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  1. As far as I'm aware the ones getting posted out today are the first WnW Camels officially in the UK (apparently Hannants stock have been delayed due to bad weather) so I'm not surprised you haven't seen any WIP's from the UK. I also hope that these aren't stash fillers, the kits are too nice not to build. Duncan B
  2. I take a lot of pleasure in getting Folks' orders out the door as fast as possible. I know how it feels to be left waiting on a package to arrive. Indeed they are, VP Packaging did really well and would get a Bonus (if she actually got paid!) working until 11Pm last night to get all the pre orders boxed ready to go. I'll have them handed over to the Post Office at 8am this morning and then your final countdown has begun (cue horrid Eurorock Anthem). Duncan B
  3. The Wingnut Wings Camels have arrived in stock. Limited numbers at present so get them while you can. Duncan B
  4. At this point I'm just happy to say I have enough to fulfill all the pre orders. Who knows how many orders I'll have going forward but I will be restocking regularly (I've already done one restock with another under way). It takes about 5 days from me ordering to receiving them so as long as the Distributor has stock I will be able to service orders. Another thing to note is that if the website says a kit is in stock then I physically have it ready to dispatch immediately. Duncan b
  5. It's been fun watching their progress, even made me a little nostalgic for the high seas! I can help with a list of presents Mark might like if you all want to buy him something? Now where did I put those Starfix Spitfires? Duncan B
  6. Indeed, I am supplied through a European Distributor who's shipment arrived in Hamburg on the 15th March. It took a few days to clear Customs before the Distributor took delivery but they have now received them and have shipped my order to me. I expect them to arrive here later this week. Duncan B
  7. I like that a lot. Well done Sir. Duncan B
  8. Best news, my WnW Camel order is being packaged for dispatch by the Distributor today. So all things being equal I should have them in stock before the end of the week. A restock of the other WnW kits that have sold out is also under way. Duncan B
  9. I am very pleased to announce that BlackMike Models will be an official stockist of Wingnut Wings models with first deliveries arriving very soon already in stock. The Camels are coming in a separate order and are still cruising through the Med but all the others are in stock. For orders or more information e-mail me at Something to whet the appetite Duncan B
  10. Well there's a few! My Dad was from Portsmouth but lived in Dunfermline so one vote for Modeltoys in Portsmouth which was a must visit whenever we were down south. However Dunfermline had an excellent model shop which I have long since forgotten the name of but do remember it was at the top of a very steep road with a great view of the Firth of Forth away in the distance. I would spend hours in there and just marvel at the range of models in stock. Brain Sherriff's in Aberdeen and Dundee are two others that were worthy of mention too. Duncan B
  11. I'll make hay while the sun shines then Duncan B
  12. Superb work. Duncan B
  13. What an absolutely amazing looking kit, really enjoyed the WIP too. Duncan B
  14. The more I see the more I want one. Great work so far Mijnheer. Duncan B
  15. The Camels are currently clearing Customs at the port of entry into the EU. My Distributor expects to have taken delivery by next week. Hang tight Folks, they are getting closer. Duncan B
  16. Just had a quick update from my Distributor. The shipment is currently clearing Customs and they expect to have them by next week. I hope they clear a little sooner but we'll have to wait and see. Duncan B
  17. Do not fear, I will simply box them up in a Mothercare box, job done! Duncan B
  18. The WnW Camels by now should be at the Distributor's warehouse. I imagine they have quite a bit of inventory taking to do before packing up all the orders for the respective Retailers but I am hoping to get notification any time now that they have been boxed up and are on their way to me. I will post another update once I know they are on their way to me. Thanks for your patience folks Duncan B
  19. They are somewhere between Customs and the Distributor's warehouse I'm guessing. I might get an update today. Once I know they have been packed and are on their way to me I'll (possibly explode with excitement) let you all know. Duncan B
  20. 'Graphic User Interface', and that is about the sum total of what I can contribute to the conversation! Nice footage though. Duncan B
  21. BlackMike Models will be making our first appearance at the Show and we're excited already (or is that panic?). Duncan B
  22. V.I.Poo sold like hot (I still think that product is just an early April Fool's wind up)
  23. Has anyone else found that the clear plastic parts (sprue F) for their new EE Lightning have a flaw on them? I have just opened mine and found that there is a raised line, which I initially thought was a scratch running across the left side of both parts of the canopy. I have contacted Airfix and hopefully they will send me out a new sprue but it is something to watch out for. I've just checked my other kit in the stash and it has exactly the same fault on Sprue F! Duncan B
  24. What a beauty. Duncan B
  25. Depends what you mean by "They"? As I said in the post on Friday morning the rest of the current 2017 Catalogue has arrived (and they are Wingnut Wings kits so that constitutes "arrival" in my book), I'm just waiting on the Camels to catch up. 4/10 for Interpretation Colin, go to the back of the class Duncan B