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  1. Harrier GR.7/9 colours

    Op Warden GR7's were given an overall Barley Grey ARTF finish over their original two tone green scheme.
  2. RCAF aircraft in WW2 photo collection

    I'm also getting the 'Forbidden' message.
  3. Manston 70,s ++

    Superb collection, thanks for sharing.
  4. Bit tasty that is! Absolutely cracking.
  5. RAM Models F4 decals

    Sadly you probably have. Wise choice to hold off, downright bloody cheeky that the website is still up and active and folk can still be parted with their hard earned with very little to no chance of receiving anything in return! Which is a shame, as the decals are rather good. I was lucky enough to order mine not long after they were released and years before the current issues with RAM cropped up. If you can find a set second hand, snap them up. Just don't buy from RAM's own website! Mark.
  6. More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    Dennis, Click here to be able to download the Mil-Std-2161 covering US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft colour schemes etc. Regards, Mark.
  7. Sort of. See here for an image of the bomb bay mods, although I think it shows the smaller tallboy being carried.
  8. Yes, there was an aerodynamic fairing front and rear for the bomb bay.
  9. More Harrier Questions ?

    Dennis, It will have been one of the very early AV-8B NA's, VMA-214 did operate them in the wraparound grey/green scheme, see here for one image. If you click here and scroll down, you'll find another couple of colour and B+W images of wraparound schemed AV-8B NA's. From looking at the kit reviews for that particular catalogue number, it does come with the 100% LERX which I think isn't right for an early machine, you would need the 65% LERX. However, someone with the recent Eduard reboxing of the Hasegawa kit may have the relevant part from sprue K going spare if you chance an ask in the 'Wanted' section. The only thing you'd need then would be the black stencils and national markings and you're good to go. I'm pretty sure Microscale/Superscale would be your friends here, if not then another ask for the old Monogram kit sheet might yield the necessary markings. Mark.
  10. More Harrier Questions ?

    Dennis, Depends on the base kit you intend to use. Although the Hasegawa kits in 1/72 and 1/48 come with one size of LERX, you can get the replacement quite easily in resin (Despite having both kits in the stash, I forget which way round it is, i.e. if the kit comes with 65% LERX you can get the 100% as a drop fit resin replacement or vice versa). The Airfix new tool Harrier GR7/9 in 1/72 comes with both in the box and with some mods can be done up as an AV-8B. Just to be clear, the AV-8B NA refers to a specific sub-type with the IR gubbins in the small hump on the top of the nose, seen here.
  11. More Harrier Questions ?

    The top image you have posted is from the Mil Std publication covering all US Navy/Marine Corp aircraft and their colour schemes/specified finishes etc. Although it specifies light grey lower surfaces, very few AV-8B's wore that. Instead they were finished in the wraparound scheme of dark grey and green FS36099 and 34064. Some of the development aircraft and early production batch did wear the three colour scheme but it didn't last long before being replaced. The AV-8B Night Attack emerged too late to see the 3 colour scheme and I have only ever seen the early ones in the wraparound green/grey scheme. Too confuse things a little, the profiles you have shown are in the two tone grey schemes seen during the first Gulf War of which there were a couple of variations. Unfortunately I don't have my refs to hand to give the FS no's for these, hopefully someone will come up with those shortly. As to whether it easy to backdate to an early AV-8B, it depends on which kit you intend to use and what scale you intend to work in. Mark.
  12. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Dennis, A sentiment I whole-heartedly agree with. Having purchased the recent Xtradecals release X72268 and then trawled through my references (including Ward's tome on RAF and FAA aircraft amongst others) and poked around the web for images of the subject aircraft, I am rather disappointed with the low level of accuracy on that sheet. From your earlier posts on things, I was aware of the PTF/PPOCU tail emblem issue but thought it was something I could work with and modify, sadly not the case given just how far wrong the emblem as depicted on the sheet is! The list of issues I have found includes the side numbers/modex (3 digits on the nose) being too narrow in their strokes, they also seem to be sized too tall and therefore placed too far forward according to the placement guide. I get the impression they should be a scale 16", would anyone be able to confirm this? The Omega symbol in the 892 tail markings sits too high (look at the relation of the horizontal strokes to the side points of the white diamond area to see what I mean). The shape of the 892 nose markings doesn't sweep back far enough and wraps around the circular badge too much. It should be borne in mid they all seem to differ slightly in how they were modified from the Jubilee markings to those displayed in the final year of operations. The two tone '77' of the Jubilee marking is incorrect, it should be a single tone (to caveat that I have found a couple of images where the lighting makes it appear to be two tone, however other images of the same aircraft in other lighting conditions clearly show it not to be the case so I can understand how the two tone has come about here). The red strokes of the White Ensign in the commemorative markings are too narrow and the font of the numbers is incorrect. There are more minor errors across the sheet, but these are some of the more obvious ones. In short, unless this sheet is quite heavily corrected, it is not worth getting and I'm quite disappointed with it. Mark.
  13. Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    Richard, Having recently acquired an Airfix Mustang MkIV boxing, I'll happily take you up on your offer! Just PM you my email? Thank you, Mark.
  14. P-51B in 1/72

    Seriously good looking Mustang.
  15. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    That image is a modern colourised version of an original black and white image. Almost as unreliable as profiles without photos in my opinion! Mark.