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  1. It wouldn't have been Alclad at that time, I didn't have an airbrush until later. It was most likely Tamiya X10 Gun Metal which has a better sheen to it that X11 or XF16
  2. I'm glad I was what brought you to this hallowed land I look forward to seeing what you do with this
  3. There has been a bit of a hiatus in the posting here simply because its got to the painting stage and the primer stages are not very interesting. However the base coat is now on all the major pieces and the "interesting" bits start again. I say interesting but its a pretty tedious process, because this is the stage I call "Not more bloody masking!" Today has been spent applying various sized pieces of masking tape to the cockpit beak and all 4 leg pods in preparation for the light grey panels to be airbrushed on. Here is the beak with the previous Eagle's for comparison: and here are all 4 leg pods I'm not sure why I make myself go through this chore when I could just use the colour blocks from the decals I printed out for the last build, but I guess I'm just peculiar that way or have a fetish for yellow masking tape...
  4. They were OOP for several years until I pestered them a while back to restock - since then they've been a good seller, lots of these kits out there! I've built two of them so far a really bad version back in the 90s when I wasn't fully up to speed with 'modern' modelling techniques and then one about 5 years ago that I added the full lighting kit to. Lots of filler ahead for you I'm afraid, its a pretty poor fitting kit in comparison to what is on offer nowadays. Here is a comparison between the kit guns and the aftermarket ones, first the kit ones from my first build: and now for the upgraded guns: I added the extra pipes which I'd seen in some screen caps from the series.
  5. Hmm, not sure Foundation would work even on TV - there is a long continuity but the characters keep changing so apart from Hari Seldon there is no "star vehicle" which they can hang the marketing off. That said, the same is true of Game of Thrones, although I think at the start it was centred around Sean Bean's character and only when it was established did it take on a life of its own, which is probably a good thing seeing as... opps better not put spoilers I hope they don't include the later Hari Seldon books, those were not very good. As for Rendezvous with Rama, no thanks - the first one was good but the sequels were utter rubbish, even though I did read them Talking about Ringworld, there is a huge opportunity for Known Space - the Man Kzin wars spring to mind as well as the ongoing adventures of Beowulf Shaeffer. Sadly its very unlikely to happen, similarly with any Iain M Banks Culture stuff, its just too much for TV execs to handle. They are basically ignorant philistines who produce the occasional successful SF show mainly by accident while churning out more dross than you can shake a broom at. Success breeds success and no doubt there will be yet another Arrowverse series that will drag on indefinitely before anything original comes out - although I do like Supergirl
  6. New Forum Software Update

    That looks like the page is too wide and needs scrolling to the right. You may wish to stop using Internet Explorer as your web browser and try Chrome - it s a much better experience.
  7. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    I did this to get my Father's war record a few years ago, very glad I did was a very interesting document. You can see the results of my researches on this thread He also worked on Hurricanes (just to keep the post relevant to the thread )
  8. You are mistaking the current run for the last years of John-Nathan Turner era. John SImm's Master was far from a "thumbnail performance" and neither was Michelle Gomez' "Missy". In fact if it wasn't for the terrible scripts, Peter Capaldi would have been one of the best ever, but the awful scripts (and awful assistant Clara) let him down.
  9. I'm a bit behind with the posting, so this will be a bigger update. Starting with some more construction stages, here the walkway shelves have been assembled and sanded - these usually require lots of sanding as the joint is a bit ropey, one of the worst aspects of this kit. The tops of the walkways - they have not been put on yet so that I still have access to do the wiring. Here you can see the extra greeblies I've added which were left over from other parts of the kit that were meant to go on the underside of the passenger pod Similarly, I've used some left over pices on the sides of the walkway to fill in some empty spaces. The feet have been glued together and here the filler is drying ready to sand down the gaps and joints Next, I return to the base. One of the main features of the base will be the nuclear waste silo cap. Using the cone template from before, I cut out a piece of 0.5mm plastic sheet and joinrd it into a cone using boiling water to help soften the plastic. I then scratch built the box to fit on the front from plastic card. Next, I cut several concentric rings out of 2mm thick card for the top of the cone which holes int he centre of each to allow the LED wires to pass through. Now to start messing about with some paint... first off primer! The feet have been sanded smooth and given a coat of grey Halfords primer since they will be painted black/dark grey Next the spine, cargo pallet and winch have been primed in white from a Tamiya rattle can Here you can see the rest of the components primed either in white or black gloss for the pieces that will be painted with Alclad. Here are two 10ml pots of Ford Diamond White paint, decanted from a Halfords aerosol can. This was from an old can I had left over from last year but when I sprayed it onto a test piece, the gas was bubbling out of the paint and gave the finish a sort of pebble-dash effect. So instead I decanted it and let it stand for a while to let it degass. Back to the silo cap and here I started adding the vertical strakes to the cone, but sadly didn't do a great job here So in the end I took them off using a sharp scalpel and a great deal of care! Then started again, doing a much better job of it! I also added some details to the console. The purple on the LED is masking fluid for the paint that is to come soon. The extra-flexible wire I ordered arrive today and that means I can finish the wiring in the walkways. I needed the wire to be extra flexible as it will need to be able to be pushed back into the walkway when the leg pods get inserted. I had issues with that on the previous build so this time I've invested in some different wire that should help. More on that and further painting, next time...
  10. Not all of them, there are some small parts still hanging about on some of the spues such as the passenger pod feet and some underside details, but there are different sprues for the cargo pallet, winch and waste canisters. The company has said multiple times in response to whiners and whingers that they will NOT be releasing individual pod kits in the foreseeable future.
  11. just caught up with this, superb, love it!
  12. New Forum Software Update

    How peculiar - its now working on the home PC as well and I didn't change any setting...
  13. New Forum Software Update

    Okay just tried it on the Work Mac (shudder) and it works so yup looks like I've messed up the home browser with my evil haxxzor skillz
  14. New Forum Software Update

    Nope using my own domain that I host my photos from, eg: http://www.mardona.org/gallery/d/25231-2/DSC_8342.JPG Edit: That used to automatically convert into the image instead of a link to the image... Just tried it with the other theme as well