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  1. 1/72 Airfix Phantom

    Once I’ve wrestled this Airfix machine in to submission, I will build both at once. it was a long, long time ago since I built the Fujimi Phantoms SD
  2. British Caladonian +

    But back to the thread... didnt do a lot of flying on BCal, did a 111 back from FRA, B747 (G-HUGE? Would need to look it up) to DXB (when DXB was fun),and back from ATL on G-DCIO, but that was BA by then SD
  3. British Caladonian +

    I went to school in Langley, and every Friday as we tipped out of school the Aeroflot Tu104 to Leningrad would whistle over. I used OH-KDA as my alarm clock, and the National B747 (to Miami, or was that the Delta?) was a sight and sound to behold!!! Swissair Coronado’s disappearing in their own smoke, the fabled TAP jumbos........I could go on for hours!!
  4. British Caladonian +

    I used to sit on the grass (inside the fence) at the holding point of what would have been 28L. Pan Am and TWA B707F, TMA DC6 etc taxied past - seem like the wings would be over our heads - happy happy days 😁 SD
  5. British Caladonian +

    Courtline BAC111 diversions from LTN we’re always a welcome sight at LHR SD
  6. British Caladonian +

    They all look great, and I think Paul J is correct about the VC10. Also love the old BY B737’s and Air Europe machine. Do I also spy a Redcoat Brit? Golden days SD
  7. British Caladonian +

    Fabulous! Where’s the VC10? 😁 SD
  8. The Royal Air Force got their hands on Gods finest in late 1959 Count me in with an early Lightning F1 SD
  9. 1/72 Airfix Phantom

    I remember nothing but pleasure in building Fujimi Phantoms and all those lovely Modeldecals (regret none survived a couple of house moves) I'm sorry to say I’m not enjoying the Airfix offering as much, but it has rekindled my interest in the subject Fortunately I have quite a few Fujjmi’s in the stash, and I will hang on to them once the 20’ container is ‘liquidated’! SD
  10. Lufthansa new scheme.

    The Lufty retro A321 looks great, flown on one of them (I think there’s two) a few times SD
  11. Lufthansa new scheme.

    I quite like it, guess because I’ve never much cared for the colour yellow! It does look businesslike to bzn20 point, although not quite 50, Singapore’s scheme is largely unchanged - I remember their B707’s in the 70’s(?) with essentially the same paint job as today SD
  12. Roger Waters Us and Them

    Couldn’t get Mrs SD to go to Hyde Park, thus the trip to DUB with my buddies, thanks to very reasonable price on BA from LCY 😁 SD
  13. Roger Waters Us and Them

    Likewise, think this will be 4th time for me too last was The Wall at O2 in London, one of my favourite gigs ever SD
  14. Roger Waters Us and Them

    Roger Waters is a genius - off to see him in the summer in Dublin and what bullbasket said about Aussie Pink Floyd - saw them last year - fantastic SD
  15. Visiting London... what do do? where to shop?

    In terms of eats, recommend Pierre Victoirre at the Northern end (Oxford Street) of Dean Street - lots of Crossrail work going on, but exceptional food at great prices. Cork and Bottle is an oasis worth seeking out in the hell on earth that is Leicester Square As for non aviation entertainment, Young Frankenstein is a hoot SD