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  1. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: 18 & Counting

    Welcome aboard! Thanks for joining in.
  2. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: 18 & Counting

    Welcome aboard, thanks for joining in! Great choice of subject, looking forward to it...
  3. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    At this point, I'm planning to build an 801 Sqn Sea Hurricane I during Operation Pedestal in 1:72 (new-tool Airfix with AlleyCat conversion and DP Casper decals).
  4. Still haven't decided on my build, probably an RCAF Liberator from 10 (BR) Sqn or a 415 Sqn Hampden. I may go with a Blenheim or Beaufighter depending on which GBs it overlaps with, though. Also planning to build a B-25 from a USAAF ASW squadron and a P-8 Poseidon next year, but those are slated for their respective STGBs...
  5. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: 18 & Counting

    Welcome aboard, everyone! Thanks for your interest. Absolutely! Anything fictional is fair game, with What If being the fallback category if it doesn't fit Sci-Fi or Movie and TV. Great idea. 16 now. We're already past the halfway point.
  6. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: 18 & Counting

    Welcome aboard, everyone! Thanks for your interest. John - just wanted to check you wish to join? I've put you on the list, but please let me know if that was premature on my part. I will remind those who've requested it when the poll goes up!
  7. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: 18 & Counting

    Corsairfoxfouruncle and whitestar12chris: per our earlier PM discussions, I've already put you two on the list. Thank you very much for agreeing to co-host, greatly appreciated!
  8. Following discussion in the What If IV thread, and inspired by Pacific at War's success in getting several popular proposals that didn't quite reach critical mass together under a broad common theme, here is the group build for all things either film and television, fictional or speculative...or both. The plan is to run it as one group build, with entries going in any one of three subcategories: What If IV: The only rule is the subject can't have existed (in completed form) in reality. The departure from reality can be as subtle as fictional markings on an otherwise Rivet-Counter Approved (TM) Spitfire, P-51 or Bf.109, or it can be a completely fanciful kitbash. Real projects or proposals that didn't reach the hardware phase (including incomplete prototypes), fictional subjects from media other than film and television (novels, comics, video games, etc.) and original speculative or creative concepts are all included. Sci-Fi & Fantasy III: Any subject goes here if it fits the science fiction or fantasy genres. Obsessively screen-accurate, casual OOTB build, non-canon original paint scheme, kitbash or completely original design independent of any published source material...it doesn't matter, as long as it fits in the science fiction or fantasy genre. Movie and TV II (aka Big Screen, Little Screen): Anything from TV and movies goes here...animated or live action, and it doesn't have to be a fictional work. I'm going to tentatively suggest that news coverage wouldn't usually count, but real equipment featured on series such as Top Gear, Mighty Ships, etc. is fair game. The one restriction here is that it has to be at least reasonably close to screen-accurate for the source material: A Top Gun F-14 or A-4 wouldn't necessarily have to match the exact serial numbers, but it would have to be the right version with the appropriate camouflage scheme and unit markings, for example. And most importantly...let's have fun! Who's interested? 1) Sabre_days (Host) 2) Corsairfoxfouruncle (Co-host) 3) whitestar12chris (Co-host) 4) SleeperService 5) John D. C. Masters 6) Kallisti 7) BIG X 8) Mancunian airman 9) Jb65rams 10) SimonT 11) vppelt68 12) Max Headroom 13) Col. 14) Arniec 15) nimrod54 16) stevehnz 17) Skids 18) Romeo Alpha Yankee
  9. What If IV GB

    Thanks! I'm happy to start the thread, I'll wait until tonight when I have more time to start it (so probably about 0800 tomorrow, Zulu time)... Any last thoughts, suggestions or feedback from anyone else? (Corsairfoxfouruncle, just want to check that you're okay with a new proposal which has pretty much 100% overlap with Movie & TV Aircraft?) Happy to accept offers to co-host, especially for What If and Big Screen, Small Screen (Sci-Fi is probably the strongest personal interest for me out of the three, so if I end up taking the lead on any of the three, that would be my first choice, but help is very welcome anywhere).
  10. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    Please count me in. 43 to go! I'm in... If I may latch on and add the Canadian squadrons to the list, referring to Kostenuk & Griffin's RCAF Squadrons and Aircraft: "The Canucks" 400 "City of Toronto" Sqn - Lysander, Tomahawk, Mustang, Mosquito, Spitfire 401 "Ram" Sqn - Hurricane, Spitfire 402 "City of Winnipeg" Sqn - Hurricane, Spitfire 403 "Wolf" Sqn - Tomahawk, Spitfire 404 "Buffalo" Sqn - Blenheim, Beaufighter, Mosquito 405 "Vancouver" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 406 "Lynx" Sqn - Blenheim, Beaufighter, Mosquito 407 "Demon" Sqn - Blenheim, Hudson, Wellington 408 "Goose" Sqn - Hampden, Halifax, Lancaster 409 "Nighthawk" Sqn - Defiant, Beaufighter, Mosquito 410 "Cougar" Sqn - Defiant, Mosquito 411 "Grizzly Bear" Sqn - Spitfire 412 "Falcon" Sqn - Spitfire 413 "Tusker" Sqn - Catalina 414 "Sarnia Imperials" Sqn - Lysander, Tomahawk, Mustang, Spitfire 415 "Swordfish" Sqn - Beaufort, Hampden, Wellington, Albacore, Halifax 416 "City of Oshawa" Sqn - Spitfire 417 "City of Windsor" Sqn - Hurricane, Spitfire 418 "City of Edmonton" Sqn - Boston, Mosquito 419 "Moose" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 420 "Snowy Owl" Sqn - Hampden, Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 421 "Red Indian" Sqn - Spitfire 422 "Flying Yachtsmen" Sqn - Lerwick, Catalina, Sunderland, Liberator 423 Sqn - Sunderland, Liberator 424 "Tiger" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 425 "Alouette" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 426 "Thunderbird" Sqn - Wellington, Lancaster, Halifax, Liberator 427 "Lion" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 428 "Ghost" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 429 "Bison" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 430 "City of Sudbury" Sqn - Tomahawk, Mustang, Spitfire 431 "Iroquois" Sqn - Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster 432 "Leaside" Sqn - Wellington, Lancaster, Halifax 433 "Porcupine" Sqn - Halifax, Lancaster 434 "Bluenose" Sqn - Halifax, Lancaster 435 "Chinthe" Sqn - Dakota 436 "Elephant" Sqn - Dakota 437 "Husky" Sqn - Dakota 438 "Wild Cat" Sqn - Hurricane, Typhoon 439 "Westmount" Sqn - Hurricane, Typhoon 440 "City of Ottawa" Sqn - Hurricane, Typhoon 441 "Silver Fox" Sqn - Spitfire, Mustang 442 "Caribou" Sqn - Spitfire, Mustang 443 "Hornet" Sqn - Spitfire (Kostenuk & Griffin include types that were the squadrons' primary equipment at some point, but not flown on operations, but not the handful of Avro Manchesters delivered to 420 Squadron and the lone airframe delivered to 408, although I have found at least one source reporting that 408's Manchester flew one operational sortie with the unit).
  11. What If IV GB

    Sounds good to me - that's what I was driving at, one group build with three sub-themes, just like Pacific at War. I was just thinking aloud and getting into too much detail about rule specifics for the Media category. Personally, to be as inclusive as possible, I'd like to expressly make it Sci-Fi and Fantasy, which might draw in a few more figure modellers. I had been thinking of category three being Media in general - big screen, little screen, literary (including comics/graphic novels/manga) and video games (plenty of Hasegawa Ace Combat kits out there) to be as inclusive as possible. However, the more I think about it, I see how we could limit it to just big screen, small screen to be as inclusive as possible of documentaries and historical dramatizations, but omit specifically including the literary and video game categories on the grounds that anything fictional from those categories could fall under What If (or Sci-Fi) and thus avoid history and reference books or strategy games and simulators turning it into the Excuse to Build Anything GB or producing massive amounts of rules lawyering about what does and doesn't count...
  12. T-34 Family STGB Now we are 16!

    Please count me in!
  13. What If IV GB

    Thanks! I definitely think it has potential... I'm just mulling over how to define the third category. Both the Big Screen, Little Screen and Literary proposals included nonfiction works, so I'm contemplating the idea of making it Fictional, Speculative & Popular Culture so that nonfiction source material such as Top Gear or Mighty Ships could be included, but my main concern is it could lose focus when it's including all media types and getting lumped in with Sci-Fi and What If. So I'm thinking of keeping it fictional, but with some leeway for Hollywood Zeros and Wichita Fokkers: The rule I'd propose is that movie and TV subjects from historical dramas that aren't exactly fiction are okay so long as the film or program is a dramatization/re-enactment (no documentaries) and the aircraft, ships or vehicles are distinct from the historical equipment they portray. That way, aircraft from movies like Tora! Tora! Tora! and Battle of Britain could be included, but I wouldn't be able to use Jetstream as an excuse to model an actual, in-service CF-18, for example. Literary and video game examples would have to be fictional: So the F-19 from Red Storm Rising would be fair game, but no USS Chicago, and no building an F-16 because it was in Falcon 3.0 but the Russian UMF (Un-Manned Fighter) from the Kurile Islands campaign in the Operation Fighting Tiger add-on would be fair game if anyone cared to scratchbuild one. Also, fictional would still include real types in fictional markings, regardless of source material, so a Stern's Wildcats F-16 or Jackals MiG-29 from Strike Commander or a P-51 with fictional codes and nose art based on descriptions or cover art from Goodbye, Mickey Mouse would be fair game.
  14. What If IV GB

    Maybe we could have a Fictional & Speculative GB with three subcategories: -What-If IV -Sci-Fi III -A fictional subjects category for anything that doesn't quite fit the definition of What-If or Sci-Fi (e.g. the Flyboys boxings of Eduard's Nieuport 17 and Fokker Dr.1), which would essentially cover the Big Screen, Small Screen and Literary proposals (or at least the fictional components thereof).
  15. The Pacific at War GB

    Sounds good to me. Yes...looking forward to it!