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  1. 1/48 Indian AF Jaguar IM Nose

    Try here https://sites.google.com/site/tmwresin/1-72-scale-accessories/1-48-scale-accessories
  2. Some Vehicle Identification Help

    Hi Dave, The half track is most probably an M5 (lend lease M3 with welded armour). Armoured cars are a mix of Daimler Mk II's (smaller ac's with rounded turrets, some of which seem to have the littlejohn adapter fitted), AEC armoured cars (larger slab sided turret), along with a ferret and a dingo. Hope that helps H
  3. BBC milking Dr Who too much?

    2: They can't seem to stay away from the old Broadcasting House, even with its overtones of serial Savile (and others) abuse, even after selling the damn place. Can I just point out that BBC Television Centre (The one they sold, and a listed building, so might have had problems demolishing it) and Broadcasting House are different buildings. As for Dr Who, can we really have too much? What do we get on average 10 or so episodes a year? Would rather that than yet another bloody celebrity/talent show.
  4. another stowage question for the Sherman

    I think we might be reading too much into the shell case. Let's not forget this is knocked out vehicle, so has probably been picked over for souvenirs or anything useful. Position of the shell casing suggests to me that is has just been dropped there rather than having been kept for any reason. Still can't see the German helmet.
  5. A cracking build of a ship that many of us have been lucky enough to have the chance to visit.
  6. Airfix 1/24 hawker Typhoon

    Good on you.
  7. Airfix 1/24 hawker Typhoon

    No it doesn't, it's your hobby and your model so do what you want to. Look on the bright side at a price of £80-£90 adding on a set of AM barrels is hardly going to break the bank.
  8. Airfix 1/24 hawker Typhoon

    The more I see of this the more impressed I am. Yes, it is the wrong scale for me, but I imagine it as the centre piece if my display surrounded by 1/72 WW2 RAF models. Yes, it has limited colour schemes, but then again I magine most will only buy one or two so what is the problem? Is it too big? Of course it isn't. Looking back I used to have a couple of B-36's in my bedroom. Now that was big.... As for the price, well as a football fan it is tickets for me and the Mrs. for one game, or a film and a meal afterwards. Compare that with the hours of fun you will have building this beauty. So Airfix, you introduced me to this wonderful hobby, and now you have given me new hope for the future. Thanks.
  9. Airfix 1/24 hawker Typhoon

    WOW. Love it........
  10. Help identifying British Sherman stowage

    I think the large box is a 6pdr ammo box (the strange wavy line gives it away) Not the clearest picture: Not sure if it is in a rack, though I have seen racks on British Shermans in that position, will see if I can dig out a picture. No idea why the Breech Guard has been removed. As far as I am aware command tanks were still armed, you might be confusing them with the RHA forward observer tanks. Hope this helps.
  11. Argentina Spitfire LV-MNZ

    Some good stuff here. http://www.zonamilitar.com.ar/foros/threads/historia-de-los-supermarine-spitfire-en-argentina.17669/
  12. Blenheim hatch in front of turret

    OM W is a Mk IV as well, BL-200 was I think built in 1944 and modified post war as well, so I wonder if the windows weren't added at this time....
  13. Blenheim hatch in front of turret

    I wonder if BL-200 doesn't have a non standard gunners hatch (like the restored example). None of the pictures I have seen seem to show a window. Of course being a hatch it does have the annoying habit of being open in the majority of decent photos taken on the ground.....
  14. Is it still a helicopter?

    Those of us who work at Donauwörth, Ottobrunn, Kassel, Albacete and Madrid might not agree with that........
  15. 1/72 Airfix Gloster Gladiator Sprue Pictures from Wonderland Models

    A decent Gladiator for less than £8, what is there to moan about. Keep it up Airfix.....