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  1. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    I was woken up in the middle of the night last night by a helicopter which seemed to be in the area for ages. Not sure what it was but must have been military or Coastguard as we're too far south to regularly get civvies out of ABZ, especially at stupid o'clock. Duncan B
  2. Bf109 G-14 JG 4 "black 15" werk nummer? 46106 or ?30630?

    Looking at it again, yes it could be which would make sense. Duncan B
  3. Check out Zoukei-Mura SWS4805 1/48 McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II #ZoukeiMura https://t.co/mGkaqv7pgo via @eBay

  4. Aberdeen Model bShow

    No it's not the Aberdeen Modellers' Society Show as that has been and gone for this year. I am very sure this is the Aberdeen Model Railway Show which was held in the RGU Sports Hall last year but has moved venue for this year. BlackMike Models were at last year's show but we're not going to it this year as the Model Railway fraternity really weren't interested in plastic kits judging by our slow sales over the weekend. Duncan B
  5. What have you purchased 9

    2x Albion Alloy sanding sticks and a 1/700 ship of some sort (it was grey and had guns if that helps?) for someone else who found he didn't have any money in his pocket after negotiating for said kit at the Glasgow Show. At least Steve was able to go home and honestly say to his Wife that HE hadn't bought any kits. Duncan B
  6. it does look that way doesn't it? Duncan B
  7. Has anyone used Hataka Paints?

    I bought some when they first came out a few years ago and they were completely hopeless and went straight in the bin. That got the Hataka paints a very bad reputation at that point but I believe they are very much improved now. The water based acrylics (Red label) should be similar in use to AK Interactive and Vallejo so if you are used to working with either of those Brands you should get on well with them. I don't stock them but M.A.N. Models carry a good stock of them. Duncan B
  8. Bf109 G-14 JG 4 "black 15" werk nummer? 46106 or ?30630?

    My guess is also for an ERLA built G10, that photo of the port side would appear to show the ERLA engine cowl quite nicely. However on a cautionary note the photo from the Stbd side does show hints of the crank cover bulges on the lower forward cowl which the ERLA G10 engine cowls shouldn't have so make of that what you will! Are the ERLA G10's now not so clear cut as we thought or are we seeing something that isn't really there on one of those photos? Duncan B
  9. Glasgow IPMS show

    Had great fun today on my 'Busman's Holiday' although did have a bizarre 5 minutes where I found myself in charge of Wildcat Models Stand (didn't quite manage to sell his stock at knockdown prices before he got back though) Duncan B
  10. Aberdeen Model bShow

    Same Country as you but a bit further up the east coast I suspect.
  11. That's what I've been told, every version including the RR Spey powered versions. Duncan B
  12. Bf 109 F-2 White 9 Eduard 1/48

    This is one of my favourite Bf109 colour schemes and I think you have done a fantastic job of it. Duncan B
  13. Aberdeen Model bShow

    Is this the Aberdeen Model Railway Show? Duncan B
  14. Glasgow IPMS show

    Oh dear, I hope Paul gets well soon. Duncan B
  15. MRP modern RAF colours.

    It was good sales patter though. I had completely forgotten that I had your DSG! I guess I have one less excuse for getting one of the Phantoms painted now. As for Sponsorship, I'll not be doing that again. DB
  16. Bloomin' heck (or words to that effect) that's a bit special Tony. Very nicely done Sir. Duncan B
  17. The Finemolds kit is one of my favourite kits, I have a large collection of them. I would be delighted if any of them turn out this nicely. Duncan B
  18. 1/48 SU-27

    I can't see them either
  19. MRP modern RAF colours.

    You need that cough seen to Jamie Your colours do match very nicely but I assumed the OP was only interested in Acrylic paints, my mistake. Let me correct that right now. Neal, Sovereign Hobbies do a very comprehensive range of modern enamel paint colours including the British Standard matched colours (I know because Jamie showed me the very expensive paint swatches he used to match them) also he is very pedantic (but don't tell him I said that) about his research so would not let anything into production that he isn't entirely happy with. As chance would have it Sovereign Hobbies will be trading at Telford this year so you could always drop in on him and take a look at what he has on offer. (remember to ask for a good discount, say I sent you). Duncan B
  20. Check out Zoukei-Mura SWS4805 1/48 McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II #ZoukeiMura https://t.co/mGkaqv7pgo via @eBay

  21. The C should arrive in the UK next month (that's when I'm expecting mine to arrive). I guess it'll be arriving in the rest of Europe about the same time. Duncan B
  22. MRP modern RAF colours.

    I have been waiting for MRP to do the modern RAF colours for some time. Over a year ago I asked Rene if he had plans to do the modern colours and he said he did but so far nothing has appeared. There are various paint sets out there that claim to be the BS colours but so far I haven't found any that are completely satisfactory to my eye (maybe that's the problem). Mr Hobby's Dark Green is actually the best match I can find but their DSG and LAG are not to my liking. I have recently bought the Hataka Modern RAF paint sets but haven't had the chance to do anything other than do spot checks with them (I am a bit apprehensive about them as my first experience of Hataka paints ended with them all being thrown in the bin but they are supposedly much improved since then). I did a comparison of the various colours in a Phantom WIP thread on BM a few years back which should still be floating around (providing Photobucket hasn't blocked it). I still haven't finished that Phantom due to not finding a dark grey that I liked although Mr Hobby had a few that were possible options IIRC. Hope that helps Duncan B
  23. Awesome work Russ. I remember when I first saw photos of them in this colour scheme and really wanted to make one like that. I never got round to it but I am really impressed by your one, fantastic. Duncan B
  24. BlackMike Models just received our 500th order! https://t.co/59DMkCSF16

  25. Well you seem to have read and understood the chapter on cockpit painting great job so far and some very sound advice from the guys above. Duncan B