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  1. Jimmy Edwards was shot down over Arnhem and was awarded the DFC. His mustache hid plastic surgery scars he had caused by this crash. DFC citation as follows: Flight Lieutenant Edwards has shown determination and initiative in carrying out Airborne Operations with this unit. On one of the glider-tugging missions on 17.18 September his glider got into difficulties in cloud, and when they emerged above the cloud, it was found that the towing cable was caught round the front wheel of the glider. Flight Lieutenant Edwards, as captain of the towing combination, did not let the Glider Pilot cast off as he would have been justified in doing, but after consultation over the inter-com with the Glider Pilot he throttled back until there was sufficient slack in the cable for it to come loose. He then gradually opened up again and succeeded in taking up the slack without parting with the glider. On 21 September Flight Lieutenant Edwards was detailed for a re-supply mission over the Arnhem area. This he carried out successfully in spite of considerable opposition from the ground. After making the drop he climbed rapidly to 7,000 feet and was on his reciprocal course for base when he saw fighters on his port side. Before he could identify them he was attacked from the rear and strikes were obtained on the fuselage and wings. He also saw flak bursting in front of him which may have been fired from the ground. He took suitable evasive action and was then again attacked from the port side. Taking violent evasive action he was able to avoid the cannon fire from this attack and made for the cloud cover. The clouds unfortunately were broken and too far apart. When in the open again he was then attacked from beneath and astern and more strikes were obtained. Three of [or ?] four attacks were made in rapid succession, hits being obtained in each case in spite of the violent evasive action directed by the Wireless Operator from the Astro Dome. Flight Lieutenant Edwards now found the elevator trimmers unserviceable and he lost aileron control; his height was 6,000 feet and he gave the orders to bale out. The Co-Pilot and Navigator jumped out, but three of the Despatchers were wounded. The Wireless Operator and the fourth Despatcher remained in the aircraft to help them. At the time both engines had caught fire and both airscrews went into the fully fine and lost power. Flight Lieutenant Edwards put the aircraft into a dive to maintain speed and levelled off at 100 feet and gave the order "stand-by for crash landing". He opened the escape hatch above his head which caused the flames which had now got a good hold in and outside the fuselage to come forward to the First Pilot's position. The heat was so intense that Flight Lieutenant Edwards had to get his head and shoulders out of the escape hatch and succeeded in crash-landing the Dakota with one hand on the controls, after which it immediately went up in flames. Flight Lieutenant Edwards who was burnt on the face and arm then led the Wireless Operator who was unhurt, and the Despatcher who suffered from flesh wounds, to cover of some small trees as the enemy aircraft was circling and did in fact attack them again whilst they were in hiding. He then led the party in a southerly direction where they made a successful evasion with the help of some civilians and language cards. There is no doubt that Flight Lieutenant Edwards stuck to his controls under almost unbelievably difficult conditions, although he could have bailed out, because he knew well that he had three wounded Despatchers and two of his crew still aboard the aircraft. Although this is his first operational squadron, Flight Lieutenant Edwards has shown marked enthusiasm throughout the training and especially in the operations in which he has taken part. His devotion to duty and consideration for others has always been apparent, and were shown to a marked degree in the period of severe stress to which he has been subjected. His perseverance and leadership under adverse conditions are worthy of the highest praise. Selwyn
  2. Sorry but I am still at a loss as to what these people are trying to achieve? Are they trying to somehow punish us for whats happening in the Middle east, or are they trying to turn us all Islamic? As I see it In the first case our national and international actions against the isis /Islamic state nutters in the Middle east have just been firmly justified as legitimate and neccessary by the actions of this chap yesterday. In the second instance; "I want to convince you all to be peaceful islamic persons, and just to demonstrate how good it is to be one, we will kill and maim lots of innocent people in the street to prove it to you!" Err...Somehow I think there is a flaw in this plan? Or perhaps its just comes down to the fact they are really a bunch of mentally ill psycopathic morons who really should be in a lock ward somewhere. RIP PC Palmer. As has been said by others we will remember your name, I don't know the name of the terrorist, and honestly I don't need or want to know, because you can be assured nobody will remember you. Selwyn (We all remember the name of Fusilier Lee Rigby murdered outside his barracks in london in 2013. Anyone remember the name of the chap that killed him? I rest my case!)
  3. Had a good laugh today. Chap at work described the F35 as follows: "Stealthy, except when you put pylons and external bombs on it, not nearly maneuverable enough to dogfight the latest generation fighters, and two slow to run away if intercepted, in fact its the the 21st Century Fairey Battle! What do you think? Selwyn Ducking for cover!
  4. The Airfix fin height is only an issue with the GR3, its correct for the GR1 Selwyn
  5. UK law states that if their is a problem with an item its the responsibility of the vendor not the manufacturer to replace the defective item. Selwyn
  6. SAMP's with hollow tails Selwyn
  7. If you look at that picture in the links title, it tells you its a KH 35 ASM Selwyn
  8. Thats a Free fall bomb (not Retarded) Selwyn
  9. According to Sqn Leader Lewis Bandon who wrote the book "Night Flyer" (a very good read!) describing his war service as a night fighter radar operator,the radar equipment in the Beau was in the rear cockpit and the operator faced backward during the interceptions as the CRT screens were mounted behind the rear cockpit bubble. Selwyn
  10. Weapons are (from the top) Belgian PB carrier with three 25lb BDU 48 practice bombs LAU 32 6 shot launcher (70mm/2.75" rockets) Mk 82 Snakeye Retarded Bomb 2 X BL755 (one in its hermetically sealed bag behind the open one!) 2.75" Rockets with blue Practice heads/30mm DEFA cannon rounds French 250KG SAMP bomb. All weapons are painted to NATO standards. Selwyn
  11. Many thanks guys, Zap CA thin ordered! Selwyn
  12. Well The Hangar would add about 30-50 feet to the diameter,which would not fit under the aircraft. I would much prefer just adding the height of the hanger (or suspension lug as its known)! Selwyn (Running for cover and giggling!)
  13. Can anyone point me to a good product? TIA Selwyn
  14. if you are there for just one day I would park up in the city outskirts, somewhere without parking charges ( Leith?) as its a nightmare to drive in Edinburgh and either get a day ticket on the bus (unlimited travel all day on all services great value and really frequent services) or a train into waverley and take the City tour bus from the mound (thats Waverley station approach) it goes around all the best touristy things and with the ticket you can hop on and off as you wish, which will get you around the city. I believe it passes quite close to wonderland as well. Selwyn
  15. As far as I know the Jet maintained a constant thrust, it would have got lighter and faster as it burned off fuel, but it only had a small fuel tank so I don't think it would have made that much difference. The speed was always quoted as "high subsonic" and it would attack the target at an altitude of around 3 metres making it very difficult to detect. I understand that the premise was that the attack would be made in concert with ALARM missiles, the idea being in simple terms, if you left your ships radars on the ALARM would destroy them letting in the Sea Eagle, if you turned off the radar to deflect the ALARM You than couldn't detect the Sea Eagle. Same result either way! Selwyn