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  1. I say old chap, I've a complaint to deliver I'll never be able to 'finish' another model after seeing the results of your skilled weathering Can I just pop my builds in the post to you for post processing, please? The Sea Venom is just wonderful
  2. That's packaging to make a mark innit Good job I don't have room for a Fly Walter, it'd have to be red white blue roundels and green grey black bottom, might even have been BN Lost in the mists of time... With a little red Pegasus on a blue ground, the first 'modifed' Frog Wessex I made was one of 72 sqn's and it'ld be nice to do it again in H U G E I like the filters Si, any chance of a copy of the drawings I can redo in 72nd scale? I can't remember if you showed all sides when you were planning sending the work out to Shapeways I'd like to scratch a pair for my Wokka
  3. Obviously we spit on your rubbish moulding Trumpy Looks a good fix Si
  4. Yes it looks as if that should work well Fingies crossed I'm sure the strut top fairings will work out well too, this build has that "throw what you like at me I will look good when Hendie finishes" look about it

    bump for invisibility I tries hard not to whinge but its a scary place this interweb Good luck with it, when it happens promise to hardly notice
  6. I've just been hypercritical to see if there's owt not to like There isn't, she looks wonderful mate I'll enjoy seeing this win at Telford * "Yes I knew it when it was just a..." Always goes down well with a discerning audience *don't say it won't be in the Comp, please
  7. This potty 'pottery' is very interesting Fozzy but is there a way of inducing more curve between the ribs when you pop it onto the stringers? It is looking a bit 'plank-plank-plank-pla...' round the diameter of the tube (lesson 3 in "how to make people hate you on Mondays", the rest of the course can be spread across a whole week if you like) Only saying because I know I want it ALL to look as marvellous as the front end office so I wondered if an extra stringer at each station would keep it rounder?
  8. I wondered if that was the I-band dooberry, cheers I think I have found a halfway decent pic of the pylonrackgadget for the type 44 torpedos so I'm making stupidly skinny steady arms at the mo'
  9. I reckon there's no greater fun in modelling than having a bash at an idea I've not tackled before I have often considered and tried popping a hole in masking tape to fill with primer (or Tom and Si's hi build primer maybe) but I have never managed to get the hole 'solid' enough not to fill itself with its own self healing fibres A very tiny round hole punch of rivet diameter is needed, these mini saw tooth things are awfully awful Are you listening Mr Wonderfulmodellingtools guy? A rivet wheel (oh boy don't they disappoint) would need to punch out and extract the necessary holes to be much use I seem to recall (I'm NOT looking it up at one in the morning) that the rivets are available in several flavours and sizes so as you want nice beefy ones for round the tail maybe a message to the Big Yellow H would suffice when you need to put on some bigger ones I am impressed with the results of following the lady though
  10. Looks like the girl has it right Steve (runs away quickly holding dustbin lid overhead for the sake of prudence, I'll be at Telford see...) But seriously they are blimmin decals, doesn't it say on the packet treat as decals? I know when I practice with mine I'll be using clear (other shiny surface treatments are available) underneath them,applying over a primed, polished surface Flappy doohdahs look the bizz, wish I'd been able to use an a/m article ('speshully, your castings) on that Red Sparrers Hawk I had to do for the charriddee build a while back Would have saved me mucho grief
  11. I do wish you weren't showing floors Crisp old bean I'm about to attack the floor (and associated internarrery) on the Wopse and there's far more stuff than there ortabe on a little wellichopter to put in And mine will be doorless, so no excuses Yours looks kinda nice and the seat reminds me what delights I have to look forrads to there in tiny...
  12. Stunned at the bombey looking thing Hendie Wingy struts? Don't thy have a natural 'break point' just below the wing underside joints? Just wondering if a little cut/fair/refix task might not make the joint smoothing a little easier OR HARDER? You'd have to drill in along the line of the strut to keep the alignment.... Not an easy one but the blobby bits need reducing at the top so they fit more snugly into the sockets When I did the Auster I had this to consider and ended up throwing the kit struts away Nota bene... I'm not going to attempt a Lysander any time The upper wing aerials? Army co-op aeroplane? I think you would have the same configuration as the Auster and the short wing masts feed wires to the leading edge of the fin Up near the top with the wires mostly parallel to the ground What I remember of radio aerials for ground ops, (I did comms in my ground role amongst other stuff) is that you want to propogate sigs in the plane of your oppo's equipment Talk to the face, huh!
  13. I'm rather displeased that MY local Home Bargains never have these kits for sale You must have a charmed life, well done I'm hardly fed up at all Honest. Looks good, can I tag along?
  14. I always wondered why aftermart folks think passengers have the right to use the brakes... not in my vehicle nor theirs neither i'll be bound