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  1. Hurricane wingtip lights

    Red, right, returning. I learned that as a young Midshipman. If the ship or plane is coming at you, you will see a red light on the right. Tim
  2. What to do with spare Spitfire PRXIX wings?

    Strictly, no. The carburetor intake is different. Also have to remove the wing fold lines. Tim
  3. X-4 is actually not bad. It’s a gloss. XF-8 is not too bad. Either are close enough for me that I would not try to mix True Blue. If, however, you need to match to a decal...you’ll notice a difference.
  4. I have yet to have an issue with any of the new tooling Airfix kits since the Spitfire I/Ia. I've finished quite a few but admit I approach every build (regardless of maker) the same: fit, file, fit, file, fit, glue. It's what 50+ years of modeling taught me. I freely admit I have not had issues with Hasegawa, Tamiya, Eduard, AZ, Special Hobby, Sword, Roden, or less well known makers, either. If a kit is accurate in shape, and it's a subject I want, the maker gets my money. I won't try to build something from crap, unless it's the only option.
  5. I don't have part numbers, but the two bits on the small parts sprue in the upper left of the photo (click on the photo for higher resolution) are meant to represent the coolant and oil coolers. The divider is on that bit with the larger parts. It it doesn't look less accurate than other attempts in this scale.
  6. Propeller and Stand Diorama Help

    I've done both the prop blur route as well as the no blades route. I get quite a few folks talking about the prop blur, but nobody says a thing about no blades.
  7. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Some asquadrons reduced the glare of the white star and later bars by toning them down with some gray. What shade? It likely varied quite a bit. Given the squadron code should be Sky, and the X is likely a lighter/fresher shade of Sky, my money would be on a shade of gray for the star that is slightly darker than Sky...Sky Grey maybe?
  8. Martlet Mk.I

    Red on the tip, then yellow, blue on the inner ring. If the blades were polished metal, the blue extended to below the line of the cowl, inside face of the blades, only.
  9. Aviation of Japan Blog

    Dan is identifiable via his blog, but I'm not sure where I saw his name; possibly in a reply to a comment. So not really anonymous. He has his opinions. We all do. Dan disagrees with Nick's methods for disseminating information and knowledge; and may disagree with more...I don't know nor care. In my view Dan started his blog because he wasn't able to fully publish his views on modeling forums. He alludes to being banned from some in a couple of his posts. Personally I ignore his rants as they (or anyone else's for that matter) don't interest me; his techniques with brush painting do interest me though. Tim
  10. Martlet Mk.I

    Hi Steve, see photo: I don't remember reading or seeing the F4F-4 or FM-1 (which is what would be a folding wing Wildcat in USN service at the time of the photo) without the lip intake. Tim
  11. Pilot or no pilot?

    For a 262 canopy you'd need a hinge and short line that is just stretchy enough to not break when you open the canopy, yet flexible enough to hide itself when you close it. Hinge: look at flexible clear tape, Thinner is better. Youll want it folded very tightly so it sits invisibly when closed, yet holds when open. Lanyard: short bit of flexi-line or the thicker versions of elastic thread. Im curious what you find for a so,union, so keep us updated!
  12. Come on anyone, a new Ta 152H?

    It happens. I'm on my second career after 33 years in the Navy. I could have stayed longer but, "...there's nothing left I want to do..." so I moved on. I hope to have at least one more career before they sew me into my hammock. But on the topic of models: I cannot imagine reaching that point. My fingers will be too arthritic, my eyes too cloudy, or my mind too feeble before I could ever do or try all I desire.
  13. Coastal Command Flying Boats mystery

    If doctored its high quality; the doctor got the shadows consistent. My money is on a staged photo. I don't know enough about RAF flying boats to recognize them or their makers, but it isn't unheard of to get a piccy of the types currently on the go...either in a unit, depot or manufacturer.
  14. Rigging an Airfix 1/72 Swordfish.

    As I understand it, you have to plan your rigging by choosing a start point...say the outer, upper, rear strut locating point on the model. Then, before you build the model, drill small holes as close to the attachment points of the struts as possible. The holes must be larger than the rigging material, obviously. Once constructed, you then feed the rigging material (whichever is your favorite) through each hole in sequence, ending at where you determine it best to finish. You pull it all tight at the one ending point and glue it permanent. I can see this working up to a point...where the rigging goes into (and by this method, through) the fuselage could be a problem. Short of telling you step-by-step how I'd do it on a Swordfish, I don't see how much simpler that can be. I've never used this method, so really cannot describe it any simpler. I prefer shallow indentations where I attach stretchy line.
  15. Dunkirk movie Spitfire

    My wife loved the film. And I freely admit that it raised emotions in me for the men and women involved at Dunkirk. However, as noted anyone with a little knowledge may be put off. - one does not shoot when the nose drops below the target...shoot when leading - ditching always involves opening the canopy - fighters rarely have long glide slopes, certainly not long enough to make multiple passes - Spitfires carried more ammunition than I realized - level bombers were more accurate than I'd been led to believe; and bombs can be dropped vertically, not follow a path forward. I can go on and each little bit irked me as the movie progressed. I can see why some would be put off completely if watching for the technical thrills, but I did get the emotion, and I believe that was the objective of the director.