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  1. Spot of the day!

    Think that's a case of "Mirror, signal, and blindly manoeuvre into another poster's comment". Sorry Keith! That said, I'm sure I have seen more otters in the sea off the West Isles of Scotland than I have seen mint 80's Vauxhall Novas... !!!Save the Nova!!! Will
  2. Coastal Steamer

    Hi Bob, another excellent picture. As it would happen I picked up a brand new copy of 'More Miniature Merchant Ships' in a discount bookshop in Bristol for £3 this weekend. And even more co-incidentally, I have just read an article about SS Robin- a Blackwall-built coastal steamer of 1890. Will
  3. From Ship's Monthly Ambitious plans to restore the Greek armoured cruiser Georgios Averof to seagoing condition have been unveiled by shipowner Alexandros Goulandris. It is a massive undertaking, as the former fl eet fl agship, which is moored at Palaio Faliro near Athens, was retired from service in 1965 and has been a fl oating museum for the past 25 years. Georgios Averof was built in Livorno, mounted four 9.2in and eight 7.5in guns, and was commissioned into the Royal Hellenic Navy in May 1911. Later that year she took part in the Coronation Fleet Review for King George V at Spithead, and successful actions against the Ottoman Navy during the Balkan Wars of 1912-13 won her almost legendary status. During World War II she was employed on convoy escort and patrol duties in the Indian Ocean and, in 1944, took members of the Greek Government back to Athens. It's my understanding that she remained theoretically functional until the 80s, so assuming they don't achieve seaworthiness by gutting the ship of it's original features, an early 20th century cruiser in steam would be an amazing sight!
  4. Spot of the day!

    I'm guessing the old couple's car didn't look like this... ? serious question- has anyone seen a completely factory-standard base model Nova on the road in the UK in the last 5 years? They must be pretty much extinct.
  5. Spot of the day!

    Yes. I live in a very expensive city and this is bigger than my flat. Will
  6. Spot of the day!

    Wow, a mint Nova. So it hadn't been in a ditch, or driven sideways into a stack of trolleys in a supermarket carpark? That's a proper rare car!
  7. Spot of the day!

    Spotted a 5-door 1986 Austin Metro parked in Tesco carpark today. Spoke to the owner and his wife, who to my surprise actually bought it nearly new in the late 80s!!! It received a new front wing when someone dropped a crate on it in the mid '90s (which was somewhat poorly paint-matched by Rover main dealership who refused to refund the cost of the bodge work....), and it has had the suspension 'dealt with' a few times, but otherwise it was spotless, and looked as new as the day it left the factory. It's the same age as me! Hope it ultimately ends up in the hands of an enthusiast rather than traded-in as 'scrappage' against a new Kia Picanto...
  8. Renault Ft-17 FlyHawk 1/72

    Too often we say 'wow this looks like a larger scale model', but GENUINELY, I would have believed this was 1/35 if you had not said! Keep going, I'd love to see more of your small scale armour models.
  9. Early BE2c from Aifix kit?

    How did I manage to miss the upper wing! d'oh! All sounds very do-able. Pity Airfix didn't tool their kit to include these options in the plastic. FYI I'm trying an 'Aircraft built in Lincoln' theme- you've got Ruston Proctor (who's first BE2C was an 'early' type), Robey, and Clayton Shuttleworth building thousands of airframes during WWI. Will
  10. Early BE2c from Aifix kit?

    Hi all, How hard would it be to build an early production BE2c using the new Airfix kit? At quick glance they look more or less the same to the later types. I think the main differences are the exhaust pipes and the 'ski' style undercarriage legs. Is there anything else I'm missing? Will
  11. Looks like a davit (to use nautical terminology) from which to suspend a pulley to handle the heavy ballast into the rear body. Presumably it 'plugs in' upright somewhere. Maybe something in the operators manual? https://www.scribd.com/document/149374612/Tm-9-768-DIAMOND-T-980-AND-981-M9-TRAILER
  12. I quite like the 'jaunty' base as it allows the ship's boat to sit alongside Soileil Royal more naturally in that little triangle of sea you create. It's also a lot less formal, so would give you a chance to give the model a bit of life- more of a diorama- figures perhaps? Give some thought to making the boat alongside is secure! I think this sort of display would be excellent, but there are three things I'd be careful about- 1) securing the boat- I'd suggest a line running back from perhaps the starboard cathead to the prow of the moored boat, and also a breastline between ship and boat to stop it drifting away from the side. 2)the ships boat moored alongside will become a fairly prominent feature, so it might be worth doing a bit of work to disguise the much later style of the boats included in the Heller kit. 3) I'd think carefully about how you position that boat on the deck, especially if your intention is to suggest it is being moved by the crew. We're talking about something weighing a good few tons- it wouldn't be moved about on deck without using ship's tackle to bear the load- I would guess the main yards might have been used as crane booms. I suspect every master would have 'his' way of shipping heavy loads like the boats, guns or the sort of out-sized victuals that couldn't go aboard via a convenient gunport. This is from a 19th century source, and the rig obviously wouldn't work for something like a boat, but it gives a flavour of what would have to be done to get big objects 'over the side'. Will
  13. Know Your Soviet Tanks?

    Definitely my favourite stanza. Actual. Poetry. T-80 is last and most advanced Soviet MBT, a true pinnacle of Soviet Planned Economy and result of wise policy of the Party. Soviet Guards needed a Superior weapon to wipe out hordes of imperialists, which herded their workers and peasants into Malls and Hypermarkets to suck their hard-earned money for another shiny thing that they don't need and distract their attention by TV talk shows about their cheating husbands and elections of another man, who already was payed by capitalists and exploiters of working class! The only way to combat sex and drugs culture of the West is hard steel and gas turbines of the East!
  14. 1/16th Renault Ft

    "Why the long face...?" [sorry, I'll get me coat]
  15. Cheers, Colin. Sounds about standard. Might have to give this one a go- it's certainly a charismatic little thing! Will