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  1. Robert Dyas has it for about £4
  2. Yup made from apples so its a fruit!
  3. Any more progress? Impatient? Moi?
  4. I wish and hope, but doubt it... that old kit really is an abomination!
  5. OMG that was such a terrible episode! Its what comes from having people write scripts for a sci fi show who have no clue abotu science ficiton so think its about making up any old rubbish!
  6. Just go to Rymans - they'll have it in stock. No point spending silly money on it, its not magic fairy dust, its just a cheap sort of varnish!
  7. I miss tea time at 4pm - when I first got a job back in the early 80s it was at BP's offices in Moorgate. They still had a tea trolly lady who would come around in the late afternoon with a big urn of tea and packets of biscuits. Hated it when I got the ginger nuts, usually had to swap with someone else Sadly that is now lost in the modern world
  8. Office is a pile of overpriced whatsits which his why I use LibreOffice on Windows 7 instead Don't get me started on Windows 10...
  9. 1) Shut down the computer 2) Unplug from the wall 3) Send it back to the vendor asking for a refund as its broken 4) Buy a proper computer 5) Result!
  10. No need to think it, the proof is self evident...
  11. The BBC is one of the main drivers in one of the most important industries we have left in the UK, the Creative Industry. They need to be innovative and update their image every so often otherwise we'll still be watching 405 line black and white TV. Its a perfectly valid use of the license fee I reckon - much more so than more episodes of Eastenders! (See what I did there?)
  12. Doors are now on, as is the windscreen This involved a LOT Of dry fitting and testing before any glue was contemplated! The body was also test fitted many times. I also tested the kit doors but they are not compatible with the resin body. The rear bumper has also been fitted which acts as a guide for the body as well. I'm a bit behind in the postings as I've already added the body and actually started painting, but those photos are still in the camera so I'll post them later...
  13. That incident has been well and truly debunked in records released by the MOD
  14. How about spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs, spam, chips, spam, spam, spam, Lobster thermidor au Crevette with a Mornay souce served in a provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy with a friend egg on top and spam.
  15. Ouch thats some nasty casting, lots of clean up in your future I fear!