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  1. They don't scale a mould up or down but they do use the same information to produce another mould of the same subject in a different scale, and as far as most are concerned that is scaling up or down.
  2. Winter driving

    Back in the 70s I had to drive a Reliant in the snow. Whilst the rear wheels would sit happily in the cleared ruts the front wheel was not happy with the central ridge of snow / slush. The technique I ended up with was to put the front wheel in one of the cleared ruts and drive looking forward through the side window. I could 'drift' years before it became the thing with boy racers.
  3. Airfix 2018

    A large subject in Yorkshire? You can't get any larger than a Beverley and the only one left is in Yorkshire.
  4. Airfix 2018

    Boeing 307? Well they already have the wings sorted with the recent B-17
  5. 1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    Shelliecool. If you wanted to combine a Jeep with aircraft I have a copy of the rigging instructions for the Jeep (and 6 pounder antitank gun) in the bomb bay of a Halifax (or underneath a Hastings)
  6. Some help with English towns

    Lowland Scots are also technically Sassenachs so presumably the Roman defence you refer to is the Antonine Wall
  7. Airfix 2018

    I thought it might look like that.
  8. Airfix 2018

    Considering how many kits Airfix have produced over the years and just how few of those moulds have been reported as lost, I'd love to see a photograph of that Warehouse
  9. Are you sure he wasn't called Bigglesworth? Or did W E Johns adapt his name and exploits for his books?
  10. Avro Heritage Museum

    Did you notice the curator's error over Op Freshman? She hates doing pieces to camera but she's far better than I would be which is why I purposely stay behind the camera.
  11. Its a good read but I'm personally a little disappointed over the scant mention of the airdrop role most of these aircraft had. There is only one photo of an airdrop from a Argosy. Where were the external loads on the Dakota, Hastings and Valletta? Why no explanation of why the heavydrop during Suez require the RCT's museum to be raided and the Beverley not used for airdrops? Oh well maybe scope for an issue 2.
  12. Airfix must have been running out of interest by the time they got to the rudder as they also missed the trim tab's operating rod and bell-crank.

    It should be possible to eat gravy with a fork, and if Hollands pies had more filling and less pastry you wouldn't need so much gravy.
  14. Avro Heritage Museum

    I made sure that I was out of shot, my visage is such that it would damage the camera.
  15. 1/72 R.A.F. supply canisters?

    The CLE MkIII container (as modelled by Heritage) was 14 inches in diameter and 5ft 6.5 inches long including the crash head, so in 1:72 you are looking at 4.9mm diameter and 23.46mm overall. The supporting cradle could be moved over a range of 7 inches for centre of gravity reasons. the container and cradle were supplied with a dark RAF blue grey finish which could be overpainted by the user to aid location and identification. A location aid containing bells and lights could be added between the container body and the crash head increasing the overall length by 2 inches. The CLE III survived in service to be used on the Nimrod fleet, although by then it had become the Container, Land Equipment and was painted signal red.