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  1. Italeri Typhoon.....

    Does anyone now if the Typhoon Italeri is going to issue this year is their old one, or possibly a Revell reboxing? Even if it’s the old ‘prototype’ kit, I would still get it if it includes Italian 18Gruppo/37Stormo markings... gotta love that checkered rudder!
  2. I love it how the instructions call the tailbooms 'ailerons'
  3. Revel 1/48th Tornado ECR?

    I would have to say no. Just because of the fact we are pretty sure Revell will come out with their own, and till then I've got so many other kits to finish off... But I'm sure it would sell to people who need an ECR 'now!'... This is just my personal thought Best regards, G
  4. Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    I do have more than a dozen 1:48 Hasegawa Phantoms in the stash and pretty sure I'm not the only one... And yes I'm impatiently waiting for X48186 to come out. I cross my fingers this sheet will sell well so you might consider doing more! G
  5. Revel 1/48th Tornado ECR?

    http://www.tornadosig.com/revell-148-ids-03987.html My impression was correct, HARMs have been tooled for the Tornado... That being said, the IDS (or at least some of them) could also carry HARM. So it remains to be seen if Revell will provide ECR specific parts like antennas and the ‘krueger-less’ parts which cover the wing pivot points (sorry forgot how those are called haha) G
  6. Revel 1/48th Tornado ECR?

    I’m pretty sure I remember seeing both the Skyflash and the HARM... Would need to find back the old thread to be sure
  7. Revel 1/48th Tornado ECR?

    I remember when the sprues were first shown at Telford a few years ago, there was a separate sprue with HARM missiles. So I would guess there’s a good chance we’ll see an ECR sometime in the future, but nothing is ever certain of course...
  8. Revell 1/48 Tornado intakes

    I never tried Perfect Putty but was considering giving it a go... Would you mind to elaborate the issues you’ve encountered? Apologies for going off topic... G
  9. Revell 1/48 Tornado intakes

    I didn’t really bother trying to remove the seams in mine. Not much can be seen anyway (except with a flashlight) and there are those small teardrop shaped parts being placed on the joint line between the upper and lower part which camouflages the joint mostly... just my 2 cents... G
  10. Definitely not the C-5M engines...!
  11. 1/48 Italeri Jaguar GR-1

    Also note the 2018 version will come with RAF and French markings, so some kind of combo boxing?? Did the Esci kit allow for an 'A' version OOB??
  12. 1/48 Italeri Jaguar GR-1

    Back in 2012 (was it?), the Jaguar announcement by Italeri was definitely labeled ‘100% new molds’, just google it... No such mention this time unfortunately. And the picture is also different now. It actually looks more like a Jaguar A on the picture now?
  13. 1/48 Italeri Jaguar GR-1

    Years ago, Italeri had announced a new Jaguar in 1/48 scale. This project seemed to have been put in the freezer once Kittyhawk announcement theirs... Are we going to see a new tool now from Italeri, or a reissue of one of the 3 existing ones? I really hope the former, but I’m not holding my breath tbh... g
  14. Strange to see there seems to be an insert (part missing on the CAD) on the lower leading edge, inboard of the dogtooth... Thoughts anyone?
  15. Best 48Sc Tornado Adv is..???

    A point to note about the Italeri F3: The overall fit is quite good. Some people have reported very bad fit of the air intakes, but this is mostly modeller induced. The top of the intakes are NOT flush with the upper fuselage on the real aircraft. Many times you see people who try and have them flush on their model, and of course that is where the nightmare starts... I'll be adding Revell F3's to the stash in the future, but I'm not doing away with my Italeri+Paragon at this time