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      From the day following upgrade to the new forum software, 15th Sept until the 19th, we were under a concerted attack by a person or persons using a number of 'bots and other people's Proxy networks to carry out what is called a Distributed Denial of Service attack, which is a method by which these 'bots submit thousands of requests to the website per second to overload the server and bring the site to its knees.  While this was going on, they were also making Brute Force attacks on our remote communications port to try and breach the server so they could do anything from format the hard drives to change ownership of the site, and bombarding the mailserver with similar bogus requests, some of which left some rather telling details behind.  This was followed up a couple of days later with a further attack that left more data to sift through, which we have passed on to our IT forensics people.On the advice of our Lawyer and fellow member JohnT, we yesterday informed the National Crime Agency and requested their assistance with the matter, and in an ongoing dialogue with them to find the culprits, so we are allowing them access to the server and its logs.    We don't believe that this is a random attack on balance, but for 5 days and a further evening we had to put up with some disturbance and interruption to the usually fast response of the website as we are seeing now that the attack has ended.  We will prevail, and don't worry about it.  We were the target, and these people will not win.  Karma will catch up with them   Mike, Greg, Dave & Julien.

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  1. Here's a link to view the internal details for the new Takom King Tigers. http://www.meng-model.com/new.php?id=660
  2. Here's a link to a Japanese site that shows the sprues for all 3 kits. Can't find an English translation though. It looks like the main difference between the standard kit and the special edition is the zimmerit has a panel missing for the unit badge. Looks a bit tasty, can see me getting one or two of these. http://www.moxingfans.com/new/news/2016/0812/2302.html
  3. If I've got it correct, all 3 kits have a full interior
  4. Getting more and more into AFV's and noticed that Takom have three 1:35 scale King Tigers for release in the near future. One has a Porsche turret with zimmerit and the other two have the Henschel turret also with zimmerit. One of the Henschel offerings is marked up as a special edition. Any idea what makes this a special edition?
  5. please delete as posted in wrong forum.
  6. 1:35. It's for the AFV Club SW-60 searchlight and trailer. Looking at some walkaround piccies, they seem to have been kept very clean with very little weathering.
  7. Looking for the grey used by the Germans on their field guns etc. Would Tamiya XF63 be a good match? TIA
  8. Sorry, not
  9. Looking for a change from aircraft and toying with doing a 88mm AA gun with searchlight and Telemeter. As far as I can see, only AFV do a searchlight, SW-36 with Sd.Ah.51 trailer, Bronco do the Telemeter KDO Mod.40 with Sd.Anh.52 trailer. Is there anything to know regarding the build up of these kits? Also, which is the best 88mm kit to go with these? TIA Chris
  10. Unfortunately one of the photos show a head on view and the other one is a side view of the nose, so I cannot compare the red with the roundel. It looks like a 'I'll paint them a red and somebody has to prove it's the wrong shade' moment.
  11. Wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
  12. Looking for the answer to a colour question regarding the spinners of 235sq Mosquito's at Banff in 1945. According to the Xtradecals instructions they give them as roundel red but show them as a brighter red than WWII roundel red. I have seen 2 colour photos of Max Aitken's a/c (MA-01) when in charge of the squadron. They seem to have been slightly colourised as one shows a bright glossy red and the other shows a slightly darker red. Both photos are of the same a/c and taken at around the same time. Any help would be most welcome. TIA
  13. Looking to change to acrylics from enamels but the only brands I can get locally are Humbrol and Tamiya. Have tried Humbrol and the less said about them the better. So how does the Tamiya mix, as given in their instructions, stack up against the grey/green as used in WWII RAF cockpits? TIA
  14. Have just bought 3 1:1 scale resin kits of the spade grip and gun sights as used on early Spitfires. As the colour needed for the items is mostly black, I was thinking is it a normal black or would it be night. I know there is very little difference between the 2 colours but as they are 1:1, I'm looking for the correct shade. TIA
  15. I know all about the primers, I use them myself just that I never gave a thought to the colours.