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  1. The other day I added a further 8 vintage Airfix kits to my stash: Fairey Rotodyne Fokker Friendship Ford Trimotor Mauretania Bristol Superfreighter Handley Page HP42 Hormone Helicopter Vickers Vanguard I have to admit I am thinking of doing one of those in a Raspberry Ripple scheme, so I hope there is a bit of leeway on authenticity (please!!). Ray PS - It will not be the ship I promise!
  2. Jaime, thanks to you and your cohorts for this brilliant group build, it was fab to watch all these excellent models take shape. Well done all! Ray
  3. Airfix 2019

    If Airfix are to continue making new tool of their older kits, I think that they should produce an iron chicken! They had originally done one of these parrafin pigeons way back when, and with their tendency to go for RN stuff, a Westland Whirlwind helicopter should fit the bill! They could also do one for the RAF too, to even the score... Probably more chance than a Moggy Thou Ray
  4. 1/350 Dreadnought

    This is a wonderful representation of the Dreadnought. How did you do the anti-torpedo nets - were they shoe-laces or rolled netting? Brilliant work! Ray
  5. Airfix 2019

    I think that due to one of the Airfix Exec's being involved with Oxford Diecasts, a Morris 1000 is well in order. It is only just a little different to an aircraft, after all it has wings, an engine, a cockpit complete with instrument panel and wheels so I don't see why not! Ray
  6. Airfix 1/72 Be2C

    Very nice work there! I have one of these too, specifically because of the colour scheme! Ray
  7. Britmodellers' X Files

    Hello all, my story is as follows: My then wife and I were living in a pre-fab in Cheltenham. We had two children, one of whom was wheelchair-bound. Our front door was narrow. I had a model display area in the hallway, fairly well filled with the results of my building. We checked all our windows were shut, and went out. I was pushing my daughter's chair. We had a great time out, and came back home. I opened the door, and there on the floor by the main door just where I would have walked when we had gone out, was one of my models, upside down, about six feet from the display shelves. It had a delicate aerial which was still intact. It was a tricycle undercarriage jet, it had plenty of weight in the front to prevent tail sitting. I have no idea how it got there, it was not there when we left, we would have trodden on it. My ex had always said that her late mum (who had died about 6 years previously) was a ghostly presence in the house (even though her mum had died only 1 month and 9 days after we had first started going outwith each other and that her mum had never been in the house). This will puzzle me until my final moments. Ray
  8. Hello all! Thanks for the responses to this! I thoroughly enjoyed building it, but my next project may be simpler. You know, something like the Aeroclub Felixstowe flying boat or something! Have a great Christmas, Ray. PS: I must stop using exclamation marks!!!
  9. Perhaps they will re-tool things like the Fokker Friendship, the Ford Trimotor, Bristol Superfrieghter, Fairey Rotodyne etc? Well, maybe not... I would love them to re-do the HP 42 airliner and give silver and camo options. Hope there are accurate plans out there. In reality, more likely to be a Camel I suspect. I like the speculation personally! Ray
  10. That is what I meant! It was a case of fingers tapping before brain was engaged! I would not mind one of the Bombardiers in NZ colours too (I hope I got that one right!). Thanks for the correction Scott, Ray
  11. Hello Fozzy, what an interesting project! You have certainly come up with some great ideas for scratch-building, and I thought your tutorial for the 'skinning' was brilliant! I am going to have to try this sometime soon! Enjoy Blighty, Ray
  12. Are these the type that New Zealand Airlines use with their black fern logo? Ray
  13. Hello everyone! I have just finished having great fun over in the Group Build section of our lovely BM, where there are many gallant folks building a selection of aircraft that float and fly, seaplanes, flying boats, float planes Eraknoplans etc, and this is one what I did (sic)! The build log is here The kit was a basic Scaleplanes 1/72 Vacform that I picked up for £3 at my local model show a few years ago, Moulding were pretty crisp and fitted well, especially the top and lower halves of the main float - in fact I have had injection moulded parts that failed to click together better than these two bits! I added some detail in the cockpit, but as usual it is almost impossible to see. I had better luck with the engine - that was an interesting looking blob on the sheet, so I wondered whether to but a Small Stuff resin engine or scratch one, I did the latter in the end. In fact the engine ended up with something like 30 bits of plastic and copper wire, but was well worth doing, and added to my scratch build armoury. I also built the fuel tank, this time the kit parts were good, but I just felt like doing my own. I wrapped Aizu tape round for the strengthening straps and coated them in thin CA to seal them. Rigging was a mix of EZ-Line and a couple of types of speaker cable core pulled taut between two pairs of tweezers to get the wire straight. I tried to accent the rib tapes on the wings despite only using a paint brush for the colour scheme, and I think there is still practice required. Anyway, here it is, but please accept my apologies for the tattieness of the rigging exit points on the wings - this model was really fragile, and I was rather scared of holding it too hard when trying to clean them up as the struts were just butt-joined to the wings! Thanks for looking, all the best, Ray
  14. Hello all! Here is my completed floatplane, The Burgess-Dunne. These were continually being modified, crashed, rebuilt and remodified, and references were scarce for a particular airframe. The kit was the Scaleplanes 1/72 Vacform, and I scratchbuilt the engine and fuel tank. I could not see any markings on images on the web, so I did not have to figure them out! Thanks to everyone who gave encouragement during the build, and what a fabulous GB this has been, you have all been great! Build log is here (I hope!) http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026084-burgess-dunne-floatplane/& All the best everyone, may your Seaplane find still waters, Ray
  15. Hello all, I apologise for not updating this for about a month, but things got in the way and I was unable to do much modelling for most of that time. All is sorted now though, and I have managed to get the Burgess-Dunne done! Limeypilot, thanks for that. I have to admit I can get quite confused with the written word, and despite reading that a number of times, I am still non the wiser (my fault of comprehension rather than yours of explanation!), but I think the prop is on incorrectly. If I can find a pusher prop I will replace it, that should be easy to do as it has come off twice already, so all may not be lost. I completed the spider's web rigging with a mixture of EZ-Line and thin speaker cable core. I have two lots of cable, one is silver coloured and very thin, the other is copper and a bit thicker. I found the silver cable was more brittle when stretching between two tweezers to get rid of the kinks, but I found that if I pulled until it snapped, the wire was straight. I coloured them with a black Sharpie pen and it worked okay. Anyway, here she is in all her glory (warts and all): I will pop a few more into the Gallery in a mo, but I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who have commented and 'liked' this build, I have thoroughly enjoyed this, and I hope it has reinforced the lure of building the 'unusual'. Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year to you all! Ray