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  1. Definitely interested in the German version. The links don't work, though.
  2. I'll certainly be interested in the 1:72 Bellanca.
  3. Better be 5 - looks like there is one on the fuselage underside as well.
  4. I definitely need one of these to glare menacingly at the A400M...
  5. I too would be interesting in a 1:72 Hawk 200 conversion. And precisely for a couple of schemes on the referenced decal sheet!
  6. There is a strong rumor going round that Valom is going to do a 1:72 B-45 in 2017. Perhaps we have you to thank for slogging your way through the Mach 2 kit? Looks very nice, by the way!
  7. Actually, the last few new tool Airfix kits I've gotten have been entirely satisfactory in this area.
  8. Well, it is that time of year again. Anyone know offhand which RAF squadrons have anniversaries this year? More to the point, which will be producing special markings on one of their aircraft? As a followup question, will Xtradecal be producing another decal sheet of special markings? Thanks all.
  9. Another to add to the UAV subcollection. Well done Avis!
  10. Thanks Chris!
  11. I'm currently in the market for more display space. Would you mind mentioning the brand, source, and (if you're comfortable with it) price of the unit? Many thanks!
  12. I've used the Tamiya thin white bendy tape a few times and have been happy enough with it. I'm airbrush only, which means I just use the thin curve stuff for the actual paint border. Then there are other (cheaper) types of tape to prevent overspray.
  13. And that confirmation was probably what I was responding too.
  14. I suspected strongly that it might be the Fly plastic (which I've never seen in person). I think I still have some aftermarket decals for civilian 108s.
  15. I too would be early in line for a B-45. I will likely pick up the B-2 and B-52, put I've already built a Monogram B-1 and might give that one a skip.