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  1. Best song about airplanes?

    Which was a song about his dog called Jet
  2. Launch 14 - Faith 7

    I've used an architectural modelling supply shop in London called 4D several times for various things - they have a huge range of 1:100 scale figures http://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Model-Detail/1-100-Scale/Figures I used their 1:200 scale figures in my Oil Platform build two years ago and they did the job well.
  3. Weathering heresy

    The engine exhausts in particular are quite subtle, not these huge black streaks that you regularly see down the sides. Superb pics Troy!
  4. So here we go with trying to fit the cockpit tubs into the fuselage with no location guides apart from the crudely drawn instructions! There is the node wheel well as part of the front cockpit which can be used to align the front, so this is what I ended up with: I had to do a long of sanding down of the outsides of my scratch built rear cockpit sides to get them to fit, but they did in the end. Tonight I've been gluing the second side of the fuselage on with all the required clamping that involves. Photos of that tomorrow!
  5. Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Caught up on the thread, love the electronics and the calculation of the drift The 'giant squid' is inspired, love it
  6. Weathering heresy

    Without being too condescending of your opinion, I am quite capable of producing weathering effects on models thank you very much, but I do it when appropriate and not to extremes because I don't like the Spanish School look. I think you'd better give that one up
  7. Weathering heresy

    I like some weathering as it adds interest to the model but it needs to be appropriate to the subject and time period and not overdone. I treat the 'Spanish School' as a work of impressionistic art rather than an attempt at a realistic portrayal. I've got a personal bugbear about heavily chipped Spitfires and Hurricanes as my Dad worked on both these during WWII as an electrician told me he spent more time with a paintbrush in his hand touching up the paint than a screwdriver. Scuffed and dirty yes, paint chips, no. There are bound to be loads of photos to prove me "wrong" but then I have testimony of someone who was there to go by and that (to me) is more salient
  8. Thats a good point, I'd forgotten about the awful intakes... Edit: found a set at a not unreasonable price and they are on their way to me now. Thanks for the offer of help and for the reminder!
  9. There are some very risky behaviours going on in that scene, not least the bloke having a fag near to a ruptured flimsy!
  10. Back in 2015 there was a Gloster Meteor STGB that I participated in but never completed with a 1:48 Classic Airframes kit of a Meteor NF 11 to be done as a 5 Sqn aircraft. You can see the original thread here However I will be pulling some material from that into this thread to keep it all together. This will be a side-project of the long running collection I've been working on for a few years called "Aircraft my Father fixed! which you can see here: This side project in intended to allow me to build aircraft from 5 Squadron, to which my father was attached in the latter years of WWII in India and Burma, particularly in the post war years. I've already done a Lightning Mk 6 and a Tornado F3, so now its the turn of a Meteor NF 11 which were flown by 5 Sqn from 1959. Box: Paint scheme for 5 Sqn Sprues: Now if you look in the middle of that photo you see one of the problem with this particular kit - there are two sets of the same sidewalls for the cockpit rather than having two different sets. I got this kit of eBay back in 2014 and only started it in 2015, so opps! The solution was to resort to scratch building - there were some photos on the net and a set of very nice illustrations in instructions to allow me to get a good idea and after I'd completed it @trickyrich posted a very handy pic that showed I'd got pretty close - whopeeeeeee! To be honest when I got the kit out of the stash on Sunday I didn't even realise I'd scratch built these parts as they'd been painted since that pic was taken and it was only when I saw the previous build thread that I realised what a nice job I'd made of them!!! That is pretty much as far as I'd got at the time, then I picked up a chest infection at the 2015 SMW which meant I wasn't able to complete in the time available for the STGB at that time, so the box got packed away into the stash until I finished the Scammell Diorama at the weekend and started looking through the stash to decide what to do next. I really didn't want to go back to sci-fi just yet, I'm quite enjoying building "real" things at present and there is an idea my club has had to celebrate the RAF centenary this year, so adding something to the RAF 5 Sqn roster seemed a good idea!
  11. So finally it is complete! I've had to sort out a new box to transport it in to the model club as its too tall for most of my other boxes! Its remarkably light simply because most of it is built on a polystyrene base. Its been a complicated build but considering I lost 2 weeks in the middle due to the lurgy, its come together well, and at just the right time as its due to be entered into the Farnborough Member's Trophy competition this evening!
  12. Here is my completed build of the IBG Scammell Pioneer Recovery vehicle and I've paired it with a build of the old Airfix 15cwt CMP kit from way back to illustrate the Scammell in action. I don't claim 100% accuracy in the portrayal, the figures are Aussies and the unit markings are for the 9th Div so this could be somewhere in North Africa or Sicily or Italy... I'm not that bothered to be honest You can see the build thread here:
  13. Scammell stowage is first up... More to come...
  14. Heading towards the finish line now, work one on the REME tools and flimsies There are some really nice pieces in this REME set, the casting is superb and the stowage boxes are lovely. Work has progressed on the figures as well. Belts and clothing features have been painted and they've all been given a light mud splatter wash to give some definition to the creases and folds of the clothes, as well as some character to the faces. I've not spent a huge amount of time on them all adding highlights to the clothing and faces, just a very light touch on the eyes and lips, with traces of hair around the hat line where required. I've tried to be careful with the eyes and not make them goggle-eyed - the photo shows the whites up a bit more prominently than they look in real life. I've been trying to learn from better figure painters and from observation in real life and its not easy to see "the whites of their eyes", so I've kept it to an absolute minimum. The two smokers have had their cigarettes picked out and shoes muddied as well. Next stage will be the final assembly of all the components... should be exciting!!!
  15. Just in time, these bits arrived yesterday This set of REME bits is so much better than the Accurate Armour set I originally had, the casting is much better, there are more bit and they include some information about what the hells these things are! They also have some open stowage boxes with stuff in them - lovely! The flimsises also look good as some come in crates and some are dented and bent out of shape! Wednesday evening was spent matching arms to figures and realising that there were at the same time too many arms and not enough! Not enough arms that made sensible poses and too many of the wrong arms! In the end most got matched up and heads got glued on .Still more painting needed but it seemed an appropriate time to try out where all the figures should be posed on the base. After some switching around, this seems to be the most interesting arrangement You can see there driver in this one This evening I intend to continue painting figures, washing and detailing them, along with some flimsies and REME tools over the weekend...