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  1. Just an observation, but those beam gun positions are MkIII onwards and the engine fronts are MkIa not Ic. We are in for a family of Wimpys not just the MkIc.
  2. You could always lower the sea floor........... Just like they've being doing at Portsmouth
  3. Well that's me kicked up the rear by a Wellington boot. The FR9 will come but am I unhappy I guessed wrong? No, A Wellington 1c will fit my Airborne Forces collection nicely, although I'll still have to open the parachute exit and add the glider tow yoke myself.
  4. Apart from the engines the biggest difference between the Marks was the number and arrangement of the fuselage windows. Looking at those CAD renderings I think I've convinced myself that Airfix is going to mould the geodesic structure with the window openings which can then be filled with a clear window piece or a ribbed skin panel. If I'm right I can see the whole Wimpy family being drip fed to us over the coming years.
  5. The C Class main beaching gear was made up from mild steel plate with cork collars to give it some floatation. I cant believe that something made from steel had to enter salt water wouldn't have been given some sort of protective coating. On the other hand the tail gear was mostly wood so may well have been unpainted.
  6. I'm not a betting man but my money is on a1:48 Meteor FR9. We all know it's coming sometime as the camera windows were on the clear sprue that came with the F8
  7. I bet they were a bit cheesed off to find Monkey World would have been cheaper to get in to.
  8. LIDAR not working on the F-35 would mean the thing absorbed visible light waves, As we can all see how ugly the thing is I'd suggest that LIDAR can also see it, but why it would want to.......
  9. I had a job that meant I spent a lot of time in the back of Hercs, it also meant I visited Long Beach to view the C-17 cargo hold, and I even had a hand in specifying the A400M cargo hold ("make it as close to the C-17 as you can"). As a result I'd be looking at the A22's cargo hold with a professional eye. You've just got to love those two full length cranes and the lack of roller on the floor.
  10. I went there last year and only after looking at the photos did I realise I didn't go inside the AN22. My excuse is that it was 36 C and after spending six and half hours there my arthritic knees were protesting. BTW it was another six an a half hours going around the nearby Sinshiem museum the next day. Will go back again some day and I'll make sure to do the AN 22, but there is a limit on just how many Ju 52, dh Venom, Mercedes Gull wings you can see before you start saying "Oh look another one of them." and walking on past.
  11. Dove / Devon. What's in a name? The only difference between the two is likely to the radio fit.
  12. Cessna Caravan?
  13. I must be a real fussy blighter then. There's only one on that list I want and even then it would have to be the 'right' Mark of Anson.
  14. The Boy Scout will come with an additional sprue to allow it to be built as a Hitler Youth.
  15. I too worry about our water supply, our oxygen supply......... This woman is wasting it by her very existence.