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  1. Buying from the States will be expensive, not necessarily the cost of the kits but postage can be a killer. ebay is also a good source.
  2. Expanding the Range

    We now carry a range of decals from Cosmos Models for the Bandai Box Series kits. X-Wing Blue Squadron from Rogue One, enough decals on one sheet for 6 X-Wings, £12 Y-Wing Gold Squadron, enough decals to produce 4 Y-Wings including Red Jammer, £8 U-Wing Rogue One, decals for 12 U-Wings, £12 Star Destroyer, decals for 2 complete Star Destroyers, £8 The decals are nice and thin, come on a single decal sheet so need trimming. Gold Leader built using decals and displayed in an IKEA RIBBA picture frame.
  3. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    Good to see this coming to fruition, great start.
  4. There have been some fakes of the Bandai kits as well, both Darth Vader and the original Stormtrooper have been copied and sold much cheaper and yes the quality was much cheaper too!!
  5. Very nicely done and fresh out of the factory. Love the lighting!!!!!!
  6. Dragon Models 1/35 AT-AT

    They went very quiet after the kicking they got on social media, wouldn't surprise me if they have abandoned the project. It would seem some of us Star Wars modellers are as bad if not worse that the Aircraft modeller rivet counters!!!
  7. Comet 1\8 film dalek

    Built one of these years ago myself, great kit, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
  8. There is a seller on Amazon doing the Y-Wing for less than £24 which is a great price. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-72-Y-Wing-Starfighter/dp/B00WW4FDBI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508579183&sr=8-1&keywords=bandai+y+wing
  9. That is a good price, though you have to spend £20 to get free next day delivery, which as they are coming from Japan is interesting!
  10. If you buy from Amazon or eBay have a good look round as prices vary! The 1/72 A-Wing can set you back £20 from one seller and £55 from another. There is also the risk of being hit with a customs charge depending on the value of your order. The Y-Wing will probably set you back £36 and the Falcon anything from £40. Few UK sellers, Cool-Japan is one and I have a small selection I take to shows if your interested.
  11. Just arrived from Japan, a couple of Yamato 2199 1:1000 Bandai kits. Will be adding lights to both at some stage, probably the Assault Carrier first!
  12. Just arrived from Japan, one of my top 3 F1 cars and finally a decent kit of it.
  13. In the words of Meg Ryan in 'When Harry met Sally' Yes, yes, yes, yyyyeeeeessss!! Looking forward to seeing this one progress.
  14. New Star Wars trailer

    The AT-M6 is coming out from Bandai but in their box scale series so not 1/144. It looks like its half as tall again as an AT-AT so 1/144 might be on but 1/72 don't hold your breath.
  15. I got mine from Jumblies on a preorder. we are away at the moment so will post some pictures when we are back on Wednesday. Also have the Paragrafix PE set on preorder so won’t be building till that arrives. 😀