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  1. Hi Dave, Good choice of subjects. I was in Canberra for work last week and had a chance for a lightning visit to the Australian War Memorial. Resident there is one of your subject aircraft - the Spitfire II of Bluey Truscott. It was repainted during the war for use in one of the training units but it's still in original WW2 RAF colours. Here's a few shots - probably not much use for your build due to the repaint, but interesting none the less. The display made it a bit hard to get good pictures of the whole plane. I've got a number of other detail shots but I might put those into a seperate walkaround post. Best Wishes for the builds Michael
  2. Blenheim 1F Nightfighter - 600 Sqn

    Nicely done Ed, Hope to see it on the weekend. By the way, a quick google search shows this picture of a gun pack https://warbirdtails.net/2014/12/20/the-blenheims-back/ looks a little more complicated than any of the kit ones...
  3. Stoppel 1/72 KZ VII Laerke

    Another beautiful artwork. I expect you are happy with the Fluro Orange? Any comments on applying it?
  4. Dewoitine D.520 1/72 RS Model

    Another wonderful model Libor. I've always liked the D520. It was one of my first 2 models - I wanted a 109 and Spitfire as all young boys do but the local newsagent didn't have any so I thought the closest dogfight double was a Frog Macchi C 202 and Dewoitine 520
  5. The Dolphin's a beautiful aircraft!
  6. Tamiya 1/350 IJN Yamato

    That's one of the best ship builds I've ever seen! Looks like you've miniaturized the real deal. Michael
  7. Spitfire - Tintin Land of Black Gold

    Sorry - duplicate post.
  8. Spitfire - Tintin Land of Black Gold

    Glad everyone liked the Spitfire. It was a fun build! I'd already finished another build of this kit (which was the 2nd one for me) for the club display in Barclay Scheme so I'd learnt all the tricks with this kit. This was inspired by Mike's (Strangeways) build in one of the Airfix Build and Convert series. (Thanks Mike ) Steve, You're right, there's no way of making a "perfect" Tintin spitfire. The illustration does seem to show twin radiators under the wing however the props appear to be 3 bladers and all the later Spitfires with twin radiators had cannon armament. One option would be that this is a PR version but it really doesn't look like a Mk X or XI. In any case I "had" to use the Mk I kit and the flat (though framed) canopy and lack of cannon made the Mk I a reasonable approximation. Cheers Michael
  9. Mil Mi 1 Hare - Tintin and the Picaros

    Thanks for the link! The French sites have some great articles on Tintin which isn't suprising since he's originally a Belgium native. I've recently being look at the Modelstories site which also has some nice articles on Tintin and Aviation as well as other mechanics (such as tanks and submarines)
  10. Great collection Antony. All those Mirages has nearly tempted me to pick up the High Planes twin pack I saw at the local hobby shop but I think the stash is too big right now
  11. Mil Mi 1 Hare - Tintin and the Picaros

    Thanks for the comments guys! Yes I've got the guide which is also produced by Blue Rider. At the time I bought the decal sheets from Blue Rider on ebay I didn't realise he had a package deal with the book and I'd already bought the book separately on Book Depository. There are a lot of nice schemes to do and I still plan to do a few more. Regarding the kit, the whole front fuselage with all the windows are moulded as clear parts. This means very neat window framing but the fit of the front cockpit to the rear fuselage is a bit wide and needed blending in. This is where the Amodel kit might be better. The other thing to note is that painting the rear bands is much more satisfactory solution than the decals. The sheet includes 2 bands but they'll never conform to the boom as they are straight not curved as well as being a bit short. Regards Michael
  12. In the post on Mike's Khemadi Mosquito, I posted a picture of my Khemadi Spitfire. Rather than distract from Mike's topic, I've started this one to post some clearer pictures (The other was just a candid shot at our club display). This Spitfire was one of a group made from the Airfix Mk I kit for our IPMS display at the Australian Model Expo. It's been modified with 6 stack exhausts from the Eduard kit and the flat early Spitfire canopy from the Airfix Mk I/II boxing. The decals are from Blue Rider which are well printed but a bit thick. Cheers Michael
  13. In the discussion on Mike's Khemadi Mosquito build, I mentioned a Mil Mi 1 Hare I built for a club display. It's from Tintin and the Picaros, the last completed Tintin story. It belongs to the San Theodoran government which is searching for Tintin and his friends. It's kit by Gran which I think is Ukrainian. I picked it up as it was cheap and available quickly. Looking at other built models, the Amodel kit might be a better choice. The only real mods I made was to replace the undercarriage legs with brass. The decals are from Blue Rider. Cheers Michael
  14. Eduard 1/72 Fw 190A-5 JG1

    Though I wasn't planning to add the updated photos of the 190 discussed with Joachim, I had to setup the camera gear again for some Tintin subjects (see other topics) so I decided to shoot the 190 with decals redone to show the difference. As I said earlier, nowhere near perfect but hopefully an improvement. Cheers Michael
  15. Khemedi AF Mosquito 1/72

    Doh! Not only did I get the Album wrong, I also mislead everyone on the Helicopter! Yes, it's a Mi -1 Hare, not an Mi - 2 Hoplite. My kit is a 1/72 Gran kit as it was reasonably cheap and available. I think Special Hobby also made one but I needed one quickly for our club build. I had a look and Special Hobby also did an Mi 1 in 1/48th but not sure about it's availability. Cheers Michael