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  1. Hi Crisp, wonderful build and some truly great detail going on here. Just thought I might mention a potential problem,one that I have encountered anyway.Part C07,the tail plane is slighty warped,in my issue of the kit,hopefully this is not the case in all models!Then,if you want to pose the elevators in the down position,this is nigh on impossible as the kit stands,it needs some minor modification.Parts E08/09 which are the tail plane supports need the triangular piece(actuator?) filing down to accommodate the drooped elevator.I also filed down the locating lugs that fix inside the rudder to a round section,and also filed off the locating tabs on the tail plane,this I found allowed elevator droop. Hope this may be some help to you and other modellers building this kit. Dave.
  2. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    Leicester WH Smith had a load in last Thursday which is where I bought my copy.Popped into local WH Smith in Hinckley on Friday and they had just had a delivery of approx. 5 copies,but these were all gone on Saturday.
  3. Very good read and build this month on the new Airfix 72nd scale Phantom FG1.And to top that off,a build story showing how to construct a catapult deck section to go with the new kit.Most enjoyable issue.
  4. whittle

    Apparently its made from GRP around a metal frame.It was refurbished last year.It sits on the roundabout between Lutterworth and Rugby,only a 5 minute walk from the Fox Inn at Lutterworth. Dave.
  5. Is this the true value of a 1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar??

    Just seen this,incredible,and have you seen their negative feedback,2,388 in the past 12 months! Dave.
  6. Ah yes,what memories,built this when it was available with the C-130 Hercules kit.There is/was a 1:32nd model available from David Parkins Flightline range for around £100 that was produced in resin. Dave.
  7. Hannants?

    No probs here,logged in OK,but had a bit of a weirdish delivery confusion/brain fart/whatever!Ordered stuff from the them last Thursday,had a text saying would be delivered Monday 14th August.Had text Monday morning stating would be at my address between 10.50/11.50,arrived at 10.56,brilliant.Then had text Tuesday morning stating 'Sorry couldn't deliver order'!,then email this morning again apologising for non-delivery.I love modern technology lol! Dave.
  8. Yes please,that looks really cool,as does the rest of the build.Excellent stuff. Dave.
  9. Possible Photobucket Scam email!

    Thanks for that BK,have changed the title now to possible scam.I just had another email from them requesting money,but I closed my account a couple of weeks ago.Tried logging on to see what happens,but couldn't access my account.Have been stung in the past,so am erring on the side of caution and ignoring their plea's! Dave.
  10. Possible Photobucket Scam email!

    Received an email purporting to be from Photobucket stating that some of my photo's were in breach of their 3rd party hosting policy and were being posted online to various forums etc,and therefore could I click on the link and pay the required amount or my account would be closed!I had already cancelled and closed my account with them last week,so be on the lookout for this scam. Dave.
  11. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    Just watched an ITV drama from Sunday night on catch up tv.There is only the advert at the start,then no more,bloody great.But there is only 47 minutes of drama,so we are stuck with nearly a quarter of an hour of adverts if we watch on regular tv!
  12. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    The more adverts that appear on the tv or radio featuring the release of the next unmissable blockbuster film can usually guarantee that its going to be quite dire!
  13. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    Car adverts that show absolutely no body else on the road.Money lending sites where you baulk at the interest rate of 1200+ per cent.After shave/perfume adverts that indicate you will be as attractive as the super model wearing the over priced toilet water.And toilet roll ads,why,is nobody using them?
  14. Tank Museum

    Just been to our town market,where there is a stall holder selling a large and varied selection of magazines for £1.00 each,with signs scattered trough the products on display stating the price you pay per magazine.A member of the public,with 2 mags in her hand shouts across to the stall holder,"How much are these priced at?"
  15. Leonardo Da Vinci Submarine

    Very nice Chris,but can I ask,what was the offensive armament and how was it deployed? Dave.(A land lubber!)