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  1. EE Lightning F6

    Wow - looks absolutely amazing! Great job there...
  2. The airfix Buccaneer S2b

    Lovely job. I've only ever made one Bucc in my life and i seem to recall it was in 1/144 although I've no idea who the manufacturer was! I would be very proud of that build though!
  3. Matchbox kits...

    Not many then... 😉
  4. Which WW2 aircraft would you pick?

    Hi all, Just out of idle curiosity and for a bit of fun, i thought i would pose this hypothetical question to the BMs on here...! "If you were aircrew during WW2, what aircraft type would you choose to fly/fly in and why...?" Mine would be the fighter bomber version of the Mosquito. Reasons being that it had excellent performance, better than average survivability rates and carried a navigator (my sense of direction is appalling). GJ
  5. Looks great to my eyes - if it was as much of an arm wrestle as you say then you've done an excellent job!
  6. Love it- seeing that two tone plastic takes me right back!
  7. Very nice and an interesting subject. I've often read about this in the excellent book, 'Fighters and Bombers of WW2' by Kenneth Munson.
  8. Airfix Hawker Seahawk 1/72

    Have to agree about this kit - one of the few kits I've ever binned before finishing. Seem to recall that it was part of a starter set too - would be enough to put anyone off kit building! You've done a cracking job though!
  9. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Just got my hands on one of these yesterday. Can't believe that Boeing have insisted on this as being an "officially licensed product" with a little hologram sticker on the box. Wonder if this is corporate greed (i.e are they taking a cut on every one sold) or is it purely for recognition and to recognise their brand? Sign of the times I suppose... GJ PS kit is lovely!
  10. Matchbox BAC Lightning.

    Cool - despite making many a matchbox kit as a lad, I never made their Lighting. Looks to have built up pretty well considering the age of the kit!
  11. That really is lovely - looks great in that scheme.

    Hi Paul. Its the 1/72nd Fujimi RIAT scheme boxing (although I am finishing it in the early 43sqn camo scheme). Its probably about 97% finished and has been like that for a while sadly. Need to finish off the by putting the stores on but no pylons for the AIM-9s unfortunately. I'm not skilled enough to scratch build them either!

    Looking really good - whats not to like?! My build of this kit has stalled as I can't find a set of launch rails for the sidewinders in 1/72 - the boxing i have didn't come with them 😕
  14. X-15 1/48

    I'm pretty sure that it was intercepted and overtaken by a Lightning from 11 Sqn though... Lovely build! GJ
  15. Well, that's rather lovely- good rescue!