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  1. Tornado GR1A best 1/72 kit?

    To solve the nose problem, you'll need a resin replacement. Hannants have two on offer - here and here. This is not an exhaustive list - others may be available.
  2. Tornado GR1A best 1/72 kit?

    RoG = Revell of Germany (as opposed to Revell USA).
  3. Loaded for Bear... or not?

    I just try to find a photograph of what I'm modelling and load it up accordingly. For example, I am just completing an F-4B with just a centreline tank and empty inboard pylons because that's how the photographs show it. Whereas the FGR.2 I am building next will be fully loaded for a QRA because that's the way the picture I have of it shows it. You pay your money and you take your choice.
  4. There goes the neighbourhood, it's another bally swagman!

    Hello Richard I too have gone acrylic and use a hairy stick. I have found the best way is to undercoat using grey auto primer in a rattle can (I do this in the garage in the interests of domestic harmony) then brush paint onto that. Acrylics onto raw plastic can be difficult in some cases, dependent on the paint & model manufacturer. Regards Nigel
  5. G'day from Down Under

    Welcome Tim With regard to posting pictures, look in FAQ (here) and I think you'll find the answers. Regards Nigel
  6. Airfix 2018

    1/72 Eurofighter Typhoon (just chuck the moulds for the existing one) with all the pylons and a nice coice of weapons. I know others make them but they don't make money for Airfix. And do hurry up and release the new Phantom - my Fujimi stock is running low.
  7. Fairey ? Russian kit.

    It can make up into a nice kit - it needs interior detail adding and the wheel wells boxing in and probably some refining of the mouldings - the Rusian repops were not known for the quiality of their plastic or moulding. And you'll definitely need new decals.
  8. what was your very first Airfix kit.

    The first kit I bought was an Airfix SR.53 from Woolworth's in Reading in about 1962, along with a tube of Weldtite cement. In those days Airfix models always went together in an hour or so and nearly always used nearly an entire tube of glue. I had to get my Dad to help put the decals transfers on. Was it really 55 years ago? Tempus fugit.
  9. More on Airfix 2017

    I'll reserve judgement until I see plastic - depending on how the photos were lit can affect the look of the panel lines.
  10. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    I suspect the current Airfix Vulcan will soldier on for a good few years yet. I agree they have replaced the Lancaster and Spitfire I moulds but I would guess they far outsell kits like the Vulcan - not with peoplle like the modellers on this forum but with the general public. I can hear little Johnny's mother when he gets one as a present "It's quite nice really, but where's he going to put it when it's made? It's so big and his bedroom is full of toys already!"
  11. Am I the only person being driven to distraction by the fact that every time I try to look at an older thread, the pictures have been replaced by the Photobucket square of despair, making a nonsense of the contents which invariably refer to the pictures? If I had any hair left, I'd be ripping it out.
  12. Ah - from the days whem McLaren were a force to be reckoned with. A lovely build.
  13. A vacform rescued from certain doom....

    Is this the old Formaplane kit? Somebody will probably correct me but that's my guess. Mastered by Joe Chubbock as I remember. There was an article showing one being built in Volume 1 Issue 2 of Scale AQircraft Modelling (November 1978).
  14. 1/36th scale prize winning models, but who was he?

    I presume this was the same person - there can't have been two Tony Woolletts in Wokingham surely?: Anthony Woollett was an opening batsman who was offered a professional contract with Kent in 1950. He went on to play in 44 first-class matches for the county in five seasons. He was a player and coach at Wokingham CC for more than 40 years. Full name Anthony Frank Woollett Born September 20, 1927, Lambeth, London Died January 26, 2004, Wokingham, Berkshire (aged 76 years 128 days) Major teams Kent Batting style Left-hand bat Other Coach
  15. 1/36th scale prize winning models, but who was he?

    I had the great fortune to meet Tony Woolett several times in the early seventies at the IPMS meetings held in Reading. His models were a delight and he is the only modeller I know whose model collection was auctioned by Christies - I doubt any of us will achieve that honour. Like so many expert modellers, he was a true gentleman.