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    Listening to music and plastic modelling in 1/72-1/48-1/32 and 1/200 for the airliners.
    Main interest. WWII and and Cold War era.
    With time passing I collect more than can build !

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  1. + 1. The Sword kit is certainly far more than just buildable. I just replaced the parts you had a problem with acetate sheet. Much more realistic and only 5 Minutes work , no more... But for some ( not you at first sight !) a kit is just unbuildable because you still need glue,a little putty ,paint, thinner and water and simply said some technique .... Madcop
  2. Hello Duncan This is what I am thinking. It's maybe only me and against the trend but but I do not care ... Eduard is producing very nice elaborated, fashionable mixed scale toys and on rare occurrence Scale Models. Tamiya is developing and inovating in real-true Scale Models only , and thats why true Scale Modellers are trusting this brand and will pay for it , whatever the price ! Eduard spends more on coms, and so called reviewers than on research. Tamiya do not roll out kits like hot dogs, they take time to research their subject and just be pro about it. Moreover Tamiya do not "need" to produce Aircraft kits, they are producing and selling far more of other stuff. If Eduard does it right at the first time it's because it's already been done before by pros or if home made , researched by others. But yes, sometimes miracles can occur. If an Eduard home made kit looks right at first sight, it's because they have first sold a lot of first "Ultimate" editions to unaware modeller ( after the usual marketting campaign) and collected their poor money just to be able to correct some of the shortcomings pointed out by the ( copiously disparaged) Scale Modellers community. So that the same poor consumer will spend his money a second time to buy the "new Ultimate" version they already have paid for ! Very good marketing ! Tamiya is not playing with his consumers money ... Never try to convince your wife...just wait untill she changes her mind . Do the same with a new Eduard model, just wait until they (try) to correct it !, and then do not believe what they are telling you, look with your own eyes and compare .... With Tamiya I won't have to wait for an hypothetical third or fourth "revised Ultimate" 1/46-1/50 Bf 109G or Fw 190 or else. Eduard makes me think about politics. I don't want politics in my Hobby ! Eduard and Tamiya are both making money...I just prefer the Tamiya's way ! I'll always be spending my money on quality , not on coms ! "I doubt it'll sell in huge numbers if it is sitting alongside Eduard Bf109s in the same shop here in Europe." Rolls-Royce do not need to sell more than Skoda ! ( Sorry for Skoda) I would say that Eduard is more a good scale models cosmetic Producer and seller, than a Scale Model Producer. Amen Madcop
  3. Thanks for the link. Just read the 28 pages. Nice to see I was not that mad. Thank you Colin Madcop.
  4. Revell 1/32 Hawk re-issue?

    I suppose they are maybe revisiting the original mold to finish it and correct the few mishaps. It would be a good idea to reissue it with new ejection seats and weapons. The Mk.51 would be a good option. Madcop
  5. Hi Laurent, Yes I did but mostly with resin kit producers like PJ and CMR ( Petr Buchar, now retired). Never had the opportunity with injected plastic kit Producer, except wit Alfred Riedl from MPM-Special Hobby. No later than this W.E. when I met him again at Plastic & Steel exhibition. We had the time to talk about his P-40 serie . We discussed about the possibilities of extending the range to Merlin Engined P-40. He talked to me about mold constraint; it's to say whole new mold and costs ( front fuselage and wings because of the # armement conf. ). Is the market large enough to accept a new P-40F that they already produced under MPM ? I understood that it would be a question of rentability.... as always... I suppose this would be the same for AMK if they go the way Mirage III.... Best regards Madcop. P.S. By the way, Alfred won the Gold medal with his test shot of the P-40N finished in Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Snafu) scheme. I also saw the sprues. It's really nice and complete... the air intake is O.K. and the canopy is O.K and the recessed panel lines are O.K. also.
  6. While it looks like Revell could prepare a B model , I read somewhere ( but I can't remember where) that there was a difference in cowling height between the B and D model and that this would be most noticeable in front of the windshield. One of the B or D cowling would be less rounded... Can anyone confirm this ? Thanks a lot. Madcop.
  7. Hi Laurent Totally agree with your point 1. Could you be more specific about your point 2 ? Best regards. Madcop.
  8. Hi Fabrice I was just kidding , you know ... I may understand you do not like the HPM/PJ Mirage... the HPM injected parts are beyond what we can expect today as far as " finesse " is concerned. I was more thinking about the "pure" resin production of PJ. He did a very nice Mirage IIIC back in 2001 or so. ( EC 1/2 " CIGOGNES " Dijon 1966 " Les Chevaliers du Ciel " EC 3/10 " VEXIN " Djibouti 1989.) I think it's still the best you can find today. I have the AMK 1/72 Kfir and you may also find a difference in " finesse " between the flat surfaces (wings) and rounded one (fuselage) due to the processing. But it's still a very, very nice kit and I understand you want AMK to produce what looks like being your favourite aircraft. My best peacefull and kind regards from Brussels Madcop
  9. Hello Patrice I have a solution to your problem. Just spare a little money, do you a favour and buy a PJ Production Mirage III/V serie. If you do not like resin, or the injected version of PJ Production, you can always ask Mac Ron to recapitalize your national kit maker, who is established somewhere near where you are living. Ask also Mac Ron to fire the boss as well as all the Union workers and maybe you'll get a " New mold " Mirage III/V made in France.(label of quality as we all know ....). While you doing this I'll enjoy a moment of peace. Madcop
  10. I'll wait until 2022 to buy the second or third "all new tool" edition of this kit, that will bring the needed corrections to the first and second edition. Never buy the first edition with Eduard kit, just like with women , the second is always better ... and cost less. Madcop.
  11. 1/48 MiG-21UM ....would be nice ... Madcop.
  12. +1 The rivetcarpet is not the problem. The "ultimate", or "best ever" Eduard Bf 109 revisited mixed scale serie is a mixture of good and bad. Never bought any Eduard Bf 109. ZVEZDA kit is far more impressive shapewise. Just hope that this Tamiya SCALE model will help Mr Sulc's to scale down his self esteem and arrogance . Madcop.
  13. ICM Spitfires are very good shapewise. They revised the original mold not too long after the initial release (Sink marks problems... I can remember the wheels ....). NEW MOLD apply to the beer barrels ! ( I agree they could have stated it ! ) Anyway THE PROBLEM with the ICM Spits is the main landing gear track that is too narrow ! And that's the real BIG problem of the kit... Nothing else. Real Spit fans didn't wait for Mr. Dikke Nek Eduard to create jewels out of it ! Madcop Here is a ICM Mk.XVIe from Jacques VERMEULEN . Real nice work.
  14. Hi there... The P-40N Test build doesn't show how the air intake should look like. It should look like that... Thought that these picture could be helpful .... Have a nice day . Madcop
  15. O.K. Laurent That all makes me think of that sheriff's story. He was very good at his job when sheriff of a small town. As he had such a good reputation he was called upon to take care a much bigger town. And there he met his fate because when in his small town he was already at the top of his art. Bigger town just didn't fit with his abilities. So he went back to his small town, was happy again, as well as the souls he had to take care of... Long live ZVEZDA and MODELSVIT. Have a nice day, and I am always happy when I can read some of your lines. Allons enfants de la PatriiiiiIe ..... Madcop