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  1. Well this is Beardie here, having escaped this problem up 'til now I have suddenly become Harry Lime odd, very odd, but rather amusing at the same time. I shall step out the door and see if I can come in again as myself.
  2. Op Telic, Iraq, did see use of BL-755s. Op Herrick, Afghanistan, did not see any use of BL-755s but did see extensive use of CRV-7. Mark.
  3. The pub on John Street, Aberdeen disnae coont!
  4. Jamie, Sadly I'll be missing out on Perth at the weekend, was too slow booking my hols for this year and one of my colleagues has snaffled this weekend. I have found an undated image of a 65 Sqdn Mustang III here, larger format here. Despite being undated, it seems to be late 1944 as there are no white ID markings, a dark spinner and what seems to be overpainted stripes on the lower fuselage. The info from the pilot's family, if correct, would also point towards a post D-Day date too. The lack of Type 'C' roundels on the wing would suggest a pre Jan '45 date, but never say never. Now, the dark spinner raises a question, red or black? I'm pretty sure the same order specifying the change to Type 'C' roundels on the wings called for spinners to be painted black. Other sources seem to be pretty consistent depicting 65's Mustang III's with red spinners (admittedly mostly profiles, usual caveat about not trusting a profile without a pic etc.) Looking at the picture (more caveats about interpreting BW images etc.!), a red spinner could be a possibility. Would be interesting to read what the Luftwaffe combat reports have to say about this encounter, if they exist anywhere, and see if they make any mention of the markings carried by the opposing aircraft. Hopefully some food for thought here, Mark.
  5. Jamie, The white nose markings were an ID feature along with chord wise bands on the wings to mitigate against friendly fire incidents. They evolved over a period of time, but I don't have the exact details to hand. By the time 19 Sqdn were flying Mustang IV's out of Peterhead, they had yellow and black spinners with a yellow band immediately behind the spinner on the front of the nose. I'll try and see what I can turn up for 65 sqdn, but they weren't overly well photographed whilst up in our neck of the woods! Mark.
  6. Problem with that photo is that it doesn't show an operational rig. The ones in use by the Banff Wing had a simple frame attached to protect the rockets and rails from the drop tanks if they were jettisoned. I don't have a photo I can post myself, but none of the ones I have in my references show that set-up on an operational Banff Wing aircraft. Mark.
  7. Revell of Germany.
  8. Whatever aircraft they are for, they sure as hell don't look like anything I've ever seen in a DH Mosquito of any mark! Mark.
  9. Don't know if this will be a help, a hinderance or a wild goose chase, but they look remarkably similar to Harrier GR1/3 main wheels. Mark.
  10. John, Based on the logbook extracts you've put up, your father flew the following Thunderbolts with 79 Squadron, KL338 NV-Z, P-47D-30-RE. Overall NMF with blue theatre ID bands and dorsal fin. KL206 NV-B, P-47D-30-RE. Dark Earth, Dark Green, Medium Sea Grey with white theatre ID bands. Interestingly, the white band on the fin continues onto the fin, the only a/c in the line up picture to do so. Highly likely that the stripes on the tailplanes would also continue across the control surfaces based on other images, however it can't be made out for definite on the line up one. KJ355 NV-X, P-47D-30-RE. Finish as KL206, except white ID bands don't continue onto elevators or rudder. Difficult to be certain, but I think that aircraft is also in the line up image on P37, two past the silver NV-Z. Regards, Mark.
  11. Jonners, I'd agree with that sentiment, they do look rather beaten up! When I did my 30 Squadron machine a few years ago, I finished off with a semi-matt varnish to try and capture that well worn and rather weary look. John, Did you mention you also have the Geoff Thomas Raf Thunderbolts book? If so, have a look at the image at the top of page 37. If the captioning is correct, it would show NV-B to be a camo'd aircraft at the time your father flew it. Regards, Mark.
  12. John, Don't know if this of use to you, but seems to have been filmed in June '45, might have some footage of some, all or none of your father's aircraft. I don't know what the cost would be in obtaining the film, but hopefully wouldn't be a King's ransom! IWM Thunderbolts at Meiktila film Regards, Mark.
  13. Jonners, At the time they were based at Meiktela along with 34 and another RAF squadron with Thunderbolts. As far as I understand from various sources, all NMF aircraft were delivered in that finish and were P-47D-30-REs. Geoff Thomas quotes KL288 as being the first of the NMF ones. General rule of thumb, HDxxx, KJxxx, KL1xx serialled Thunderbolt Mk.IIs would be in camo. Off the top of my head, I can't think of an example of a camo'd aircraft being stripped back to a NMF finish, but never say never! Mark.
  14. Andre, KH695 was flying from RAF Peterhead at the time of its force landing in Sweden. RAF Peterhead is a short drive north of Aberdeen and part of it is still in use as Longside airfield/heliport. KH695 is also on my my list of 'local' aircraft to build, along with some other Mustang IV's and III's of various squadrons. Regards, Mark.
  15. If it hadn't been re-painted since delivery from the US they would be good matches. Images of YT-E show it wearing a camo scheme unofficially christened 'The Loop Scheme' (from the excellent 3 Sdqn RAAF website), which is strongly indicative of an MU level repaint in British MAP paints prior to being issued to 65 Sqdn. The Loop Scheme Worth having a look around the other pages on the site, some very useful stuff there! Regards, Mark.