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  1. Anything really new and possibly interesting? Anything with wings in 1/48?
  2. Beautiful kit. Airfix has managed so far to pick all the markings that are totally uninteresting to me. Big success. Not that it matters though.
  3. I think the subject here are 1/48 kits and not 1/72. For me the worst issue with HobbyBoss kits is the totally out of shape wheel bays.
  4. This company, I cannot understand. I would like to think that they just don't care about customers outside China, but who says that Chinese Modelers care about accuracy less that the rest of the world does. I cannot understand their billing policy either!
  5. ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT

    Peanuts? Have not found it for less than 98-100 AUD$. Unfortunately, this is not peanuts for me :-(
  6. Any news on this one @Martin @ AMK Hobby?
  7. I believe that the C has got all the parts required for ZA. So if anyone has bought the C and then changed their mind, just find the right decals and go for it! Or buy ZA too!
  8. How does kinetic relate here? Sorry, I am confused.
  9. Same here. Only exception will be if they release OA-4M. And that again in combining HASE wings (if possible and if in the mood). But impressive artwork anyway dear planeart
  10. Doesn't have to be a su-35. A 2 seater from that company and that quality is welcome :-)
  11. I am amazed! But I will be waiting for a two seater :-)
  12. What is wrong with the fuselage?