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  1. Open to correction, think its for flare pistol cartridge stowage
  2. Excellent modelling !! - Well done !!
  3. Very nice 'truder Peri ! - excellent paint work
  4. I remember seeing an Indian Connie at Northolt, wonder if it's the same one !! - period is right
  5. Very nice builds and paint jobs !! - is that bird poo on the Greek tail ??
  6. PM sent re Storch

  7. Has the Skyhawk gone ??

    1. vandy1


      Yes it has 

  8. Just had an invite from the North Somerset guys to display at the next Helicopter Museum show and it contained this:- Finally, this year we are NOT be permitting any kit sales under the displays. Without the support of our traders and vendors we would not be able to put this show on, so I am asking all clubs to please respect this rule. What are your thoughts on this ?? - Is it yet another backward step in our hobby or for the best ??
  9. Quote:- or I'll have to sell hot water bottles! What scale are those ??
  10. IPMS Gloucester and The Cotswold Scale Modellers Group will be in attendance at this one !!
  11. Superb Frightening !!
  12. Think the Sea Fury was Ormond Hayden Baillie's G-FURY - think it's now flying in the States
  13. Hope you don't mind me asking but what sort of would you be asking for the RN Spook and which boxing ??





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    2. Coors54



      Looks like I will be able to drop this off tomorrow (Monday), late morning. Will you be around or can I leave it somewhere safe?



    3. Gundylunch


      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the message, should be around - probably after 10.30 - 11ish, if perchance not, open the side gate on your left as you face the house and pop it on top of one of the bins !! - mobile is 07751549763





    4. Coors54
  14. In the finishing straight now !! - looking really good !!
  15. Absolutely a lovely Gunfighter ! - superb all round.