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  1. I do miss proper Humbrol Authentic (I miss their proper paint smell too) paints, their introduction changed the game for me Luftwaffe colours which looked real (yes I know there are detractors for some of the hues, but..) Royal Air Force colours for desert as well as European theatres and, at just the right time USAF Vietnam colours to paint our Phantoms and Spads in The RAFDark Green was an eye opener, wow it's kinda DARK green Who knew? The satin finish post war RAF ones were marvellous... I wish I could borrow Tardis for a trip back in time to Beatties in the Birmingham shopping centre, I'd only need twenty minutes... Oh no I'd need a bit longer so Terry and I could have a decent natter Great thread resurrection. 🆗
  2. They lied! A basic bare minimum is a permanently lit candle, plastic for terra forming poipoises A small pencil flamed blow torch is a de-luxe accessory He lied
  3. Really enjoying this one bar side Great idea (VERY) well presented mate The bits of plastic are becoming.. The Dominie
  4. O... And ...ops Learning curve level modelling always finds us out don't fret about it
  5. Fnarrr2 just saying.............
  6. Its good, it's all good here 15v hmmm yet another number to forget, good job I havent got a bead lathe thingy nice rollers Tony
  7. It is coming on as you say When you use Milliput don't let it dry like that, all lumpen and untidy When you have it where you want it try wiping a wetted finger gently on the 'put which will smooth it and allow you to get a finely blended joint Wet is important As is gently And wetted
  8. Take your time, I'll still be waiting And them too. 🆗
  9. I didn't forget this but I don't like to nag... That is great detailing in the fuselage side structure, I may have mentioned that before
  10. Well there was always a chance that some clever geezer would figure that out Martian Probably time to stop this then now we've been rumbled...
  11. She/They is/are looking excellent changes Steve The fitment is amazing b
  12. Even wow-ier than before Crisp W O W !
  13. A jig, a veritable verifiable jig forsooth Now you're talking I loves a jig, me You possibly noticed I will say that the results of your research do not surprise me, its all in the perspectives... (As an afterthought, I'm not a dancer, me. Two Meccano knees preclude such pleasures for more than a few minutes at a time)
  14. Did I not like those 'artworks'. I never saw the merit of getting an army of dozy elves to whip off the Poly-u and add shine And then make like an artist Posey twit. The red is as like the real things colour as I can get but it looks too 'in yer face' so I intend damping the brightness down a tadlet, a thin layer of Tam's Smoke might do the trick On the test fitting I think the frame looks about right but if I have to when the tail is fitted to the hinge I might whip off half a mm from the uprights It can't be far off because the tail rotor does sit at a good flat horizontal, as per the real thing That was the essential bit of calculating coming good Oh yes windows, the ones on the front I took several versions of polishing devices, fabric Micromesh, plasticated sanding sheets ( from Mr Models in Brum) and the ubiquitous sanding sticks I always buy three or four at a time when I'm at a model show and got them looking fairly flat Gave them a single flood coat with Humbrol Clear and now feel a lot happier I'll picture that when I'm finished with paint touch-in and the transfers for the nose and the tail serials
  15. Not much chance of a Fritag plan being wrong so I concur too Yes it works nicely (Glad you're sticking around too, you do tend to drift in and out of focus, you know, occasionally...)