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  1. If all else fails, Ultracast do one: http://www.ultracast.ca/products/48/035/default.htm
  2. Lanc BIII Question

    Mike Belcher offers the trolley: http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/172conv/bl7.htm
  3. LC-123J

    Joe Baugher has this: ". . . converted to C-123J. To US Department of the Interior as N4393E in 1976. Preserved at Kulis ANGB, AK. By 2011, moved to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, 176th Wing, Alaska ANG." A link to a picture: http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000192161L.html
  4. Yes, that's the 1959-vintage Frog we're seeing here. The giveaway is the kit number moulded on the stub in the picture. Though not shown in the pictures, I think it was a car door type with the later perspex canopy aft section. I seem to recall it had no wheel wells, common for the time. The contemporary Airfix kit seemed better (though its canopy needed replacing). The second Frog effort was all-new and came out in 1975. I suspect its quality leap-frogged, as it were, the Airfix kit.
  5. UK WW2 photo collection

    Yes, that's a Proctor. There will always be a few quibbles about captions and the reader gets to feel good about himself when he catches an error. But the pictures don't lie and many are better copies than I presently have in my files. I am glad to see them. Right click. Replace. Repeat. Did anyone spot General Eisenhower? And who's the pretty teenager with the King and Queen?
  6. Avro Anson II Conversion

    I’ve had a look at my Anson file and found a few more tidbits. Joe Baugher lists 50 Anson II aircraft taken over as 43-8181 to 43-8230. 43-8223 was previously 7120 in RCAF hands. It was built by Canadian Car and Foundry at Amherst Nova Scotia and delivered to 3 Training Command in February 1942. After several months with 9 BGS at Mont Joli PQ it was stored and then recorded as sold to the USAAF in September 1942. It was delivered (ferried?) to Stockton California before the US serial was marked. I agree it looks like aluminium dope in the picture. Note in both pictures above the rudder seems to be a different colour. It could be a deflected rudder but I wonder if it remained the RCAF standard yellow? I had a look at the Special Hobby version in my stash (the Groupe Artois version) and it is a better all-around base kit than the Airfix. Specifically, the wings on early Ansons were plywood covered and it has none of the Airfix ribs. And it already has the smooth cowlings. Be aware the Mk II nose was moulded plywood and of different shape than that of the Mk I. Even though it retained the bomb aimer’s flat window just aft of the tip the nose transparency was a clear perspex dome of more or less elliptical shape and did not have the flat bottom of the Mk I. I believe (large grain of salt at the ready) that it was carried over to the Mk V. Only a few early Mk II had a similar undercarriage to the Mk I. After that (including 7120/43-8223) there were paired hydraulic rods in separate openings in the engine nacelle. A few picture links to illustrate: http://image-bank.techno-science.ca/databases/image_bank/dig_image.cfm?Lang=e&id=6011 http://image-bank.techno-science.ca/databases/image_bank/dig_image.cfm?Lang=e&id=KM1954 http://image-bank.techno-science.ca/databases/image_bank/dig_image.cfm?Lang=e&id=KM1955 http://image-bank.techno-science.ca/databases/image_bank/dig_image.cfm?Lang=e&id=KM1985 Be aware that the site still suffers from erratic captioning. Caveat emptor but the pictures themselves don’t lie.
  7. Avro Anson II Conversion

    A couple of things. The Mark II was powered by Jacobs radials in smooth cowlings and it featured hydraulic retraction for the undercarriage.The side windows were often blanked off too. I am away from my files but think I may have more. I will check when I get home. Are you thinking of doing the one shown? I am curious if it was still in its RCAF yellow.
  8. Airfix New P-51D Tail Question

    Removing a Mustang’s fin fillet has to be one of the most basic exercises there is, a couple of minutes with a saw and sandpaper. There may well be a gap left and that’s a job for a shim of plastic card and a dab of filler.
  9. Tamiya Spitfire Mk1 Canopy

    You should eliminate the Squadron canopies in any case since all of them (in the current Falcon website listing) are for other kit manufacturers. The Spitfire Special set referenced above includes several options, open and shut, original and bulged for the Tamiya kit.
  10. Tamiya Spitfire Mk1 Canopy

    Falcon has vacformed canopies in both 1/72 and 1/48: http://www.falconmodels.co.nz/clearvax/set41.html http://www.falconmodels.co.nz/clearvax/set51.html
  11. Converting a DH4 to a DH9A, can it be done???

    You can but it is a lot of work. Alan W Hall used the then-new Airfix DH 4 to do the same thing. The wings, rear fuselage and tail are basically the same but you need to move the pilot aft and reconfigure the nose. Others - many others - know more but those are the basics. In 1/48 you will have a real looker.
  12. Serial P8088 of Pilot Officer Alec Lumsden? Check Profile No. 41, Spitfire I & II oublished in 1965. It was illustrated in colour 5-view by James Goulding and also with photographs supplied by the pilot. Full left and right sides, on page 9 of the same monograph. I missed the hubbub over the Hurricane.
  13. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    I used this ebay seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Attack-Squadron-Models-1-72-DH-98-MOSQUITO-2-STAGE-SUPERCHARGER-MERLIN-NACELLES-/382042658869?hash=item58f3845835 As for actually using the parts? Good grief, nobody uses aftermarket parts any more than they build kits to reduce the stash! These engines look so good in the bag that I might yet get out the tools once the minor house renovation is complete. I figure any man who can successfully decipher Ikea kitchen cabinet instructions has nothing to fear.
  14. Spitfire XVI 1/72

    Are the only choices blue and red? I take it the band and numeral were added for some event, a race perhaps? Perhaps there are other examples to guide?
  15. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    My package arrived just now, excellent service all the way. I can't say enough good about Canada Post's tracking service. And like always, the package arrived two days ahead of promise. The parts came packaged in a ziplock baggie, inside a neat little cardboard box together with a simple instruction sheet. The vendor wrapped it in another layer of corrugated cardboard and then in bubble wrap and then mailed it in a bubble-lined envelope. The package arrived in perfect condition. I will buy from that guy again for certain. I haven't attempted to use them, of course. Too much to do and too little time. The basement reno beckons. If I need inspiration for building a Mosquito, I look no further than a project in which my father-in-law is heavily involved: http://www.ch2a.ca/mosquito