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  1. Another release announcement from Bandai is an A-Wing twin set in the box scale series.😀😀 Due out in August.
  2. That's just gone to the top of my Lego want list.
  3. The C3PO kit uses warm white LEDs and K2SO will be cool white. just need to sort out the photos for the instructions, should be available in a couple of weeks.
  4. Don't be a Smeg Head, it's Bandai, all will be fine!!
  5. There are several sellers on that well known auction site with them at £46ish with free shipping, just be aware that you could be hit for VAT if caught by HMRC. It seems to be hit and miss at the moment. Had one come through with no charge and another with £3.74 VAT plus RMs ransom (sorry, handling fee) of £8!! Tokyo Model Detective offer a good service but you need to remember that Darren will add postage on once he is ready to ship and will put the true value on the customs form so you run the chance of VAT and Import duty.
  6. I have asked for a 1/12 Jar-Jar Binks but think I may be the only one!!!!
  7. Ooooh that looks good, might have to get the original out for another looksee!
  8. Great start, now a long session of masking awaits on the TIE wings!!
  9. By all accounts it is a limited edition of 1200 kits hence most places have sold out!! Whether Revell will do a non-limited edition version there is no news!!
  10. Finally got to a Laptop!! General Grievous eye sprue shot.
  11. Just seen the first sprue shots of the Grevious kit, the moulding of the eyes just blew me away! 2 colour yellow and black with the black as the cat like pupils. Once I get to a PC I'll post a picture.
  12. My dilemma is that I have a Hasbro Falcon which will probably need a fair bit spending on it to make it look anything like!!
  13. I'm constantly tempted by this but not sure I would be prepared to wait all that time to get all the parts, then there are all the mods to it, particularly upgrading the lighting! Time, time, time, why do we have so little of it!! Keep up the great work.
  14. Great work so far, don't apologies about the number of pictures, you can never have enough Falcon WIP pictures!