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  1. Red Dwarf models?

    Hi Robert, I have spoken with Jimi at JPG Productions and the current moulds for Starbug are shot and need replacing, unfortunately at this moment in time I'm the only one asking for kits and Jimi would need at least 10 confirmed orders before making another set of moulds and would be the end of the year before he could do it even if he had the orders. Sorry to be the barer of bad news.
  2. Bandai have posted this up as a teaser on their Twitter feed. Death Star 1 - 55mm (approx) Death Star 2 - 75mm (approx) Dreadnaught - 3mm Jar Jar Binks - 0.00075mm (approx) Any other guesses?
  3. Yes, their faces are pre-painted using the 'tri-axial jet finish', whatever that is! Han is due to be released 30/4/18 and Luke at the end of June. Luke also has a shorter hip joint so he will stand slightly shorter than Han, great attention to detail.
  4. Both sets of speeders are a bit uninspiring, both look like they have been designed round matchboxes! The Falcon does look good, there has been some debate about the plug between the mandibles but if you look at the Revell site there is an exploded view which shows the ends of the mandibles as we know them and an add in part to fill in the space and extend the mandibles. I wonder if Bandai will issue any kits, I'm not holding out as their catalogue from the Last Jedi was poor.
  5. The first set o pictures were mind blowing but that last one of the engine detail is the dogs dangly bits!! Outstanding work Mindmax.
  6. Pacific Rim Uprising - Bandai Kits

    Gypsy Avenger comes in 2 versions standard like the other 2 and the DX set. There is no scale given but they are much smaller than the kits from the original film.
  7. 1/8th scale accessories

    Have you tried Shapeways, might be some 3D printed items on there, other alternative is to scratch build. The wooden stirrers from coffee shops and fast food outlets are great for that sort of thing.
  8. tirydium models

    Not yet Carl, they are on the to do list.
  9. tirydium models

    They do go very quickly Carl, sold out again now!!
  10. tirydium models

    Thanks for the recommendation guys, here to help. Next project on the books!! Cheers, Warren
  11. After the excitement of the B-Wing Bandai have announced a double box scale set of the X-Wing and Y-Wing (1/144) only difference form the original releases appears to be a clear base for each and a name plaque sticker. Very imaginative Bandai!
  12. Peterborough Scale Model Club Show 2018

    Just spoken to Ken. He rang to make surf I had got his email about the cancellation. He said that they would not be looking to rearrange the show for another date later so next show will be first weekend in March 2019.
  13. Peterborough Scale Model Club Show 2018

    Thanks for letting us know. Saves having to sort out the stock tomorrow now!
  14. Peterborough Scale Model Club Show 2018

    Forecast is for an overcast but balmy 3oC on Sunday so hopefully still on. Be there or be square!