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  1. Great stuff, always wanted one of these but the prices they go for now are insane! Love the panel work and the base, overall an excellent model!
  2. Lovely, I've got this kit in the stash, your rendition looks excellent!
  3. Whitestar's 2017 output

    A lot of Trek! The Da Vinci sub is very interesting but the model model display takes the biscuit Superb!
  4. The Kallisti Model Gallery : 2017

    And one more before the year is up... 1:8 scale Dalek from Comet Miniatures
  5. I've been trying to find one of these kits for a reasonable price for quite some time and fianlly I managed to snag one that didn't make the wallet have palpitations. Due the excitement of getting this, I had to put the current Walrus build to one side and start this almost immediately! Its not a difficult kit to build, considering it is a limited run from the 1990s. The biggest problem I had was with the metallic finish! There are 3 shades of metallic paint: Dome and Skirt: Mr Color Aluminium airbrushed Shoulder vertical bars: Mr Color Aluminium brush painted Horizontal shoulder bands: Mr Color Chrome Silver aorbtished Neck rings, eye stalk, gun and manipulator arm: Tamiya X-10 Gunmetal airbushed. The hemispheres on the skirt and the disks on the eyestalk are Tamiya X-14 Sky blue The main shoulder structure behind the bands is Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey The main neck structure and skirt base is XF-1 Matt Black Sink Plunger XF-69 Nato Black Eye bulb X-18 Semi Gloss black with a circle of white decal from an old decal set and my punch and die set This was built to represent a Mk 3 Dalek which was first introduced in the Bill Hartnell story The Chase and lasted into the Tom Baker era. In particular I've gone for the colour scheme from one of the Daleks in "Death to the Daleks" from the Jon Pertwee era . This is the box it comes in: There are two types of kit that were produced, this one and one that represents the Peter Cushing movie Daleks, which had bigger skirts, different lights on the dome and claws instead of sink plungers. The content of the kit is not huge Its odd that these photos don't show the metallic paint finish on the skirt very well, probably because I'm not using the flash in the camera! This pic from during construction shows the metallic paint much more effectively I've very pleased with the result - apart from the hassles with the metallic paint, it was a fun build and only took about a week - one of my fastest builds! The main problem I have now is I WANT ANOTHER!!!! Black and Gold next time Here you go with the best Dr Who intro there is - okay I'm biased, JP was MY Doctor when growing up Edit: I forgot to link to the WIP thread:
  6. Oh stop it! I still have my search alert on ebay so when a decent price looks in the offing I'll have another go...
  7. Realistic 1/35 trees?

    One thing to remember is trees are VERY large and if you build it to true scale will dominate a diorama, so its not unusual to have them smaller than they would be in real life.
  8. Always like Firefly, which is why it was the first Thunderbirds model I built way back in 2011
  9. ... and complete! Bit of a late night last night to get it all done, but it went together well in the end after all the main components were built: Its odd that these photos don't show the metallic paint finish on the skirt very well, probably because I'm not using the flash in the camera! I've very pleased with the result - apart from the hassles with the metallic paint, it was a fun build, the main problem I have now is I WANT ANOTHER!!!! Black and Gold nect time Significant Gravitas Shortfall is now happily ensconced on the shelf, looking to see who he can try to order about!
  10. I like my scalpels, here is the complete collection of manual cutting tools on my workbench: ...and they all get used at different times! The two in the middle are my original modelling knives from years and years ago. The brass handled one nowadays is used as a putty spreader as the blade is totally jammed and won't budge. The larger one now gets used for chisel work as its much more substantial than any other knife I've got.
  11. Final update for tonight and its a big step! Probably the most complex bit of construction of the whole kit... adding the chrome bands, then the mesh and vertical slats over the top! Just trying to get the chrome bands to fix to the shoulders without springing out at the smallest opportunity was an exercise in extreme patience! The vertical slats have been superglued onto the upper chrome band, fixing the mesh in place at the same time. It was a tough bit of construction but I'm very pleased its done and without too much frustration! Guess what the next steps will be? I'll be doing them tonight but will put up photos tomorrow... such a tease aren't I?
  12. Thanks Nigel, well looks like I'm rocking and rolling today with rapid progress! It might even be finished for the Farnborough club night tomorrow! First off, we have a skirt with blue hemispheres! I think its looking rather bling! The other side - the metallic finish finally worked, I'm very pleased with this! It was amazing how the metallic finish suddenly transformed from being a total mess into something that looks rather cool. I guess its just the way these things happen when you put enough work into them! Next is the dome, which has been assembled and attached to the neck. It was a bit tricky as the handling I've had to do during assembly damages the aluminium finish at the front on either side of the eye stalk, so I had to mask the eyestalk and lamps and re-spray the aluminium. It worked out okay in the end. Fixing the dome to the neck was also tricky and took some careful alignment and careful gluing. The white ring in the eyepiece is a disk of white decal I chopped ouf of an old decal sheet using my punch an die set Here is the back of the head - I don't think the dimple in the top of the dome is very noticable now, there is too much else to attract the eye so you just don't see it so well. Finally in this update, the shoulders are being worked on, specifically the chrome bands are being attached to the spacers. This is quite a delicate operation as the bands need to bend a long way - here you see it being secured while the glue dries. The other side will be done the same once this side is dry, and then the upper band will be attached...
  13. Yup just requires patience, elbow work, patience and a bit more patience That said, this morning was all about another round of sanding and polishing after the filler was left to dry overnight. The results looked promising... So it was off to brave the snowfalls to visit the shed and give it another coat of Mr COlor Aluminium. Well, what can I say... what a result! There is a slight crack in the joint of the rear panel at the bottom right and another in the right side panel at the bottom where it joins the forward panel, but these two faults seem to be resistant to filling so I'm giving up on them - the overall surface is lovely and I'm very happy with that, considering the work thats been put into it! Now its time to mess it up with adding the hemispheres
  14. Challenger 2 1st RTR Salisbury

    Lovely, really like the rough texture of the paint on the turret and the dirt around the fuel drums, but overall beautifully weathered without taking it too far!
  15. British MBT Group Build

    To be honest with you, if you want to have any sort of chance of getting a GB through the voting phase you have to give it a wide appeal. However STGB are different and I reckon you'd do better to make a Challenger MTB STGB as there are a lot more kit options in various scales available for that than the others, even after Takom's setling efforts in the Chieftain area. STGBs are more likely to take place as it doesn't have to go through the frustrating voting process.