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  1. Hi Pete, Got your order, thanks, will be posted out today so if RM do their job it should be with you tomorrow. Madhatter's advice is spot on. To make it slightly easier you can buy battery boxes with switches built in. If its a single LED you could use a 2 x AA battery box with a 180 Ohm resistor.. If you look on eBay there are prewired LEDs that will save you having to invest in a soldering iron until you get the hang of it. Shops like Maplins will stock all the bits you want but you will pay through the nose! Just shout if you need any help, advise or just a couple of bits to play with! Cheers, Warren
  2. No doubt knowing Disney, if you want all the bonus features you will have to buy the Blu-ray version. The DVD version of TFA had no bonus material.
  3. There doesn't appear to be any science behind Bandai's releases, some seem to have a long known lead time then others like the 1/6 Yoda just appear out of the blue. As Bandia have only just started to allow a small number of kits to be officially sold in the US I doubt there will be anything released at Celebration. The he next big one for me is the AT-AT.
  4. Talking wit Jimi at JPG Productions, he is in the process of re-moulding the 1:48 TIE Bomber kit. I will be looking to bring these in on a pre-order basis so thought I would post to see if anyone is interested. The kit price will be £190.00 plus postage and I will be asking for a 50% non-returnable deposit when I place the order with Jimi and the rest when ready to post out from me. If you are interested please reply to this post or send a PM. Cheers, Warren
  5. Great work on the kit so far and the lighting is fantastic. Couple of suggestions for next time. To diffuse the light through windows you can rub the inside face with a sanding stick to frost it then apply a coat of matt varnish, also on the older Sci-Fi (1960's & 70's) the interior lighting was a warmer white rather than the harsh cool white, you can get warm white LEDs and there are now strip LEDs that operate at 5V which are great for filling large areas. Have a look at Kynar wrapping wire, its single core and about 0.8mm in diameter, much easier to work with in tight places! Finally have a look at Arduino programming, its relatively easy to pick up and will condense your control boards, I use a single 8 pin chip to control the buzzards and a second one for the navigation lights. Cheers, Warren
  6. Williams tested a 6 wheel FW08B before they were banned but never raced it. Their take on it was to fit 2 Hewland gearboxes in line and run with 4 rear wheels.
  7. Breakfast finished and car loaded, see you there!
  8. Boy are you going to be in trouble!!!! The fibre guides are the issue, its all the 0.3mm drill bits you will get through!
  9. That TIE/Y-Wing mash up looks nice!
  10. They are smaller, usually 1/72, the MPC are different scale as far as I know. Probably around 1/48 ish!
  11. Bandai have just officially put the 1:2 BB-8 up on their website, along with the box scale AT-ST and snow speeder. BB-8 AT-ST/Snowspeeder
  12. The best of that bunch was the TIE Fighter out of the twin set that came with the very poor Death Star base! The X-Wing is in the same league as the Y-Wing.
  13. Got your original poster as my laptop background Andy, think I will have to update it!!
  14. You beat me to it, this kit has just come to the top of my to do pile as well. It is a very nice kit and I have the Greenstrawberry Photo Etch set as well. I've used TMD several times and the service is very good, if you want the slow boat from China (sorry Japan) style delivery he will do it and that brings the price down.
  15. Saw the same video and one from the London Toy Show where the person posting the video went on to the Bandai stand were there was no Star Wars items and was told that Bandai don't do Star Wars! When presented with pictures of all the great kits was then told they don't sell to the UK because the market isn't big enough! No mention of it really being a licensing issue.