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  1. Are Aviaelogy still going ?

    That was definitely a very professional and mature response!
  2. A-4E Skyhawk - 1:48 Hobby Boss

    Looks very similar to Hasegawa. I wonder if they are simiral in regards of size etc. too. If they are then this is nice alternative... (I cannot get over those slats though) D.
  3. Doesn't look bad. I'd like to see the detail in the landing bays...
  4. I live in Sydney, and there are almost no scale model shops here. So my reference to "the market", is basically about all the e-shops that I know across the glob. Starting from Japan, to China, then all the way to UK and US. When something is declared as Released, it should be at least to one of those areas... What I believe, is that The Released notice, is just (poor) marketing... Just a "we did it first" thing... While the actual model, in some cases, might take a few more months to reach the shops. I wonder if it is just me feeling annoyed here... (by the way Homebee thanks for your response :-) )
  5. This is more a question than anything else. For a number of long awaited models I often see the "Released" notification. When I search to find the model, to my disappointment there is nothing in the market. So Released does not mean that it is currently available. So the question is, what on earth does Released means? PS. Dear admins, if you reckon that this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it, delete, whatever...
  6. ...and just for once, the price is ok too!
  7. Radar ready. Used Aires parts, just as the base to create something looking slightly more busy...
  8. I think that the day AMK will release the F-14, all Martin's symptoms will vanish! (I am wishing you well.)
  9. What were those reasons? Can't remember having read anything related...
  10. Salt Weathering Techniques

    If you have covered your base colors with future, then this technique can be used with equal success with acrylics. Have used it a number of times, not in exactly that way but similarly, and it worked fine.
  11. I want them badly!!! Will they be fit for any other "Su" type?