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  1. Hi Wombat, I nearly forgot - There is the High Planes kit. Here's a built one - http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Gallery/Aircraft_I-O/Jarvis_SpitVc.html It has the advantage of having RAAF decals too but an easy build it probably isn't. It would also have vac canopies. It does have the advantage of being available. Not sure if it might be better for accuracy on the items mentioned by Finn. Regards Michael
  2. Hi Wombat, Dave's right, the best kit currently is the Sword kit. I did a review a while ago on Aussie Modeller - http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Reviews/acft kit/Louey_SwordSpitVc.html I was at the Melbourne Model Expo and was sure I saw some on some vendors stands but since I wasn't looking for one I didn't pay much noticed. Since you're in Australia, these should be affordable if you can only find them. It *may* have been Aeroworks from Adelaide or then again it could have been one of a couple of vendors I didn't catch the name of. Best wishes searching. Michael
  3. Hi Cookie, Thanks for the suggestions again. I looked at my Mk 21 though and there only appears to be one spinner backplate, so I would transfer the problem of completing a set of aligned props to that kit. I suppose you are using your SH kits as cannabilization subjects so it may not be an issue for you. I'll think of what to do next when I get back to the Mk 24 soon. (I have 2 projects I have to do for club displays which need to be finished in the next month - One of them is a Spitfire but not as we know it Cheers Michael
  4. Hi Tony, Thanks for the clarification - I haven't looked at my copy for a while - I only recall it came with an extra cowling and the single seater fairing. As this is an early version I thought the new cowling would be the one for the early airframes. I've seen the photo of the "Secret Weapon". I'm pretty sure it was in one of my AHSA (Aviation Historical Society of Australia) journals. I'll try to find it and if so, I'll pm you to see if you want a scan. Cheers Michael
  5. Thanks Cookie, I'll probably go with the lengthened props and the original u/c covers. I'll also use a spare Eduard canopy like you suggested. Cheers Michael
  6. Tony's covered the details pretty well. Just a few comments - The MPM kit has a major outline flaw in it - the fuselage sides taper from front to back when looked at in plan. They should be parallel. The SH kits are correct here. The 2nd SH boxing (Rabual) has extra resin to cover the different early cowling type and a fairing for a once off "single seater Wirraway" The other kit available is the High Planes kit which is very accurate in outline and has a nice vac form canopy (which may need to be trimmed down for height based on experience from a friend's build). It's a limited run kit (actually High Planes first kit) and needs a lot of small detail scratched but ends up looking very nice. Cheers Michael.
  7. Hi Cookie, Great Spitfire! I have a couple of questions for you. I'm also building the Airfix Mk 24 currently though mine is in camouflage PK682. I've just been reading my Phileditions book and noticed this was a rebuilt Mk 22. Do you know if all Mk 24's had the long prop blades and updated undercarriage covers? I have a Special Hobby Mk 21 which has these spare parts so I can change them if required. Regards Michael
  8. Great build of the Wingnuts kit. I've just bought a 1/72 Roden kit and it has the same marking options!
  9. Great model as usual Tony, looks just like the real thing. Cheers Michael
  10. Hi Aoshima produced a kit recently - http://freetimehobbies.com/1-700-aoshima-uss-wasp-cv-7-plastic-model-kit/ Notice the box art - Aoshima seems to like doing box art showing adversaries being defeated. A similar box art was done for HMS Hermes. I am sure the Japanese Sub wasn't wafting around on the surface after torpedoing Wasp. Cheers Michael
  11. This is a relatively easy question - Tracking down all the RAF/RAN/ADF aircraft - the missing items are: Junkers G 31 - A Junkers Ju 52 predecessor built in limited quantities, about 1/3 which ended up in New Guinea and one of which was taken up by the RAAF. Avro Cadet - A smaller type of the more common Tutor, once again most of which ended up with the RAAF Cheers Michael
  12. Hi J-W, Good luck getting a RotaChute - Though a dead end, it is cute. I got mine really cheap at the local Hobby Shop (I think it was about AUS $10 about half the price I've seen it online). I had a look at your FA 330 - Well Done! You've added more detail than me however it looks like you used my initial rigging technique with thread. I had real trouble with tension and replaced it with wire! Cheers Michael
  13. Hi J-W, The Rotachute is a kit by "Fly" models. It is 1/72nd however "Fly" also produce this kit in 1/32nd where it is still not very large but the detail will be more visible. One of our club members has this kit. I know of the FA330, I built one alongside this RotaChute - Full details of the build here http://z15.invisionfree.com/72nd_Aircraft/index.php?showtopic=8975 Thanks for the info Dave. He sounds like the British counterpart of our Fred David, the Austrian Jew who designed the CAC Boomerang. He was interned at the start of the war and had to report to the police fortnightly while designing the Boomerang. Goes to show that immigrants who have experienced persecution show a greater desire to "do their bit" than locals who haven't experienced what they are facing. Thanks for the comments guys. Cheers Michael
  14. So after finishing a couple of Spitfires, this came up on the Production Line. It was going from the sublime to the ridiculous. British inventors are great for innovative ideas and some are quite left field. A number of them have really advanced aviation - In Flight refuelling, Practical VTOL Fighters, mirror landing systems. Sometimes the ideas don't really take on though and this is one of them. The idea was a controllable machine to land agents precisely behind enemy lines. The more practical alternative used was dropping them off with STOL aircraft like the Lysander. I wonder how the agent would hide this thing after landing.... The kit is miniscule and other than handling very small parts, there were no real issues with the kit. There are a couple of items Fly wants you to "scatchbuild" which I found interesting. The main problem is how to stop this being a tail sitter as there is no place to put weights. The only solution is sticking it to a base which is basically the top of a jam jar with a cutout from a cardboard tarmac base. Cheers Michael
  15. Hi Selwyn, Yes, the Blenheims were non operational. They were used as multi engine familiarisation training for the Beaufighter II's being taken up at the time (Previous aircraft were Defiants). The photo shows the airframe with a gunpack so it is possible it was also used for gunnery practice. ADF serials lists the various Blenheims attached to RAAF squadrons. Looks like I may have misread the book (rushing) and the timeframe may be late 41. http://www.adf-serials.com.au/blenheim.htm Cheers Michael