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  1. Altered Carbon on your telly!

    I only got as far as episode 1, not because of the mumbling but the over enhance blood baths! 😱 This seems to be the trend these days, American Gods was the same, really enjoyed the book and was pleased when it was televised but again didn’t watch it all for what to me were excessive blood losses!! May be im getting old!😜
  2. Expanding the Range

    JPG are bringing out a large resin model of the SW Medical Frigate, 1/350 about 36" long. Anyway I have got a couple of pictures of the front end and just wondered if anyone recognises the aircraft fuselage used!! Cheers,
  3. From what I have been able to find out these come as single painted figures with 3 stormtroopers. They work out at about £3.50 (500 Yen) a set, don't know if the final packaging will tell you who you get or if its random!
  4. Falcon Heavy Success!

    What flag on what moon, it was all done from a sound studio in Hollywood, wasn't it!!
  5. Falcon Heavy Success!

    So if I have a model kit of the Teslar do I build it under the Vehicle section or the Realspace!
  6. Before it was known as the Falcon SW folklore has it down as the Stellar Envoy which had a blue scheme and I don't see Lando having it as a freighter, more likely a leisure craft!!
  7. The first official footage of the new Han Solo film was released during Superbowl LII yesterday with a full trailer out later today. Seems to be okay.
  8. Cloud City Landing

    The base is already on the web store Chief, use the link in the footer. This is the base you're looking for!!
  9. Cloud City Landing

    No Mike, read the original post its designed for the 1/350 vehicle series falcon, not the 1/144, lighting that one is a doddle!!!
  10. Cloud City Landing

    £35 to Joe Public and £40 to you!!
  11. Thought I would try out JPG's new Bespin Landing Pad resin kit. It has been designed to complement the Bandai Vehicle Series Falcon so gave me a good excuse to finish one I started a while back. The Landing Pad comes as 4 resin pieces plus a number of greeblies for round the outside and some resin lights, unfortunately they don't light up and the base has not been designed for F/O. There is an electric tea-light and red film for the windows on the round section. I had already started to light the Falcon which now has front running, engines, cockpit and underside landing lights. Need to tidy up the base and paint it then add a bit of weathering to the Falcon. Cheers, Warren
  12. The Ultimate K2-SO Model!!

    Tried to convince her that it would make a nice standard lamp in the lounge if I lit the eyes but she was having none of it!!