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  1. Yeah 50 cal are in... The instructions are off in terms of which variant gets them but I will use on mine. Nearly nicked it firmly m37 but got the academy 30/50 cal set instead
  2. 1/35 Eduard m4

    Cheers Ozzy. Going with "Goldie" markings. US 66th armoured from June 44
  3. I am building the Eduard boxing.... Nice kit if sometimes fiddly PE...looking forward to more
  4. Roden 1/35 M37 Truck

    Truck bed and roof on ( hate the gap) .... Wheels on FB_IMG_1501444919284 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
  5. 1/35 Eduard m4

    Progress...... FB_IMG_1501444898114 by Robert Worth, on Flickr FB_IMG_1501444903898 by Robert Worth, on Flickr FB_IMG_1501445301709 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
  6. 1/35 Eduard m4

    Yeah, did on the easy-8 and the M10.....
  7. 1/35 Eduard m4

    Progress. So far so good. Side applique armour needs to be adjusted so have taken it off.... Enjoying the build but the suspension has me a tad worried.... IMG_20170721_174330 by Robert Worth, on Flickr IMG_20170722_170255 by Robert Worth, on Flickr IMG_20170722_174341 by Robert Worth, on Flickr IMG_20170722_170305 by Robert Worth, on Flickr IMG_20170722_174354 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
  8. Roden 1/35 M37 Truck

    Progress.... Bit of line work and Matt varnish.... May leave it this weathered.... Sandbags need a little work as well but that can wait until the body work is all glued down IMG_20170723_122731 by Robert Worth, on Flickr IMG_20170723_122658 by Robert Worth, on Flickr IMG_20170723_122711 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
  9. 1/35 Eduard m4

    Started, pics later... So far so good
  10. 1/35 Eduard m4

    Placeholder for my next build.... Eduard M4. Building OOB for a GB elsewhere. Should start later this week work permitting
  11. Roden 1/35 M37 Truck

    Cheers G.... The image I am using as inspiration shows bags across the windscreen and on the right wheel arch.... Have assumed the left arch has them too.... Understand about the bags on the floor too. The m/g looks too high but any lower would foul on the roof support. I assume the gunner stood on something but no evidence so leaving it as is.....
  12. Roden 1/35 M37 Truck

    One thing I did on the roof canvas, used pva glue to mould first and then liquid poly to almost bond it to the piece.... Don't get it on the plastic that is on show tho.....
  13. Roden 1/35 M37 Truck

    There has been progress, paint on, decals on, tried some sandbags from miliput. Think a touch too big tho FB_IMG_1499451078054 by Robert Worth, on Flickr FB_IMG_1499451112042 by Robert Worth, on Flickr FB_IMG_1500229694590 by Robert Worth, on Flickr FB_IMG_1500229759289 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
  14. Stunning start, where did you get the engine references? Imam getting the new Scammel transporter so may try some extra work on that....