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  1. Thanks guys. Been busy with other things, but finally back working on this. Yea the top fuselage fit seems a bit shall we say...angled. Looks like a tent, so I need to clamp it down to make it flat. Painted the interior in a rust red color to match the reference photo. Kept it simple and high contrast as the transparencies in the kit are anything but transparent... Ken
  2. Hi! Been a while, but as they say...life intervened. Still working on it, and the weapons are now finished. I only need to clear coat the aircraft it self a couple of times, then its on to decaling. Just one pic this time: Ken
  3. Great job on the painting. I'll have to remember that technique
  4. With my F-16A nearing the Future application stage, I decided to start the next kit while waiting for Future, washes and decals to dry. So what to do next? My mom mentioned that her first ever airplane ride was on a green and silver seaplane, from Wideroe Flyveselskap, in Norther Norway. A quick search in the stash and decal pile later and my mom goes "That's it!" Next project found. (And apparently my wife thinks this means I have too many kits and decals lying about...) Inspiration free picture hosting The kit free picture hosting The decals free picture hosting The starting off point... free picture hosting Should be fun! Ken
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated. I think the only process that allows the correct bulged shape to the canopy makes the seam unavoidable. I don't have any non-Hasegawa F-16 kits, but I've heard that the sides of the canopy is flatter than it should be in these other kits. Latest progress... Painted the nose cone, and attached the landing gear legs. host image online Another coat will be applied to the nose cone, then I'll spray some future on the underside to protect the paint from chipping. host image online Hudson agrees, exciting times ahead!! host image online Ken
  6. Finished the paint touch ups on the underside, as well as the white in the wheel wells. image sharing sites I think this is still a bit too blue/grey but I'm going with it. Looked at a lot of pictures, and the colors seem to vary quite a bit from plane to plane anyways... image sharing sites And the reference picture shows the medium grey to have a bit of a darker hue...so I'm happy. image hosting 5mbcertificity.com Gear doors and various undercarriage parts... image sharing sites The almost finished parts are in the bookshelf... image sharing sites Thanks for looking! Ken
  7. I followed an advice on a different forum, and used Dark Gull Gray instead of FS36270. Looking better! free photo hostingcertificity.com Starting to look like an F-16 now...
  8. Hmmm... Started painting the aircraft... Preshade: gif hosting Light color on the bottom, FS36375 gif hosting Then, FS36270 for the tail, nose and details... gif hosting gif hosting Is it me or is this just WAAAAY too dark? I followed the paint guide to the letter... Ken
  9. Thanks guys, So far the Iwata is good. I like not having to bother with bottles any longer! Finally beat that intake into submission...or at least decided on that "perfect is the enemy of good enough" is a true statement... adult photo sharing Dryfitted on the plane... adult photo sharing Masked and installed... adult photo sharing adult photo sharing It's been a rough road, but I can finally start moving again on the aircraft itself! Light at the end of the tunnel!! Whilst struggling with the intake I continued on things under wings, more or less as a sanity project. AIM-9s...still a work in progress... adult photo sharing adult photo sharing Mk-84s, on pylons and ready for clear coat and decals. adult photo sharing Fuel tanks, decaling in progress... adult photo sharing And the ALQ-119 decals. adult photo sharing No matter how much I tried, those little yellow decals refused to stay straight. Even when I thought I had them down, and slowly backed out of the room holding my breath, I came back to this... Thanks for watching. Ken
  10. wow that looks nice. Will be following this for sure. Such a brute of an aircraft.
  11. Still working on this thing. The intake makes me want to cry, and order an intake plug. The AIM-9s are coming along. Paint touch ups will be needed... screen shot pc Exhaust is masked and put in the airplane. screen shot pc screen shot pc Tanks, pods and pylons... screen shot pc The bombs are becoming more colorful. Almost ready for gloss coat and decals. screen shot pc The ALQ-119 is getting some love. There's so much excess film on some of these decals....scissors out. screen shot pc Sprayed some white in the wheel wells. screen shot pc Ken
  12. Thank you. The intake is finally starting to look halfway decent. I have another F-16A model with an identical set of decals in the stash. It will be built with the gunpod. A very cool setup. Here's today's update. Decided to let the intake rest for mental health reasons, and worked on the nozzle mostly. Some work on the nozzle. free image hosting free image hosting free image hosting And the jammer is getting some love as well... free image hosting Slow and steady wins the race...hopefully. Ken
  13. Beautiful dog. They are the best companions aren't they? This intake is kicking my bottom! 20mb image hosting 20mb image hosting After lots of sanding and essentially ruining the intake, I tried again with a new intake from the stash. This time did minimal sanding, and filled it with latex ceiling paint. We shall see... 20mb image hosting Might have to put an intake plug in there... Other areas of the build are progressing as well. Tail feathers are on... 20mb image hosting 20mb image hosting Masked, sprayed the black rubber color, and masked again. 20mb image hosting 20mb image hosting Didn't get the mask to lay on as well this time around. ALQ-119 is getting some color. 20mb image hosting And my latest acquisition: 20mb image hosting Got tired of using jars, so I'm trying the cup thing. Wish me luck! Ken
  14. Finally got some more time to work on this. External tanks. Trying to get rid of the rather ugly attachment points between tank and pylon. screenshot windows 7 Canopy masked and ready for the black frame paint. screenshot windows 7 The intake is certainly not the best design Hasegawa ever came up with... screenshot windows 7 Quite the ledge in there... screenshot windows 7 I foresee a lot of sanding in my future... screenshot windows 7 Apparently I've been sanding enough for the day... screenshot windows 7 Ken