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  1. Show Attendance

    It's the IPMS Brampton Show at St Ives, Cambridge this Sunday and I will be there with the lighting kits, JPG Productions resin kits and some Bandai Star Wars stuff, including decals for some of the box scale and 1/144 kits. If you are at the show come over and say hello and if you are at the other St Ives, watch out for the chip thieving seagulls!!
  2. Hi Gorby, no this is as far as she is taking it.
  3. Thought I would just share this with the BM Crew. It is my daughter Sophie's latest miniature creation and this section seems the most appropriate to show it off!! For those in the know its her interpretation of the bakery out of JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts. Construction is mainly mounting card and paper with some clear film for windows, it stands about 15cm high. The goodies inside are all individually hand made from oven-bake clay then painted. The stencilling on the windows is all hand painted. I would like to say she is a chip off the old block but I'm not that talented! Thanks for looking.
  4. Bit disappointing really, hopefully there will be a second wave with some of the new vehicles.
  5. Just when you thought the most expensive Falcon was with us, Lego Ultimate Collectors Series release this!!! Over 7500 pieces and a tad (well £1) under £650. Better start racking up the brownie points at home guys!
  6. Pratchett's Figurines

    Great start, like the idea of the Gesso, pinching that one! Just finished reading the Hogfather while on holiday, brilliant books.
  7. Aoshima Gigant

    Just seen this one Andy, the perils of having a holiday! Great start and a nice looking kit, reminds me a little of a Vulcan bomber. I'm with picard and looking forward to how you go about painting this one.
  8. Stellar Envoy

    Great start Andy, you just have to admire the detail on this little kit. Will be watching with interest as I plan on doing a similar thing with one of Revell's big scale easy kits.
  9. Gonky boy

    Is there any other kind of Gonk!! Great build Chief and well recovered. As everyone else love the ring stains on the top. I don't know why but I would love to see one of these kits in pristine condition as a Racing Team Droid, something along the lines of Gulf or Rothmans colours! Or is that just me!
  10. Great build on the itty bitty Falcon. As far as lighting goes, engines and front mandible lights are no problem, I think you could also do the landing lights and if you purchase a cockpit from Shapeways you can add light there too!
  11. Thanks Chris. Not sure if it will be available in the UK without subscribing to one of the on-line providers like Amazon Prime or Netflix!
  12. A quick weekend build of JPG Productions' new Galaxy Quest 1:72 Scale Surface Shuttle. A simple kit with 13 cast resin parts, the largest being the base. The Shuttle parts are nicely cast and quite thin. The 6 main shuttle parts go together well with only a small amount of filler needed. So after about 2-3 hours of work over the weekend I ended up with this. Thanks for looking.
  13. Gonk Droid

    That's a good save Chief.