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  1. Thank you Mr Perry for allowing my father to open up about some of his wartime career. As a Schoolboy I was horrified at the first episode of Dad's Army, I thought it was just poking fun at brave men. My father sat me down and told me of his time in the LDV/Home Guard. Since that day I watch it knowing it's a ( not too serious) documentary.
  2. I've seen some strange sights at SMW but nudism would be a first.
  3. It was the AATDC at Old Sarum that moved to Abingdon to become JATE. Two MSP loads that the AATDC dropped (just once) were a de-rigged Skeeter and an Auster AOP 9. Both aircraft survived to fly after their drop.
  4. MSP's, now this is a subject I can bore for England about. Did you know they were first dropped from USAF C-119 prior to the Beverley entering service. The platforms are stressed for the parachute loads so that the vehicles and stores don't have to be. They were first specified as having a 7000 lb capacity and over the years that grew to 18000lb. The side frames were introduced when the extraction system was changed from extractor retarder to reefed mains extraction and the side frame extensions appeared when the Herc arrived with its higher roof compared to the Argosy. MSP Minimum drop height is 500 ft but when they tried the HALO concept with the MSP they were dropped fro 17 000 ft. BTW I have a photo of a HALO MSP with its Pink Panther load that didn't deploy its main canopies (the Landie only recognisable by a very bent number plate) I also have a photo of Debs flattened cow. For some reason there are more photos of airdrops gone wrong than those that work. The MSP was a useful piece of kit (if somewhat expensive) and its ability to accept double decked loads meant that when compared to the US's Type 5 platform the UK needed half the number of aircraft to drop the same amount of equipment. Now its big brother the Heavy Stressed Platform...........................
  5. Jasman mentions a Luftwaffe airfield vehicle set, well it is a set obvious by its omission. If Airfix don't announce them at SMW I'll be repeating my suggestion of new airfield vehicle sets in both 1:72 (not 1:76) and 1:48. For the Spitfire fans out there the Queen Mary trailer will also need a wingless Spit fuselage as a load.
  6. I don't know about 48 pots of paint it could just be one large pot of white.
  7. I told the Middle Wallop museum's Marketing manager the FFAM news last night. She was puzzled by their decision, as she is pleased by the growth of Wallop's November model show. The discussion also got around to holding a second show at the museum, with the suggestion of adding it to the existing Wartime Wallop (re-enactors) event in June which is held outside. Funnily enough the limiting factor is the capacity of the Restaurant.
  8. Ken's first autogiro G-APUD is at MOSI in Manchester. It's Benson gyroglider that Ken added an engine to. The seat is from a Spitfire, the fuel tanks are two shell petrol cans and the ASI is a car speedo driven by a small alloy prop.

    As this is Britmodeller shouldn't be using Biscuits rather than the American 'Cookie'?
  10. One of the Officers standing in the Tilly looks like the King. If so, if you could find the date the photo was taken the other Officer would be the Divisional commander.
  11. That's odd, I'd swear I typed "my mistake" rather than 'My Mistake'. Am I a victim of auto correct or some other such computer wizardry? Another of my Pet hates.
  12. Modelling Sod's law has it that as soon as you finish your vac form Valom will issue theirs. So come on, hurry up, some of us can't wait.
  13. My pet hate is "my mistake" especially when it is uttered by someone of an age who should know better.
  14. The Frog Prince The Devil wears Pavla Three easy pieces Portnoys complaint slip
  15. The Museum of Army Flying is apparently still happy to host a model show and charge a REDUCED entry fee