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  1. Thanks. I thought as much although I didn't know about Stab.JG11. Frog must have wanted to offer more than one option, which was good of them if not entirely accurate. Maybe they were ahead of their time as some Czech manufacturers are marketing 'What ifs' these days.
  2. Did II/JG3 really fly the Ta152? I thought only one staffel from JG301 ever operated the type.
  3. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Actually I didn't even think it was for the Academy it. I thought it was the Fujimi one too. Go figure!
  4. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    my mistake. I thought it was made for the Academy kit.
  5. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    I'd definitely go for the Sword kit. It's really nice and who knows, maybe the Freightdog tail will fit? Plus, you get tons of spares, almost enough to build another kit.
  6. Agreed. I've never seen the Hasegawa kit for sale anywhere and the Revell model, while not as bad as their P-51D (an abomination that they really shouldn't still be marketing), is well wide of the mark if memory serves me right. There's no shortage of Mk2s out there, which is great of course, but the Mk1 is as iconic an aircraft as the Spit Mk1, particularly because of its involvement in the Battle of Britain. I must say I was really pleased that Airfix produced a fabric winged version, which is a beautiful kit, but bearing in mind that there is to be a massive RAF anniversary in a couple of weeks it would have been great if they'd managed to get out a proper Battle of Britain Hurricane in time. Seems like a missed opportunity. I would very much like a Mk1 with a tropical filter as I'd like to build Imshi Mason's aircraft.
  7. Thanks Dave. I quit agree. They seem no brainer types that would be steady sellers but no mainstream manufacturer seems interested. Cheers, Tim
  8. All 1/72nd (of course)... Buccaneer with options for S1 and S2 Westland Scout with options for Wasp Spitfire VB with options for IB, IIB and (shock horror) a VC. Lighting F1/F1A/F2/F3 (all those groovy 60s colour schemes). Javelin pen nib version (I know, it was a Heller tooling, but hey) P.S. Of all the myriad versions of the type which they could have built why Heller chose the T.3 is a mystery to me. Canberra B.2/6/B(I).6 - Another mystery that they never did this when they released their B(I)8 and PR.9, especially as they DID do one in 1/48th. Mirage III Super Mystere Hurricane I with metal wings (unbelievable that there isn't a readily available kit of this type). And while I'm on the subject of Hurricanes, new tool of their new tool Hurricane II !
  9. Not forgetting Geoff Fisken's 'Wairarapa Wildcat' Kittyhawk, which is definitely on my list. I believe he was the most successful 'ace' against the Japanese in the entire Commonwealth.
  10. A very nice Spit and Hurri. Hope you're going to add Colin Grey and 'Rosie' Mackie to the collection.
  11. Revell Welllington

    Thanks. I think I'm going to have to have one then!
  12. Revell Welllington

    Certainly looks like a Wellington, Tony. Very nice.
  13. Revell Welllington

    Hmmm. I'm not a rivet counter (or fabric counter in this case) but it's got to 'look' like a Wellington.
  14. Revell Welllington

    Good to know. Thanks.
  15. Revell Welllington

    Great. Thanks for the link.