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  1. OH NO! A "family domestic disagreement " on Britmodeller! Another first for the site? Selwyn (Anything for a quiet life, and glad he lives on the other side of the planet at this point!)
  2. Top paint job, just how I remember them! Selwyn
  3. Drop him out at 60 ft over the ladybower reservoir, see if he bounces................................. Selwyn (Not impressed with this chap!)
  4. For your interest, have a look at this thread; Selwyn
  5. Yes thats the problem, You have a 1940's truck with 1939 colour scheme. RAF vehicles were not blue/grey in WW2. Selwyn
  6. Love the Hurricane in black really like the wear patches. Selwyn (Lose the Pre-war truck by the way, doesn't sit well in the time frame!)
  7. Thats the wrong colour. You need BS381c 632 - not 638. The three figure number is the colour hue. Colourchart.asp Selwyn
  8. BS 381C 632 Dark Admiralty Grey IIRC. Selwyn
  9. Dont know about halfords, but have you seen these? Make sure you get the right can type , (the one without the hardener) Selwyn (I have no connection to this company by the way!)
  10. Sorry, can't see any GANT on this thread! Selwyn (Todays Dyslexia Advisor!)
  11. I would go with Tanks on the inner pylons as these were standard fit as they needed the range from the carrier decks. Must admit I have never seen a SHAR carring 2" rocket pods. They would certainly not be fitted for AD duties. The only 2" pods I know of that were used in the falklands were on RAF GR3 IIRC. (willing to be corrected on this). Selwyn
  12. Bill sent you a personal message re Brit bombs. The RAF/RN only used AIM9G before they got the L model (well except a few early "B" models in the 1960's!) I understood that it was policy that some SHARS on CAP in the Falklands would take off from the carrier with two Missiles and a centre line 1000lb bomb and do a toss bomb manoeuvre putting the bomb onto Port Stanley airport on the way to their CAP position. Not really aiming at something as such, but "Just to keep them awake" and on edge. Must have been a shocker to have a 1000lb bomb popping off at sometime in the middle of the night and not seeing any aircraft! Selwyn
  13. In the cockpit the long seat straps are totally wrong for the GR1 Aircraft. The long straps were retrofitted onto GR3 T2/4 aircraft in 1981 and never featured on GR1 aircraft. The strap system used was a combined harness system, the pilot wore a jacket affair and two short lift web straps went from the seat over his shoulders and attached to the jacket in the upper chest area using a koch fastener system. If you download this martin baker manual (a very good read by the way!) scroll down to the picture of a mk 9 seat on page 38, although a Jaguar version of the Mk 9 seat, you can see details of the strap system used on all RAF Harriers (and Jaguars!) Prior to 1981. Selwyn
  14. Red squares are fire access points for extinguishers. Selwyn
  15. Pappy, Not sure about the pylon adaptor Jonners is asking about, this incidentally is the bit between the Launcher and the pylon allowing the rail to be attached to the pylon release unit. This may have changed design after the Falklands but that was after my Harrier time. The Launcher used by the RN/RAF harriers was the LAU7/A, (the RAF/RN only used this type for AIM 9 on all aircraft types, I never saw another design of SRAAM rail launcher used on any UK aircraft,until the Typhoon.