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  1. 1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    Ah - the M201 Jeep was fully fitted for radio - 24 volt, two 12 volt batteries - the starter virtually threw the engine through the bonnet when it started :-)
  2. 1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    Mexico long gone. My third car! 1st - blue Austin 1300 with a Riley Kestrel (MG) twin carb engine 2nd - yellow Skoda S110R (very under rated) 3rd - orange MkI Mexico with black vinyl roof (mid- 80's in the days it was just a quick twitchy Escort without all the kudos cos everyone wanted an XR3 / 3i. Happy days when you could tinker with a car :-)
  3. 1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    Please don't get me started on all the oloves of my life (Escort Mexico, Skoda S110R), MkI MX5. I certainly had a Jeep. A Willys Hotchkiss M201 until last year. 1943 chassis and engine, Hotchkiss body built in 1956, refurbished by the French army in 1972, in French army war reserve until 2000 when I bought it and brought it to Wiltshire. Many people immediately paint them in WWII markings. Although mine had provenance with the numbers on the chassis and engine, I kept it in un-restored French markings. Unusually it was upgraded with current markings and roll bar (which I removed) it never had indicators fitted which many had (big orange things!). It was on the cover of Classic Military Vehicles many years ago. Great fun but .....only so much one can do and I now have a VW T4 camper. In the late 80's I had a Mk III escort hatch, really nice with sunroof etc. Couldn't afford an XR3i but I put spot lights on the Escort and enjoyed it for what it was. Really nice car, two door hatchback in jade green. Oh happy days.
  4. 1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    Hi Just a thought - have you looked at the metal cars by Burago? I used to have XR3i, Golf GTi MK2, BMW 3 series (probably in attic) still have Audi Quattro on desk - I've not looked on the net but they were quite accurate and decent. Maybe an option to American kits with different lights etc ???
  5. "Nothing to see...... Move on !"

    ...that shell is being inspected under reasonably controlled conditions, not just laying on the ground. I'm not going into semantics, your modelling skills are to be envied however there was a huge problem with booby traps and I can almost quote the MP's turn of phrase if told to take up position next to a shell that size laying undisturbed on the ground.
  6. Words fail me. As for being "volunteered" to be the hooker on......!!!!! And all that was in a calm sea! Very complicated routines to remember and lots of room for error. Very brave men and that was without being under fire. Thanks for posting that video.
  7. "Nothing to see...... Move on !"

    Brilliant however, possibly the shell is not needed.....from my limited experience an MP would not be near a live shell.....(bobby straps, instability etc etc...) the Sturmtiger, MP and white tape would be all you need for a wonderful diorama that I am already envious of.
  8. The inevitable Spitfire Mkix.///Finished////

    I do like to see a pilot in and wheels up on a stand. I thought the Matchbox stands were great (although there was a tendency for the model to fall off sometimes and sit tail down, nose in the air. I miss pilots and stands in newer kits.
  9. PK-49 Hurricane Mk.IIc RAF

    Looing forward to this - one of my favourite planes and favourite kits - happy memories as a youngster with this and then later in life.
  10. PK-80 1:76 Jagdpanther (rebox) *finished*

    Did your mother not tell you to not open the box and play with it until you get home because you'll lose bits.......
  11. Have to say - Haven't Airfix come a long way :-)
  12. ....whilst we all shuffle through WH Smiths flicking through magazines and occasionally reading them from cover to cover before putting them back and tutting about there being no content, are we allowing for the huge growth in the internet bringing us wonderful sites like Britmodeller making information far far more accessible and removing that rush to find the latest magazine? There does seem to be a much wider choice of magazine for all subjects (trains, cars. fishing, canal boats etc) than there has ever been. It's a strange economy when many sigh at nearly £5 for a magazine and buy a pint to drown our sorrows .... at what £3.50?
  13. .....my first job was with a local authority County Architects Department and early on I was sent to an old building used as a store and told to clear it and put it all in the skips outside (as a junior, I was cheaper than getting a contractor or any other employee to do it). Loads of beautiful colour wash drawings of proposals for rebuilding after the WWII bombing raids, loads of Victorian technical books, council minutes, all sorts. When I kept querying things I'd found I was told politely that there was no storage space, it was too expensive to digitise and as no one had bothered for 40 years, they were considered "lost". So, just put it in the skip as you were asked. I have a few drawings and books that I kept back. This must have happened all round the country, especially with manufacturers after the numerous take overs and mergers as factories and drawing offices were closed.
  14. .....there is hope for us then ;-)
  15. 1/4 scale GPMG SF 7.62mm Pewter Gun Kit

    Having carried one of the things I must say it looks very very good. All credit to you, I can already feel the weight digging into my softer bits. Well done.