vallettas and dakotas were called wnd where to get some in 1/72 scale if possible.
  11. my mistake. had a look at the instructions again and the H doesnt stand for humbrol. Found out that the colour needed was Mediterranean blue so on order.
  12. I was wondering what colour was used on the Greek Air Force Starfighter Mount Olympus aircraft. It says sky blue on the Hasegawa 1/48th instruction sheet and states to use Humbrol 25 blue but I came across the Italeri starfighter kit for the starfighter display team looks the same colour and states French blue and that is H14. can anyone confirm for me what would be a good match. I know the aircraft looks sky blue but thought this was just due to the fading of the paint.
  13. Thanks guys. I only have the dc-6b heller kit and dont like the decals. Was wondering if there are any other options, military/non military for the kit.
  14. Hi trojan thunder. Thanks for the info. I contacted neil at the aircraft in minature and comfirmed all the parts that would be there. Thanks anyway bud. James
  15. Hi folks. Can anybody tell me if i could use the decals from the print scale sheet to make a R-6D us navy aircraft for the cloudmaster kit?