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  1. Soyuz launch vehicle

    Some interesting things to consider: http://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/faq r7 c.htm That probably covers all "what R7 kit" questions
  2. Soyuz launch vehicle

    I'd say go for "NewWare", probably add LVM Photo etched parts. You may end-up with this beauty (as seen in Telford a year ago): I have built a Cutting Edge a few years back, I would not search for it as it is not only hard to find but also inferior to NewWare
  3. Well done Ken. One day this must sand on my shelve too, next to Starship
  4. Biplane Wing Assembly jig

    You may consider one of these http://www.modellingtools.co.uk/airplane-jigs-92-c.asp or contact JohnAero for one of his fantastic Aeroclub jigs
  5. Best (UK) inkjet decal paper?

    Same paper was slightly cheaper at http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/ but I see their web site is down at the moment
  6. Expensive :-/ But IMO worth every penny.
  7. This is ROM-2 Built by the manufacturer himseld Next to MBR-2 Source: http://propjet.ucoz.ru/forum/18-238-1
  8. The problem is that I want to build if before the GB ends Hardest is a relative term here - all four are hi-end kits that require minimal fitting and no need for any scratch building as all the tiniest parts are already there
  9. I'm more inclined towards civil MP-1. ROM (you haven't heard about it before, have you? ) is probably hardest and definitely larges of the four.
  10. Which one should I attempt?
  11. How to break superglue bond?

    1. Nail polish remover won't eat plastic. But it won't eat superglue either 2. Debonder, such as http://www.plasticdrainage.co.uk/20mg-super-glue-remover-7928.html
  12. Time for KUTA
  13. That's because it is currently not sold outside "Russian Post" offices and therefore is not available for major distributors. Once current batch with blue plastic and "Russian Post" decals is sold out I would expect a reissue, possibly with different decals, and rather sooner than later.
  14. Minor clog quite quickly on H&S Infinity

    I clean mine immediately after each paint change. Basically clogging happens because of small imperfections of the needle that makes it possible for tiny particles of paint to stick to it. Keep your needle clean and well polished. I'm a bit surprised that it happens to a brand new airbrush though