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  1. "Are you going somewhere?" - Masterbox/Bronco 1/35

    Very cute, love it! Mike
  2. These are really cool looking machines-proportions just right. A great build there one to be proud of-and how refreshing to see a relatively clean tank-given the current trend for heavy weathering (which I do like, but it just seems to be everywhere at the moment)-lovely job! Mike
  3. '40 Ford Coupe

    Nah-keep the gasser look I say-looks purposeful ! Mike
  4. Muscle car double build

    Wow what a stunning pair! The combination of really high quality build and great photography gives a magazine studio shoot feel-brilliant! Modern muscle cars are sooo cool, even better than the originals. My fav is the Mustang-the body shape is stunning the proportions of the front to the cabin give the impression of huge power-and in some cases that's backed up by real power too. Mike
  5. BoB Pilot

    Thanks Max-I always try to make use of what's lying obout in spares box-there's usually a bit that can be cut up! Mike
  6. '40 Ford Coupe

    Very nice-great idea to de-clutter-remove handles etc. Sort of gasser style going on there with highish front-typical of that style. I like the pinstriping on the trunk-is tha a decal or very careful painting?! Oh and lovely colour-great work! Mike
  7. Some art by me

    Wow, what a stunning picture! Is that a painting/CGI? Mike
  8. Lotus F1 Show

    Looks stunning, beautiful modelling and great idea,well done!! Mike
  9. BoB Pilot

    Thanks Billy, yes Humbrol acrylics,flesh colour+black for shadows and white for highlights and a dash of red for cheeks/lips/around eyes. Mike
  10. Yeess, love it, great concept, good imagination there and lovely build! Not great vision from the driver's seat but with those wepons what does that matter! Just the sort of vehicle for the M25! Mike
  11. 1956 Austin Healey 100-Six

    Wow what a fantastic build,lovely paint finish, one of the best I've seen! One small point, do you think the gap around the doors should be black or similar? When you look at 'real' cars, the gaps around doors are very dark. Mike
  12. Last V-8 Interceptor

    Hmm, I remember those in the film and boy did I want one,superb car! Lovely build there,nice finish to the black paint, that can be tricky. Mike
  13. BoB Pilot

    My latest 'build'-a 120mm resin RAF pilot figure from Heritage Aviation. No assembly but I cut/scraped off the leads. I replaced these with lead wire and oxygen tube is a bit of wire I had lying around. Rank stripes are tamiya tape. More of a painting exercise-much practice needed! Painted with Humbrol acrylics and yes the blue shade of the uniform looks too light. I don't know of a standard colour that is closer to the actual uniform. Sorry about last two pics-photobucket keeps turning themround when posting. Thanks for looking. Mike
  14. WZ-34 Polish Car

    Now that is very cool, something different-lovely! Mike
  15. Good luck Comrade!

    Thanks guys-yes it was a change to do a Hurri as something different-I really like the Russian markings,very stylish. Mike