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  1. 1/48 Westland Scout

    Cheers Colin i can leave this one for now Its less important at the mo' but I may remember this later 😉
  2. RAN Wessex 31A

    Sounds like a good idea to me I can never get too many Walter builds to watch 😀
  3. This has to be the most interesting technicality thread we've had for age I'm going to love this ☺
  4. Dornier Do 18-D

    Just when you think he's'where it's at' he goes beyond And far more than one step Brilliant stuff Tony,I think old Maurice would love how this is going I got a bit distracted last week, can't think why but I'm back to bask again now Off back a couple of pages to see what fun and pleasure I missed whilst in the depths of Wessex 👌
  5. As my esteemed colleagues say, looking very lovely The Cat too After my experiences with the Cat in 72th scale I bet you could have painted the centre section in dayglo yellow and still not be able to see it through the windows You are doing great things with it, making me want a postwar colourful one Like the Dane in Cosford maybe. ☺
  6. Have you ordered the transfers for it yet? I didn't like the kit ones much... 😨
  7. C'mon HJ build the little beastie No use blocking up a box in a stash when it could be 'as nature/Airfix intended' 😁
  8. I just looked in the AP The rivet's fine it was the drawing that was wrong
  9. I could probably email you the AP for building a real one if it might help... (If you want to make this a HAS...)
  10. Gareth, by the way if you are reading this, no need to worry about the diagrams and that This is as far as I am going with this part Thanks for the loan of The Book and a look at the other one, it's why I am happy with what I have
  11. There may be a reason based on more than the awful sinus destroying, eyeball screeching stench But there probably isn't possibly
  12. Well! And tssskkk! And what on earth do they know? huh? Do you know how far back I let this one slip whilst clearing the shelf of D of a Wessex? Yes all t6he way back there, oh my... Anyway now the SoD is ready for its next victim let's see if we can stop it being this one shall us? With the decks clear I grabbed hold of one of my little cast backstop sections and made up a pair of matched side frames These are intended to mount the hinge and piston arrangement that operates the brakes on the tail of the Mighty Bucc First up was fixing the central piston that drives the brake assembly Next is to join the internal braces to the stop and make it all miss the airbrake units in the process The central shiny thing is a map pin that sacrificed its white ball to allow me to build the Wessex's flotation bottles All this has to sit and settle as the glue combination dries like concrete, for these jobs I like to augment the supergoo with a gooier substance I usually bung the items onto a bubble of cockpit glue then add Cyano to taste suit, for gawd'ssake children do NOT NOT NOT try to taste the vile s.... stuff That was a very silly thing the man just wrote and mummy wouldn't enjoy having to drag you to A&E when her chap is coming round for supper Please don't do superglue And back into the groove When the assembly dries, I won't move it 'til tomorrow, I will pull out the pin and begin tidying up the structure's edges Now I have to scour the roadsides for lost lead balance weights, I have not lost one (I hope...) but I like to use lead weights up in the hole behind the front undercart, just to prevent tail squatting Always uncomfortable night all
  13. For a bloke like Hendie who has travelled and seen the world Wessex is always a good New Thing Quite partial to Dorset myself
  14. RAN Fairey Firefly AS5

    My friend at the modeling club is making the Airfix sweetie and brought the outer wing panels along for perusal He wondered at the kit painting which showed the stripes further out board than he did Sighs of relief when I pointed out that the box was showing a different Firefly Seeing John's one made me wonder if we'd see yours soon Et voila she comes The fuselage looks kinda "Ain't I pretty, are you going to build one too?" I think I'll leave it to you 😉
  15. RAN Wessex 31A

    What James says Almost unbelievably sharp, I truly wish I could work that tidily Going to be the best 72th scale Walt, I think