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  1. That will make a difference Hewy. Great work so far on the carrier! Ray
  2. Great recovery! When you know there is an issue, it is difficult to leave it! The paintwork looks really neat on those codes! The rest of the kits seems to have gone really well. Ray
  3. Excellent build, very crisp and wonderfully detailed. I like the water effects and photography too. Nice to see another merchant ship! Ray
  4. Gorby, as others have said, this is stunning. I was amazed with each photo as I scrolled down through them. Well done! Ray
  5. Hello all. I did not manage to get much done today to Escapade. What I did complete was quite fiddly: They consisted of five etch parts each! I cut out all five parts and trimmed the fret tabs, then folded the pedestal (two folds), held that in the self locking tweezers, then fitted the shield and ammo drums (two pieces) to the front with Glue'N'Glaze, then the barrels (one piece) to that again with GNG but then ran some thin CA along both sides, then fitted the base plate with GNG. All parts fitted except the barrels were placed using a damp end of a cocktail stick, barrels were held gingerly in a pair of tweezers. They have now been painted, once again being held by self locking tweezers. Or I could have used these: I have test fitted the etch versions into the midship gun platform, and they fit. Hopefully more tomorrow! Thanks for looking, Ray
  6. Beefy and Glynn, thanks for those kind comments! The rigging is rather delicate, and I have to keep remembering it is there when I pick the ship up! I have tweeked the base a bit, I felt the original blue was a bit too bright, so I overcoated with a slightly thinner covering of Prussian Blue hue mixed with a bit of Paynes grey. This left some of the tonal variation that was in the original, but darkened it just a touch I then started on the wake. First I mixed some of the Prussian Blue with a bit of a very light Olive and thinned that just a bit more than previously, and spread that out in the immediate aft area where the prop wash would be. I tried to make it look like the ruffled water you would see which to my eyes at least always seem to have hints of green in it. Then I used some Winsor and Newton Heavy Carvable Modelling Paste to create the rougher area of water, this was applied thinly with a cocktail stick and spread about, then the side of the pointy bit of the stick was continually dabbled into the paste - this spread the paste out and tamped it down so there was not too much height for the choppy water. This did not completely cover the previously added blue/green paint, so some of that is still visible and gives a visual edge to the 'foam' As you can see from above, the foamy wake aft breaks up rapidly, so I hope it gives the impression that Escapade is not wellying along, just sailing sedately! This section has now had two coats of Humbrol Clear brushed over the dark blue areas. I also added a few wisps of white on the dark blue to give the impression of breaking wavelets, but not too many as it is fairly calm. Again these were added but 'dry brushing' with the cocktail stick and the modelling paste. Varying the angle of the cocktail stick produced slightly different shaped crests. Finally, I have just put the ship in place to see how it looks I may just add one more coat of Clear to gloss up the sea, then try and pop a bit of matt or satin varnish on to vary the texture a bit before I fit the ship permanently. Cheers, Ray
  7. Hmmm, me too! Ray
  8. Hi hope you don't mind but I have 'bumped' this for the brilliant work and especially the sail making tutorial in page 6, which will be very useful for me when I get back to the Knight Templar soon! This was a fantastic build Seadog, full of plenty of hints and tips for this mere mortal! Ray
  9. Hello, I had two water butts crack back in 2009 when it got really cold and everything froze up. Someone (me!) had forgotten to empty them and the water inside expanded. Well, when the thaw came, the butts were empty and I was in the same position as you. For some reason they only cracked at the bottom/side and the cracks were only two to three inches long. Out came medium CA, I applied it along the outside of the cracks, and they have been fine ever since! So that is my suggestion. Hope this helps, Ray
  10. Hello all, lets see if I do this post without messing up today! I have had a bit of R&B today. No, not music but Rigging and Base. First up was the rigging. I wanted to get four cables across the masts, so I Blue-Tacked the ship to a sheet of paper and put a sausage of Blue-Tack fore and aft of the ship. Out came the Caenis thread, which I cut way over-sized and pressed on end into one of the Blue-Tack rolls, then threaded the thread through the upper yardarm stays on the fore- and main-masts, then pressed it into the other piece of Blue-Tack. I did this for both threads on one side of Escapade, then secured them straight away with thin CA, rather than using Gum Arabic this time. I turned the ship around then completed the other side. When the CA had dried, I carefully cut away the surplus thread with the razor blade. There will be more rigging fitted later, but that needs to be done after the railings are finished. In the meantime I started on the sea base. I cut out a piece of MDF, rather badly (my sawing has never been the straight-line variety) and then used a rasp and sandpaper to even it out. I cut out a piece of textured card, drew around the base of the ship (on the back of the card) then used a fresh Stanley blade to cut out the waterline shape, just slightly oversized. I then stuck that down onto the MDF with a liberal smearing of PVA glue, and weighted it down with a spare socket set that just happened to be in my room. When that had dried sufficiently, I just had to try the ship for size:- It fitted quite well. This is the best I have managed when cutting out the shape of the waterline. Previously I had used a scalpel (hand held) but did not seem to have the control. This time the knife of choice was a Stanley knife in a good solid metal holder, and it seemed like the extra weight gave me much more control, I was even able to cut around the curve at the stern okay. I have given the water its first coat of paint, Winsor and Newton Prussian Blue Hue. It will need a few extra coats but it does dry quite quickly. I have decided that the sea state is calm with no swell or breaking wavelets, and Escapade will be moving through the water at a sedate pace, so will not have a spectacular wake or bow wave. Thanks for looking, Ray
  11. Hello Reconcilor, an excellent illustration of your cunning plan! Thanks explaining this for us! Ray
  12. Hello Nick, great work on my favourite ship! I think all logic suggests that railings would be there, I would imagine there would be a lot of traffic there so for safety sake I would say you are correct. One to remember next time I do this one. Ray
  13. Hi, this is looking really neat so far. Look forward to seeing this progress. Ray
  14. Ah-Ha, it looks like I hit Quote instead of Edit! I think the twenty minutes I had in the sun earlier addled my brains! Ray thehumblysorry