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  1. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    He's looking at page 7-74B item 39. It looks like a napalm tank (firebomb in UK speak) as it has a Cable Assembly fuze arming (CAFA item 42) and an arming wire (item 43) Selwyn
  2. 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2

    Yes, but the red ring in the instructions is wrong! Selwyn
  3. Scimitars and Sea Venoms - Colour film

    If this idiot doesn't like British aircraft manufacturing he should be really worried about the F35, the rear fuselage of which is manufactured in Lancashire! BAE Systems have delivered about 200 units so far if I recall correctly. Selwyn
  4. Scimitars and Sea Venoms - Colour film

    Tell me, where did you find this chunk of ill informed rubbish? Selwyn
  5. 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2

    The red bands on the missiles should be brown. Brown = Low explosive (propellant) Red = Incendiary -stuff that sets fire to things! Yellow = High explosive Warhead Selwyn
  6. A Simple and easy mistake to make, others have done it as well, and an easy fix that to me would turn a great build to an excellent one . Its just as a weapons person its the sort of thing I notice! Am I a OCD sufferer on this? Probably. Nobody's perfect, especially me! Selwyn
  7. Really nice build that , very impressed! just one observation, the Vickers guns have the barrels installed upside down. muzzle should emerge from the bottom of the jacket Selwyn
  8. Airfix HP Victor B Mk.2 Freefall stores?

    Go for the 35 x1000lb bombload victor drop thats (5 x 7 store carriers) Selwyn
  9. Blackburn Shark 755 Sqn FAA 1939/40

    Claudio you may be right on this, as the same mercury to perseus change happened on the westland lysander around the same time (mk1 to Mk 2). Selwyn
  10. Harrier GR.1 Load

    As a young clean living RAF armourer I of course never ever frequented places that were used by "Fallen" women, or sold strong drink in any form! (I can tell you that I am at present undergoing therapy for my compulsive lying problem!) Selwyn
  11. Harrier GR.1 Load

    All the lepus flares I saw in RAF use (not many!) were overall green. Selwyn
  12. Harrier GR.1 Load

    Twins are two bombs not 4. A one thousand pounder, one off each outboard. 4 x1000lb bombs, on twin store carriers like rocket pods won't fit on the outboard pylons ! Selwyn
  13. Harrier GR.1 Load

    Not enough room between the pods and outrigger. Apparently OK for lepus flares though? Selwyn
  14. Harrier GR.1 Load

    GR1 before my time. Germany war load GR3 in late 70's early 80's was 4x BL755 on wings 4 sqn had perminent fit of recce pod on C/L guns were not fitted in pods on field exercises. usual practice loads 2 x matra launcher and tanks or CBLS instead of matras, sometimes CBLS on C/L and matras on outboards. Never saw a twin store carrier fitted ever in my harrier time, but they did have them in store. I believe they were war use only as there was an issue with jettison of the twin store carrier as it would come up and hit the aircraft. Only times we dropped 1000lb were singles off the centerline or twins off the outboard pylons both with tanks I/B. Selwyn Selwyn
  15. Harreir T4 Norway camo

    Well its an OCU harrier that it looks like 1 sqn borrowed for a norway deployment ,see nose badge ,so if you know the year of the picture it might have been recorded somewhere? Selwyn