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  1. +1 to all of those comments - super!
  2. The only way to find out is to ask. Many profiles are drawn with information supplied to the artist by someone else. In my experience profile artists are happy to answer questions about their paintings, as long as the questions are phrased politely - you should have no trouble there. I'd be interested to know the outcome of a question to Andy Hay at flyingart about this one as I'm planning to build one also and this would be a different one.
  3. Boomerang The appropriate Red Roo Boomerang Enhancement Set has full detailed interior colour information. You need the set to make an accurate Boomerang. Buffalo
  4. Thank goodness they have slowed down - I am up to about 2013 building their new stuff!
  5. I assume you mean the Italeri 1/72 C-130J Hercules? (that's awful spelling, grammar and syntax all in one post) However, if you want to have the ramp open, see if you can find a large truck which can be carried by the C-130J (you may even find a die-cast) and position it like so.......... all you need to detail is a few ribs on the interior and a bit on the ramp. You might even find the load-lady in 1/72!
  6. I wouldn't say that just based on the caption - it may or may not be correct. Captions are only slightly more trustworthy than profiles. Everything I have read points to radar and turret removal going together. I have ordered the book and will report back in due course.
  7. Well it has taken since 2011 but pictures of the elusive Blenheim If night fighters have been found by Petr Hobza of Owl Decals They are from the book Gentlemen in Blue which is a history of 600 Sqn. Not the greatest quality but of significance to anyone reading this thread. Not only has Petr found the pictures but he has produced a nice little decal sheet for people like me! Now I have to re-read this thread and all the references before getting out a couple of Airfix Blenheims later on this year.
  8. Nah - that just means they have assigned it to their B-team!
  9. I'm not surprised Mr Dekno hasn't included this one in his colour scheme options but I'm delighted to see one released and have ordered one.
  10. It's not the one you are looking for but the Osprey book B-24 Liberator Units of the CBI has picture and profile of F-7 Rice Pattie Hattie of the 24th CMS in Synthetic Haze finish
  11. Here's mine done with an airbrush, also using the odd grey Airfix decals. I'm sure it was quicker but I don't think it is any better than your effort.
  12. Yes indeed - there have been two sets of Australian Tiger markings (both OOP) but Red Roo are working on a new set. PM me your email address and I'll organise something for you. The Revell Tiger is the best one to start with.
  13. Ha - I didn't notice the scrap paper in the airbrush booth - I better "edit" it. The 717 is on the way - all the bits are here, just doing the instructions at the moment. I find it very interesting that WW1 is such a minority interest, even less popular than airliners. Actually my main interest, like most on this site, is WW2 but I have been seduced occasionally into airliners and WW1 and quite enjoyed it.
  14. The finish coat was Testors Dullcote... and that completes it and it's been mounted on a temporary base with the not yet completely painted Lt McNamara firing a round from his Very pistol to attempt its destruction.
  15. Thanks, most useful. Some of the pictures are the same but the AWM one is different - that one does helpfully give me the positions for the main elements. My BE2c needs to be able to carry six bombs. I imagine something along these lines might be right. This is a FE.2b