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  2. Feedback: ================================ Hi Yevgeniy, Sorry if i reply lately. I received the parcel last Friday I picked up at the post office, just before leaving. I even had not the time to open the box…I’m back now at home and I’ve just opened the box with delights !The artbox is wonderful and reminds me the good old days when people had the time to make real painting even i guess it is a mix of digital images… Well, I really love it cause it is inspiring. The sturdy box is great.When opening, i notice the great care you took to package all the « ingredients ». Metal reinforced resin parts is excellent. As the quality of the casting : very fine with details at the exact scale downed effect, no bubbles (rare for garage kits !). Is it pressure casting ? The realism is splendid.The way you protect the one piece wing is clever and efficient.The general geometry spots to the drawings i have (Aviakollection 2011 n°5). Well done !The ski option in the same box means a new choice of aircraft. Many producers would have made another reference…The decals are beautiful and very well protected (thank you). At last a civilian version ! I appreciate it because most of the time there is only the military version available… The photo etched parts are tiny and slim. I hope i won’t lost pieces when building… I must improve my skill !The assembly instruction is a little disturbing. Only because the way of reading is in reverse on some pages. Of course every stages are numbered so it is not a real difficulty. The CAD drawings are clear. I’m sure you have spent a lot of time to make it very professional. The deco are beautiful. One question : do you have a more precise reference for the general blue color of the aeroflot plane (Akan ref ?).The stand is a good addition even i would have prefered something more dynamic and usable for a dio for example (see picture in the middle of page 5 + drawing in the middle of page 10 of Aviakollect)Well, definitely a wonderful model made by an enthousiast for enthousiast modelers ! Clearly, you offer the model as you would like it to be.I can’t imagine how much time you spent in research, prototyping and so on. A very courageous project and an inspiring result. I wish i would be able to produce such wonderful kits like you !The only point I’m not happy is the color of the resin. White resin is not very pleasant to work with. And It blends the details. It is a shame with a so precise model ! Grey colored resin would honored the quality of your work a step forward.My opininon in resume is Bravo ! Ok it is a pricy model but everything is here. No accessories needed to detail the model more. So it is not so expensive in my opinion. And quality lasts. I’m very happy to be one of you customer.Hope you will continue to offer such gems ! Now i must find the time to build it beatifully. Too many projects…Very best regards,François
  3. I think this answers your question - actuators are clearly visible, so if I understand your question correctly the answer is "outside"
  4. Dolly is dirty and finished Some touches on exhausts Just wanted to estimate the size of the beast. I thought she is bigger
  5. Pretty much all of them, sink marks everywhere. Don't get me wrong - for a short run it's a GOOD KIT, I know how to deal with short runs, and as I said earlier dealing with bad moulding this is a part of enjoyment
  6. Venerable HS 121 Trident was conceived as DeHavilland 121 and therefore qualifies. This is just an announcement, actual build will start once my 1/144 workbench, that is currently occupied with is cleared
  7. In case of tight curve I use several drills with lesser diameter on each pass
  8. Yes, good olde regular cutting mat. I roll the drill against it several times so that the metal part takes the shape
  9. This kit is an example of how bad moulding could spoil a good kit. Each part requires a lot of work and it is often easier to create a part from scratch than to bring the kit part to acceptable condition. The dolly is nearly there, requires some touches and weathering. Perhaps I will make it a separate entry in the gallery Exhausts by Barracuda are wonderful! Great attention to details and immaculate casting! Only base colour so far
  10. Never a problem if you know the following little trick - just made two cylinders in less than 5 minutes to demonstrate the technique
  11. Came across the following product, thought someone could be interested. This is NOT a photo-etch but laser etching, the difference being that it does not require lintels, a part can be separated from the fret by pushing it out The price is about 8£. The author does not say if he sends abroad but I think it can be arranged Sourceстабилизаторы-британских-бомб-лазерная-гравировкастабилизаторы-к-британским-бомбам
  12. Wow! I need the one!
  13. You will get a straight punch in a face so don't risk it. It is really very offensive