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  1. Thanks for that. Very helpful
  2. Thinking of doing the Special Hobby Tempest Mk.V as a TT. Mk.V if only to get away from the usual grey/green finish. liking the look of the high speed silver over yellow/black under surface.. Question is what are the main differences between the 2 versions. The decals given by Xtradecal give a/c NV994/D, which I believe was originally used by Pierre Clostermann with 3 sq. I should imagine canons and gun sight would be removed but anything else? any info regarding target drogue towing fittings? TIA
  3. Got totally knocked out with what the wife bought me. 1:32 Tamiya Mosquito 1:32 Tamiya Corsair -1A + Brassin cockpit She's a star
  4. Good old Daily Fail gets it wrong again. When I last looked 22,000lb was heavier than 4,000lb. That said, hope every thing works out ok with it.
  5. I will be starting the Meng Mk.V male myself in the next couple of weeks. This has a full interior and can be built with various doors and hatches in the open position so a good portion of the insides should be visible. Not 100% sure but it may be possible to build it with the armament removed and the sponsons pushed in so as to show it in the transport mode. Can honestly say that this looks to be a stunning kit and can be done totally out of the box. Saying that though, I will be using the Aber gun set and have also ordered a set of the wider 26" tracks. Chris
  6. Looking to make a start on the Meng Mk.V tank in the coming weeks but wanting to get some reference material first. Have seen the Osprey New Vanguard book on Amazon but before buying it I want to know if it has any good interior photos? If not, any books out there that has?
  7. Have just recieved the Meng Mk.V. I have also recently bought the Takom Mk.IV Hermaphrodite of the same person. Not had chance to have a proper look at the Meng kit yet but the part count is really impressive for the cost, even at full price.
  8. Struck lucky as there was one for sale on this site. Fraid it's now gone
  9. Thanks for the reply. Will have to treat myself to one in the near future.
  10. Recently got my grubby mits on a Takom Mk.IV kit and was toying with the idea of doing a bit of internal detailing so as to have one of the doors open. Now I have found that Meng models do a Mk.V with a full interior. Being a newbie to AFV's, how do the Meng offerings rate?
  11. Here's a link to view the internal details for the new Takom King Tigers.
  12. Here's a link to a Japanese site that shows the sprues for all 3 kits. Can't find an English translation though. It looks like the main difference between the standard kit and the special edition is the zimmerit has a panel missing for the unit badge. Looks a bit tasty, can see me getting one or two of these.
  13. If I've got it correct, all 3 kits have a full interior
  14. Getting more and more into AFV's and noticed that Takom have three 1:35 scale King Tigers for release in the near future. One has a Porsche turret with zimmerit and the other two have the Henschel turret also with zimmerit. One of the Henschel offerings is marked up as a special edition. Any idea what makes this a special edition?
  15. please delete as posted in wrong forum.