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  1. This One's Personal: 1/32 Tiger Moth

    I have had a look in my spares and all i can find are the pilots. I will have another look, (I swear blind I have the engine. u/c legs, etc) but in the meantime, as I am going my kit to a Fox Moth, I am can give you the following from the missing frame: control column box, both instrument panels, both leather comings, the oil tank and one of the seats. If you want I will use the bulkheads as a pattern and make replacements out of plasticard if you want
  2. This One's Personal: 1/32 Tiger Moth

    I possibly have a lot of those missing bits in my spares box. I will have a look tomorrow and let you know
  3. Burgess-Dunne Floatplane

    Hey, that's great to see. Hope to see it (and you) in the flesh soon. Merry Christmas Mate!
  4. It will be a fokker dr1. Why? Because every box top that features an adversary is later modelled by WNW. . The Sopwith Dolphin kit features the said tripe on the lid
  5. Wingnut Wings

    What a beautiful collection
  6. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    I feel extremely privalidged to have watched this build bit by bit. To think it is awarded the best model in the world (for that is what it is, really) should have been no surprise, but, it is truly wonderful to see a britmodeller wip receive the ultimate accolade.
  7. That nose looks quite odd the 1st RAF photo
  8. Strange helicopter over Bruges today

    Cheers. I will feed that back
  9. Hello all A friend is currently in Bruges. when at about 4pm UK time today she spotted a chopper with a large underslung load consisting of a large hexagonal frame, about twice as big as the aircraft. She did send a photo but it is of such poor quality it is not with posting. Nothing was showing on flightradar24 at the time. any ideas?
  10. Tiger Moth to Fox Moth

    Hello John Hope you are well. Yeap, I am still around and following this. Cheers Andy
  11. Aerodrome alumnae...?

    I used to be on Aerodrome as well, but I think every modeller who was on there have migrated to using the forum on WW1aircraftmodels.com
  12. RAF Fairford to become operational once more!

    my mistake for mentioning the runway length and for things to go off topic. But only by a tinsey winsey bit mind
  13. RAF Fairford to become operational once more!

    Is that Lechlade per chance?
  14. Large scale Jaguar (car), due in June.

    ooohh you got me! Thought you were talking about the jet!