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  1. Vintage pair vampire and meteor colour scheme

    I think I have 2 sets of the aeroclub decals. Will have to look them out. I was looking at the gunze colour.
  2. Vintage pair vampire and meteor colour scheme

    Thanks paul j. Thats brilliant.
  3. Vintage pair vampire and meteor colour scheme

    Hi graham. Thanks very much I didnt want to sound stupid. Its probobaly also the way they were taken very bright nearly off white. Thought I was going colour blind ha.
  4. I notice that RAM models are doing a decal sheet for the vintage pair. It says light aircraft grey. Is this a correct colour because all the photos I have seen of the pair look alot brighter and lighter. Humbrol 166 looks far too dark. Any suggestions?
  5. Oh fiddle sticks. I was just going to ask where I would find decals for leuchars based 151 squadron markings for this kit as I had bought it thinking the boxart looked awsome and not f what I was getting. Is any of this kit useable at all?
  6. RAF Edzell vampires

    I have been able to obtain a couple of pictures of the gate guard and a goid one from a place called canmore, although unfortunately I dont think they alow it to be shared as they ask you what your using it for.
  7. RAF Edzell vampires

    The pic thatvi saw was deffinately at edzell. The anson was alot further in the background and the vampires (I think) were scatered a bit with make shift shelters. There was also a photo close up of the nose of a vampire with the RAF housing in the background. Showed the badge close up and was either being inspected or refuelled.
  8. RAF Edzell vampires

    WOW. Thanks for the photo. I see the back end of the one and only meteor T7 they had aswell. I remember in the memory photos there was one of a single vamp flying over aberdeen but cant remember what year/month of the evening express it was in. Still I havnt seen a photo of a camouflaged scheme as what the decals show.
  9. RAF Edzell vampires

    thanks guys. I have the decal sheet and plan to do a heller kit in this scheme. I will contact harry lime. I think the gentlemans name was brian that sent me the photos. Black and white and one of them had a picture of an anson in the background with the vampires taxing with underwing fuel tanks.
  10. RAF Edzell vampires

    Hey guys. A couple of years ago a fellow modeller sent me some photos of vampire FB5s at edzell In the 1950s. For some reason I have been able lose the photos. Does anyone have photos of vampires at Edzell. Ive been in touch with montrose air museum about the ex gate guard vampire they had but there wasnt any respone to any photos of it when it was whole. I remember an article where the jet was on the pole and when it had been taken off and moved but cant remember what site it was on. If anyone has any photos id be happy to hear from you.
  11. Scone airport HS trident

    Hi guys. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks very much for the photos and the information about where the viscount is. . Pity the trident got scrapped.
  12. 1/72 lancaster turret blank.

    I have a revell dambusters with a turret blank. I will see if I can mate it on. 😁
  13. 1/72 lancaster turret blank.

    Thank you very much gents. I have the leading edge pieces and decals. I have looked at the airfix b111 new tool. Any good for this project?
  14. 1/72 lancaster turret blank.

    Hi guys. Im planning on building a post war RCAF lancaster. I know the 1/72 dambuster kits have the mid upper turret kit blanks in them but is there any other ones that are readily available with the kit?
  15. Scone airport HS trident

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any desent photos of the hs trident that used to sit on the edge of scone airport, scotland. Was told it was scrapped but wondered if any bits still remain. Also heard there used to be a viscount in the hanger but no pics or stories of either.