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  1. Good morning Hardtarget My modelling time is currently spent on finishing the SH Mirage F1CR but as soon as I have completed it I will concentrate on the H75 and I will try to do some comparison as I have both Heller Mongram and Revell kits in my stash along with the AML H75 A4 ... Best regards Patrice
  2. Good morning Dorbeck Welcome and Thanks to you we are now 25 at last and I will ask to the moderators to give us a date .. I see you have a large choice in mind of course this Gb is opened to all the DC 3 variants (C47 , LI 2 , Basler BT 67 ..) and also to the DC 2... Best regards Patrice
  3. Good morning Madcop Sorry to disturb your moment of peace , I already have the PJ Prod Mirage IIIB and Mirage IIIE but my favourite is the IIIC ... Best regards Patrice
  4. Mirage F1CR ER 2/33 Operation Daguet 1991

    Good morning Jabba The Carpena decals I wanted to use (Unit insignia , nose and tail numbers ) disintegrated when I placed them in the water I managed to replace them with decals from the kit and from my stash .. Best regards Patrice
  5. Mirage F1CR ER 2/33 Operation Daguet 1991

    Good evening Today I placed the decals . As the Carpena decals were definitely of no use I had to use a mix of decals from the kit and from my decals sheets stash : Patrice
  6. Good evening Martin We really need a family of Mirage III/5 in 1/72 .. Best regards Patrice
  7. I really hope the Nightfighter II Gb will pass the vote but anyway I will build one (possibly with the Dragon I have in my stash ...) . Patrice
  8. Airfix Douglas Dakota - 36SQN RAAF **Finished**

    Good morning Ray Very nice job you have done here .. and I am glad to see that you keep the new Airfix kit for the Gb next year ... Best regards Patrice
  9. Good morning The french importer announce a price at 27.95 euros http://www.scientific-mhd.eu/maquettisme/produits/detail-articles-9587261-MCPL.htm I guess it will be possible to find this cheaper .. Patrice
  10. Good morning Thank you for the info I will get one as I would like to see how it compares to the Dragon kit I alreday have in my stash .. Patrice
  11. Good morning Martin Thank you for your comment if everything goes well I should start painting next week end .. Best Regards Patrcie
  12. 1/72 Mirage F1CR & F1CT

    Good afternoon Andrew Very nice work you have done here Best regards Patrice
  13. Good morning Yesterday evening I tried to fill the gaps and after all the putty was sufficient of course I will have to do some sanding today (if I have enough time ..). Patrice
  14. Hello from France

    Good morning Laurent Welcome on Brittmodeller , it's good to see another french modeller here , the Mustang is my favourite WWII fighter .. Patrice
  15. Good evening This morning I placed the upper parts of the wings and horizontal stabs As you can see I will have to use some putty and even some plastic card to fill the gaps (I must admit that I was expecting this ) .. Patrice