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  1. Westland PV-1 1/72 Maquette

    Yes, It's in storage. John
  2. I'm delighted in the way my drawings are being interpreted. John
  3. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    Viking's build of the first version of my 1/48 Tiger is lovely. John
  4. 1/72 Gloster Mars X Nightjar

    Patrik, Sorry to go off piste, but have you received an email from me re the Westlands? Very nice build as usual. John
  5. real Tiger moth(or what remains) in the jungle?

    I get no vibes from this at all It appears to have a modern American rotation metal propeller but a very small engine cowl area suggesting as Graham says, a radiator front. There is a wheel hidden in the undergrowth. It has rubber coamings. I have the feeling it's not very old. The only other thing might be a film set piece. The lamp and rustic fence suggests to me it might be in a park somewhere. John
  6. real Tiger moth(or what remains) in the jungle?

    Well it's not a Tiger Moth. Any more pictures? It appears to be made of sheet steel which begs the question, was it something in a children's playground. John
  7. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    What I forgot to add in post 11 is the true reason for the rear spar bracket design, is that it allows the wings to fold on the rear spar single bolt pivot. The Tiger those wings can't fold retained the fitting from it's Gipsy Moth forebear. John
  8. I just put in the 451591 code and it came up as available and the spec said it was the Yellow Filler Primer. It does not have Plastic in the title. John
  9. Troy I just checked and Halfords may have made a formula change as it used to be called just Filler Primer (Yellow colour) with a code of 451591. I think that the one I used for the Gee Bee was 848. It will be interesting to see if the two codes are sold concurrently. The old one used to rub down a little quicker IMO. The secret is to use fine rubber sponge backed sanding pads for the initial sanding which will contour and just expose the plastic stringers but not reduce them. Then use the T shirt cloth and solvent. This will gently abrade, smooth and polish the YFP between the high points of the ribs or stringers. The fine /ultra fine sponge pads (size approx 100 mm x 125 mm by 6 mm thick) I use I got from Car body finishing material suppliers and I cut them into smaller squares. Cheer John
  10. Hi Troy The Yellow is the "Plastic Filler Primer " Code item 456848 it's like the Grey primer but it's thicker. Cheers John
  11. Curtiss J4N in RFC service.....

    I seem to recall in Elliott White Springs book that a friend of his was killed at Training Depot Stamford flying a Jenny. I've got a wing strut end fitting off one in my cabinet behind me. The UK type was a JN-4A and was used by No.1 Training Depot Station Stamford and Reserve Training Sqn's 11, 16, 17, and 42 John
  12. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    Paul J We'll have to do swopsies. That's a nice bright Tiger. I had the controls for a session in one a few Weeks ago. The last time was 55 years ago. John
  13. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    ACDC was originally a dark Red de Haviland School of Flying but IIRC it wore a brighter Red at some point in it's long history, we used the old profile for the colour reference, a long time ago. I still have loads of those old 1/72 decals and they're still fine. If anyone has built my 1/48 Tiger and not used the Civil Registration, I'd be pleased to hear from them as I want a couple to restore some of my old models. John
  14. Seasonal Vulcan Diorama Idea for Someone?

    Yes I know that it was up at the old Middleton St George. I was referring to my snow clearance of Vulcans memories at Cottesmore. If you defuel the front tanks first. Canberra's will also sit on their tails. John