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  2. MunchMunch, EXQUISITE and EXCEPTIONAL 3-D work. you created a really STUNNING piece of work. BRAVO for being brave enough to do that... I think your son is most probably enjoying this gift of yours! Super effort.
  3. Well Heck!! That's SMART build. SPLENDID B Wings.. GORGEOUS, PRISTINE model. I am quite impressed by your impeccable work need more photos ....
  4. RIchO, SPECTACULAR build and look massive for a small scale. AWESOME job and the photos are IMPRESSIVELY taken. I love the night /light shots... A REALLY BEAUTIFUL build. KUDOS....
  5. Love the symmetry between black and white. WOW.. ONE PERFECT build.
  6. René . Very well detailing workmanship and OUTSTANDING Build. GORGEOUS .. Good job.
  7. Karl. SUPER ÜBER Build. SUPER Diorama.... I think even NASA would love it.. EXCEPTIONAL work. KUDOS
  8. Habu, Your SLAVE 1 is really superbly done and looks mighty IMPRESSIVE literally . STUNNING build with lovely subtle weathering. WOW..
  9. Thanks Adam for the reply.
  10. Thank you for showing the disassembled and assembled photos of your models. when you are able to refigure it back to its original status ,it shows your skills are impressive. SUPER build and CLEAN photos.
  11. John B. OMG.. what a GORGEOUS looking LANCASTER.. quite a lovely model and definitely the best EYE CANDY in MY humble opinion. LOVE IT.
  12. Oh WOW ..that's pretty AWESOME..
  13. Hello B1 gdav3, WOW ! Your Gundam model is STUNNING. the painting is NEAT and SUPERBLY done. Very EFFULGENT in those colors. Good way to enter the Forums. Enjoy and look forward to seeing more.
  14. I like it ..reminds ME of Geometric designs one did in wood working classes .. your metal work is EXQUISITE. EXCEPTIONAL build Sir.