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Duncan B

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  1. I'm very excited. The Zoukei Mura 1/48 scale F-4J Phantom has arrived at BlackMike Models along with some other nice kits. For more details head over to the New Arrivals section on the website using the link below to get there. Duncan B
  2. The ZM F-4J is back in stock Folks. Duncan B
  3. Lovely job you've done. Duncan B
  4. As others have said she's a real beauty. That's the first HB Flanker I've seen made up and it looks good to me, how was it to build? Duncan B
  5. for unwelcome antipodean plumbers
  6. Magnus Magnusson. Do I win a prize? Duncan B
  7. As the title says the new Meng King Tiger with Henschel Turret has arrived in stock. See the link below for more details. Duncan B
  8. in The Lucky Star (if you've been there you'll know )
  9. It's nice to see one getting built, and so well. Duncan B
  10. "Our" Wingnut Wings are now enroute to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia so have started the long haul west. (Wyvern get those gunships ready to cover the entrance to the Red Sea!) Duncan B
  11. Great photos, thanks for sharing. I must visit the museum some day (two of my favourites in one hanger). Duncan B
  12. Another vote for painted aluminium
  13. That is a beauty, very impressive. Duncan B
  14. I use both and have never had any issues with spraying one over the other. Duncan B
  15. famous place innit like?
  16. You might want to sand off that raised detail on the centreline tank depending on time frame of the airframe you are making, unlike the underwing Fletchers the centreline tanks didn't have an external stiffener/joint. (edit: turns out the early ones, 1960's pre F-4J, did have that feature, I stand corrected) The pylons for the Sargent Fletchers were integral to the tanks, the outer wing pylons for weapons (i.e. without Fletcher tanks) were not the same as Gene said. The early McDD manufactured drop tanks had a joint either side of the tank and the pylons were separate items however the Fletcher items only had one seam on the lower left side IIRC. Duncan B
  17. According to the entry on Scalemates for this kit it is based on the 1987 hasegawa kit item number K14. Duncan B
  18. Yes, still the 15th, these ships usually run to a very tight schedule which is planned well in advance. DB
  19. in the fog again
  20. He won't admit it but I know he uses black magic skills developed during his time in West Africa. Duncan B
  21. Pardon? Beer Batter? So
  22. Revell have issued a brand new tooled 1/72 scale (Tranche 3) Typhoon last month, see here for more details: Duncan B
  23. I thought you'd like to know that the European stock of WnW kits is currently steaming along at 17.5Kts and is half way between Hong Kong and Singapore Duncan B
  24. Nice work on the nose modification Mike. I have so far resisted the urge to open up a box (more down to lack of mojo than anything else). Duncan B