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  1. 2018/1 WNW Ships Camel

    A decent punch and die set is bit like an airbrush, you'll wonder how you ever coped without one! I use mine for all sorts of modelling jobs.
  2. Fokker D.VII - random choice Revell

    Cool! Never knew that. Cheers! Will
  3. Someone at AZ is obviously having a lot of fun coming up with all the "what if" schemes we've been seeing recently!
  4. Fokker D.VII - random choice Revell

    Looking good! Just curious- did Fokkers really have both the 'streak' AND lozenge coverings on the same airframe? Logic would dictate one or the other wouldn't it? Any Fokker experten out there? Will
  5. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Sopwith Tabloid-Schneider-Baby.
  6. Superb model. I can't believe I've only just realized that you're the "Wings of Intent" chap!
  7. Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    So the Hobbyboss kit doesn't include moulded on porthole rigols, or did you remove them? If the former, it's a bit disappointing, because their other kits do. That, and the fact I certainly don't have the patience to spend a few nights adding them individually!
  8. Tupolev Tu-22KDP Blinder

    Am I right in thinking that Soviet airframes had a clear protective finish over the natural metal? Sure I read that somewhere. Perhaps that accounts for the uniform finish? Certainly, when I spray a clear coat onto a model it tends to flatten down much of the clever colour variations I have achieved!
  9. Yeah, who'd have thought that was going to happen? Will the decals become part of Arctic decals range?
  10. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Is that a clue to a future project? If so, (to use text speak) I think I have an idea what their "F8" will be...
  11. More X-planes

    There's always something very appealing about themed collections in a constant scale. Maybe it is because they are carefully curated miniature aircraft museum. Great stuff, and thanks for sharing. Wouldn't mind seeing closer photos of some of those rarer aircraft! Will
  12. B707, DC-9, B727, B747 Airliner Builds

    Fantastic stuff, my favourite is that 707- what a scorcher!
  13. From Failure to Failure

    Plastic shot glasses do the same job. Doesn't save quite so many headaches though.
  14. Can't disagree there! Personally, I would also quite like to see the Italian Regina Elena class too. Faster than HMS Dreadnought. Designed by Cuniberti.
  15. 2018/1 WNW Ships Camel

    I use sewing needles- just snip off the top half of the 'eye' to create a little two-pronged fork. Stick the sharp end into a cork as a handle. They hold a small blob of superglue really well! These look a lot finer though- might give them a try. Thanks! Will