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  1. Airfix 2019

    You must chop down the biggest tree in the forest with a... oh, er, hang on.
  2. Airfix 2019

    True, but actually we do have a Brian, Sir.
  3. Airfix 2019

    Yes, now write it out a hundred times.
  4. Airfix 2019

    Well, obviously....
  5. Airfix 1/72 Be2C

    That's a beauty. You've inspired me to dig mine out from the stash.
  6. Airfix 2019

    Ooops. Quite right. I've even built it! But apart for the Matchbox kit what have the Romans ever done for us?
  7. Airfix 2019

    Big gap in the market for a two-stage Mossie in my opinion. Lots of attractive and interesting colour schemes too, especially the PR marks. As far as I'm aware there has never been a kit of a two-stage Merlin Mossie. Amazing really, given the importance and success of the type.
  8. Oh wow. Looks lovely. I'm definitely on for the Imperial version. Never built a Valom kit as, although they have produced some subjects I'm really interested in, like the Brigand, Harrow and Bombay, they're not the cheapest of kits. Might have to bite the bullet with this one though.
  9. Revell Owners in Trouble

    Sounds a bit like Hornby and the London Olympics.
  10. Quite. Best left in the You Tube comments section - a forum so charming, erudite, well informed, considered and impartial that it would make even ancient Athens blush. Back on topic, though I am a little disappointed with the 1/72 announcements there's still plenty of interest for me and I can see the logic behind the re-releases bearing in mind the troubled waters that Hornby has had to navigate recently. Perhaps it's a year of consolidation. I certainly might be able to consolidate my stash (and bank balance) this year.
  11. Not that it really affects me because I don't build 1/48th but aren't the colour choices for the Hunter a little odd? Two non-operational aircraft. All those lovely squadron bars, or the Black Arrows or Blue Diamonds but they've gone for very bland options. I would imagine Xtradecals will be dining out on this.
  12. How about Thatcher vs Heseltine? They could call it Blue on Blue.
  13. Have checked the Osprey Camel Aces book and, as suspected, Camel B3417 is an F1, not a 2F1. Naughty Airfix. Major Collishaw's as it happens, of 203 Squadron - so at least it is RAF and not RNAS, bearing in mind it's an RAF Centenary release.
  14. In addition, and I'll have to check my references, I've a feeling the Camel illustrated (as per the markings) wasn't even a 2F1.
  15. Well, I'm at least glad that Revell are to re-release their Hunter, which helps to blunt the disappointment about Airfix's scale choices this year. Still, the Wellington and Phantoms are very welcome indeed.