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  1. Salt Weathering Techniques

    If you have covered your base colors with future, then this technique can be used with equal success with acrylics. Have used it a number of times, not in exactly that way but similarly, and it worked fine.
  2. I want them badly!!! Will they be fit for any other "Su" type?
  3. Meng 1/48 F-35A

  4. The truth is that, no matter what the companies do, they cannot make everyone happy. Personally I am fine with a good kit, with correct dimensions and shape and with good transparencies. I would happily invest more to buy aftermarket detail sets and decals for it. I have never bought a separate kit for the missiles etc, but i do see that most of the modellers consider them as necessary (not just nice to have) for a well detailed model.
  5. Seriously? Is that so important? If more people share this, then it might make sense to produce a separate kit containing just that!
  6. Sorry, might be my poor English, but I do not really understand this...
  7. Ok. Let me set it in different words then: If this is a very accurate kit, it will be a big surprise for me, since this is by far not what I am used to from Trumpyboss! (I think there is no need to mention anything about the price)
  8. Read what I am writing a little more carefully.
  9. 76.20 AUD !!! Ha ha ha aha hahaaaaaa. And again: Ha ha ha aha hahaaaaaa. Once again, typical HobbyBoss: an expensive bug of inaccuracies (even if this one has less inaccuracies, it is still VERY expensive).