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  1. A beautiful rendition, Zigomar. Such a good looking aeroplane. I wonder how things would have gone if all the Groupes de Chasse were equipped with the D.520. I like the fuel stains. Evidence of hasty re-fuelling in the field from jerry cans, perhaps?
  2. 1/72 ICM Tupolew Tu-2 "Moskwa"

    Just beautiful, Roman. A great rendition of this excellent aircraft with a superb paint finish. I always think this and the Pe-2 were real 'lookers'.
  3. Ahh. This has brought back some happy memories. I think I've built all of these bar the Liberator over the years. Some very nice renditions here. I especially like the Hellcat. I think it and the Wildcat are still pretty nice models considering their age. I remember building the Mosquito as a boy and even at the time thinking it looked all wrong. Most obvious was the positioning of the machine guns. A really basic error by Airfix. I also remember the Defiant having a very emaciated engine cowling that you could probably just about fit a scale Gypsy Major into! Not that that really mattered when I was using the turret to shoot down dozens of '109s!
  4. I agree with Rabbit Leader and Roman. Some great modelling skills on display with a beautiful and authentic looking paint finish. I'd really like to see them used on the Airfix kit. This kit looks truly awful. It sort of reminds me of one of those 2/3rd scale flying replicas or warbirds. Even with the technology of the day it's hard to see how they got it so wrong. Mind you, the old Airfix Spitfire IX was pretty awful too. How can Revell justify having this in their catalogue, I wonder? The Australian expression 'polishing a (you know what)' springs to mind. Anyway, despite the poor basic canvas I'm well impressed with your work.
  5. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    That helicopter's never going to get off the ground.
  6. Looks terrific. Great inspiration for me as I'm sorely missing the type from my FAA 50s/60s collection.
  7. Beautiful. Really nice to see a rendition of this particular development phase of the 111. Great conversion work.
  8. AMT XB70 Valkyrie 1/72

    A brilliant rendition of this extraordinary beast. I hope you will consider building the Airfix/Revell Concorde in the same scale. They'd make an interesting comparison.
  9. Monogram North American X-15A-2

    I love it! I'm really impressed with the way you have varied the paintwork. I can hardly believe it's 1/72nd scale. Terrific photography too. I really like your Nevada set up. I hope you will post some pictures with the B-52 when you finish it.
  10. Superb modelling skills on display there. A very interesting and attractive aircraft that looks to have Tiger Moth, Auster and Stampe DNA. BTW, excellent photography, with good diffused lighting .
  11. Airfix 2018

    I just did the very same thing last night with the P-51 antenna. It was impossible to separate in one piece. I had to make a new one from plastic card. I also broke the control stick but it was repairable. The sprue gates are very wide on such tiny pieces.
  12. Airfix 2018

    Now that's a curious thing. It seems the Wellington kit has the bomb bay doors integral to the fuselage parts and are moulded open. I wonder if here will be alternative closed door parts.
  13. Airfix 2018

    Wow. No new announcements but the kits they've brought along look fantastic. I particularly like the Wellington. I was wondering what Airfix was going to do regarding the Wellington's mulitfarious fuselage window arrangements so I was interested to see that the fuselage halves are on their own separate sprue. Possibly other versions in the future? Although not my scale the Sea Fury looks superb. I love the detail in the fin and rudder.
  14. Airfix 2018

    Er, is the Phantom kit going to have the option of not having the nose leg extended? All the artwork, CADS and now built up kit pics I've seen have it in the extended position.
  15. Airfix 2018

    Did you sat Mk.X? In 1/72? PR MK.X in 1/72? PRU Pink PR.Mk X in 1/72? What an excellent idea.