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  1. Blade Runner

    This is one of the few sequels that IMO work as well, if not better in some parts than the original. Of course the question that needs to be asked is WHICH original? According to the director its a sequel to the theatrical release - so the voiceover version, not the later director's cuts. This is important as (without putting in too many spoilers) it determines whether certain topics and questions are dealt with and resolved or not in this sequel. Answers to those questions I will leave to the viewer - personally I was very satisfied. I really enjoyed this movie - the soundtrack was an excellent homage to the Vangelis score, the anachronisms retained from the original brought a smile to my face - remember, this is not OUR future, this is a future of the 1982 movie and all the assumptions made about the future in 1982. The holographic companion idea was very nicely handled and I think I now understand the use of Peter and the Wolf music, but that explanation contains too many spoilers to go into detail. The visuals were a delight and faithful to the original vision and the cameos fitted in well. Another scene with a predominantly CGI character (I'm trying not to give too much away), was done very subtly and avoided some of the pitfalls that Rogue One fell into with Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher's recreations. Thumbs up from me.
  2. Love the exhaust manifold! Excellent start - I've begun building mine twice now, got a few of the smaller sub-assemblies built, but keep getting distracted!
  3. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Surely you mean Doggerlandmodeller.com
  4. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    BigPhantomStu actually has an interesting perspective. One of the reasons the industrial revolution happened in the UK rather than the other major European superpower at the time - France, was the economic system both countries were operating under. The UK was an early capitalist system whereby riches were earned by innovation - improve an existing process (be it planting seeds or transporting raw materials) and you were able to make money. In France at the time, under a suffocating monarchy, there was no reward for innovation, only for pleasing the king so the economy stagnated and ended in revolution and the chopping block. The steam engine was a product of this innovative culture in that it allowed mining operations to be more productive and more profitable, therefore it was worth investing in making the steam engine better and the rest is (literally) history!
  5. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    We used to go to an Indian restaurant in Shifnal which was very good, can't remember its name though...
  6. Star Wars Films

    One of the most interesting orders to watch is called the Machete Order which was originally proposed before Rogue One so its can be tricky to know where to slot that one in. This order is: iV A New Hope (aka Star Wars) V Empire Strikes Back II Attack of the Clones III Revenge of the Sith VI Return of the Jedi VII The Force Awakens This treats ep II and III as extended flashbacks after the reveal at the end of Empire... It also eliminates the most cringe-worth movie in the whole lot, ie Phantom Menace. This is justified in that the movie does not really add anything to the overall story arc and eliminates some MAJOR problems ('Midichlorians', creepy age differences between Padme and Anakin, JJ Binks). Then if you do some nifty self-editing by fast-forwarding through all the scenes with Padme and Anakin in Ep II and III you will save yourself the excruciatingly bad dialogue and acting! Now the problem with Rogue One is it logically fits in as the first in this series, but it relies upon to many references to A New Hope to work well. Personally I'd put it after A New Hope and before Empire and treat that as a flashback for the start of A New Hope. Of course Ep VIII comes at the end thus far and the next problem will be where the Han Solo movie fits in... All clear?
  7. Correct, I'm not interested in spending silly money on 3D printed parts
  8. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    So that we can tow you around the halls?
  9. I got the Captain Scarlet Haynes book last week as well but today the Parcelfarce bloke arrived with this monster... Opening this enormous box I immediately noticed that it was nowhere near full of plastic, in fact I'd say its less than half full... so why the gigantic box? (as if I didn't know!) That said this is still a big model Have I finally caught the Star Wars models bug? Nah, will take a lot more for me to catch up with Warren
  10. I've always preferred the Y-wing as it just looks a lot more intricate and interesting. The moulding on the Finemolds kit is superb and the mass of pipework just makes everything look so interesting.
  11. Considering how many Science Fiction models I build, these are the first Star Wars kits I've ever built! I was 17 when SW first appeared in the UK and the first kits didn't appear for longer than that so I'd given up the hobby due to University, rock music, alcohol and girls. Since coming back into the hobby a few years ago I've consciously steered away from SW for much the same reason I don't build German armour - so many other people build these things that I did feel the need to. That said I did collect the DeAgostini Millenium Falcon over the last 2 years and since I'm beginning to run out of Thunderbird models to build, it may be time to start looking at SW kits So to begin with, why not go to the top and a couple of superb Finemolds kits from recent years, namely the X-wing and Y-wing in 1:72 scale. Both were lovely kits to build with no gotchas, just nice to build and paint. I did some paint chipping with maskol, using an XF-20 undercoat with an XF-80 overcoat for the X-wing and XF-19 for the Y-wing. Its quite a subtle change of colour, especially after the washes, but I was happy with the result. I built the X-wing as Luke's Red 5 and the Y-wing as Gold Leader. I picked up some resin Death Star tiles from Steve Evans on eBay, and long with one of the tiles that comes with the Bandai X-wing (yes that is also in the stash for later) I was able to build a nice base to display both spacecraft. Now this is not representing a specific scene from the movie, its just a representation of the movie itself, 40 years on. So first the kits: and now for the finished display Here is the base on its own The X-Wing on its own Now the Y-wing on its own
  12. Since it was Captain Scarlet's 50th anniversary last week I decided to raid the stash and pull out this venerable old beast: Great artwork from Imai as usual - well except for the missiles firing out of the engine intakes.... Say what? As is often the case, Imai models are intended to be toys, so they have 'toy-like' features such as spring loaded missiles. If you remember my Imai Sky 1 build a few years back it had sprint loaded missiles, as did the Spectrum Passenger jet of all things!! So this time the engine intakes needed to have a scratch built erm intakes as the kit leaves them open. The colour of the SPV is a tricky one, its sort of bluey-grey with some silver in it. Mamas at Studio2Models has recently built a superb studio scale SPV and the paintwork on that is excellent. I've no real hope of matching that quality in this size. The model ends up about 8 inches long which is bigger than the Dinky SPV so using the size of the door it looks to be about 1:35 scale-ish. I decided to have a go at pre-shading and after about 3 attempts, I got something I was happy with and here it is... The main inaccuracy in the kit is the front bumper - it just isn't big enough nor does it curve far enough. Some people have rebuilt it to make it look better, but in the end I was not that bothered... I used a custom paint mix for the blue so don't ask me what was in it! The silver is Mr Hobby metallic Aluminium and the other paints are Tamoya. The decals are from the kit and I used Mig washes. All in all, not my best build but it looks like an SPV so I'm happy!
  13. Lovely build, it was a brave challenge scratch building this, I am very impressed by the people who scratch build something of this complexity!
  14. Airco DH2 Eduard 1/48

    Thats incredible! Having built the WIngnut WIngs 1:32 kit I can appreciate the effort that went into that rigging! Sadly I left my model out in the conservatory over one hot summer and the heat softened the tail spars and the whole thing collapsed in on itself Excellent work!
  15. Movie & TV Airplane Group build Proposal.

    Now this sounds like an excellent idea, count me in!