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  1. As a member of staff on 612 VGS I spent more years than I can count looking at versions of that view.
  2. I've been a couple of times (on my way home from the model shows at Folkstone). Its interesting to see the history of the Hornby range first hand. The room full of Pocher models was interesting to say the least. The shop was a little disappointing. Its the one place I'd expect to find the latest releases yet when I went, there were Airfix kits that had been out for several weeks that hadn't made their way to the visitors centre. As for things nearby, there's Margate although I preferred the two aircraft museums at Manston.
  3. Absolutely. There is an account by one of the pilots in a book about the Canadian Spit Squadrons and I have copies of the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment reports for the trials they conducted. I'd love to see a photo of the combination but so far all I have is a photo to the tow hitch mod which fitted around the Spits tailwheel. Incidentally The RAE also carried out similar mods to Mk 1 and Mk V Spits. I have a Hotspur kit in the stash waiting for its 'What if' colour scheme - D day stripes.
  4. Well in the early part of 1944 the guns were 300 foot ahead of the Hotspur in the wings of Canadian Spitfire Mk 9. There was a plan for the Canadians to use their Spits to tow Hotspurs full of ground crew and spares over to France on D-day. That never happened but the Canadians had lots of fun learning to fly the Hotspur behind the Spits.
  5. I spy RAF Benson in the backdrop.
  6. Its only missing the blue haze of exhaust smoke.
  7. 1:48 Wapiti. About time.
  8. To those of you who are worried at the cost of A-model's Dove I see the big H is advertising Welsh Models 1:144 version at £30.99.
  9. It's nice to see a photo of ARDE, I spent some time as a hangar rat on her. I have plenty of photos of her innards so guess which aircraft I want to build.
  10. Only the second must have kit for 2017 on my shopping list I'll see you at 09:05 Saturday at SMW 2017.
  11. Long live Imperial scales in modelling, leave the metric scales (1:50 1:100 etc) to the architects.
  12. Would an AEW Shack have ever been that low (and climbing) that far from Lossie?
  13. And a lot narrower if it can built with the wings folded.
  14. Cattle release vast amounts of methane gas from both ends. This is a Greenhouse gas and it's ruining the environment. Therefore as a good environmentalist I do my bit for the planet by eating steak whenever I can.
  15. PETA don't like faux fur either