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  1. If it's THAT good I hope they grab you whilst you are still available mon cher I need to ask how do we get coloured rivets on the colourful 'passages'? I've been worriting about this very much lately Both sets of tail pylons look rather tasty by the way...
  2. Hi Bill. Please accept my apologies but can't make the club meet today. Am off to Gran Canaria tomorrow and am busy packing and running around etc.



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    2. Tomoshenko


      Cheers Bill. I'll have a few beers for you and am giving thought on the beer mat build.

    3. perdu


      Replica San Miguel bottle entirely in plastic?


      Just playing. :)


      My Wasp will fit the mat when its all folded as per plan, yippbloominpee

    4. Tomoshenko


      Heh heh heh. Coincidentally it does have a Spanish twist, but more in line with mine and my late grandfather's black sense of humour:




      I'm thinking of a double build, before (as in the film, a man screaming to get out), and after (fast forward to the later scenes - weathered phone box and skeleton). Done the maths and it works out fine at 1/24. To be continued...

  3. I'll have to try it like that mine is in the point of sale container dispenser thingy It's put me off a bit I confess, i'll hack it out of the plastic cardy thing and try again soon
  4. Not really sure though are you Si? I detect a little hesitation in your half hearted condemnation Or do I? NAH I know some people like the stuff but I've read more "This sh*te is paint...not!" comments about it" TBH Still love how you've tamed this mighty beast Si, magnificent is a fair and honest assessment mate Brill b
  5. Spooky or what huh? Aizu tape How the merry hell do you get the stuff to unwind from the little dispenser from hell? I have just about consigned mine to histerics... oops I mean history Ger And Dan seem to be not far away from each other I personally hope they NEVER meet Just because...
  6. I hope this isn't going to slip quietly away too far H Nudgeynudgenudge
  7. I, as so often happens, agree with him ^^^^^^^ Funny thing about straps, I remember being told that by the guy who strapped me in on my very first Chipmunk flight back in 63ish Whatever you do in the air do not f lip about with the big flat release on the harness He did explain why The Canberra is going to be one of those superstar builds So is the Mighty Cat, well done helping on the restoration
  8. Shhh, its not all fun I just spent two days standing up in the auxiliary modelling room [the garage] building, shhh again, a tank in one very huge scale because I needed a large quantity of proscribed indoors adhesive for it (Blimmin' chariddee build time again folks, this time round a Tamiya Panzer IV ) Still tomorrow is paint a lot time, including Wessex, Wopsie and the tank
  9. Wopsie feels a bit subdued by all these massive builds round here but I have managed to get some of her little changes started can you see what I'm at lately? in a bit closer roof lights masked for a few coats of Tamiya Clear Blue and Smoke, if that doesnt work it'll be off with the roof and on with the felt tip pen in navy Also beginnings of rotor folds coming along Nights of fun ahead me hearties
  10. Nice Very nice and unusually for me I'm not talking sex in fields/baths/withdrawing rooms (Oi!) Cadbuthingy adverts I tried cutting smaller than 10mm circles with my Scale Modelling template and a swivel knife, it has promise and I could consider using it Worth a go?
  11. Spell check???? I know you didn't mean disaster
  12. Madness? No, simply total desire to please your audience Crisp and this is going to be THE crowd pleaser of them all I'm thinking similar variations for when I redo my Wessex HAS3 and the Wasp That RAF BG is a very dense colour mass isn't it? Rivets on please skipper b
  13. Nice tail dearest My Wopse is at this stage now, not sure yet whether to stay with Compucolor2 or use my new Sovereign version Tomorrow is test day
  14. She really looks great now, a superb Wessex is coming out to play