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  1. Did anyone else watching the BBC TV coverage of the arrival end up , like me, shouting at the TV every time they said there were "No Aircraft on board Yet" when plainly <sorry> there were the Merlin's sat on the deck which are Rotary-wing aircraft. What it didn't have on deck were the fixed-wing aircraft otherwise known as aeroplanes (this is a RN ship so even though they will be American built they will NOT be Airplanes). Its not just the BBC TV that gets it wrong, listening to the radio on my way to work I heard the statement that "there were no planes on board." I'd put serious money on the fact that there were planes on board but they'd be in Artificer's tool box rather than the hangar or flight deck. Thank God they didn't describe this ships aircraft (Rotary and Fixed-winged or the ship for that matter) as Platforms or I may have had a coronary. Now where's that carer, it's time for my medication.
  2. You're going to have to show us how you did this especially as it looks like you still have to do the 'Bat Wings' for the upper wing.
  3. Airbus A400M low level

    Part of the delay with the paratrooping clearance was the fact that Airbus didn't listen to the nation's parachuting experts when the design was being finalised. There's been a lot of "We told you that wouldn't work" going in Airbus's direction over the last couple of years. Another requirement of the spec was for it to be able to fly low level on autopilot so there's a possibility that no-one in the cockpit in those shots has their hand on the side stick. (They're braver than me if they are).
  4. Hafner Rotachute, Fly models

    Beautiful vignette. Your photograph hides just how small it must be.
  5. Hafner Rotachute, Fly models

    The sole remaining Rotachute Mk IV is suspended in the Museum Of Army Flying, Middle Wallop. The museum also has a replica of the Rotabuggy and if you are (un)lucky enough to be there when I am volunteering I'll happily bore your socks off with the story of Raoul Hafner and his Rotaplanes.
  6. Removing Seams - Is there some magic method?

    For mould seams on individual parts I use a selection tools ranging from the scalpel blade used for paring / scraping, needle files, nail buffing sticks (cheepo triple grade ones suffice), emery paper and even a brass wire brush intended for cleaning suede shoes. The last is used on those pesky spring mouldings.
  7. Hafner Rotachute, Fly models

    Little Nellie's Grandmother. Yes I can link from this, Hafner's most successful Rotaplane to Ken Wallis's Little Nellie. I've been researching Hafner's Rotaplanes recently and whilst the Rotachute and the Rotabuggy (flying Jeep) are reasonably well known Hafner also proposed the Rotatank a Valentine with a 150 ft dia rotor! and they did discuss (and thankfully dismiss) developing the idea into a Rota Lifeboat and a Rota submarine!
  8. Airfix 2018

    1:48 Lysander with all the slats and flaps positionable (A Lysander on the ground with everything in and up just looks plain wrong) 1:24 Gladiator (with RAF wires moulded in Nylon so they can be tensioned with a soldering iron) As its the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 1:72 Sopwith Camel 1:72 Fokker D VII 1:72 Vickers Vimy (with a re-issue in 2019 for the Alcock and Brown centenary) More airfield vehicles in 1:48 (Queen Mary please)
  9. How much?

    Is that a conga line of lawyers laughing all the way to the bank?
  10. Airfix 2018

    1:72 Wellington MkIc............Oh hang about they've already announced that one
  11. I Don't Understand why......

    I remember going to carry out some work in a HAS at RAF Coningsby in the mid 1980's and seeing a Phantom that 'should have' been grey but was now a scruffy dirty mess with a distinct pink tinge. It was also covered in boot prints, the tread pattern of which was plainly visible. The pink tinge was due to a generous coat of hydraulic fluid which also made the thing appear to be in a high gloss finish. There was so much fluid it was dripping all over the HAS floor. At the time I thought it would make a great model but then thought Nah, no one would believe a Phantom in service would be that bad.
  12. Have you found Plastic Pastimes yet? I thought they had closed but I drove past last weekend and noticed they had opened a new shop a few doors down from the old one.
  13. That's taken me straight back 47 years to my CSE Technical Drawing class at school.
  14. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    I have issues with the people who make the Go Compare ads, they seem to think that the Dragon Rapide has a two pilot cockpit. Either that or the dh 86 Express was a twin and not four engined.
  15. India wants France's old Jaguars

    Almost certainly but the Vulcan would have travelled much further East so there wouldn't be any fighting amongst the crews over the girl.