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  1. Please count me in. Hopefully the Tanmodel 1:72 kit will be out by then, but if not I have a few Airfix kits in the stash...
  2. Great kit, best of luck with the build! I pulled my copy out of the stash but I think I'll hold off on building it until after I've practised rigging on something simpler...several possibilities for that which might fit with From Russia With Love or Matchbox II...
  3. Glad to see the replacement sidewall worked out, good luck with the rest of the build! I've always thought the DH.2 was a very cool looking aircraft...I've got two of the Eduard kits (1:72 Profipack and 1:48 Weekend Edition), tempted to pull the 1:48 kit out of the stash but I think I'm probably better off practising rigging on something like a Gladiator or maybe an I-153 first...
  4. The thought that I must be crazy definitely crossed my mind too! Will do. Thanks! I have to admit part of my reasoning behind entering this was that making it part of a GB and posting a build thread would help motivate me to get it done. Even with the remarkable variety of limited run and resin kits these days, there are still quite a few aircraft I'd like to model that simply don't seem to ever be available in kit form...have to take the plunge into kitbashing and scratchbuilding at some point. Thanks, and thanks for the link!
  5. Looking great so far! Best of luck with the Fokker and the Sopwith.
  6. Excellent build, looks great!
  7. Okay...this constitutes going out on a limb for me, as I have no prior completed kitbashed or scratchbuilt models, but I wanted to give it a try. Searching the possibilities for De Havilland aircraft online, I happened upon the T.K.4 racer, built by students in the apprenticeship program at the de Havilland Technical School in 1937. During a two month flying career it placed ninth in the King's Cup Race before being lost in a fatal accident while R. J. Waight was practising for an attempt on the 100 km class record. I have a bit of a soft spot for interwar "Golden Age" air racers, and the T.K.4 was a very attractive little machine...I also recalled that I had first heard of it when I stumbled upon an old scale drawing from the January 1951 Aeromodeller over at Solid Model Memories about four years ago. After digging up the drawing and printing it out to 1:72 scale, a couple things struck me: First, being Gipsy Major-powered, its cowling looked a fair bit like other aircraft with the same powerplant, which aren't hard to come by. Second, the wings looked very World War II fighter-ish, only about half the size...hmm...about half the size... If nothing else, trying to kitbash the T.K.4 from spare parts struck me as much less daunting than trying to scratchbuild a DH.93 Don or DH.10 Amiens (or attempting to cobble a Don together from some unearthly mixture of Anson, Fulmar and Blenheim or Beaufort parts). So, here's the current gameplan: Cowling, propeller and forward fuselage from the old Airfix Chipmunk kit, wings from an Arii 1:144 P-40N, aft fuselage from a Minicraft / Crown 1:144 P-47D, empennage either cut down from the Chipmunk or scratchbuilt from sheet styrene and the back end of the Chipmunk canopy turned around 180 degrees and cut down as needed (the original plan was to use part of a backwards Eduard Spitfire XVI bubble canopy and the early flat centre section from an Airfix Spitfire I, but I think this might be easier and truer to the original's shape). Undercarriage to be determined, but may have to be scratchbuilt or heavily modified. If I can manage to turn this into an airplane-shaped object recognizable as a replica of the original by the end of this GB, I will be very happy... The basic ingredients:
  8. Somehow it wouldn't feel right if I let this group build go past without doing something to represent the De Havilland Canada family of designs. This is the 2003 Modelcraft rebox of the old Matchbox DHC-6 Twin Otter kit, I plan to finish it in the kit markings for CF-TVP of NorOntair in the late 1970s (1978 according to the instructions). The decal sheet looks quite nice, with five schemes it has as many options as all the Matchbox and Revell issues of this kit combined (even if you count the nearly identical 440 Squadron Canadian Forces SAR options, 13809 from the original Matchbox sheet and 13806, which has a small squadron crest on the tail, from the blue box 2014 Revell issue, separately). I do have a sneaking suspicion the decals might be fragile, so I'll probably use the Alaska Airlines decals as test articles to see if I need to use brush-on carrier film (I am quite fond of Alaska Airlines, but the "Nugget" scheme doesn't strike my fancy as much as their subsequent and previous schemes...and I'm pretty sure Draw Decal does a sheet for the Twin Otter in the same scheme in any case).
  9. Well, I've barely started my Vampire (and all I've done so far is apply another coat of paint over the cockpit parts that were already painted), but I've already decided to do a second build for this GB. I can't help it...I'm Canadian, it would feel wrong to let it go by without doing something to represent the DHC stable. So, I'll be building the Modelcraft rebox of the Matchbox DHC-6 Twin Otter with the kit markings for CF-TVP of NorOntair in the late 1970s. Of course, I have tentatively put myself down for a Twin Otter as one of my builds for the Matchbox II GB, but I have three more Revell boxings in the stash and there are plenty of other marking options... Build thread to follow tomorrow.
  10. Here's my entry for the GB (or at least my first one, we'll see how time works out): Airfix's 1:72 Vampire T.11. Going straight from the box on this one, with the kit markings for the machine operated by the Vampire Preservation Group, since I bought this copy of the kit from the VPG (along with a Pilot's Notes reprint) almost exactly four years ago, not too long after it came out. Obligatory sprue pic: I did apply a base coat to the cockpit a while back, but will be painting over it anyway.
  11. Thanks for your interest. Welcome!
  12. Please count me in. Plenty of options to choose from, but I'll most likely go with a Norseman or Twin Otter (maybe both).
  13. Speaking of that load of spare my eyes deceive me, or is that the Seafire FR.47 carburettor intake that got left out of the Seafire 47 kit? I may have to pick one of these up...
  14. It took a little digging on Google to confirm that I'm not crazy for thinking they were a fairly common sight here in the late 1990s, but I was forgetting it was still AirBC (as an Air Canada Regional affiliate) in those days. Jazz would have been the early 2000s... I have definitely seen them in the past few years at CYXX Abbotsford with Northern Cariboo Air and the one Conair is testing for the aerial firefighting role.
  15. Thanks! And thanks...for the Jet Provost, since the Xtradecal sheet is the only one I have in my stash and seems to be about the only game in town for early mark Jet Provosts right now, probably South Arabian or Sri Lankan. South Arabian will likely be my first choice because the camo is a bit more different from the kit RAF markings than the Sri Lankan silver, and I'm planning to build one of the two copies of the Airfix kit that I have in late-60s RAF markings as a tip of the hat to an old acquaintance I haven't seen for a few years now who flew Jet Provosts in the RAF. Definitely...nice. That was the only time I got to fly on one, but I think I remember seeing them at YVR a few times in the late 90s. (Agreed...same way the Boeing 717 will always be a DC-9...)