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  1. Crowdfunding is a good idea, I think. It also gives you options of choosing media. How much, for example, are you ready to pay for high quality resin kit? I would expect that 1/72 Singapore would cost no less than 100 euro. High quality meaning the likes of CMK / ABM
  2. Revell 1/144 AN-225 Mriya??

  3. The Seven Ages of Modelling

    Airfix Paints!!! I was born and raised in Soviet Union, there were no such luxury as modelling putty or modelling paints. The only paint I knew was stinky silver paint in metal tubes that was put into some East German Plasticart kits along with glue
  4. The Seven Ages of Modelling

    This means that you a. had a paint b. knew how to use it this is some kind of advanced modelling My first models definitely did not need any paint - tanks were already green, ships were already gray, airliners were already white. Military planes let me down as they were gray and white (silver at best) but I just applied decals (if the decals were in the box) and called it a day
  5. The Seven Ages of Modelling

    You don't paint at stage one! 6th stager

    One of the buyers from Italy said in the feedback that he had to pay 62 euros in custom duties.
  7. Arrived today. Simply magnificent!
  8. So what did you do to the trailing edges? I have this kit in stash and going to build it rather sooner or later but this is THE problem with this kit and I haven't yet came up with the plan of attack. One of the options is described here: http://scalemodels.ru/articles/2850-izgotovlenie-gofrirovannykh-rulevykh-poverkhnostejj.html in Russian but there are self descriptive pictures. This approach, however, is quite labour intensive
  9. No, pure manual work
  10. Assembled by Mr. ABM himself: Ordered, shipped, waiting for Mr.Postman
  11. Best Laser Decal Paper 2017

    Hello, I used to use ink printers to print my decals but recently I bought a colour laser printer for my non-modelling needs and I want to try it to print decals. So the question is - what is the best / thinnest laser decal paper available in UK? I'm seeking for "I tried xxx, yyy and zzz and prefer yyy because ... " kind of answer rather than "I tried xxx and happy with it". Do not recommend "Expert's choice", the paper they sell was available on www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk (before it shut down) 40% cheaper so I don't believe they produce it, same thing about Microscale. How about "Lazertran"? Anybody tried it? I heard a lot of positive words about "Freedecor" paper, not sure it is available in UK. Thanks
  12. Worst model quality?

    Airfix 1/72 Concorde EVERYTHING is wrong in EVERY aspect
  13. Vallejo Surface Primer - Opinions

    I could not make it working the way I like it to, it keeps clogging my airbrush. My choice is Gunze Sangyo Mr. Surfacer
  14. Soyuz launch vehicle

    Some interesting things to consider: http://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/faq r7 c.htm That probably covers all "what R7 kit" questions
  15. Soyuz launch vehicle

    I'd say go for "NewWare", probably add LVM Photo etched parts. You may end-up with this beauty (as seen in Telford a year ago): I have built a Cutting Edge a few years back, I would not search for it as it is not only hard to find but also inferior to NewWare