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  1. 1/72 - Farman F.70 vacuform kit by Broplan - released

    I once planned a purchase from these fellows and then ran across the same postal rates you mention. No thanks.
  2. Revell 1:72 McDonnell F-101B Voodoo

    David: I'm assuming you're talking the IPMS-Seattle Spring Show in April, and not the NWSM display at the Museum of Flight in late February. Yes, I've been going every year since I originally joined the group in the early 90s. Best show in the west that I've been to. I've had some back issues so my time at the show has been limited. I'm trying to schedule a surgery now, but hopefully I won't still be in recovery when the show happens. But even if I have to hobble in, I'll definitely give maximum effort to be there. - Kevin
  3. Dora Wings catalog 2018

    I'll definitely be an early adopter when they finally get to releasing plastic in 1:72. Probably most all of them, though first in line will be the Proctor. I'm a bit more lukewarm about the P-63s. The Bellanca, Wapiti, and FD-2 are all future purchases as well.
  4. Revell 1:72 McDonnell F-101B Voodoo

    Anigrand makes the XF-103, XF-108 and XF-109. Trumpeter makes the XF-107. Already have them salted away in the stash.
  5. Italeri 1:72 GMC DUKW

    This is the Italeri DUKW. I'm still on my wheeled vehicle kick, though this one is rather larger then the trucks and tractors I've completed so far. I stumbled across the kit is the stash one evening, and relocated it to the shorter work queue in the upstairs hobby room. It has decent detail and there are some areas you need to be careful with (the front splashguard, for instance). This was my first use of MRP paints. The sheen ended up a bit more semi-matte than I would have preferred but as an experiment I added decals and there was little evidence of silvering. The experiment is ongoing. I've just picked up a number of Italian colors, so will have to trot out some of the Special Hobby Italian fighters shortly. DUKWs are still in use all over the place. A group here in Seattle, called the SeaFair Pirates, uses on in the annual outdoor festival in August. If I had decals, I'd do that one for sure. This is completed vehicle #15 (17 aircraft, 3 ordnance, 15 vehicles for the year 2017), finished in December of 2017.
  6. This was actually finished at the end of 2017, but PostImage was having some weird security certificate issues. This is part of a long ongoing complete Century Series project ("complete" because it includes the X-103, X-107, X-108 and X-109). I'll be replacing the current Hasegawa F-102 and F-106 with Meng examples. This is the Revell kit. I would have preferred a single seater, but the Valom kit was not available when I started building this, and this one was in the stash. The decals came from a Caracal sheet. I probably should have been a homer and done the WA ANG, but I thought the Maine ANG markings were more interesting. The kit went together well enough, though since I had to "un-lower" the wing flaps that was a struggle. But by and large it turned out all right. It does exhibit some of the problems I've been having with Kabuki masking tape lately. It has suddenly developed a tendency to pull up slightly at the edges, allowing paint to seep in. I don't think I've changed by technique, but it has shown up on a couple of recent completions. I used a Master pitot tube; I'm really coming to like those bits. A quick and easy replacement that makes a strong visual difference. This is completed aircraft #483 (17 aircraft, 3 ordnance, 14 vehicles for the year 2017), finished in December of 2017.
  7. International Mail Orders from Hannants

    My time from order to delivery has been averaging about 2 weeks (to Washington state, USA). It was a bit slower than that around Christmastime, but I think that is to be expected. Other than that delivery time has been acceptable.
  8. I do love the DH-88, and will be there when the 1:72 version hits the Big H. To Bob's comment, it does seem that Mikro Mir has many more announcements than finished product. Their 1:72 line has a lot of interesting stuff in it (like the K-7). One that has crossed the availability line is the Miles Aerovan. I'm in the early stages of construction and have been pretty happy so far. Sometimes development of a new model is a long process, and as long as Mikro-Mir keeps producing nice kits of interesting subjects in 1:72 I'll be there with my credit card out.
  9. Worst model quality?

    The only two kits I have actually binned without completion are the Roden He-111C (which I can see the early 111s were well represented above) and the MPM Fairey Battle. Both had the same root cause - I was never ever to get the fuselage even close to the point of closing up without massive distortion.
  10. Worst..... and Last of 2017

    So I see I'm not alone! I had this happen on a Vista Fulmar years ago. And got the same reaction at the meeting: "That's a nice weathering job".....
  11. Junkers Ju 160

    Thanks for that, LR!
  12. About an average year for me. One more completion than 2016, which is always nice. I've decided for simplicity's sake to just list the 17 aircraft on this posting, but my total for the year was 17 aircraft, 15 military vehicles, and 3 ordnance. Remember: there is always a way to increase your output. Just lower your standards! :X :fp: For the entire output, please see my blog, listed in the signature below. And do be gentle with some of the photography. My goal for this year is to dig out my tripod and get a decent light tent. Red Arrows Hawk Eurofighter (29 Sqdrn RAF anniv) Tornado Boeing Fortress Hurricane (Luftwaffe) Hawk (BAe demo) Lightning F2 Hurricane demo Hurricane (Yugoslav) P-47 (Eight Nifties) P-47 (cobra) EADS Barracuda drone P-47 (Passionate Patsy) P-47 (Miss Mutt) Eurofighter (Red Arrows whif) Yakovlev Yak-130 demo Hurricane (Egyptian AF) Eurofighter (RAF anniv) Beech Starship Messerschmitt Me-163B (French civil) And now for the military vehicles Schlepper for Me-163B Ford military tractor Standard Mfg J-1 lift truck Clarktor 6 tow tractor Tsar bomba transport Stryker VW Schwimmwagen
  13. Academy F4F-4, Don't laugh!

    Never laugh at a fellow modeller. As you get more involved, ask a lot of questions of this board's usual suspects. They're very generous with their experience and glad to help. I would suggest masking for the color demarcations (as mentioned above) and eventually investing in an airbrush. It is soooo much easier to get a good smooth coat. Best of luck!
  14. 1/48 Alpha Jet & 1/72 Nanyang Q5

    That Q-5 certainly does look interesting. Glad to hear that the buildability is high. I may have to indulge....
  15. Junkers Ju 160

    Is there a 1:72 injected kit of the Ju-160? I know of a vac and (I believe) a Classic kit (though I don't know what it consists of). Anyone have that Classic Planes kit, or can point to some photos?