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  1. Wait until you see HB prices lol lol. And then buy Hasegawa!
  2. If they release an A-4whatever it will probably be the only time that I will buy something from them, regardless of their ridiculously high price. Even if it has inaccuracies... There are some subjects that I just can't say no... Mustangs, Prowlers, Skyhawks, Lysanders, He-111 and Mirage IIIs. Whatever in 1/48, I buy it... Yes, I know... Pathetic lol lol lol
  3. Just don't use the windows! Use Micro Kristal Klear white glue instead. Have a look here
  4. If someone hadn't pointed this out, I am pretty sure that I would not have noticed. Although I do like kits to have the correct shape and panel lines, I doubt if I would ever take the plans to compare (as long as it looked good to my eyes). So for this one, this would not have been a no buy issue, but it has become now. And I am not sure if this is right on my behalf or for our hobby! Maybe we have learnt to expect far too much from the companies?
  5. I expect it to be much better than the Tamiya kit, so even if the price is almost equal, for me it will still be justifiable... Now, if it is closer to what Martin said (I wanted to write "promised", but this wouldn't be fair, as things have changed considerably since then) a few months back, it will be even better!
  6. Good luck to your beginning Dora. Looking forward to seeing some real plastic :-)
  7. Generally speaking I agree. But for HobbyBoss specifically, all their latest releases are overpriced. What makes this even worse, is that they also suffer from the Trumpyboss syndrome, where one has to find the all the inaccuracies before proceeding to a built. Or, buy all the after-market for each release, that raise the total cost even higher. If the quality and accuracy was more like Tamiya, Hasegawa and AMK, I would have kept the above comments to myself. Just because this is not the case, every single time they release an inaccurate and overpriced new kit, I will be there to strongly comment on that. I feel this as being my duty and the least I can do, trying to protect our hobby for becoming another one for the very few.
  8. Ridiculously expensive. Like all their latest releases. Don't buy it! The only way to make them realize!
  9. Happy, having paid $130 for a kit, that also has serious issues (e.g. nose)? Would have been happy, if it was in the range of $50 to $80 max! Sorry for I cannot share your feelings.
  10. Kings may love treason, but the traitor hate... I wouldn't build his plane...
  11. I think it is important to compare against exactly the same type.
  12. The side wind screen will not put me off this one... I would expect for the experts though to comment on the correct (or not) version representation... (For now, definitely in my shopping list!)