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  1. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Keep thinking about it Martin! There's a fair degree of commonality of appearance between the Ka-27, 28, 29 and 31 and it's sometimes hard to figure out what a particular one is. In 1/72 the Begemot decals cover several variants.
  2. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    So you have stocked up on Earl Grey for this build? This looks like a great Martin project..... I will watch with interest and have already saved Massimo's pictures for my 1/72 build(s) in future.
  3. Venturas at Night - 459 Sqn & VMF(N)531

    The re isn't much to see in the interiors so - I know it's heretical - any colour paint will do. The bomb bays and wheel wells are a different matter.
  4. Very nice - great finish - and a base always makes a model look even better.
  5. Tupolev TU-334 Prototype 1/144

    It looks like a lot of work went into it - it's certainly a cute looking airliner. I think it lost out to the Sukhoi competitor but Tupolev had not given up on the design even in 2016! I think it's finally deceased now. http://www.our-russia.com/26052016114228/russias-tupolev-revive-tu-334-aircraft Yury - if it's that much of a problem, copy a couple of the pictures and use your skills to make them look better!
  6. This is very nice work you are doing here. For anyone building the RNZAF one, note that they were overall aluminium dope, not light grey as the instructions advise. It even carried a shark mouth for a little while at an airshow.
  7. Airfix Lancaster wings, little tabs.

    It's unlikely your picture will be of sufficient resolution to see them but you may be lucky. They were fitted to Manchesters so likely on all early Lancasters. Chastise dams raid was low level so very unlikely they were not equipped with them.
  8. Airfix Lancaster wings, little tabs.

    Pictures http://www.bbrclub.org/Balloon Cable Cutting Device for Aircraft.htm https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/british-cable-cutter-ctg/22562/17 Discussion https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/lancaster-cable-cutters.9290/ http://www.pprune.org/aviation-history-nostalgia/468779-lancaster-cable-cutters.html Addition to Revell Lancaster
  9. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    Mea culpa Jerry - my notes on the kit said "ASR extras" but when I looked there are only target tug additional parts. I think the only ASR additions were the underwing containers but that's from memory - you probably know more than I do. I'll build a TT if I can't find ASR info.
  10. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    Those pictures are taken at different angles so it's unwise to compare them. My Pavla kit will be a donor of the ASR parts and decals to the best Defiant kit - the Airfix one. https://nofineline.com/boulten-paul-defiant-nf-mk-iitt-mk-i-pavla-172/ Edit - Mehhh - see below
  11. This is the Amodel kit with a Red Roo conversion set to make the radar trials aircraft operated by the Defence Science & Technology Group (formerly DST Organisation). it was temporarily taken on charge by the RAAF and its civilian markings (VH-EMI) covered over. The model was made by my Red Roo colleague Dick Hourigan You can see it has radomes and aerials in some numbers! but the end result looks quite neat.
  12. Amodel 1/72nd Beech 1900C & D

    Model by Dick Hourigan of Red Roo
  13. Venturas at Night - 459 Sqn & VMF(N)531

    Some internal structure for the wheel doors and some aluminium foil behind the landing lights
  14. Decal required

    Maybe a polite enquiry to Mr Schneider of RS would get you a vector drawing of the unit badge and artwork, then you just need to find someone with an Alps printer. Otherwise as Steve says above, buy a kit and scan the decals so that you can hire a graphic artist to re-draw it for you. It sound fiddly and expensive but I know others have done it and if you really want the scheme it's worth it.
  15. Those walk around pictures were very helpful in creating the conversion kit.