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  1. A little bit of fun, plus a challenge from my daughter. This is a great little kit, approx. 1:350 scale but the detail and fit is fantastic. And a Vallejo bottle for size comparison! The challenge won't surprise you!! "Dad, bet you can't light it!" Well I'm always up for a challenge!! There is a fair amount of light spill and I should have light blocked the inside first but it was just a bit of fun! For those interested the engines are 3 0805 blue SMDs with a thin piece of plasticard and the mandible lights are 0.25mm fibre guides on a white 0805. Cheers, Warren
  2. For a Revell kit that doesn't look half bad and the extra detail lifts it even further. For the battery are there any panels that can be removed or any that you can secure using magnets to secure them?
  3. Bannannna TIE!!!
  4. Chris, A simple way to do the engines would be to buy some blue flickering 3mm LEDs and create a light box round the engines with plasicard and drill 3mm holes for the LEDs. For the engine cover drill out the kit part and replace with some very thin white plasticard as this will help diffuse the light. 4 LEDs should be enough to give you a good effect. The expensive way is to buy the replacement engine covers from shapeways! Cheers, Warren
  5. Nice build, still one of the best looking star fighters of any franchise.
  6. That could be an interesting challenge!
  7. So say we all! (Sorry, wrong franchise!!!)
  8. The picture before the comparison is very bat like!
  9. That's a nicely cast model of one of my favourite SW vehicles. Are the two other vehicles in scale as well?
  10. When you put the whole kit together I don't think the head is as oversized as it first seems. Original suits from ANH Love the colour scheme Bubblearch.
  11. Here are a few of my build. Those were the droids we were looking for!!
  12. That's a nice build, the subtle weathering looks spot on. Not seen the film yet but do keep looking at this kit, might have to invest in one. Cheers, Warren
  13. I've built one of these and at first the helmet looks too large but the more I stare at it in my mancave it doesn't look that odd. It is a nice kit though I found the black band on the helmet a pain to fit!
  14. As I understand it the BB-8 kit comes with the lights. Likely to cost you about £100 plus shipping.
  15. I have only got 20 at the moment and most off those have gone after posting on FB and here!! If I can get hold of any more I can spread the net wider!!