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  1. It does look far better this way Rémi A very nice model
  2. some people... FYI demasked wings Not happy and remaking Bucc wingfoldy stuff, not happy
  3. Bruce's cave? Not the pub just up from the bridge on Quarry St was it? I only went in the one pub as I got older once puberty stopped me going to Aunty Maggies Did like a pint of heavy though 😇 Just looked at a googlemap Blimey they've shut Townend St, I bet the Roxy and the Regal? have closed too Hamilton's not the place I used to know, guddling wee brown trout in Cadzow Burn waiting for Aunty Sal to finish work at the sausage skin factory... Wow 😕
  4. I'll have you know young man, Ive no need of 'honorary' status My father, bless him came south to Birmingham to work in the mines in the thirties (Sceptics are welcome to look up Hamstead Colliery...) I was munching breakfast rolls and square sausage as a kid and spent every school holidays in Hamilton assimilating Jockness through my auntie's cooking, Oor Wullie and the Broons from the age of eight Blooming cheek! 😀
  5. Dilemma isn't it? Maybe I'd copy it, then restore the copy but even as it is I love it Betya can smell the 'jealous' from here, there 😕
  6. That is superb, she's a little sweetie James And so is the beautiful Gannet 😊 In case you are worrying about mine, I am slowly building up layers of thickness, I'll prolly demask tomorrow or Sunday and then well see about 'getting the additional panels right' Also been making moulds for Gannet underwing tanks, which are working nicely too. 😉
  7. Catching Pictures in the Air

    He's getting the hang of this isn't he Nice work guv'ner
  8. Cheers chum, reminds me that I have a parcel for you next week
  9. Lovely work, blimey it is lovely working out too Always like to see the working out, my maths teacher has a lot to answer for Not least that I still cannot DO maths I do remember seeing pictures of this version a very long time ago, it is fabulous to see one 'becoming' on our screens, welcome
  10. Looks marvellous to me Ced Wonderful stuff
  11. Yes that is the way to do it Looks very good Ced, all you need is confidence and a way to get practice You seem to have found both And I have little use for acrylics now but for the occasional touching in job Proper paint that is what has been lacking, Jamie takes on the proud mantle of authentic Humbrol's Authentics (Now, I am not being critical, there are a couple of Dark Earth pieces that could use a gentle touch in with your airbrush)
  12. Mighty oaks Fozzy, mighty oaks Looks good
  13. From Failure to Failure

    Well unless HIS name is Winston I can quite see where he's coming from...