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  1. Thanks Don , & mekon. Fuse exterior mode begin e=with the removal of the non-used bombsite fairing:
  2. Doghouse fit check:
  3. Thank you , Clive! Pressing home the fuse assy , right side cockpit glued , left not , all good so far:
  4. Fuselage assy procedures begin with some test-fitting , the last of a lotta that:
  5. Hdog and The Viking ; Thanks , I appreciate the compliments. Here is the finished fuel cart : A more detailed work and final thread can be found on Des' site.
  6. Fuel cart basework begins: Embedding:
  7. lol no. And hey Andrea arent these guys the last you would want to steal a trademarked image from? I've worked with trademarks and copyrights continuously , including the above image , for most of my life in signwork. I've never heard of anyone suing or being sued over artwork infringement..
  8. There is one logo or corporate identity that has been 'stolen' so many times the lawyers and owners have given up trying to fight it. They eventually resigned themselves to the fact that the artwork is so recognizable that copying it actually helps their cause! Talk about full circle! Anyone care to guess?
  9. Thank you ,Clive. The least amount of fuse wiring I can see to apply. I did sand off the 'behind the framework' wiring supplied with the kit. I drilled and glued in plastic model RR eyelets to run the wiring through. A nice little p/e detail on the box does it nicely: The wire is to be painted grey.
  10. In todays market there will have to be significant upgrades to the wheels and chains of the Protar kits if they expect to sell very many. Two sprockets straddlin' the chain aint' gonna cut it Italeri! I sure hope they can get it going, I love the Provini kits , so cool for their time.
  11. Has anyone been sued? Prolly not.