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  1. 1/48 Hawker Tempest

    Really nice build the weathering is spot on
  2. That is a fantastic build.
  3. Edgar

    Very informative , Many thanks
  4. New Revell 1/32 Spitfire

    I have just got the new Revell 1/32 Spitfire , I must say am very happy with it , as far as i can see it is really well made and looks like a spitfire,
  5. Any news on the Revell Spitfire Mk II 1/32 scale variety?

    Wonderland are showing availability on 1st June
  6. Arado Ar-234 Hasegawa 1/48

    What a fantastic build , Super photos aswell
  7. hard to tell that is 1/72 looks fantastic
  8. Trumpeter 1/32 Wildcat

    Fooled me i thought is was a picture of a real one fantastic
  9. Future/Pledge

    Thanks Martin Now the proud owner of a Bottle of old Formula Klear, Should last me a Few months
  10. Future/Pledge

    I will have that from you if thats ok Thanks Graham
  11. Future/Pledge

    It is Called Jhonsons Klear and it costs around £6.50 from Amazon
  12. Future/Pledge

    As stated it is call Klear in the uk but the formula changed a while ago and there is some debate as to weather the new stuff is as good as the older stuff, You cannot get the origional Formula in any shops and it can cost up to £30 a Bottle on the likes of ebay, But on the plus side a bottle will last a long time and i use it for gloss coating prior to Decals, As a Canopy dip prior to painting and also as a decal application solution, If you can find any of the older origional stuff for sale get as much as you can Regards Graham
  13. That is a lovley build > well done