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  1. Thanks for that, I've stuck a pre-order in for that.
  2. Groan... Still hoping here too!
  3. This reminds me I must get round to repainting my attempt at Miss Demeanour one of these days, the 1:32 scale Hunter cockpit is such an interesting canvas to paint on
  4. Further progress, some of the platforms are moulded in white plastic. From the pictures I've found these tend to look like steel plates, so I'm going to try to do an effect on them. To start with, they look like this They have now been painted with X-11 and given an iniital coat of Klear They will next get a coat of hairspray... Next is some of the brass and steel work for the bonnet and other fittings. First, having been primered with Alclad gloss primer Next with Alclad Polished Brass and Dark Aluminium More later...
  5. Its well known - they deliberately used the Leonov accomodation section design during the initial model construction, intending to replace it eventually but it looked so good, they kept it as homage to 2010 (aka ten past eight)
  6. In that case it might be worth decanting the paint from the rattle can and using it in the airbrush. I did this for my second Space:1999 Eagle transporter and it made controlling the paint so much easier. Its simple to do, just get the plastic lid of the rattle can inside a plastic bag, put your hand with the rattle can in the plastic bag, very close to the lid and spray into the lid. Its a bit messy, but you'll get liquid paint in the plastic lid which you can then pour into a jar. I filled 3 Tamiya bottles and only used 1.5. You can also use it to brush paint as well, to touch up small spots.
  7. With the sad news today of the death of Brian Cant, I'd like to dedicate this build to the memory of the voice of "Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub"
  8. I'm not putting anything Star Warsy up there - where is the good BRITISH Sci Fi vehicles like Liberator or good old Thunderbird 2 ?? (And before you start, yes I know most of SW was filmed in UK)
  9. I just saw this as well, very sad, i'll have to dedicate my Fire Engine build to the voice of "Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub"
  10. I've been searching for word of when the Revell boxing of the large Zvezda Imperial Star Destroyer was/has been released, but all I find is old news and nowhere selling it - have I missed the boat?
  11. That is really effective against the dark background, looks superb!
  12. Back when I did my Iron Man figure I had one spot that refused to accept paint, in fact it vigorously rejected it There was some kind of white blemish in the red plastic that in the end I had to dig out and fill as no amount of filing would fix it. Regarding the sink marks and reactions - how about using Alclad filler primer as a base and sanding down. May need to put a couple of layers on...
  13. Do it! Its not a great kit to build but with a bit of effort you get a Starfury!!! I've got a resin Thunderbolt in the stash that may get brought out later this year...
  14. So with the weather sunny and brilliant, what better time to spend a while in the shed painting The chassis has been painted in XF-7 Red, and dirtied with Flory wash. Then the engine, clutch and gearbox were assembled into the chassis and the underside Next is to add the rear axle, you can see the flanges for that on the cutting mat on the right.