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    Listening to music and plastic modelling in 1/72-1/48-1/32 and 1/200 for the airliners.
    Main interest. WWII and and Cold War era.
    With time passing I collect more than can build !

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  1. O.K. Laurent That all makes me think of that sheriff's story. He was very good at his job when sheriff of a small town. As he had such a good reputation he was called upon to take care a much bigger town. And there he met his fate because when in his small town he was already at the top of his art. Bigger town just didn't fit with his abilities. So he went back to his small town, was happy again, as well as the souls he had to take care of... Long live ZVEZDA and MODELSVIT. Have a nice day, and I am always happy when I can read some of your lines. Allons enfants de la PatriiiiiIe ..... Madcop
  2. Totally agree with your post but I would let MODELSVIT go his own path. Do not rush them, let them go their own development speed. As long as they provide us with QUALITY models, I am satisfied. I have not an ounce of consideration for makers rolling out kits like sausages and looking like them ! If MODELSVIT feels like and have the potential for producing more 1/48 kits I am sure they will. (Already have their Yak-1 and 9). I sincerely hope they'll do an 1/48 MiG-21F-13 for you and a 1/72 F-13 for me as well ! I can see the true modeller eye behind their models, and that MUST REMAIN, I sincerely wish that they will avoid that some Far East makers ill-considerate taste for cash-register sound. The first part of your post brings me hope again... Thanks again for that. Madcop.
  3. If the genius behind the Mi-24 and Su-27 has left I am desperate or kind of at least. I had hoped for ZVEZDA to produce MiG-29UB and Su-30/35 Series. I'll put now all my hopes for two seater MiGs and for Su-17/22 serie in Modelsvit. Their two last kits are just amazing, I mean the MiG-21F and Su-17M3. Both of them are on my workbench. I also have the Su-7 / Su-7U / Su-17M and Su-20 in my stash and some have been already worked on. With these models you could already guess the potential of this maker , but the difference in delicacy between these and the MiG-21F or Su-17M3 is simply amazing and is the proof that they have now reached "maturity" if I may say so. Anyway, thank you very much for your kind answers and all your precious informations. Have a nice Sunday. Best regards. Madcop.
  4. Hi Gabor, I think I read not so long ago that the person behind ZVEZDA had passed away. Was this unfortunate person behind the "renewal" of Zvezda and was he also behind the design team ? Best regards from Brussels. Madcop.
  5. Right Laurent. I just forgot to point that ! Sorry. Madcop
  6. Hello Gabor You said " Strange" didn't you ? I would say "Strange and Fat" at least. I use my R.V Aircraft MiGs as spare parts (except for the Fujimi-like fuselage). A shame, as the paneling and the surfaces are so beautiful ! Depending on the R.V. Aircraft edition, you will still be left with plenty of colour PE ,resin parts ,Master Pitot and decals that can be useful to update the KP. MF or the ZVEZDA Bis. ZVEZDA 'bis' is based on their earlier PFM. They just changed the tail (with a totally Sci Fi panelling) the dorsal spine and canopy. The rear fuselage is a little bit on the thin side ...and you still will have to correct all the panel lines and different hatches. These PFM and bis models dates from ZVEZDA early efforts that led to their current quality, so I can forgive them. I wish they could re-edit it with their new mold and research quality (like for the Su-27SM / Su-33 or MiG-29C / SMT) Let's see what Eduard will offer us. I just hope I will have my R.V.-ZVEZDA hybrid bis done before. Madcop
  7. Hi Michael I agree with you but Part 5 is only the lip. From the lip three ducts are directing the air towards the two coolant ( Upper left and right ) and oïl radiator (lower) (Part 59/60). Ican't see these ducts ( funnel) on the parts. Madcop
  8. I may be blind but it looks like they forgot the inner air intake details , I mean the inner triple airflow duct divider after the air intake lip. ( Sword did ...as well as Hasegawa and Academy). That's a shame, as this is very hard to scratch build that ! ( Even in 1/32 scale, I know what I mean ! ) Anyway, If parts 12 and 13 from the general sprue tare meant to represent this , I'll take my words back and apology. Generic side consoles for all models , better than nothing ! I suppose that they will sell improved parts ( Air intake if needed , cockpit consoles and PE instrument panels, wheels etc...) in their CMK Quick Fix Resin serie. At the price they will sell them ( e.g. € 9,00 for a Mirage F.1 central tank...) I am wondering about the final price .... While reducing the picture at about 1/72 scale dimension, the recessed panel lines are not looking overdone...but I may be wrong also ! All that said , could be a good replica, but still not ecstasy. Now, let see and touch the plastic !! Madcop
  9. Thanks Laurent. Very interesting and question answered !. Like you said "The kit's value-for-money is outstanding." Hope the best for the F-14 ! Madcop
  10. Yes, that's right. AFAIK I am more worried about the engraving. Looks like there are two types. The main fuselage two parts have an ITALERI look alike soft engraving. This is very noticeable. The rest of the parts are really clean and precise. Why ? Madcop
  11. Hello Laurent. Just received mine from HLJ one hour ago. Sorry to have to tell you that these steps are well there !. Madcop. Now the good news. These are just a few microns of plastic to scrap for the wings dogteeth and 2 layers of paint to add on the parabrake fairings ! Nothing to worry about , really !
  12. Hi there If you happen to believe all these "UK's so-called 'quality modelling press" and their associated so called "reviewer" you should have by now a big heap of crap on your loft or cellar ! On the other hand you should have become an expert on plastic colour, box quality, instructions lay out, number of parts, colour paint references and ease of build !. I can't remember having read in the "UK's so-called 'quality modelling press" that Eduard Bf-109 serie was just but a big com success ! There is no more independant review or reviewer. They are all sponsored and so, as you already know, you may trust the expert reviewer when he tells you to buy the kit ! AFAIK I just believe my eyes and what my trusty fellow modellers are telling me. I stopped buying these advertisements for a while now, concentrating me more on reference books For these reasons I follow as much as possible these forums as they ( or some) have become the safiest place to look for informations. Madcop.
  13. You still may count on AZ " research team" to make it worse ! They couldn't even make a good copy of Fine Molds Bf 109 series ( except maybe for the AS and G-10 versions). Just hope I am wrong ! Madcop
  14. Re-engineered .... You said re-engineered.... " The best ever..." If only they could re-engineer the Su-17 !, the Jaguar , the Mirage F-1, and many others.... Typical Sulc's arrogance. Anyway I can be wrong ...and I wish I was... wait and see ! Too much pure commercials these last times. Madcop
  15. His Labrador is blind too... Madcop.