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  1. I have some spare Spitfire 22 decals. I'll send you a PM
  2. If you wanted to use it as a learning exercise you could (1) make sure you can get some more decals - I can help you here (2) remove the offending seams with sanding sticks, starting coarse, working to fine and then very gently sand the whole thing (3) mask the canopy and any other non-silver bits (4) re-spray it using that nice technique you have mastered. (Edit - as suggested by Wooksta above, I didn't read it fully (:<) Alternatively, use it as a learning exercise and move on to next project.
  3. Me too
  4. Hi Nigel - PM me your email address and I'll send you a walkaround of the Sycamore. Cheers - Ed

  5. Thanks for the offer but hopefully it will arrive. It's a relatively simple aerofoil section so scratchbuilding is not out of the question. I hope you build yours rather than wait for the Tamiya one (:>).
  6. We have received our resin parts and the decals are drawn - including the Tassie Devil. This one will be ready for sale soon. The best way to catch its release is to subscribe to our email newsletter.
  7. Hmm... seem to have a problem. Where the biro is pointing is, I think, the attachment point for the upper wing centre section. Unfortunately not in the kit. I have contacted Freightdog, from where I bought it, and they have promised a replacement. It hasn't arrived yet.
  8. Very impressive work!
  9. Yes indeed - it could be superdetailed into a creditable Beardmore 6 cylinder engine if you wished. However it's not all concealed - the radiator is to the rear of the engine so you can see the front and a bit through the ventral opening.
  10. I think your P-40 was pretty much right. That tin lid above looks like an exact match...... maybe get some of that. I think your Blenheim is a better job than mine!
  11. Red Roo

    An extremely nice build here.............
  12. Here's a little bit more progress..... there's a fair bit of work done and to come squaring off the corners where the fuselage sides join. Similarly the various cut-outs for the radiator inlets (abaft the engine), lower vent holes, exhaust locations etc need trueing up by adding plasticard and re-shaping. The lower wings have a gap between the inboard end and the inner face. The kit would have you butt join it but that's not going to work. The two holes at the bottom are for spars. The white metal seat is quite okay and the cockpit detail is largely hidden Filling that top seam is going to be essential. Some good references on the Elephant are the Profile Publication and the Windsock Datafile on the type, both by JM Bruce. I would have gone had i known...........
  13. This is probably more accurate than the Wikipedia entry. Orphaned at 11 and presumably re-named by his foster parents.
  14. I'm glad I read this - I know it's been here quite a while (2013) but I don't spend much time in the WW1 forum and I might well have done the wrong thing otherwise!
  15. One hundred years ago today, on 20 March 1917, Lt McNamara, flying a Martinsyde Elephant, was one of four 1 Sqn AFC (67 Sqn RFC) pilots attacking a Turkish railway junction near Gaza. What followed earned him the only VC won by an Australian airman in WW1. Most would be unaware of this but there are good descriptions here and here The issues and questions raised earlier on AMI have been sorted out and I am going to do the Martinsyde and BE.2c using the Pegasus and Airfix kits. The Pegasus Martinsyde is quite accurate according to the few plans available but is quite a basic kit. It's far superior to the Tamiya one (:>) It looks as though it cleans up okay though. The Airfix BE.2c has been well received and should be a lot easier. There are a few nice builds here to give me inspiration.