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  1. I put my completed builds onto a bookcase ( minus books!) for a while then generally bin them. Any special ones go into a container to keep the dust off and I keep them safe. Cheers, Ray PS I am one of the lucky ones, my good lady wife buys me more kits than I do!
  2. Hello, count me in please! It sounds good to me. Cheers, Ray
  3. Murdo, I would love to see that! I am thinking of doing another ship soon, the Knight Templar - built on the Clyde in 1872, she sank in 1873. I have plans in one of my books so it may well appear here soon, and I can see if I learnt from Ophir! Thanks for all the comments from everyone! Cheers, Ray
  4. Paul, thank you so much for that link. I followed the guide, failed on the first option but cracked it when I did the two downloads to update the updater! The first package was already on my laptop, but the second got it sorted, so hopefully all is well! Thanks again, Ray
  5. Thank you all for the advice, I am just going to try it out! I will let you know! All the best everyone Ray
  6. Hello again, I have a Samsung Laptop, about 7 years old. It is running Windows 7 Home Premium and the blurb says Service Pack 1. I regularly did my updates but they stopped 11/14/16 (the automatic checking) which was roughly when I installed Chrome. I always had all updates installed up until then. I have checked the Updates, it shows there are 4 Optional updates outstanding, but will not download them. I will try again, but leave the laptop running just in case the broadband is slow. One of the optional ones is for IE11. Hope this helps Ray.
  7. Hello all! I need a bit of advice please. Some time ago Microsoft updated their Internet Explorer and we could not copy and paste into our posts here on BM. There was quite a thread about this, and the general thought was use Chrome or similar instead. I downloaded the Chrome browser and all was well... However, I found that the automatic updates on Windows now no longer worked. I did not realise this for quite a long time. So, does anyone know of a way of getting Windows Updates to download when Chrome is the default Browser? I have gone to the Updates section in Programmes and clicked on the updates listed I want, but all I get is a green bar moving across and progress showing at 0% all the time. I have tried installing the Internet Explorer 11 from Microsoft, but when I go onto our favourite site (BM) using IE11 I find the headers at the top of the page states 'Navigation Cancelled'. I think it is IE11 producing it, I cannot find anywhere which shows which version it is! Hope this does not sound too confusing, but oh boy! I am confused! Any help will be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Ray PS I am using a Windows 7 laptop.
  8. Hello Dave, I have sent an e-mail and a photo of a ship model to Mersey Ferries, so with luck I will get a reply! I sent them a picture of the SS Ophir I have built, as luck would have it, that ship was a Liverpool based ship! I saw a forum build of a ferry very similar to Snowdrop, but do you think I can find it now? The builder had obtained plans (at a price) and I was going to ask them where they had got them from! I cannot find the site in the Google history on my computer. Thanks again for the advice, Ray
  9. Hello all! It has taken some time, but I finally finished up my model of the SS Ophir. I added some extra detailing - I added an inverted V of rigging on the front loading boom (as suggested by BM'er Murdo in the build thread) and some tyres to act as anti-rubbing over the sides, along with some rudimentary weathering to make her look a bit grubbier, although I did keep it understated somewhat. The nameplates were printed in 9 point size with the nearest font I could find (Ariel I think) onto white paper with a black surround (a story in itself considering my lack of skill with computers). A black Sharpie took care of the white paper when I cut them out. Next time I will try decal paper. The next issue was how to display her on a watery base. I had build ships and put them in ocean settings, but was a bit fed up with bluey grey water. Ophir sailed out of Liverpool for nearly 50 years, so I googled 'Ships on the Mersey Estuary' for inspiration, and found a photo of a Mersey Ferry, the MV Snowdrop, on an incredibly brown water. So that gave me an idea, and I ended up with this: The base was MDF, I epoxy'd the ship to it after finding that in the time since I originally 'finished' it and finally finishing it, that Ophir had bowed a bit, and was slightly curving upwards towards the bow. That is one of the reasons she has such a bow wave and wake. I do not think she would have gone quite so quickly in real life. The 'water' was textured card, with normal polyfiller making up the wake and agitated water, then non-sanding polyfiller to make the froth and foam along the hull sides, and the splashy bit at the bow. Well, that is it, and I am happy with how she turned out. Now I want to build the MV Snowdrop just for that colour scheme in the link! Thanks for looking, Ray
  10. Seahawk and Jamie, thanks for the extra info! If the 30 odd page thread is where I think you mean, I have tried to go onto it, but get a huge red warning: Deceptive site ahead Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards). so I am hesitant to try and follow this up: it is the only thread there which gives this warning that I have found! Seahawk, I think you know me too well! I can easily get confused! Thanks again, and see you tomorrow Seahawk Ray PS Jamie, I will order the two new paints when you get them sorted, along with at least 4 others for WW1
  11. HMS Gloucester for me! Cheers, Ray
  12. Well, I have taken the plunge and ordered the paints, and gone for GW12 as my 'B6'. Now I just have to find a decent pictorial guide to the scheme. Thanks again for the info Jamie at Sovereign. All the best, Ray
  13. Thanks Jamie for the info. I will give it a think for a while, but I may well go down the 'sort of' route and order the paints from you soon. Cheers, Ray
  14. Hello, I have an old kit of the Tamiya 1/700 Prince of Wales, and would like to do it in the disruptive scheme shown in the instructions. Sovereign Hobbies give a list of these colours for POW: Prince of Wales Camouflage— MS.1 (RN 04), MS.3 (RN 06), B.5 (RN 07), B.6 (RN 11), AP 507C Admiralty Medium Grey (RN 03), White (C 03). Steel decks—MS.1 (RN 04); Wood Decks—Teak (C 01); Boot-topping—Black (C 02); Underwater Hull—RN Antifouling Red (RN 19). I have been able to find most of the colours in my paint stash, but can any one say what B6 is I know it was called Medium Blue? White Ensign did it in their Colourcoats range as RN11, but it is not currently listed on the website. I have a range of Akan paint, and it is not there either. So, can you please give me a pointer as to which paint would be a best/close match? There are so many paints that could be called Medium Blue. I don't mind what brand, though preferably one that is easy to get. I am probably going to order replacements for all the paints I do have anyway from Sovereign Hobbies. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Ray
  15. Hello Lexi, excellent result, and an fascinating back story. My dad introduced me to model kits in Aden - I got a Fokker Friendship as a Christmas present in 1964(ish), and he said he would help me build it. Well, I was impatient, and stuck it together with sellotape! I twisted the parts off the runners (I was only 6), but I like to think I have improved since then! My follow up kit was the Bismarck, which I did allow him to help me with. When he gave it to me, he said that if I wanted to swap it, there was a model of an oil tanker I could have instead, so I wonder if that would have been the Frog Shell Welder? All the best, Ray