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  1. I may not get the (full) gallon however I appreciate the wellwishing. Cheers! Preliminary colour prints in so far are promising Possibly best to leave the rest of the tests til the morrow though
  2. Ta, minor problem (self imposed) I'm redoing the tail legends, I have managed to get my RAF font refreshed in the font bank so I'm redoing them with I hope a slightly greener cast to the blue As Crisp found there is a small green component in the colour mix which Ill be trying to get sorted, not easy with Word's colour handling It is not designed to accurately print fine art colours after all Maybe more later but I'm off out to the local to dine and mayhap imbibe a drop or three soonish Fury had to defer to a trip au libraire, that later too, on the morrow perhaps Retirement is "magic our Maurice"
  3. Thank you for that, Lynx was a sort of peripheral guess I had too I'll try to follow up on these leads, I have a decal-less Lynx in the cupboard too modartdec Looking into that next cheers
  4. As ever there is beautiful detail stuff happening here
  5. Cheers chaps I am quite pleased about it, looks fairly nice in daylight too Hendie, have you access to MS Paint? That does basic artwork quite well if not quite PSP values Did you keep the old version of PSP? Remove the new Corelised one and 'revert to better' I may 'Sky type S' that Sea Fury today, its been hanging around for far too long and it's needed for my Naval air display
  6. If its about the 'niff' of them bear in mind that Tamiya is a sort of spirit based paint which has its own quite pungent, sharpish niff too, Humbrol and Vallejo are nose safe Mr Hobby paint is niffy too, never tried Gunze though but I hear that is a kind of spirit based paint too b
  7. Sexy without doors, I'm duty bound to agree aren't I? So yes I agree. When I came back into this hobby I switched from enamels to acrylics but I have never found an acrylic that can 'colour' the surface like enamels All the acrylics seem to have a similar property, the ability to lie on a surface quite thickly Most are soft and, I find, flexible and can be lifted off with an accidental thumb nail Hence, I've just started buying new stocks of recent enamels again I'm very happy with Colour coats from Jamie at Sovereign Hobbies, lots of useful shades in the range But if acrylics is your think I like Vallejo for a massive colour range and Tamiya make decent stuff too Not too impressed by Humbrol these days but they do a decent range of colours too bill
  8. Its odd but true Ced most of this was done simply using the abilities of the much maligned MS Word Their templates Their colour selection options Beats me why they get so much stick from some peeps But to import wood grains I think H has to use one of those
  9. Ho ho I have never unlearned the imperial system, learning metric in order to forget it? Not a chance I worked at a machine manufacturer who had to be using Metric THEY ALL HATED IT Because OLD like me But we got on with it funny enough I never did get round to metricating my micrometers, but the machines still worked using tables to convert he he
  10. One did wonder One declined to mention it One always believes "least said..." In other matters this decal paper has no identifying marks although some of the 'usual suspects' arrive on the doorstep bearing the same printed information on the obverse It is certainly nice to use, this set of markings got four misted on coats of Tamiya Matt Varnish and that has allowed a really impressive application .......Of course no more bets while the wheel is in spin, I'll post an update later if you like Then I can tell you if there's been any shrinkage I do love this modelling research I managed to get a cheap version of PS4 many years ago which fulfils my main shopping needs and I still use PSP5 from an early age when it was a very user friendly give-away from a computer mag GIMP or Inkscape might suit you too, Inkscape .091 has some incredible 'tools' for a free download ART facility, I believe Steve Fritag has it downloaded although in the Fritag drought these days I'm unsure whether he has gotten to grips with it (Come on Steve its time we had more Hawkery mate) Anyway thanks for hoping/thinking it's nailed Serials next then codes, ship and rotor support frame What does Crisp call them? Forth Road Bridge, even if it looks far more like the Forth Rail Bridge Nautical types huh, whaddatheylike
  11. Oauntless was it? Not to worry, my keyboard does that to me too, "really gets my wild up!" Coming along a bit better tonight, I spent the afternoon playing with 'styles' in Word 2010 and managed to get the background to a headed style in a colour a reasonable facsimile thereof to RAFBG and played with the printer settings to get my new white decal sheet through the printer with letters on it I used the 'style' so I didn't have to completely colour the sheet, just a strip 5/8" x 5" which saved paper for later Hence this immensely magnified shot The decal sheet is brilliantly thin, I can see the backing film colour in this picture but I defy anyone to see it on the actual model The colour isn't quite on hue but the printer refuses to get closer I have a fine paint brush, an optivisor and a fresh tin of paint For info Sovereign Hobbies paint colour is exactly the same as the paint in my tin of Compucolour2 from the eighties, bang on match and I love it Also for info this decal paper has been supplied by Mr Decal Paper from an enquiry on A South American River sounding company ( and it is a remarkably thin carrier film, you may recall I used to work in the Transfer/Decal printing business when I were a lad, this stuff is better than the last three lots I have had elsewhere and I like it We bandy about the names of people who displease us, grant me the privilege of praise where due too please This more realistically portrays what I see when looking at it Even flooded with flash, not bad huh and no decal film silvering either Behind the model are some of the print outs with which I refined the background colour The font I used in Word, Trebuchet MS in 14 point measured exactly 0.1395" on the decal paper, required dimension was 0.13888" I figures that to be close enough, what do you think? Less than a thou, is fine especially when the model is slightly off scale by a millitad There is likely to be the odd touch in but not in any way a massive adjustment coming along
  12. Hmm, that's all very well but I know them beggars Be very, very careful WHAT you calls 'em
  13. Cheers POP I did know that Good to have what I knew as a " vague memory" from an other life confirmed, appreciate you helping ta In that other life my favourite steel rule had 12ths on one scale and sixteenths and thirty tooths on the other It came from the printer's shop
  14. I've been trying to use the RAF font I downloaded into Word to make the RN signs but it keeps reverting to Times Unwanted New Roman, it seems there's a world of interweb users out there having it happen to their versions too But, and it's a big but, I have discovered that the Trebuchet font prints out pretty well perfectly as the ROYAL NAVY I need And I have a panel of RAFBG on a plain new file in p'shop that I can select white text to make up some 0.13888 high letters and print off the real things Yeehaww!
  15. Alternator sorted Si? The pup certainly is, my missus just said "she's lying on a nice little leather cushion....oh blimey its her ear!" She likes her too. The Wokkas obviously finished now, I'll just Photoshop a bit of olive green drab on that last sitting shot and you can get on with the loady bits. Wokka is looking "authentic" mate, just the proper sit Magic.