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  1. Good job on a tricky kit. Proper modelling
  2. By the way, this sort of marketing obviously worked- my grandfather, who was a rural postmaster and shopkeeper, bought an army surplus Willy's jeep after his demob- kept it running on what must have been very draughty local deliveries until the mid 60s when he replaced it with a Land Rover. Will
  3. This isn't a new thing. It's interesting that all the major manufacturers kept a very close eye on their branding duing WWII itself- they were never shy of running full page ads in the magazines and press to promote their 'freedom' guaranteeing materiel. Considering a lot of the manufacturers were formerly in the business of selling consumer goods such as automobiles, it's understandable what they were hoping to achieve. What's really interesting that the groups such as GM continued to market their wartime material as branded products. Taking GM as an example, the P-38's were marketed as Cadillac (i.e. premium, precision products), Chevy and Pontiac were building solid and dependable trucks, guns and landing craft, Oldsmobile building hard-hitting hot rod P-61 black widows... it was all just an extension of peacetime brand values. Will
  4. Thank you for the information on the Soviet Camouflage. I am sure that you are correct in your interpretation as there is clear evidence of fully-repainted SVA.5 aircraft from the same period. Good luck with the sales of the C.VI kit. I hope it will prompt more investment in 1/72 WWI subjects. Following the theme of 2 seat aircraft, I would like to see the Rumpler 'family' of C.I, C.III, C.IV, perhaps even the 6B-2; ...or an early war Albatross B.II... Will
  5. Yeah, it does look well designed. Where did you source it? Will
  6. Arrgh those elastic bands. I cringe thinking what would happen if one of those suddenly slipped off your jig!! seriously though, excellent modelling, thanks for showing us how it's done- not enough 1/72 WWI builds on here. Will
  7. Super modelling. I hope you can see the navigator's station when it is all buttoned up. Will
  8. Cheers Mike, They look just the ticket, although I don't think I'll be buying all three at once! If only there was an equivalent of the Russian aviation books by Yefim Gordon for the naval enthusiast! Will
  9. Looking very nice with the colours on. You've certainly got the whole range of good guys-bad guys there. (Which way round I suppose depends on whether the viewer is a Huffpost or Breitbart reader...) Will
  10. Is there a decent, detailed English-language history of the Imperial Russian Navy? There seems to be loads of Russo-Japanese war books, but nothing much about the history of the Navy 17th-19th centuries. Any suggestions? Will
  11. I also know this- my wife has a very pretty silk gown in russet. I will certainly remember to not mention that her 'wow the client' business dress is a good match for an oxidised Spitfire exhaust. She also has a stunning evening gown in Eau De Nil which is no longer worn in my company because I happened once to say that it was a close match to the under surfaces of a spitfire. She would not be told that the colour was very fashionable in the 30s when the RAF also used it. Will Come to think of it, the dress she wore during our wedding breakfast was very close to Extra Dark Sea Grey.... and I wore a dark green suit, so I suppose together we were in the temperate sea scheme...
  12. Jan, I know you and your colleagues work very hard to make sure your markings are accurately researched. I only found this one photo in the public domain, hence my joke post. I hope my model has more luck than the pictured prototype... Can you tell us anything else about the soviet scheme? Were they fully repainted in Soviet colours? I am really excited by this release by KP! Will
  13. Airfix: never Someone like Valom (makers of an F-101 etc.): just maybe? Will
  14. ...From a chap whose countrymen dry everything in to biltong....?!
  15. Not a bad idea- I wonder how many pheasant/partridge/pigeon/rabbit/teal/snipe/woodcock would I have to bag to weigh down a tail sitter such as an A-26...