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  1. howling wide eyed creatures....
  2. O Kay. typed s l o w l y....
  3. .. was hard boiled SO....
  4. Rob G... that makes 2 of us. reality shows get a NO LIKE from ME ! female colleagues tell ME these nonsensical stuff. I wish I could unhear them.. a lot of tripe .it's offal!
  5. apparently she thought she had the ( e )X factor ... more like EX!
  6. ...on the Pyrex dish....
  7. yep... must be his age. old is he... shouldn't he be resting right now. the old dear needs to !
  8. if you enlarge it blooming looks almost like her... must be the darkness I am in ...makes ME see things
  9. REALLY... So what does the wife .... Honey G think.
  10. Hey Panzer.... on closer inspection she looks like NCIS 's Abbie! Oi what happened to 75 likes... says I ran out MY FIFTY ... FIFTY.... Dave did you pinch them ... well did you..
  11. .... is he slapping you back though!
  12. ....are you sure. are those bullet holes in SpongeBob's head. Panzer Vor.... your tank looks decent at least!
  13. ... Panzer Vor is camoflaged so he can't be noticed... he just moves about incognito.... like a on his
  14. Mr TICKLE ...he's pleased!