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  1. Percival Provost - Brunswick green colour on wings

    Probably. BR used BS381c colours. But which Brunswick green was used on the wing is still the question! Selwyn
  2. Percival Provost - Brunswick green colour on wings

    Neither, Rhodesian camoflage was the locally manufactured equivalent of Dark Earth BS 381c 350 and Dark Green BS 241. Selwyn
  3. A set of 464 photos of Soviet WWII planes

    Same Fairey seal from the other side http://latvianaviation.com/Images/AP Seal07.jpg Selwyn
  4. As long as you realise that the outboard pylon is much deeper than an ITSPL and the MFRL is longer than the ITSPL! Selwyn
  5. What you would need are two new outer pylons and MFRL launchers, the spares box Launchers you have in the image above are just other ITSPL and are unrepresentative of a MFRL and outer pylon . So its either scratchbuilding or finding bits from a Hasegawa kit which have them, these are only available in the Hasegawa kit AFAIK. The MFRL are easy to scratch as they are being basically long and square section with a rounded nose. The pylon may be far more difficult as it is incorporated as the forward section of the the outer underwing fairing in real life. Selwyn
  6. I take it I am correct in manufacturing two more similar rails No that is not required. You would only ever need two MFRL . the nearest missile to the wingtip is on the ITSPL. this is a permanent rail launcher- its always there, it cannot be taken off. I know that it looks like a pylon fitted with a launcher but its not, it is all one piece bolted directly to the wing, typhoons never fly without it. The inner missile is on a MFRL which is in this picture attached to the stores pylon release unit. used when a extra missile is required to be carried. Here is a picture showing what you see when No MFRL fitted to inner pylon Selwyn
  7. There are four stores stations on each typhoon wing only the inner three are pylons. The two outer stations are Integrated Tip Stub Pylons (ITSPL) despite their name they are not "pylons" as such, in that pylons are removable on role change, but the ITSPL is a permanently fitted missile rail. The outer wing pylons are normal (removable) store pylons that can be fitted with a Multi Function Rail launcher (as in this kit ) to allow carriage of additional ASRAAM or AMRAAM missiles. Selwyn (Please note when painting your missiles, there are no red bands ever painted on live ASRAAM or AMRAAM Missiles! The bands are Yellow and Brown.)
  8. Camel colours for Ray Rimell WNW builds

    I stand corrected! Selwyn
  9. High Speed Siver

    Humbrol 11 is a good choice as HSS is a silver grey. HSS is not metallic at all so I would stay away from metalcote type paints. When the RAF moved to polyurethane paints in the late 60's and they could not produce at that time a HSS paint in polyurethane for technical reasons , the colour they chose to replace it, as they considered it the closest match was Light Aircraft Grey. Selwyn
  10. Camel colours for Ray Rimell WNW builds

    As British rail was a UK government owned entity the colours above will be found in BS381c. All UK government owned entities (London transport, GPO trinity house etc,etc) were painted to this standard. Without standing next to it with a colour chart it could possibly be BS169 Traffic blue and BS 363 Bold yellow. Selwyn
  11. 450Lb bomb? surely 450KG (roughly =1000lb!) Selwyn
  12. John, I wouldn't know as I have never seen the pods in this kit. they should look like the one in the first lightning picture post 5 and have 18 tubes. Selwyn
  13. Bombs are british 1000Lb. Be aware the 155 SNEB pod pictures are not representative as they have red display rockets half loaded to the pods and underfuselage tray to show the war load for display purposes. The Saudi's F.53s saw brief action in December 1969 during a brief conflict in the South Yemen border area. Several ground attack sorties were flown, these ending the situation almost without any help from the Saudi army. Selwyn
  14. Vickers Wellington X 3170

    Does this help? http://aircrewremembered.com/sanderson-albert-leonard.html Selwyn
  15. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    What makes me happy? A BIG bag of pork scratchings! Selwyn