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  1. Thanks for that useful info. I did indeed photograph it at Prague-Kbely and your description of it being very matt is quite right. it didn't quite look right for Roundel Blue as you say.
  2. He means this It's sideways but it makes sense.
  3. Weathering to blue or anomalous colour?
  4. RAAF ones were Cessna 180 not 185. Main visible changes were fin fillet and windows.
  5. We have started distribution of S+M Models in Australia. They are not yet listed on our web site but please contact us with your requirements.
  6. Very nice build - well done!
  7. S+M HP Hastings kits in Australia. Red Roo sell S+M kits.
  8. Yes a jig would make it easy. It's a good idea to consider for the future. You could use the Airfix propeller to set the jig up correctly. Here's an example of one.....
  9. Such things exist but I have never seen one You can have a complete kit! Not that you would probably want it. I would rather have this one On a more positive note, here's how to make your own
  10. We sold all of our first batch fairly quickly. We will probably do a second batch with the 1/48 version. The limiting factor may be getting more Academy Mustangs. Send me an email to remind me to look in the archives. Just realised I put duplicate links above instead of the Sea Dart so I have edited it.
  11. Yep, the scales of the future are 1/18 and 1/288, everything else is irrelevant........... (:>)
  12. Like this you mean? or if you are quite crazy These are 1/72 but we will do a 1/48 in the fullness of time Edited to correct second link
  13. There's a good summary of them here (Section 5) Posted for general info as the OP is aware of it.
  14. On the topic of Lincoln conversions, there is a very informative 6 page article in the latest ModelArt Australia. It's a prize-winning build which I have seen in the flesh and is very impressive. It covers the use of the Blackbird Models conversion and the Red Roo enhancement kit. The enhancement kit is most useful for the MR.31 which the author has modelled but is useful for any Lincoln. To get a copy email the editor directly at bassman (a)
  15. As an "actual scientist" I don't see anything to laugh at. Not sure what your point is. Let me re-iterate again for at least the third time........ 1. The survey was statistically sound. As noted above by someone who actually understands the black art of stats, the "self-selection" was not a bar to this and I'm sure Italeri took it into account when assessing the results. 2. The purpose was to give Italeri information. it became their "property" after completion. 3. They encouraged me to give a summary of the results and mention it when appropriate. 4. It was not to encourage or denigrate any particular style of finish for their models or to change other peoples' perceptions or practices of modelling styles. 5. My own (and for that matter, anyone else's) personal preferences are irrelevant to the interpretation of the survey. I did it out of interest, some involvement with Italeri and as a result of many comments on my Sunderland build where my personal preferences were obvious.