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  1. Tornado book

    And there is a Warpaint book coming on the Tornado as well.
  2. Throw a Fairey Hendon in there too. I'd buy all of em.
  3. Although a military DH-91 will be popular, I do hope Valom plans to issue at least one box with airliner markings. They do tend to release multiple boxings of the same plastic.
  4. I've been eying the resin DH-91 for a while - now I'm glad I waited! Valom kits can have their challenges, but I'd rather do it in plastic rather than resin.
  5. 1/72 - Grumman J2F-1 & F-6 Duck by Valom - released

    I like the way you think. I've always wanted a Hendon but couldn't generate the long-term commitment for the vac.
  6. I'll hate myself afterward, but 1:72 airliners are not common. Mach 2 has done a number of them. OTOH, I've never had a truly successful result come from a Mach 2 kit.
  7. This is the 23rd Hurricane that I have completed in my 32 years of modelling. Although I love the Airfix ragwing, the markings options are limited, so this time I opted for a Revell. It is a very buildable kit, with the proviso that you have to keep a close eye to keep from knocking off the wing guns. As you can see, one has departed from this model. It happened post-painting, and I have no idea where it ended up even after an exhaustive search. If I ever find it I'll stick it back on. The markings are for the Egytian AF. Always liked this color scheme. The decals came from Kits World 72-144, an all-Hurricane sheet. #24 will likely be a Free French example. Sorry about the depth of field issues. I need to just sit down and solve the problem on my Nikon 40; it's just a matter of settings, but I haven't taken the time to go through it all yet. This is completed aircraft #480 (13 aircraft, 2 ordnance, 12 vehicles for the year 2017), finished in September of 2017.
  8. Noted scratchbuilder and auhor John Alcorn has passed away at 85.

    John was a fixture at IPMS-Seattle meetings for many years. A good chap. RIP.
  9. revell Voodoo 1/72

    Interestingly, I have one of these about 60% complete, though it will be in ADC grey using a Caracal sheet. It's not a bad kit at all, though a bit over-engineered.
  10. Tupolev Tu-128 A-Model 1/72 scale

    The AModel Tu-128 always had lousy distribution in the US. I have no idea why. So I never bought one. Since Trumpeter announced a new 1:72 version, I'm probably lucky to have avoided the kit, though some of Trumpeter's 1:72 pricing decisions lately have been eye-watering.
  11. Loaded for Bear... or not?

    Since my interest is in the aircraft itself, I almost always build them clean. I'm not doing dioramas, which also explains why I do minimal weathering. Personally I think of them as fairly pristine museum examples. Ultimately, this is a decision for the individual modeller.
  12. I always enjoy kits of high winged sport and recon planes (L-4, Taylorcraft, Auster etc) but I think the one with the Olympic rings will be my choice.
  13. I've already got the Meng F-106A, so I'm really more interested in the F-106B. Any target date for that one?
  14. I agree that this is a nice announcement, but I have a tendency to like building in sets. Since I already have built an FJ-1 and FJ-4, I'll be happy to slip two of these between them.
  15. It is now in stock at Hannants, but the MSRP domestic is apparently 115 GBP.