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  1. Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    Richard, Having recently acquired an Airfix Mustang MkIV boxing, I'll happily take you up on your offer! Just PM you my email? Thank you, Mark.
  2. P-51B in 1/72

    Seriously good looking Mustang.
  3. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    That image is a modern colourised version of an original black and white image. Almost as unreliable as profiles without photos in my opinion! Mark.
  4. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    No. But on direct plastic to plastic comparison, no they didn't. When holding a SH Mk.I wing to an Airfix D wing, the SH LE kink clearly starts further inboard of the Airfix D. As and when I can sort out a new photo host, I will happily post up pics comparing the various wings from the various 1/72 Allison engined Mustangs in my pile, unless someone else beats me to it. I have the Academy, 2x Special Hobby and an Italeri. Mark.
  5. AV-B Harrier Safety Chase Photos

    Sven, Fantastic set of pics. Thank you very much for sharing such rare AV-8B images with a wider audience, they certainly make my Harrier project a whole lot easier! Mark.
  6. Scout & Wasp in multi scales from S&M

    I'm in for a few of these in 1/72! Mark.
  7. Harrier GR.5 at Red Flag 91-3

    Thanks for posting, finally have some load out reference pics for GR5's that aren't trials or publicity shots. Mark.
  8. Alan, I have to say I agree very much with the sentiments you shared above. These days I just can't be bothered trying to convince the un-convincible of that which they don't want to be convinced of, I'd rather spend time doing something I enjoy! I am, however, glad that you have stuck with this project and am very happy to see it continuing here. Please take heart that there is an appreciative audience here and that I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment of this tour de force. Regards, Mark.
  9. Blackburn Buccaneer STGB

    Canna believe I missed this een, add me to the list! Ta very muckle min.
  10. Lakenheath F-15C's - Decals in 1/72

    Whilst we've got your attention, can I suggest the CAF & RAAF Hawk sheet along with the USMC AV-8B sheet be produced in 1/72 please? (If anyone else is after these too, please fell free to chime in here!). Decent USMC AV-8B decals seem to be rather lacking in 1/72, despite the ready availability of the Hasegawa AV-8B and AV-8B+ kits. It's just not cricket that the 1/48 folks get all the nice schemes!! Same goes for the BAe Hawk 100 series, readily available kits in 1/72 but a lack of alternative schemes to do them in. S'not fair! Thanks very much, Mark.
  11. Houchin kit supplier in UK?

    And not a decision you'll regret. I ordered the double set in 1/72 as well as the Schopff tug, arrived pretty quickly and are nicely cast with proper screen printed decals too. Will be happily buying more stuff from them in the future. Mark.
  12. Which 72nd Sea King?

    Yes, resin ones available from Whirlybird. Mark.
  13. Micro Set or Mr Mark Setter?

    Depends on the decals. Micro Sol and Micro Set are designed to work better with European/American printed decals with thin carrier films (i.e. those printed by Micro Industries/Cartograf/Fantasy Printshop etc.) and the Mr. Mark Setter and Softer are intended to work better with the thicker Japanese decals included with the likes of Hasegawa and Tamiya kits. However, that's not to say that your suggested combination wouldn't work, it might not be the best combo for the decals being used. Mark.
  14. Britmodeller running slow?

    Well this is Beardie here, having escaped this problem up 'til now I have suddenly become Harry Lime odd, very odd, but rather amusing at the same time. I shall step out the door and see if I can come in again as myself.
  15. Harrier Gr.7 Op Telic ordnance question

    Op Telic, Iraq, did see use of BL-755s. Op Herrick, Afghanistan, did not see any use of BL-755s but did see extensive use of CRV-7. Mark.