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  1. Crikey, no idea I would have started around 1963/4, and remember making the B17, B24 and original Bucc, but not sure if these would have been my first builds happy memories SD
  2. Hi take a look on google earth and you will see dozens parked up and look to be silver also on you tube at a recent inspection of KPAAF at Wonsan has film of these things flying i realise this is not Korean War era, but as Don says, I suspect references will be scarce SD
  3. I have to say I quite like the new livery - it looks very smart - and I do like the bandit look (and I'm not just saying that because I'm an employee!) SD
  4. That looks great, I love that old Air Canada livery SD
  5. And look at that white Galaxy in the background of the Lightning photo - I recall one year when every other display was an F104, or 2 (Germans and Belgium), or how many Canadian ones in their team? SD
  6. Oh yes! I remember that Liberator turning up that evening - thanks for jogging my memory! SD
  7. Greenham Common shows were superb. My first memory (mid 70's?) was a KC97 with a couple of USAF F-4D hanging off it - oh the joy! i missed the first Greenham show, but went to every one afterwards - and the photos above - bring back such great memories SD
  8. pleasure! 6 rides on 5 different types of the Air Koryo fleet (the IL18 is magnificent), along with photography a few of the KPAAF machines Look forward to going back, especially if we get to see an IL28 fly SD
  9. Having recently returned from DPRK, reading The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot, Blaine Harden interesting! May inspire a few modelling subjects SD
  10. An awful lot of of joy, working with the homeless for 4 days in East London for Crisis - most rewarding Christmas ever SD
  11. Thank you. I will post more photo's when I get a moment SD
  12. On the Saturday, we opened up with the single Mig29, then the following alternated with the Air Koryo fleet (IL62,IL18,Tu134,Tu154,!L76 and An24 all flying, IL18 touch and go was a sight to behold) - solo Su25, solo Hughes, Mig 21 pair, 4 x Hughes, 3 x SU25 On Sunday, started with parachute display (jumping from Mil 8's) and radio controlled aircraft, followed by 'joy rides' in 3 x KPAAF AN2, 2 x Mil 8, 1 x Mil 17 plus the entire Air Koryo fleet - there were also a couple of light aircraft I had a ride in the IL18 (lovely) and IL76 which was completely bonkers Flew back and forth from Pyongyang in the Tu154 and back on the IL62 So a modest turnout by KPAAF, but given this was their first effort, pretty good. Hopefully in years to come the will be more adventurous, and our guides were very keen to get our feedback SD
  13. DPRK SU25 - one of 3
  14. Not the best image of this machine, but the first one I could find quickly