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  1. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    The build in Airfix Modelworld looks fine in this respect so maybe the 'pro builder' you refer to did not do a good job. If you are nervous, best wait until a few builds appear on Britmodeller.
  2. 1/18 is the real man's scale - none of that piffling little 1/32 rubbish. I predict that everything will be 1/18 in a certain number of years.................. (:>)
  3. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    I think it will be their first venture in the new market leader - 1/18 scale!
  4. Dunkirk movie Spitfire

    It's not very Australian........ we do make some exceptions, but............. !!! perhaps Mr Ah-model will do it?
  5. Dunkirk movie Spitfire

    Seeing it's resurrected here my 2d worth. I quite enjoyed it but I thought it was okay rather than stunning. The air scenes are really quite good - I thought the CASA Messerschmitts and Heinkels were fine and I could have forgiven 4 bladed Spitfires but I didn't have to..... similarly poetic license for the destroyers bristling with radar and twin HA turrets is understandable (but other films have been panned for it - 1941 for instance). I know the director hates CGI but a bit here and there would have benefited not detracted from the film. His unfamiliarity with fighter and bomber tactics was only obvious to those with a far better understanding. I still can't decide whether the broomstick was a joke or not. Considering the film as a whole, the three themes didn't confuse me but I thought the army scenes were all over the place and not well put together - the guys hiding in the trawler was inexplicable padding. Because, a few years ago, my daughter had us family researching her school Titanic project until our eyes watered I got the Lightoller reference but I bet nobody else in the audience did. I thought by far the biggest problems were context and scale. Dunkirk was massive - not a few guys on a beach. I chatted to some military history-naive young people afterwards over a coffee and they enjoyed it as a film but thought it was inadequately explained for context and they had no idea how much space 10 or 20 thousand troops take up. Hitler's "stop order" and the whole Battle for France were literally explained by one-liners. One said "I wish we had talked to you before the film, not after". PS - if they do a kit of that Yak I would make one!
  6. CMR 1/72 Hawker Nimrod Mk. II

    This is looking good Patrik - just noticed it and will follow with interest. They do look good in Danish markings. Just after the CMR Mk I came out I needed a Mk II for a display. I did a simple conversion, mainly sweeping the wings. I think CMR were inspired to continue on and do the Mk II.
  7. I built the first version when it came out. An out of the box build for this should look fine. The only non-OOB things I did was to tone down the panel lines a little and change the markings. I wanted something different for the markings but the panel lines are a subjective thing. You may well be happy with them. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234965440-italeri-stirling/& The Airfix version is not that bad but the Italeri is rather better, which it should be given the age and cost of the two. I shall follow your build with interest.
  8. I hope you do a sterling job on it, having parted with your Sterling currency for this Stirling.
  9. Most of those aerials are just rods and poles. You should be okay with brass wire or similar. Maybe a piece of etched brass offcut or plastic bits for the window chute and cone aerial. I can send you pictures if that will help.
  10. Where is 1/48 new tool B-24/B-17/B-29/Lancaster ?

    Just look at all the complaining about the price of the new (insert practically any kit name here) for an example of why the OP isn't likely to get his wish.
  11. Yes indeed, you have answered your own question correctly. My understanding is that aircraft may carry any combination including the full fit-out. Unfortunately the pictures in that book are poor-quality thumbnails which make determining aerial fits impossible. Given the secrecy attached to 100 Group, there are a surprising number of them though and a lot of nose-art. I imagine that somewhere there are good quality versions but I have never seen them.
  12. The Wellington X depicted on the excellent DK Decals sheet is LP345. It was delivered to 48MU 20/3/44 then 192 Sqn 30/3/44. It had a heavy landing after engine problems on take-off 16/8/44 - burst tyres and fire. SOC 5/9/44. Replaced as DT-G by NA724.
  13. Additional details for 100 Group Wellington
  14. Clipped-wing Spitfire navigation lights?

    Usually none, but rarely two - although it's hard to see them both at once. (Some RAAF EFTS units taught night flying and their TM's were modified appropriately, with a nav light above and below the cabin)
  15. Sunderland Beaching Gear - Colour?

    Looking further at my notes, you can choose from Uncoloured but probably treated metal Metal with red and green flotation sections Light grey or blue-grey Dark grey or blue grey Very Dark Grey (black?) All over red or yellow seem to be modern colours. Empire boats don't provide clues The only one I have seen no written or picture reference to is white - which is how many modellers do them. there may well be a reference somewhere and it's possible some of the 'metal' ones may be white.