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  1. Best Model Filler?

    Lately I've been using Mr Surfacer 500 and Vallejo Putty. The first one stinks the hell but works great on seams! Vallejo putty has the ease of being wiped easily with water on the q-tip. Evert
  2. 1/48 Eduard MiG-21bis

    Very nice Ian! The paint looks spot on compared to images of the real one. The black masking putty looks nice. Evert
  3. IAI Kfir C-2 ATAC - AMK

    Very neat and clean build on this Kfir. Very nice!! Evert
  4. 1/48 Eduard MiG-21bis

    The master pitot is a very nice addition compared to the plastic one. The Mig is looking good! Evert
  5. Looks pretty. I see some slivering on the tail decal, were they thick? Almost there!! Evert
  6. 1/48 A-6 Intruder Kinetic or Hobbyboss

    Hobby Boss would be the best! The cockpit oob is excellent. Evert
  7. I really like your diorama and the way it turned out. Very original idea. Evert
  8. Kinetic M3A3 1/35 WiP

    Very nice and clean build this way. Never tried to build an AFV build by Kinetic but this really looks good. Might try it one day. Evert
  9. A-4F Eduard 1/48

    Nice work on this Scooter. The painting on all the wheel bits and pieces looks promising. Evert
  10. Well the distinctive refueling probe is there so that makes it a KFIR!. I see you use the Tamiya curve tape, great stuff isn't it? Evert
  11. Ow I thought you had build a Mirage III. Nevertheless very complete answer to my question. The fitt of the canopy seems to be good as you mentioned. And the last pictures shows it very well. Can't wait to visit my LHS within a few weeks and buy all the goodies to build a C10! Cheers, Evert
  12. Looking very nice. Looks like the intakes have a good fit. You have build Kinetic’ Mirage kit, is the AMK (much?) better? Evert
  13. Wingman conversion C10 on AMK kit?

    Wow I completely missed your build! Thanks for pointing out to me! Will read with interest. Thanks! Evert
  14. Wingman conversion C10 on AMK kit?

    G'day all, The AMK has recently come available at my LHS. Now to build a modern Colombian Kfir C10 I need the conversion made by Wingman Models. Does any of you have an idea if this would fit on the AMK nose? Has one of you maybe both the Kinetic C7 kit and the AMK so that a comparison of the diameter of the nose can be made? Thanks! Evert