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  1. Nice cockpit, seats and Lots of lovely reference shots for me, yeehah! Seriously does look great
  2. Did anybody tell the bloke next door that Tony knows we're here? That dog doesn't look very happy His Rottweiler isn't much fun either... 🍻🍺🍻🍷🍸🍻🍺🍻🍷🍻🍺🍷🍔🍟🍔🍮🍕💩🎆🎈🐛🐜🍷🍻🍺🍸🍹🍻🍷🍹🍺 Oops!
  3. Macblimming duff fergodddddsake Some people, huh. I suppose we didn't get said stunning lady on film then? Oh well par for the course round here theses dayses 😊
  4. Pay no attention to the Tiger Martian, I hear there are thee ship loads of distrated Venusian soups going around The WHO advises not taking it for a few months until the present stocks have gone to powder Rest, bed and copious beer are the 'best practice' treatment I advise. 😨
  5. I am disappoint I so wanted that to be sunglasses Or maybe, not! I really love the bomb bay door, it's a work of true art Much like, it's true, the rest of this Super, Flying Fortress I don't envy you the ribmaking tasks one little bit, I may still have 'the tee-shirt' hanging round Utterly mind stretching work, I love it 👌
  6. I love those 10 x 20s Martian, its hard to remember having to slice ordinary plasticard gently so as not to induce horrid curves in it, in the olden days Rotten times huh? I do hope you will take it easy for a bit, we have nattering to do at Telford so you'd best use mucho alien health care to ensure we can I do mean C A R E too, take care chum In more mundane, modelling chat the detailing in there is becoming 'remarkable' I love it even more, more!
  7. I hope you realise she might have disappeared into the depths of the Vulcan's innards Takes hours to disembowel folks from in there, all that stuff inside a space the size of an Escort van... 😨 Really good catching up again Ced, let's have more of these BM club meetings huh
  8. Like a the white stuff Martian, very enticing As you're probably aware I'm more of a 'change the canopy to suit the space available' kinda guy but in the present situation I'm fully in agreement with your sublime treatment The business, it looks the bizz 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  9. As often as I try, I just cannot GET the Lady Gaga look, so I am not trying again As I said, no more blonde wigs I'll just stay blond and handsome, my handsome. I had great pleasure yesterday in Coventry at the museum Not only a rare chance to mingle with the General ( Darling kept well away after the last time!) but I had the pleasure of a long natter with our own recent retiree Ced B and his lovely sister and that bloke with her. 😉 Warwickshire IPMS put on a rather fine show with some decent real aeroplanes scattered all around too Fine day out, but the rain taught me I need to wash the Le Mans dust off it so our good English dust can get a foothold Great to see you again Ced and Andy, see you soon
  10. I agree with the Martian again Crisp, display So your admiring millions can get a glimpse That iffy rear joint with its Gator's grip film-flam, have you considered getting it back where it should be (with minimal size creep) with the basic adhesive then when it is where you want it and without moving it allowing a thin film of cyano to creep into and round the joint? When it sets it makes a very rigid but thin enough to stay hidden hard film that coats the joint with 'solid' Archers, really look the business in that application Niiiice
  11. Good point, brown wilty lettuce to leave in the fridge Is Martian bringing the band, did he say? I expect we can have CDs for the dancing lassies, who has the Andy Stewart compilation for them to get started?
  12. it's OK for you Some of us have to allow it space within our own space, I sincerely hope that Revell managed to produce their version in a more muted colour scheme Or even day-glo pink And no blimmin' way am I donning the blonde wig again, look what happened the last time tchhh tchhh tchhh...