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  1. Newly scribed panel lines
  2. [Host hat on] I am the one At the moment I have a feeling that this build does not fit well in this GB unless either of first three prototypes (Type 392, 398 or 513) will be represented. This intention was not clearly indicated hence the doubts [Host hat off]
  3. I have doubts that this one being a production machine is legit for this GB
  4. I should not have blindly trusted the assembly sheet. This photo is clearly showing the mistakes I made so despite the premature announcement the build is not over yet
  5. I don't see why not. Welcome on board! OR you can still join "Prototypes" GB - the choice is yours
  6. Burn the bridges down! Started with these 5 degrees
  7. I use postimage only if I don't build on other resources.
  8. The problem is that this forum does not host the photos like others do that is an annoyance and I don't see any rationale for this - cloud space is very cheap nowadays. I don't put photos one-by-one, I post somewhere else and then just copy-paste. For example, this thread is an exact copy of this oneболохвитинов-с-1/ except that I translate everything in English
  9. Personally I find it easier to navigate through thumbnails when the number of photos in a post exceeds three that is usually the case in my builds
  10. 1/72 Planet Models Bolokhvitinov S-1 resin kit. NB: THESE ARE NOT THE FINAL PHOTOS as I found some significant inaccuracies that I'm going to fix very shortly WIP and more pics:
  11. Overall - a good quality resin kit with few minor problems The canopy was a bit too wide so I had to squeeze it, I also replaced vacformed transparent belly hatch with a piece of CD cover. A bit overdone with the weathering but I don't have inspiration to have it redone so this is it
  12. Decided to go outside my usual comfort zone and build something crawling I don't expect actual work to start before summer - too much unfinished builds on my shelve
  13. Practically ready. Gallery photos to follow Grey overall it is probably the most boring aircraft on my shelve. Even all green DB-LK is somewhat more flamboyant