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  1. That is not far off the colour my jar of RAF BG shows as when I shake it up Gods bless Compucolour2 and I intend keeping a note of your recipe Crisp, it does look good No Hakata for me then and all praise for your plan of great cunningness
  2. I think these seats are overscale too so I might knock this on its head for a while Not sure what colours I need for the type 44 either so it needs more thought I will think about it today and decide tonight Anyway seats and cyclic are in and the harnesses are on, there's only the back seat to pop in and the harness tensioners to put on the seat backs The canopy is not on yet but looks OK for guvvmint work when the frames get trimmed see you all later b
  3. PITA about the decal beggaring but wow Bob, don't they look marvellous I love RN markings they're so much more colourful than any other service markings
  4. Although there is not a lot of time left I've been having a think about this GB originally I planned to do the whole bit, new home made rotor head detail (full of ideas for this, but...) and use the Itacraperi one in a build of its own ( I know my opinion of Italeri brings some people out in "oh no oh no oh no dont be nasty", but..) However after seeing the thing in use I just can't do it so it has become a source of parts for the uprated (slightly) Matchbox one which I'm not over keen on either I will be using its rotor gear even the bent blades although there is no way the rear whizzer will escape modification even with only three weeks of not much time to use glues and paints in any of my days Anyway, 'nuff of that lets do a bit, not a lot, of model making I moulded a new canopy from the old familiar canopy buck and began adding extra stuff Switchery of sorts in the roof and a first attempt this time round of the rotor brake cylinder and handle does that handle stay down when the aircraft is parked or is it used only to stop rotation after engine stopping? I have also been thinking about the meshy bits When I did my HAR2 I printed a set of home brew transfers to lay over the gaping cavities but they look as if they are not going to do the trick on RAF BG so I am having rethinks now I might try this out before I get experimental again I have a query about the Torpedo Does the 'war shot' look anything like this if I put the yellow stripe round behind the nose cap? This has a bronze area on even though its a bit hard to see the bronze stripe is quite visible on the model type 44, honest guv Anyway, 'nuff for now, I'll catch up more tomorrow
  5. Almost, I say almost, a pity the blue isn't as (I dunno how to put it) real looking as the red I see that tired and ready for its pension look on lots of these red white and blue birds but the blue just b'ainta playing ball, as you say when the top varnishes are on it will all pull together though (In the middle, OK end of a Wessex build it may be heretical to say it but that S61 looks really nice) Go Aaron go, Walter looks darned enticing On this I actually like the preshading work although that's akin to giving up a place at the bar to a stranger, very unlike me at all
  6. Hmm take that baby's bottom then smooth it and polish it and smooth it and..... Your work is getting better than proper good and up in to the realms of blimmin' wonderful So I'm sure you'll love doing the hottened metal effects, I have great fun with it
  7. It's absolutely wonderful Neil, well done sir
  8. Call me tardy if you like, I feel such a dippysticker for missing this from the start Can you go back to the beginning please Tomo Whip me out of the opening credits too and off into oblivion.............. (anyone wondering why? its because I have two builds a going with only a slight interconnection which have taken up some of my available spare brain space... What do you think Tomo,,will that get me out of the shhhemooley?) I love the map holders and the floor, brilliant You wait til your local 'fast food' outlet opts for plastic instead of kit modding ally containers, mines gone all skinny soapy plastic which wont even harden enough to mould out of (Nice to see the Stuka today, very nice so I voted for it)
  9. I suggest you persevere with getting them to send you what you paid for, why beggar about repacking and waiting Does the great land of the free allow the piffinabout like that of the poor old purchaser?
  10. I'd seriously love that...if I had room for it, happy turning Hendie Also I'd consider looking at some wood effect decals like the ones dr gn used on his wonderful Mosquito model Not sure where he got them from but I can always ask him if you like, been a while since we last had a natter
  11. Thank you guys, eyeballs behind reading glasses Tony but my Optivisory thing lurks nigh at hand I haven't used it much yet because I have difficulty getting spatial awareness (with tools and the like) inside it It looms large in the future it must be said Prior practice and preparation preventing potential piffpoor performances as my old Training Major used to say
  12. I like those pipes, I keep finding more of them to add to mine too I do wish they'd kept the outsides tidier. The IFF aerial as they provide it looks ludicrous, I played around (carefully) with the Royal Flight Wessex in Hendon paying close attention to its IFF when I was researching my HAR2, although prominent there's not really much of it is there
  13. Yes Bob, what Colin says Its already looking very tasty, I'm looking forrards to seeing the rotor head stuff b
  14. It looks to me as if they are both wrong, one too big and t'other elsewise I'd have to fiddle with one of them to make it right then mould off it to make t'other right too But in all honesty I'd advise "Get paint on 'em both and get back to the Sea Kings" You know it makes s.....
  15. This And add fade Probably more scope for fade on the main rotors than anywhere else on the airframe in service