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  1. Most memorable film scenes..

    the charge of the Rohirrim (Return of the King) LOTR
  2. Coming from you it means a lot! New update coming shortly... Cheers, Moggy
  3. Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    Let's see: Finishing the P2V-7 Neptune has first call above anything else! Print my decal sheet - without which most projects will stall Finishing my Alenia G.222 Argentine Army, Vampire T.11 Chilean Air Force, A-4Q Argentine Navy, An-74 Iran (self-made decals), and a bunch of other hangar queens New builds - CASA 212 Argentine Army (self-made decals) Carriers Ahoy! 24 Mar to 15 Jul - either a Super Etendard or a Sea King - both Argentine Navy (Sea King self-made decals) Airfix: The Golden Years 2 Jun to 22 Sep - Bristol 170 Freighter mk.1 Argentine Air Force (self-made decals) Come to think of it... it fits into the Brits Abroad GB Brits Abroad 16 Jun to 7 Oct - DH Dove Argentine Air Force (self-made decals) Another finishing project - DH Heron AFX in Jordanian markings. I'm afraid I have done more than 25% building. Of course I can always take pictures and submit those to Mod judgement This program is subject to the vagaries of real life etc. Cheers, Moggy
  4. Fairey IIIF Floatplane colour schemes

    I built their Meteor mk. 8. It should have been made a hanging offence. Thankfully it was destroyed during a move - together with what amounted to my worst 9 models. Cheers, Moggy (amid moveus interruptus)
  5. For the fearless modeller: Supermarine Southampton mk III. The Argentine Navy Southampton "HB-6" flew the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII) on a day tour of Montevideo (Uruguay's capital) during the Prince of Wales' visit to Argentina 1931. There's a beautiful Silver Wings resin kit in 1/72 It's waiting for me in my stash; the fit is incredibly good - a Rolls-Royce of resin kits Cheers - Moggy
  6. Fairey IIIF Floatplane colour schemes

    Argentine Naval Aviation I have both the Contrail & the Merlin model kits. Yes, I know Merlin Models richly deserved reputation. Cheers, Moggy (undaunted by odds)
  7. Great subject! The Aermacchi were used by the Argentine Naval Aviation (COAN in spanish) Looking forward to seeing the model completed Cheers, Moggy
  8. Gunze Mr. Hobby Aqueous

    I've never tried... However, once the isopropyl alcohol ran out on a Sunday, First I swore... then I remembered somebody gave me a bottle of vodka as a present. I don't like vodka - and this was cheap Polish vodka to boot So I used it as solvent in an experiment... and it worked! The models in question smelled funny for some time - but it worked. So now you know what to do with cheap Polish vodka. Cheers, Moggy
  9. Gunze Mr. Hobby Aqueous

    I've used Tamiya & Gunze acrylics for 30 years - 90-percent alcohol / isopropyl alcohol works perfectly well. I never went back to Tamiya's wildly overpriced solvent. I routinely mix GS & Tamiya without problems. For the price of a liter of X-20 you could buy an excellent aged single malt whisky. Cheers, Moggy
  10. By request! Somali Hunter (gift from Oman) Vampire T Rhodesia Nigerian Jaguar Sudanese Jet Provost! HS 748 Zambia AF Cheers, Moggy
  11. Next batch of Latin American Brit expats: Canberras galore! Venezuelan Air Force Argentine Air Force Chilean Air Force Peruvian Air Force Ecuador Air Force Again - there are decal sheets for the lot! Cheers, Moggy
  12. Some ships off my cuff: Carriers: Australia: Majestic-class HMAS Sidney & HMAS Melbourne Canada: Majestic-class HMCS Bonaventure The Netherlands: Colossus-class HNLS Karel Doorman Brazil: Colossus-class Minas Gerais Argentina: Colossus class ARA Independencia & ARA 25 de Mayo India: Colossus class INS Vikrant Centaur-class INS Viraat France: Colossus-class Arromanches
  13. I have an idea - posting candidates to whet the modelling apetite and keep the interest. I'll go first - I'll concentrate on Latin american air forces: Latin Meteors Brazilian Air Force: Ecuadorian Air Force: Argentine Air Force: A bonus - there are decal sheets for all three Meteors Cheers, Moggy
  14. The part I do not enjoy is the puttying of "mistakes" - I often wait too long to sand off the surplus putty - letting it become as hard (at least) as the plastic itself. Yesterday I took a short vacation from the Neptune in order to complete my DH Dove in Argentine use decal sheet. Brits Abroad anybody? Cheers, Moggy
  15. The inner skin width (along the wing chord) redefines the spar box along the same line. First some routing is in order - followed by a new longer box top and a new wider & thicker spar front: The new spar front is 1,5 mm thick and fits like a glove! It stays in place without glue Some more fitting: Finally all basic parts fit in place and are ready for final detailing: The difficult part of the wheel wells is now finished! Now detailing begins. Using etch rests for detailing: Spar box roof - scissor thingammajig belonging to the landing gear leg More detailing to follow... Cheers, Moggy