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  1. See that duck? Its back is like my ears It all falls off like that water
  2. Giorgio, worry not The radome was 'shaped' using De-Luxe Perf Plas Put (you know what!) and hardened with cyano gel (De-Luxe's Roket Max Gel) and just lost the tip The length is now reinstated and awaits a gentle sanding to shape on the morrow No problem
  3. doh just picked up the fuselage after a few days adrift Promptly let the radome tap the desk Blunted it Normal service will ensue I think I will get the outer wings out of purdah and begin de-acrylicing the vgs again Again Anyone would think 'her' entreaties were taking root (you ought to stop that blad=y modelling it doesn't do you any good to be into it) They b'ain't, just normal amount of dead clumsy again
  4. I have this little beast sitting in a far flung corner of the room, what can it be? It got turned round and voila Talking of great photos, these aren't although I admit the humour may grate anyway closer up Finally closed the halves up at last and now it can sit quietly and set whilst I have a bash at that Buccaneer I used to be making There will be more additional filling and rectification now but I do feel readier to make a decent job of it now thanks to James's great interior pictures This one is to be RAF BG all over including inside the wheel wells but as James's pics show there were still areas of the admiralty(?) Light Sea Grey colour to see in places More on this later
  5. Avro Shackleton AEW.2, Revell

    Do wait to finish everything else before you add the aerial wires Unless you want to practice putting on aerials I prefer to stretch sprue for aerials and for the Shack I would advise using some black or very dark grey sprue if you have it Never use cotton, it is far too thick and hairy and if you mean thread such as nylon thread do make sure one end is firmly attached before you run to the other end I use Formula 560 Cockpit Glue for this job, touch the length of stretch to a little puddle of the glue and take it to the fin Touch it to the aerial location point and let it set, it is fairly quick drying and you will not have to hold it there for long Then a little dab of the glue atop the aerial post and keeping the sprue taut touch it onto the post and let it dry too Then trim the excess off at the post with nail clippers which let you get in close and trim tidily That is how I do it, hope that helps you
  6. Great photographs to compliment a wonderful work of technical artwork Brilliant
  7. Wonderful My friend Ced has every boy's dream retirement Flies Spitfires, "drop of a hat, old bean toodleoo" gallops round Cambs in Harvards Clambers all over Dragon Rapides "Oh yes, they insisted..." And generally lives the life Reilly wishes he had. 😀 I hope you and old Conky have a lovely time together, I might get the guvner and I down to Filton (as was) to meet up with you next year, she's always had an affinity to delta winged flying machines too
  8. Kamov 28 Helix

    Wow @murmillo brilliant photographs OK betentacled one, with support like this on track I'll come along and watch too And yes I'm on the let's have a new, nice Whirlwind list if anyone's compiling it ( I was given a Fujimi Wasp yesterday but it is too soon, so I've given it on to someone else. Tomo! Now we all know Tomo, gone but not forgot.)😀
  9. Dornier Do 18-D

    Surely the great grandfather of all plastically resinous substances hasn't taken you this long to find it Ced Hmm, boy that will be 500 lines on my desk before you go home tonight... But never ever trust cheapo supermarket 5-minute epoxies, they will essentially break your heart Gummi does as gummi do, horrid things Even the genuine Araldite five-minute-epoxy is at best, unreliable do go full spectrum epoxy adhesive. Here endeth my only free advertisement for CIBA Didn't they make the epoxies for Mosquito fighter/bombers during a war quite a long while ago? I think they did Tony I am loving the painstaking ability to ignore these here speed merchants round here Even more I'm loving the detail work you are getting on with, looks like you still have about six weeks Even I could stop being nitpicky now the painting draws so obviously near Great stuff I am studiously trying hard not to get drawn into the musical interludes the boys are chucking at you But I might soon have to 😨😨😨😨😨
  10. Airfix Vampire T11 paint guide

    209 is an excellent match for the piece of unused day-glo self adhesive that I was given at RAF Leconfield in the seventies by an airframe techy guy who was advising our ATC Cadets on the aircraft inside the hangar I'm not an ATC CI any more but I still have the day-glo. Incidentally from looking at the picture posted so long ago, I interpreted the day-glo limits the same as Spad On the curved fillets but not on the elevators Thinks ...must get one of those T11s Back with the RAF next year when I'm temporarily done with Navyating and that is a gorgeous aeroplane
  11. Just push them they are not locked For getting in...
  12. I wouldn't stand out there if I was you, the windows have been known to steam up very quickly when he gets a 'romp along' going Come in and take that space by the bar, you can pass the peanuts to us as and when
  13. I feel kinda bad about setting you up for that one James, but not very... They were really entertaining them two, unlike many of the comics of these days I'm starting to be concerned that it is probably time my OCD was addressed, but maybe later When I finish the... Whatever 😆 Thank you for the unemptyable bucket of great photos, every time I need one I know a man who can
  14. Even in that flash swamped picture there are enough pieces of original cockpit green on display Such as inside the little hole where there is a frame rib/brace, the little upstand to the left of the pedal as well as the throttle bracket previously referred I saw the Martlet being de red-ded when I went to Yeovilton a couple of years ago, I expect she is pristine by now... 😉