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  1. According to T. F. J. Leversedge's Canadian Combat and Support Aircraft, the first Auroras were taken on strength in 1980, I'd guess initial operational capability was sometime between then and 1981 (I'm pretty sure 407 Squadron at Comox received them in spring or summer of 1982, but one of the east coast squadrons probably got them first). The switch to the grey scheme coincided with the change from Symmetrical to FIP era markings, so off the top of my head that would put it around 1986-87, give or take. Patrick Martin's Canadian Military Aircraft Finish and Markings, 1968-2004 would be the go-to reference on that, but I don't have my copy handy at the moment, unfortunately. (I've always found it slightly ironic that while the FIP markings were apparently derided by some CF members at the time as civilianizing -the so-called "Post Office scheme"-, the CP-140 fleet took on a far more "tactical" appearance during the changeover). Late edit: CanMilAir's decal section is back online, and he gives 1984 as the introduction date for the FIP era grey CP-140 scheme.
  2. It is, definitely...but that seems to be the preferred direction for GBs on this site currently, which I'm quite happy with. I also felt a Canada-specific GB would be most likely to attract enough interest on this site if it were very open-ended. I'd personally be eager to join an "RCAF Overseas Squadrons, 1940-1945," "Cold War RCAF, RCN, Canadian Army and CF" or "Canadian Airliners" group build, but I wouldn't expect them to get the required numbers (at least not without getting rolled into a more generic Commonwealth theme). The only way the rules are more open than the French Fancy GB is that they allow for subjects operated by Canadian crews outside of specifically Canadian-manned units, which I felt was necessary because copying the rules used for French Fancy would mean no aircraft flown in combat during World War I would qualify. Well...that, and the proposal to allow what-ifs under certain restrictions, but I'm increasingly leaning towards abandoning that and sticking to real subjects only since nobody has proposed one yet.
  3. Welcome, everyone...thanks for joining in.
  4. Thanks...welcome aboard!
  5. Excellent...thanks.
  6. Very nice build!
  7. Great work on both! Looking forward to the B.
  8. Great. Want me to add you to the list? At this point it's not a firm commitment, just an expression of worries at all if it ends up not working out. And realistically, even at the "definite" stage, I'm sure all of us have ended up not completing a GB we committed to...I freely admit my own record is awful. Great, welcome aboard!
  9. Please count me in...I normally build in 1:72, but rummaging through the stash today I happened upon my copy of the Airfix 1:48 Folland Gnat looks like a great kit, and this GB would be the perfect excuse to build it.
  10. Please count me in with an Airfix Vampire T11. Is a kit with a base coat of paint in the interior acceptable? It's otherwise untouched and I'm planning to paint over it with Tamiya NATO Black anyway for a better scale/weathered effect. I do have an untouched example, but I'd like to use that copy as it's the one I bought online from the Vampire Preservation Group (along with a Pilot's Notes reprint for the T11) back when the kit came out.
  11. Please count me in with K5054, the Spitfire prototype, from the old tooling Airfix kit (if a kit that has had a little preliminary sanding on the cowling is acceptable, I already have one allocated...if not, I can grab a pair of untouched fuselage halves). Might also chip in with a Heinkel 280 and a YP-59 Airacomet if I get feeling ambitious, maybe also a Boeing F8B and a Bell XP-77...but I'm saving the I-17 and Su-1 I just picked up for From Russia with Love...
  12. Aside from the Strike/Slam Eagle and Super Hornet, it's great to see the 1:144 B-47 and B-58 back. I also know I've got way more than enough Sabres in my stash, but I'll probably pick up the F-86 for the decals: I've always liked The Huff and although I don't really care for the "Bill's Baby" noseart on the starboard side, it was there on the real thing so I'm glad Academy remembered to include it. Here's hoping the T-50 rebox has landing gear...
  13. Having built LTD's Yak-9 and the 1980s vintage Hobby/Modelist kit of the BI-1 when I was about 15 or 16...I'll second that.
  14. My first completed build of the new year (and my first in several years, to be honest). The original plan was to build a model in one day on New Year's Day to get the year started off right, but I only got most of the way there (basic assembly and painting complete, but no weathering or decals and I also hadn't added the windshield). If memory serves, I finished the last details on Monday the 9th... Straight from the box except for windscreen glazing cut from a superglue package, decals are from the P-51 Mustang "North Africa" kit, so I assume they're from a US Army Air Forces unit in the Western Desert, circa early 1943 (which makes the choice of base rather dubious, I suppose, but it was the only material I had on hand). Light watercolour wash and a coat of clear flat to finish it off. I'm normally an aircraft modeller, so this is also my first completed armour model...