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  1. Definately not. If I want to watch porridge set, (its more exciting than watching F1 by the way) I will sit in front of my cooker! Selwyn
  2. the BTCC DEFINITELY! Selwyn
  3. YES! Fast exciting close racing, plenty of incidents and overtaking action! Thank god the BTCC starts next month, then I won't have to watch this boring no skill as a driver because I will win cos I have the biggest budget team,multiple overtake only when my tyres wear out, or when I press the DRS switch Guff! Selwyn Fed up of watching expensive "Electric hares"
  4. As far as I know 456 never operated the Blenheim, being formed on Defiants and Moving to Beaufighters, then Mosquito. The side Number "20" is indicative of a training command aircraft code and not usually associated with operational squadrons. If it had been with 54 OTU it would have had "YX "codes. They may have borrowed the aircraft for AI training at some time, probably when they moved onto beaufighters, suggesting that this aircraft was at one time a 54 OTU aircraft, but the aircraft would not have been allocated to the squadron. Selwyn
  5. Tone? This is Britmodeller, honestly we don't do "tones." The helpful suggestion from Graham was to change the title of your post to say you are looking for pilot figures for a B17. Do that and you will probably end up with enough figures to man an entire squadron. We are a helpful lot around here! Selwyn
  6. My "in production" model at this moment is a 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen. Building it as my first Weapon load training airframe at Cosford weapon school, Sea Vixen 8143M (ex XN691). Selwyn
  7. In their defence Gnats had been taxying past (marshalling training) for the previous hour on the taxiway without problems, and there were no obvious obstructions etc and the slot was used regularly for engine start training, its hard to see what more they could have done! Selwyn
  8. Even better just seen that XS107 is one of the schemes in the airfix kit. It's the earlier RA scheme but by amalgamating it with the late scheme it should come out perfect! Selwyn Being very happy today!
  9. Mark thats cracking Just the information I was looking for! The reason I asked this question is that I am presently modelling all "My aircraft." Thats alrcraft that had a special meaning to me from my career. Back in 1979 I was training at Cosford and during the airfields phase, we were being taught aircraft starting. We were using a red arrows Gnat as our aircraft, and on the very first start an instructor acted the part of the pilot and I was chosen from the course members to sit in the back seat. The start went very well using a paluste, and the "Pilot" throttled up, but suddenly there was a mad panic outside with the starter crew franticaly giving us the emergency shut down signal. There was a mad panic shutting down the engine and opening he canopy to get out ASAP! On vacating the aircraft we found that the kerfuffle was down to the jet blast from the aircraft, which had torn up a great patch of the tarmac taxiway behind the jet, sending great lumps of black everywhere! That surprisingly was the end of the lesson for the day. All I could remember was that the Jet was a red arrows Gnat, and the registration was XS something. Thanks to this list it looks like XS107 was the culprit as it was the only XS reg Gnat present. Therefore a nice red 1/48 Airfix Gnat is in the offing! Again Many thanks!
  10. I have done this,but they are are all Halton aircraft. the question was specifically about cosford airframes! Selwyn
  11. The parachute was not re located to the headbox. The headbox contains (and has always contained) the duplex drogue system that slows down the seat after ejection. The seat picture you have linked to depicts a Mk 9 post 1983 (it has the buckle stowages on the headbox that dates it) and the strap system is not representative of a GR1 Harrier or a GR3 prior to 1981. Selwyn
  12. The reason is that they are just partially slid in to the tubes. they should sit flush with the back plate. Selwyn
  13. When the Red arrows transitioned to Hawk some of their Gnats were then used for aircraft handling training at Cosford in C. 1979. Can anyone tell me what RA airframes went to Cosford, and what was the final paint/marking scheme used on the RA Gnat? Selwyn
  14. LAU 10 without the tail and nose fairings fitted (bottom picture). Selwyn
  15. Makes you wonder where Mitsubishi got its insparation for the zero? Nice build, Selwyn