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  1. Thanks, it was a fun build
  2. Just realised I never posted the completed photos of this build from last month:
  3. So its been completed and I've posted the final photos in the RFI thread linked at the bottom of this post.
  4. It was a surprisingly simple kit in the end, I'm not sure why I was so reticent about starting it for so long.
  5. This is a kit made by Kits for Cash of the UFO from the Gerry Anderson show of the same name. Its purported to be "studio scale" but that simply means its quite large. The original studio props didn't have anything like the same amount of detail in this kit - they were usually quite crude things and the space ship span on its vertical axis as it travelled through space so you didn't actually see any detail until it landed like this: This picture forms part of the opening credits of the TV show and I can't resist putting them here again as they are just superb... So here is the finished model - it was much easier to build than I expected. The resin casting is superb, I could not find a single bubble or imperfection in the castings. Its an expensive kit but IMO worth the money!
  6. Last photo of the build - the vanes have all been attached with epoxy glue and the top dome is now firmly glued. Just the acrylic domes left...
  7. Next bit of progress, the Alclad on the vanes and paddles are done So now these are all done, time to start attaching them... Finally for now a better photo of the base which has had 2 days to dry out... I'll be adding more of the vanes today so more soon...
  8. Progress is being made on the paintwork and of course being Alclad there are large gaps while the primer and overcoats dries. So in the meantime I worked on the base for it This was made from a block of florists oasis that I had lying around for ages, then gave it a coat of claycrete and used one of those "forests in a pot" things which was superb. You can see where I used the lower dome to get the size and placement for a "crater" for it to sit in.
  9. oh my god you are right - I've just wasted about 5 days trying to sort this out... I should have paid more attention to the photos of the model rather than the bloody box cover!!! Oh boy, back to square one...
  10. Its too heavy - thats a lot of heavy resin! If it was spinnign you wouldn't be abel to see the lovely casting of the resin Have you seen the size of that thing - 1 metre long, half a meter wide!!! Good luck with that!
  11. So having made a complete dogs breakfast of my first attempt at the control module with black anti glare panels and orange body, I started back again this weekend by re-priming the main body and masking the ant-glare panels ready for the matt Nato black as seen here: and unmasked they look like this That'll do! Next its to mask the whole window area so I can spray the orange over the nose...
  12. I bought this kit at Telford 3 years ago from Kits for Cash an dits sat in the stash all this time until yesterday when I decided I had to build the thing at last! I seem to be starting lots of builds at the moment and slowly progressing them and then loosing interest... will be good to actually finish something! So for anoyone who doesn't remember UFO a little reminder with one of the best opening sequences of all time... and this is the UFO I aim to build: As you see in the video, the UFO while travelling spins on the vertical axis so its hard to see any detail, until it lands as above. The actual studio model was a bit rough, you can see some photos of actual studio models here : So the kit is a resin kit with vac-formed clear acrylic domes and looks like this: Here are the "paddles" that go around the middle, these have been give a nice corrugated surface as some of the studo models appear to have and here are the legs that support the paddles. Again this have been given a nice corrugated surface which will catch the light as most of this model is painted silver. Here are the 3 main components of the main body Here are the upper and lower domes in their vac-formed glory. This acrylic sheet is quite thick and turned out to be a bit of a bugger to cut! So here is the upper done finally cut free from the sheet and with holes drilled in the top to take the screws that will hold it onto the upper part of the body This took upwards of an hour to cut out by itself as I was trying to avoid damage around the cut point. The upper dome was done having learned some important lessons while cutting out the lower one, which I made a bit of a mess of and took even longer, over 2 hours to cut out You can see around the lower edge where I've had to sand the surface down using various grades of micro mesh to counter the mess I made of it while cutting out. So onto something a "bit" easier then... Needless to say the first thing I did right at the start was to wash everything in soapy water... Next, the main resin pieces of the body had large casting lugs on them that needed attention: These needed the dremel taken to them, out in the garden to avoid getting covered in resin dust, with goggles and mask on needless to say. Here is the top dome primed and with its green coat on. This will be masked and the rest sprayed silver later. Next the upper and lower parts of the body were glued using epoxy glue and once that had dried was primed and sprayed with Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver In the meantime, the paddles and legs were detatched from thir casting blocks and cleaned up and then glued together. There are 16 sets in total and the paddles alternate in direction so I had to be sure to clue 8 pointing up and 8 pointing down. There they all are ready for priming: These are currenly being primed initially with Tamiya primer but I think I might Alclad these ones to make them shiny Finally progress so far today (getting very windy out there today!) the black stripes on the underside of the main body got masked and sprayed. Here they are just uncovered with some tidy up still required. you can also see the now silver painted top dome, ready to fix but I might leave it off until the vanes and paddles are attached.
  13. Blimey, I stop paying attention to BM for a few weeks (long story involving illness, moronic ex-bosses sacking me, food poisoning and finding a new job) but I come back to see three pages of posts on this thread with some truly astonishing photos! This continues to be one of the most remarkable builds I've ever seen on here!
  14. Progress over the weekend... Er well I did spray the orange and then tried to paint the black anti-glare panels and made such a mess that I've stripped the paint back to plastic and will be starting again These things do happen...
  15. I wouldn't recommend it - as much as I love the ships from it, the TV series itself is dire, terrible writing, awful acting...