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  1. 1/48 Hasegawa MiG-25RBT Foxbat

    I believe they are slowly getting out of business. But this just my feeling.
  2. 1/48 Hasegawa MiG-25RBT Foxbat

    is there anything really new from Hasegawa lately?
  3. I totally relate to that. Just as an example, no matter how good our skills are, how good we are in scratch building, how good are our references, we can never build a perfect model. Because there will always be this little something we just found out when the project finished, or that particular side, that no matter how hard we have been looking for, there is just no photo of it! (Yes, I am very traumatized by the fact that I cannot find any photos of the prowler birdcage avionics bay looking forward!!!)
  4. Looks beautiful. Still, it would be good to have an estimate on "when"... Obviously you are aware that... Cheers, DIO
  5. Well, if I have to select amongst a totally new kit in 1/48 and something that already exists, but requires some modeling skills to build, then I prefer the totally new one. There is no perfect model. At least not until Airfix uses their new shrinking-the-real-thing-3D-laser technology!
  6. I agree. I even have tried to do it. But they are considerably different. This will not be an easy task to do...
  7. Honestly, I thought that this was science fiction! I would bet my un-built collection to that (thank God I dodn't!) I had to look at Wikipedia to believe that this twin tail f-5 actually flies!
  8. What is wrong with tamiya's Mig-15bis? Or with trumpeter? If that had any value, I would ask for a kit that has not been released so far. Otherwise... ...how about one more Mustang?
  9. Zvezda catalog 2018

    All good, but unfortunately in the wrong scale.
  10. Just got mine today. Having already built a couple of them, a few initial comments (though I will be more thorough later on): * The external detail is beautiful. The engraved details is crisp and the rivets are where they should be. * The size appears to be correct, at least when compared with the MPM example * The flaps will need modification if one decides to pose them in the totally extended position * The main landing gear compartment is good, but not as detailed or accurate as the CMK parts for MPM example. Well, I know this is not fair judgment! * The seats look good as well as the cockpit in general * Some extra parts are there for the ZA! That's great! * Wheels... Just throw them away... Overall, this is a much better kit than I expected!
  11. Dear sten77, This is exactly why when I photograph my models, I post in size that is similar to the actual size. On the other hand, it is absolutely impossible to keep everyone happy, no matter how good your work is. Get used to it, so that it doesn't spoil your day. Cheers
  12. Ridiculously overpriced! It is ok, I will wait for John to buy one and when he won't be building it, I will buy it half price....